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there are parallel universes where this didn’t happen.
where i was with you, and you were with me.
and whatever universe that is, that’s the one where my heart lives in. (insp.)


Captain Swan AU Week  » Day 7 » Free Choice » Celebrity AU »Love is Worth It

When Killian Jones, a famous actor, comes to Storybrooke to do research for his next role, Emma is the one stuck with the babysitting duty. During their time spent together, the two of them form a bond and eventually start a relationship. Despite spending long periods of time apart they make it work.

Lost (Peter Parker Imagine)

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request: “Hey! How about the reader is coming over to comfort Peter after he lost the internship or smth. instead of going to an, for them, very important event? Like a concert of their favorite band, or a meet and greet or something? Like they looked forward to that evening for a very long time but Peter is more important. And Peter feels bad about that but it’s just really fluffy and they confess their feelings for each other? Idk just an idea 😅 Love your work 💕❤” (requested by @theweirdlunatic)

short summary: ^^

length: 2.6k words

warnings: kinda sad bc ya boy lost the “internship”…lol yah

A/N: idk how i feel about this either i feel like i lost my mojo bc of school truly sorry guys its been a minute sorry this took forever sorry this isn’t just one dance part 2 bc i know y’all really want that i promise it is like half done in my drafts. but here’s something read on fellas

“Yeah, I’m about to step outside to wait for you now,” you said excitedly into the phone as you talked to your best friend. You were haphazardly putting on a pair of jeans while balancing your phone between your ear and your shoulder. 

The two of you had gotten tickets to see your favorite band that you’d won in a radio contest about a month before. It was somewhat of a miracle considering there was no way that you’d be able to afford it otherwise, being an unemployed teenager makes it hard to do anything. But, one of the two tickets was in your possession and you were excited to see your favorite band after years of listening to them.

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kcg4  asked:

Hi Charity as you are an ENFP I wanted to ask you how to do you see Si and Te in you? How was it clear for you that you were Ne dom and Fi aux and not the contrary? You said in the past that you cinsidered yourself socially introvert or shy, which I think is my case and I'm not sure about INFP or ENFP for me. Thanks a lot

My main way of recognizing my status as an extrovert, beyond my need for external stimulation all the time (NOTHING HAS HAPPENED IN TEN MINUTES, MY LIFE SUCKS) is that I am not a Fi-dom. So excuse me, while I once again travel into the land of indecisive Ne to illustrate my point; then I will return to your initial question.

If you compare the INFPs on this blog to the ENFPs, you will notice that the INFP’s Fi is often very prominent and “runs the show.” This is also true with real life INFPs, who as judging dominants, have and express very strong opinions. Since they are in contact with their inner self most of the time, they often know what they like and dislike, what they want to do or refuse to do, and how they FEEL about most things. There is rarely indecision on that point, especially when it comes to the strength of their inner moral focus.

While I have extremely strong opinions in a few areas, in the broader scope of reality, I am far more indecisive and disconnected from my feelings, to the point where half the time, I rationalize them out with Te, or question my “right” to feel this way at all, rather than just use them. Something I admire about INFPs is they tend to be more decisive than I am, especially in their likes and dislikes. As a Ne-dom, my likes and dislikes can change from day to day.

An INFP I know had a fight with her friends once and door-slammed all of them. She knew how she felt, that they were dissing her opinions and not respecting her true self, and after she had enough, she was done. And she did not waffle on that decision. She just quit. She made up with them much later on, but only after her temper cooled, and she had space and time to mature in her own way (and they matured also). She knew what she wanted: them gone. For now.

I complained the other day to my mother about Elizabeth of York in Philippa Gregory’s novel / miniseries, The White Princess. She is so indecisive. She changes her mind from one chapter to the next about who she is, what she wants, and answers “I don’t know” to half the questions posed to her. Some days she likes her husband, some days she doesn’t; she intends to give up on him, then turns around and falls for him again. It’s seriously annoying.

Once I got done with my rant, my mother smiled and said, “So she’s basically you, in literary form.”

Gee, thanks mom.

My mouth hung open for a couple of seconds, while my Fi had a little tantrum, and then my Te immediately snapped in and I went: “I guess. But I’d make a BAD heroine. Heroines need to be decisive! Books need plots! Heroines need to know what they want, or at least figure it out, and get there, not be lost in indecision! The plot must move forward!”

Unlike me. =P

Ne-dom makes me changeable. And it annoys me. One day, I might want this. The next day, I might not. One day, I might decide that this friend sucks. The next day, I might think I was wrong and they’re awesome. They did not change. My Ne flipped the situation around for a different perspective. It runs right over my Fi and what it wants, all the time. This means that I either do not KNOW what I want or cannot ADMIT to myself what I want, nor give myself permission to want it. It annoys me, it annoys my parents, it annoys my friends, and it annoys my cat. But that’s how it is.

I WISH I had some Fi to haul Ne’s ass into a chair and decide: NOPE. But no, instead Ne hauls me around with Fi going “Um… I don’t know how I feel yet?”

But anyway, rant aside: back to your question.

How do I see Si and Te in me?

I see Te a lot when I ‘temporarily loop’ in order to avoid dealing with my feelings. I do not LIKE my feelings. I consider them a major pain in the butt. When my grandpa died, I was a wreck before it happened. I didn’t even know him that well, but it took him a long time to die. His organs slowly shut down. I was so immersed in the pain of what was happening to my loved ones, that I cried way more than any of them. But after his death, my Te immediately kicked in. Mom wanted to clear out his house. Like, immediately. That’s how she copes.

So we did. I put aside my emotions, went into that house, and went through all my grandparents’ stuff. We filled a dumpster. I organized everything we decided to keep in piles for the family to choose from after the funeral. A lot of my decisions were people-motivated – my cousins loved playing these games with Grandma. Shall we keep them? I’ll make sure they have all the pieces and put them in nice piles. I did the funeral video. Everyone needs a Ne-dom for that. It wasn’t just about Grandpa, it was about his life. His dreams. His parents. The culture he grew up in. I managed the voice-over, without falling to pieces.

And then, I moved on.

My Si is very poor. I may be adverse to CHANGE when people announce it (and I have to deal with it a lot, my parents literally cannot live six months without changing their house around, the yard, etc) but I am not stuck in the past. Half the time it never comes to my mind. The past flows beyond me. A day can seem a week ago, and three years ago can seem like yesterday. I gaped when a friend showed me a picture recently with 2014 stamped on the bottom. That was that long ago!? My grasp on time sucks. My awareness of time sucks. My own carelessness with time… sucks. A Si-friend recently said, “You should take more pictures with your cat. You will want them when she’s eventually gone.”

I stared at her. “I will?”

See, I don’t think like that. When people, places, things, are gone, I miss them. I love them. I still think about them sometimes, but they are gone. I do not pour over pictures. I do not sit and endlessly talk about the past. I do not want to think about the past. I moved on.

Sometimes, people tell me I should slow down, or take more time with that, since they do not want me to “look back one day, and regret this moment.”

Thing is, that probably won’t happen. I rarely go back.

Unless I hurt someone badly, and never received their forgiveness, or am beating myself up about something I should have done to stop something bad from happening, I don’t look back and regret. You cannot drive a car staring into your rear view mirror. In that way, I am careless. But I don’t know how to NOT be careless. Things matter right now, and then they’re gone. I loved that show, but it’s canceled. There’s new stuff to watch. I take in so much of it (as a Ne-dom), only a few things stick longer than six months.

And sometimes, I desperately want them to stick. I sit with someone or something loving it, immersed in its beauty, and think, “How can I hold onto it? I already feel it slipping away! WHY CAN’T I APPRECIATE THIS MORE?”

Inferior Si.

This is going to sound weird, because it is weird. But, under stress… I start obsessively tinkering with sensory elements. I’ve been editing and rewriting a book for what seems like forever (forever to me is four months, but I don’t want to talk about how this is the eighth draft of the fourth version of this book in two years) which is very tedious, Si-driven work. My Te is happy to help out with deadlines, and charts, and word counts, and I have a nice little sheet of paper with things marked on it, where I enter my progress each day to keep myself motivated. But I swear on my soul, yesterday when I opened the file, my Si went nuts and said: I don’t like this font. It curls funny. Change it.

So I did.

And then I sat there for at least ten minutes, changing the font, again and again, then the sizing several times. I printed out a page to see how it will look in book form, then promptly forgot which configuration I used (poor Si!) and had to print several more sheets in different sizes. I never did figure out which was the font and what size I used for that first sheet. (Shame, I like it the best.) Then I resized the file across my screen, to try and get the font to ‘curl’ how I like it, so I could read it. I cannot read it, unless it’s the right size. And font. And I must edit so there are no paragraphs that end with one word on the next line.

(Are you laughing yet? Is that not pathetic? Welcome to my life.)

Screw inferior Si. It’s bullshit.

I never know how to say this without hurting feelings but… Fi-doms are sensitive and since INFPs have higher Si, they do not forgive you fast.

Think about two terrific insults against NFPs (from future husbands) in literature and compare them to how you process things.

Gilbert Blythe pulls Anne Shirley’s braid and calls her carrots. The little INFP smashes her slate against his head and screams at him in class. She then tells Diana “the iron has entered my soul: I shall never forgive him,” and proceeds to ignore him, compete with him, and refuse to speak to him. For years. Gibert has to grovel to get on her good side, many times. She is super sensitive and her emotions flare up immediately. “You hurt me EXCRUCIATINGLY,” she says. She means it. He DID.

Mr. Darcy insults Lizzie’s appearance (she is not handsome enough to tempt me into a dance – ie, she’s not that pretty) in Pride & Prejudice. ENFP Lizzie gapes at him, then promptly turns it into a joke. She never brings it up again. She’s mad, but more mad about what he does to Jane than his insult. She finally confronts him when he proposes, but not about that. No, it was not the insult that hit her; it was the impression she formed of his character, based on it. And when he writes her a letter that basically calls out her family for being loud, obnoxious, inappropriate trash, she is pissed but has enough high Te to realize: he has every right to feel that way about us, based on what he saw. Once she realizes WHY he thinks how he does, her anger cools. And her mind changes about him. The anger dissipates.

Did he hurt her? Sure. Deeply? Not so much.

Someone walked up to my INFP the other day and insulted her appearance. It hurt. A lot. She will probably never speak to him again.

A person insulted me to my face at dinner a few years ago. He basically implied the people I work with and the caliber of their work is poor, and I should do a better job selecting the material we work on together. (IE: Wow, you suck.) I bitch-slapped him good with a Te-snarl comeback and … promptly moved on. I was mildly annoyed by it, and it certainly colored our interactions from that point on, but I wasn’t hurt by it so much as annoyed. We stayed “friends.”

I can count the number of times people have actually hurt my feelings on one hand. My Te is strong.

How do I know this?

I’m one of the first people to come up with a rational, non-emotional “fix it” to problems. I often discount my own feelings or put them aside entirely, to get a job done. I remember one time, a friend PM’d me after I wrote a movie review and said, “But did you LIKE it?? You wrote an excellent review, but it was so non-emotional I don’t even know what YOU thought of it.” I criticized the poor elements and talked about the good ones, but there was none of “me” there.

I admit, I was a little more emotionally reactive as a child / young teeanger, but Fi still wasn’t running the show. Most Fi-dom children are very sensitive. When asked what I was like, various family members (without consulting one another) have laughed and said, “Your focus was on being a comedian. You wanted to make people laugh. But you were not especially emotional.”

I’m not. It’s true. Sometimes to my own determent.

- ENFP Mod

PS: If you get to the end of this certain you are an NFP, but you don’t know what you do in a situation in order to compare it to Lizzie or Anne’s emotional reactions, congrats: that’s shitastic inferior Si. You are an indecisive Ne-dom.

Later that day, Daniela found Dariel in the garage trying to fix his bike. She smiled sadly. For as much as he wanted Amaia to believe that he was okay with missing the Cup, Daniela knew he was a little upset about it. He’d been working towards this his whole life. An accident is an accident but Dariel still had the right to feel upset. Daniela was glad that he wasn’t showing it around Amaia.

Daniela walked into the garage and leaned her back against the metal countertop at the back of the garage. She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her idea from the night before. She grinned.

“I have an idea and you’re not going to like it,”

Dariel set down his tools and laughed. “Hit me. What is it?”

“I’m going to race.” Daniela stood up and walked towards Dariel. “It’s Cardenas Racing. Not ‘Let’s Hire Some Stranger’ Racing.”

Dariel sighed. “Dad won’t like it.”

“He left. And the first race is in two days. Do you really think he’ll be able to find someone and sign them today or tomorrow and get back in time? The jet lag alone–”

“You don’t have to convince me. I’m sold.”

“I’m in too!” Amaia said, walking into the garage as if she hadn’t been listening to their conversation. Daniela and Dariel burst out laughing. Typical Amaia. “We’ve gotta tell Mami.”

“Do we?” Dariel said. “I don’t know if she’d approve.”

“She approves.” Mami said from her perch behind the screen door that leads into the mud room.

Daniela placed a hand over her heart. “Ay, Mami. You scared me.”

Mami walked into the garage–her red glasses perched on her nose, a matching pair of flats on her feet, and a matching cardigan over a striped white tee shirt–and placed her hands on her hips. She looked at each of her children and smiled fondly. Daniela, with her big ideas. Dariel, with his big heart. And Amaia, with her big dreams. They’d inherited all of her and their fathers’ best traits.

“If we’re going to do this, you need new boots.”

Amaia whooped and ran towards Mami, enveloping her in a hug. Daniela joined and, a moment later due to his crutches, Dariel joined as well. This could work.

It had to work.


a motocrossed au / part of @allficcedup’s Favorite Movie Au Challenge

'Rumours' Draco x Reader

Rating: Fluff Requested?: Nope 
Request: -”I dont know if ur still doing requests or something but, could i have a request where y/n is being bullied or harassed and Draco is the one to help her and comfort her (Slytherin Reader)
Warnings: Bullying, harsh comments, swearing.

A/n: So its been like 2 months or something crazy like that and I should technically have no reason to not post however my phone took a shit on me as did my laptop and I genuinely thought that this imagine had been posted but I only just saw that it was still in my drafts, and I feel horrible so once my Speaking exam is over everything should be a lot more frequent :) sorry again… 

“What a slut”
“I Heard that she’s trying it in with Potter as well”

 Two snickering 6th years at the end of the table had a full blown conversation about the rumours, right in front of me.

“She has the face of a whore” I glanced up to Pansy, she glared back down the table at me as I returned my gaze to my food. Usually, I was the one that Pansy feared but under the influence of rumours, she had me completely unarmed and unwilling to stand up for myself. I heard a soft laugh come from my left side, turning towards it I saw Draco’s soft blond hair bounce as he laughed at Neville walking to his table. I smiled lightly in Draco’s direction admiring the boy’s beautiful grey eyes and musical laugh. “Oh look the slut is at it again!” A loud voice boomed across the hall as Pansy stood up and pointed at me, I slowly turned to see the whole hall looking at me. My lip started to quiver. Quickly snapping my head in the direction of the door I caught Draco’s eyes who were also staring at me. ‘He thinks I’m a slut, he thinks I’m disgusting’. My lips started to quiver, “Pansy… Please. Don’t do this I beg…”

“Aww is y/n going to cry? Bless. Maybe you shouldn’t have started whoring up to Draco and Potter, right babes?” she smiled at Draco who had only given her attention when he heard his name fall from her mouth almost using it as an insult towards me.

“Potter? she has no association with Gryffindors except for Hermione…” Draco spoke down the table to Pansy, who in turn stood there in shock.

“you can’t be serious Draco, you’re standing up for that!” Pansy and Sophie spat in unison as if they were identical twins who were separated at birth. I looked back and forth between the two and saw my chance.

Taking one last look at the rest of my classmates and fellow students I decided it was now or never and made a dash for the door. A big commotion started up as I ran, I could hear shouts thrown between Draco and Pansy, I sprinted as fast as possible to my dorm weaving in and out of various students mumbling sorry’s for everyone who I shoved by accident.

I reached my room and pressed my back against the door, no one was here. No one can see my meltdown. except for me. I stayed against and door and slid down it until my legs hit the floor and I curled myself up into a tight ball and cried into my knees. A knock at the door vibrated down my back, assuming that it was one of my roommates I yelled out to them and tried to make myself look like I haven’t been crying for the past half hour. “Be a second sorry, I’m- I’m just getting changed” I quickly paced around the room wiping my tears straightening my clothes. I caught myself in the mirror to see my horrendous bloodshot eyes. Giving up; I walked towards the door and peeled it open turning my face away from my roommate. Instead of feeling a gust of the wind that would follow then as they walked into the room, long slender arms hooked over my shoulders pulling me into a hug. And all of a sudden my angry, strong demeanour was devoured before my eyes the embrace was so welcoming and loving all the shadows and demons ripped themselves from my very being, and I let myself break down completely thus letting a new person into my life, once someone see’s that I’m not as tough as they expect I can’t let them leave and take advantage of me. The person’s hand started to glide up and down my back in a comforting manner. 

“Shh, it’s okay y/n” a soft yet raspy British accent sounded throughout the room. Draco? I looked up to my embrace occupant and sure enough, I saw that same tuft of blond hair, it was a slightly messy a change to his old style that was slicked with gel and practically stuck to his head. 

Usually knowing that Draco was comforting, but having heard the rumours, I wanted to push him away so I struggled against his grasp but he held me even tighter. 
“y/n, no one can see us here and no one will harass you here, I promise”
I knew that he told the truth but I still felt so unsafe, it’s like someone could be watching us at any moment ready to tell Pansy of my “whorish doing”

I realised there was no use in fighting against Draco, he was, after all, a lot stronger than me. He carefully walked us over to the bed and we both sat down still in each other’s arms.

“y/n… there is no way I could tell you how sorry I am and that-”
“It wasn’t your fault Draco, there’s no need for you to apologise…”
“Well actually…” Draco pulled away finally and looked me deep in the eyes his soft grey eyes being taken over by his dilating pupils. “It is kind of my fault.
“What?!” I exclaimed loudly but then proceeding to cover my mouth being taken aback by my own voice.
“Last term Pansy told me that she liked me, but I had told her that I was interested in someone else..” he trailed off leaving me confused at what this story had to do with me.
“and at what point do I come into this story?”
“well, I told Pansy that you’re the one that I’m interested in. And I think that’s what started this whole thing so, I’m so sorry y/n” he let out a heavy sigh and dipped his finger into his delicate locks. “God it is all my fault”

I side glanced at the boy next to me on my bed, I sighed heavily just like he did, deciding to let out all my feelings to him and show him how I really feel. I tapped his chin with my finger making him look over to me, as soon as he looked at me I leant over quickly to press my lips to his and just like a movie our lips locked together perfectly and it felt as if the rumours all faded away, yes me and Draco’s relationship would create some different rumours but none of that matter because he was mine and I loved him, hopefully, he loved me too.

just like the lilacy orange sky fades to navy blue and the sun dims to become the moon: we became one and the atmosphere changed. 


We get into it, like in a good way. He’s so good, he is such a good actor and he is so committed in his part, and he has strong opinions–which I like. I’ve only ever worked with people who have strong opinions and big personalities. So, he would be the first to admit this, and he’s such a gentleman he would never bring it up. We have a very fun, super creative and loving, slightly tempestuous relationship, but I think it’s good for the show.   – Mindy Kaling

ok so let me tell you about a little ship called lomre

yep thats there shipname, its great i know 

so according to @thesecretdetectivecollection this is how it started 

“First, we signed Emre. He was lonely because he had nobody to speak german with. Then we hired Kloppo who immediately adopted Emre as his new son. But Emre was still lonely. Kloppo wondered how to make him feel better. So he got him a NEW GERMAN KEEPER TO BE HIS BEST FRIEND. And that, kids, is how I met your (other)father.”

and that my friends is how lomre came to life

anyway lomre is loris and emre and there friendship is slowly on the rise and im living 

ok so it all started at lfc initiation when marko grujic took a selfie with them, like the actual blessing he is, 

 i just wanna thank marko for the absolute blurry masterpiece that this picture is, 

i mean the fact that loris and emre were becoming best buds right from the start of the season actually has me sobbing 

This right here is the second reason i died, I MEAN LOOK AT IT, JUST LOOK, look at them in all their toxic green glory, how they make that horrendous colour work ill never know

IF U DONT THINK ITS THE BEST THING EVER THAN UR WRONG, them being bus buddies is very important, ok very important, 

this ship is just starting out but they seem to be spending alot of time together as we can see here, and i love it sm, (also bonus demre ur welcome)

i mean if this isnt convincing you about them JUST LOOK AT THE MASTERPIECE BELOW, get a paper bag u may start hyperventilating 

and if being bus buddies wasnt enough they are also AIRPLANE BUDDIES, do i need to say more, this is just perfection, 

an hour or two in a small place with nothing but music and good old conversation what could possibly go wrong, 

(yh yh i know hendollana are being dorks in the back but just take a moment to appreciate the lomre, cus wow they look so good here)

and if that isnt enough just look at them being smily babs in training!!!!!!!!!, ITS SO PRECIOUS, look how happy they are, LOOOOOK, THIS IS MY ALLTIME FAVE LOMRE PICTURE,

 P U  R E   G O L D 

its so magical

and this picture happened and all i can imagine is the conversation going like ‘i brought you a tie emre and all u get me is a BATHROBE, WTH’  

emre- ‘ a fucking tie????that is the worst present in the history of the world’ 

they both eventually agree that they brought awful presents

and if that doesn’t convince you just look at them, if two sexy germans in very nice suits, looking like a million dollars isn’t something special, i dont know what is,

listen all this stuff has happened in a matter of like a couple months, and its prolly gonna get better so ill im saying is come join my little ship and die with me 

anyway lomre is lit so come join the ship, that rhymes haha

words n stuff (or: a writer tag meme)

Rules: post the last sentence you wrote (fanfic/original/anything) and tag as many people as there are words in the sentence.

tagged by the lovely @crossroadswrite and @japansace :)

A deep, fiery rage then bubbled in his stomach at the sound.

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Hah, so I’m watching the episode 10 Q&A for the first time (look, I was in a hurry to get to more of the plot the first time around), and I’m cracking up over here. Livebloooog.

  • Marisha’s the youngest of the group and Taliesin’s the oldest.
  • Taliesin, Liam, and Sam realize they’re all 38 and are trying to figure out who’s the oldest, and then Ashley goes, “Oh, I’m 37!” and they’re all staring at her in shock until she admits that okay, she’s actually way younger. Liam immediately flips her off.
  • Laura and Travis met right out of high school when they were both extras who had to silent-talk at the same table together for six hours. “We thought we were so cool.”
  • Sam: Donatello is my favorite ninja turtle. Liam: Sam is my favorite ninja turtle.
  • Matt and Marisha met via a sketch-writing group that never panned out. Marisha asked him out. Taliesin was already friends with Matt at the time: “It was adorable.”
  • Sam: “Did you not know? Ashley and I have been dating for like… forty years now.” Ashley: “Yeah, forty-something years now.” Matt: “That’s not true.” Liam: “If you replace Ashley with Liam, it’s true.”
  • Awww, the story of how Vex met Trinket. And she finally posted it online!
  • They want Jennifer Hale on the show as a guest. Heart-eyes. I don’t care that they said this a million years ago, it’s gotta happen.
  • Hah, they’re joking about dream guest-stars and mention a couple that actually happened: Ashly Burch, Vin Diesel, Chris Hardwick.
  • Theorizing about a possible fight with Kevdak… forty episodes before it happens.
  • Sam wants a body-swap episode. Sam is wise.
  • Mentions of Nala… fifty episodes before she shows up again.
  • Yuri Lowenthal “guested on the show” back when it was still a home game.
  • Taliesin: “Percy doesn’t know if his sister died, and right now Percy doesn’t have a plan for his family because Percy is scared shitless of everything going on in the north.” Meanwhile, Matt’s plotting the next major arc of the show…
  • Scanlan critical failed while trying to get the final blow on the Dread Emperor, who sidestepped so he ran straight through a stained-glass window instead.
  • Oh gosh, they’re talking about Pike’s death pre-stream–Ashley didn’t realize and Matt had to explain what had happened.
  • Gilmore is everybody’s favorite–he hadn’t appeared on-stream yet.
  • Whenever they did a Winter’s Crest festival in the pre-stream times, they’d give each other gifts from their characters. Gifts Grog gave party members: Pike got pine cone earrings, Keyleth got pine cones, Percy got a bag of leftover Ikea stuff.
  • Hogwarts houses: Laura and Matt are Hufflepuff (woo), Liam and Marisha are Ravenclaw, Taliesin and Travis are Slytherin. Sam has never read the books because he’s waiting to read them to his son. (Everyone: “Slytherin.” Liam: “Hufflepuff.”) I don’t think Orion or Ashley replied.
  • Liam: “The most important thing in my life is my wife and my two children.” Sam and Laura: “Hi.”
  • Laura: “Ooh, which Game of Thrones house do we belong in?” Sam: “Slytherin.”
  • Matt explains that he’s going to take perma-death very seriously and that’s just the end of the character. Sam: “Oh, I forgot to mention: Scanlan has two identical twins.”
  • They weren’t planning on dressing up for the original opening credits, but Taliesin and Matt wound up bringing a bunch of stuff from home and they went a little overboard.
  • Marisha talks about how real the game seems to them now, pointing to how excited they all got when they realized the viewers of the stream hadn’t met Gilmore yet.

Head, hands, feet, back, stomach, legs, arms, chest—everything hurts. Even blinking hurts. So I try not to move and I try not to think too much about the pain. I try not to think too much period. I’ve seen enough of the plague over the past three months to know what’s coming: total system meltdown, starting with your brain. The Red Death turns your brain to mashed potatoes before your other organs liquefy. You don’t know where you are, who you are, what you are. You become a zombie, the walking dead—if you had the strength to walk, which you don’t.