its been in my drafts for over a month

Who am I now in this world without her? 
Petty and dull with the nerve to doubt her.
What does it matter, it’s already done. 
Now I’ve got to be there for her son.

g r a n g e r & m a l f o y | @slytherdornet may challenge

take a look under here, where deprivation turns into decay
i’ve stood under this rain, felt it seep into my brain
i’ve shut my eyes and crawled around this mud
i’m scared of growin’ old, i shiver when I’m cold
don’t you think I bleed the same blood?

  • what she says: anders deserved better
  • what she means: anders had to take a hard decision and, while everyone can see it differently depending on personal ethics, his development and moral dilemmas from that point were disregarded because, in the narrative thats being pushed onto us, the ‘angry fighter for freedom' character has no place. Its not surprising that in the default world state, the mage hawke has not only killed anders but he also violently despises him; and several times we are reminded of how he 'single-handedly' started the war. Never mind the inherent abuse in the circles or the straight slave work that its presented in the kirkwall circle; good mages would have never rebelled, good mages seek help from the merciful chantry, good mages stay quiet until... until a /bad mage/ seeks answers through violence. Anders' life is nothing but the tale of the nice opressed, who smiles and gently corrects; and the mean opressed, who speaks up and ACTS. Once he becomes the Mean Opressed, his narrative ends. Theres nothing else to his character, he is Done, he will not evolve past that. In Dragon Age 2, most characters become, at some point, a monster: fenris and his markings, merrill and blood magic, isabela and her stolen book. Anders' monster is not being an abomination: is daring to fight with the same violence that was shown to him, to his people. We aren't shown any more of his development because right after his stand, we can kill him. We can abandon him. We can kill him, again. We end the game. His storyline has no closure; its made so we can comfortably hate him and never get to see his real drives and ethics. And thats why he deserved more.
  • what she also means: my son..... my be aut iful feli ne son..........


Dead of the night~

Pairing: Levi x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: None, except maybe mentionings of deceased people.

Type: One shot

Word count: 1597

No spoilers


He sighed, another long night of nothing but paperwork. Rubbing his temples he drank some more of his tea. It was his life blood. There was no way he would be able to do half the things he did without it.

Scribbling down his signature down more paper, he got up and stretched, working his aching muscles, before letting out an irritated breath.

“Fucking paperwork. Erwin is a god damn slave driver.” He muttered darkly as he instinctively clicked his tounge.

‘Maybe I should walk around HQ. Maybe I’ll find a brat up past curfew.’ With that thought in his head, he walked out of his door, making sure to close it behind him, last thing he wanted was for a certain eccentric scientist to enter and mess everything up.

As he walked he began to hear foot steps. They weren’t his own either as they were coming from the direction of the kitchen.

‘Are they really that fucking stupid that they would steal food during the night?’ He sped up and rounded the corner with superhuman speed.

Only to find no one there.

He glared and flicked on the switch. Nothing looked out of place - apart from the dust but only Corporal clean would notice something as mediocre as that.

He walked closer to the back, his knee high boots making clanking sounds against the tiled floor as he continued.

He was getting rather annoyed now, he was sure it wasn’t his imagination and that he had heard someone scampering about.

Turning around, he exited the area, finding nothing that would suggest disorder.

As he continued walking around the base, the footsteps started again, but this time they seemed to be coming from behind him. Turning around he found nothing, not even the murky floor gave anything away.

'I really need to get more sleep’ he grumbled continuing, hoping to wear himself out. Anything was better then continuing the atrocity that plagued his immaculate desk.

Once again as he walked the steps behind him started again. But this time they were accompanied by giggles.

His eyes twitched in annoyance as he was yet again greeted by nothing but darkness.

He wasn’t one to be paranoid but he knew no cadet would pull this bullshit. Especially not with him, not if they had a death wish at least.

'If they do it one more fucking time I will lose it.’

He turned the corner, this time no footsteps.

In front of him was a corridor that was rarely used. None of the cadets slept here and the rooms weren’t really used. They had belonged to the older squads that had all persished. It was said that the ghosts of the fallen soldiers haunted the rooms.

But Levi being Levi didn’t believe a single word of that bullshit, his excuse being, “Why would anyone waste their time haunting this shitty place?”

He walked down the hallway, goosebumps covering his pale skin as his lips curled further into a frown.

It was always unusually cold in this area, the various oil lamps scattered around never helped to add warmth.

While he was passing various rooms he couldn’t help but remember everyone that once occupied the space. They were all amazing people that all had their own extensive futures ahead them. He hated himself for never learning all their names, the first time he saw some of them was in the death list that rolled by after every expedition.

With a bitter sigh he carried on down the hallway, ignoring the faint nagging in his mind that told him to backtrack.

Faint sniggers came from behind him again. This time he could make out that they were a females.

He stopped and the laughter ceased. His smouldering eyes narrowed as he looked around, none of the area looking out of place.

Except for one.

The room at the very end had light shining through the crevices of the door.

His glare intensified as he marched straight over to the door, pushing it open as the light switched off suddenly.

Inside there was nothing. Not a thing was out of place. He bit his inner cheek to stop himself from growling.

“Get the fuck out and stop hiding. I know you’re in here.” He barked, the only sound being the squeaking that came from the old hinges on the wooden door.

Silence. It was deafening. He felt like it was personally mocking him. He was not in the mood for crappy jokes pulled by cadets.

“Nice to see you Corporal Levi.”

A feminine voice suddenly spoke from his right, causing his heart to leap straight into his throat from the surprise.

He growled and switched the light back on, glaring at the smiling woman who had her hands in a salute.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

She laughed, the sound eerily similar to the ones from earlier.

“I could ask you the same thing, Sir.” Her lips were uplifted into a cocky little smirk that he wanted to slap right off.

“Just answer the question.” He grunted as he folded his arms across his chest, waiting for an answer.

“I couldn’t sleep Sir.” She responded.

“What about you?” She added, looking him straight in the eyes.

“None of your business.” He responded coldly as she continued grinning.

“Oh come on sir. I won’t tell, I promise.” She sat down on the hard bed, making sure not to break eye contact as she did so.

The way she was looking directly at him, something not even the commander dared to do sometimes, intrigued him.

“Same reason as you cadet.”

“Ah. Maybe we could talk until we get tired?” She suggested, her glittering eyes looking hopeful.


Her expression turned into one of confusion.

“And why not Corporal Levi?”

“I would rather do my paper work then talk with someone that runs around HQ laughing like they’re on drugs.” He deadpanned as she grinned broadly.

“Oh come on. It was funny Sir.” She began grinning as he stared daggers at her.

He for one, was not amused.

“Fucking get to sleep. Stupid brat.” He turned on his heel and switched off the lights.

A dark chuckle suddenly erupted from behind him.

“I can’t Sir. Will you help me?” She spoke. But this time her voice didn’t hold any humour, but instead malice that shook him to his core.

He closed his eyes, his impassive expression never changing.

“Fine. If you don’t sleep in 30 minutes, I will personally make sure you run laps till you fucking collapse.” He swivelled back around and turned the lights back on, surprised to see her at the other end of the door.

He could have sworn she was right behind him a few seconds ago.

“Yes sir.” She saluted him as he rolled his eyes, brushing the raven strands from his vision.

“What’s your name, Cadet?” He asked.

“(y/n) Sir.” She replied briskly.

“I heard you like cleaning and black tea Sir.” She randomly blurted, causing him to side eye her.

“And so what if I do?” He sassed back as she shook her head.

“Nothing. I like those things too.”

He had to raise an eyebrow at that, nor once in all his 34 years of living had he met another person who liked cleaning, he doubted she could match up with him though.

“I bet your cleaning is shitty.” He scoffed as a wild glint passed through her eyes.

“Is that a challenge Sir?”


She got up and returned with a bottle of bleach and windex.

“Try me.”

'There’s no way this idiot will beat me.’ He thought cockily as he took the bottle from her hands.

He couldn’t believe it.

He had lost.

The great Levi Ackerman had lost.

The way she had cleaned the wood made it so shiny that even looking at it hurt his eyes, and the floor looked so polished that if he even stood on it he would slip so far and fast he would fall off the face of this earth.

“You fucki-” he turned around only to see her sleeping figure collapsed on the bed.


He quietly shut off the light and closed the door, a slight yawn escaping him as he headed back to his own room.

'I’ll find that brat tomorrow and demand a rematch. She must have cheated.’ Was his last thought as he fell asleep.

He scanned the hall, she didn’t seem to be anywhere. He was expecting her to be with Jaeger and his shitty friends, but she wasn’t there. As hard as he looked he couldn’t spot her hair colour anywhere.

“Oi shitty glasses.”

“What is it, short stack?” Hanji responded, pushing up her glasses as she looked at him briefly.

“Have you seen Cadet(y/n)?” He questioned, tryibg to act nonchalnet despite the fact he was still burning from the fact that she’d won.

“No. Never heard of her. Why, is she your crush?” She cooed and he tch'ed.

Trust her to come to that conclusion.

“No, shut the fuck up.” He got up and headed towards the file room.

He couldn’t have imagined an entire person, could he?

He rumaged around looking for the file of the girl he had talked to yesterday.

He finally found her name. It was old and tattered. The yellowing pages looking like it had seen better days.

He flipped open the folder and began reading. What he read made his blood run cold and his mouth go dry in terror.

'Name: (y/n) (l/n)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
State: Deceased’


I was thinking about fusions and clothes, and then this happened.

Human Sci and Fell have a bit of trouble with random, accidental fusing. Also, Silica didn’t just fix the issue by unfusing because, as I’ll probably explain more another time, they usually wait at least several hours before attempting to unfuse. (Also this is supposed to be happening early in the morning at Sci’s house. Papyrus just came over, possibly to pick up his brother. They were watching boring morning television of some kind, possibly those really little kid shows.)

This marks my first time successfully drawing a human Papyrus. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I made it the first time I tried.

'Rumours' Draco x Reader

Rating: Fluff Requested?: Nope 
Request: -”I dont know if ur still doing requests or something but, could i have a request where y/n is being bullied or harassed and Draco is the one to help her and comfort her (Slytherin Reader)
Warnings: Bullying, harsh comments, swearing.

A/n: So its been like 2 months or something crazy like that and I should technically have no reason to not post however my phone took a shit on me as did my laptop and I genuinely thought that this imagine had been posted but I only just saw that it was still in my drafts, and I feel horrible so once my Speaking exam is over everything should be a lot more frequent :) sorry again… 

“What a slut”
“I Heard that she’s trying it in with Potter as well”

 Two snickering 6th years at the end of the table had a full blown conversation about the rumours, right in front of me.

“She has the face of a whore” I glanced up to Pansy, she glared back down the table at me as I returned my gaze to my food. Usually, I was the one that Pansy feared but under the influence of rumours, she had me completely unarmed and unwilling to stand up for myself. I heard a soft laugh come from my left side, turning towards it I saw Draco’s soft blond hair bounce as he laughed at Neville walking to his table. I smiled lightly in Draco’s direction admiring the boy’s beautiful grey eyes and musical laugh. “Oh look the slut is at it again!” A loud voice boomed across the hall as Pansy stood up and pointed at me, I slowly turned to see the whole hall looking at me. My lip started to quiver. Quickly snapping my head in the direction of the door I caught Draco’s eyes who were also staring at me. ‘He thinks I’m a slut, he thinks I’m disgusting’. My lips started to quiver, “Pansy… Please. Don’t do this I beg…”

“Aww is y/n going to cry? Bless. Maybe you shouldn’t have started whoring up to Draco and Potter, right babes?” she smiled at Draco who had only given her attention when he heard his name fall from her mouth almost using it as an insult towards me.

“Potter? she has no association with Gryffindors except for Hermione…” Draco spoke down the table to Pansy, who in turn stood there in shock.

“you can’t be serious Draco, you’re standing up for that!” Pansy and Sophie spat in unison as if they were identical twins who were separated at birth. I looked back and forth between the two and saw my chance.

Taking one last look at the rest of my classmates and fellow students I decided it was now or never and made a dash for the door. A big commotion started up as I ran, I could hear shouts thrown between Draco and Pansy, I sprinted as fast as possible to my dorm weaving in and out of various students mumbling sorry’s for everyone who I shoved by accident.

I reached my room and pressed my back against the door, no one was here. No one can see my meltdown. except for me. I stayed against and door and slid down it until my legs hit the floor and I curled myself up into a tight ball and cried into my knees. A knock at the door vibrated down my back, assuming that it was one of my roommates I yelled out to them and tried to make myself look like I haven’t been crying for the past half hour. “Be a second sorry, I’m- I’m just getting changed” I quickly paced around the room wiping my tears straightening my clothes. I caught myself in the mirror to see my horrendous bloodshot eyes. Giving up; I walked towards the door and peeled it open turning my face away from my roommate. Instead of feeling a gust of the wind that would follow then as they walked into the room, long slender arms hooked over my shoulders pulling me into a hug. And all of a sudden my angry, strong demeanour was devoured before my eyes the embrace was so welcoming and loving all the shadows and demons ripped themselves from my very being, and I let myself break down completely thus letting a new person into my life, once someone see’s that I’m not as tough as they expect I can’t let them leave and take advantage of me. The person’s hand started to glide up and down my back in a comforting manner. 

“Shh, it’s okay y/n” a soft yet raspy British accent sounded throughout the room. Draco? I looked up to my embrace occupant and sure enough, I saw that same tuft of blond hair, it was a slightly messy a change to his old style that was slicked with gel and practically stuck to his head. 

Usually knowing that Draco was comforting, but having heard the rumours, I wanted to push him away so I struggled against his grasp but he held me even tighter. 
“y/n, no one can see us here and no one will harass you here, I promise”
I knew that he told the truth but I still felt so unsafe, it’s like someone could be watching us at any moment ready to tell Pansy of my “whorish doing”

I realised there was no use in fighting against Draco, he was, after all, a lot stronger than me. He carefully walked us over to the bed and we both sat down still in each other’s arms.

“y/n… there is no way I could tell you how sorry I am and that-”
“It wasn’t your fault Draco, there’s no need for you to apologise…”
“Well actually…” Draco pulled away finally and looked me deep in the eyes his soft grey eyes being taken over by his dilating pupils. “It is kind of my fault.
“What?!” I exclaimed loudly but then proceeding to cover my mouth being taken aback by my own voice.
“Last term Pansy told me that she liked me, but I had told her that I was interested in someone else..” he trailed off leaving me confused at what this story had to do with me.
“and at what point do I come into this story?”
“well, I told Pansy that you’re the one that I’m interested in. And I think that’s what started this whole thing so, I’m so sorry y/n” he let out a heavy sigh and dipped his finger into his delicate locks. “God it is all my fault”

I side glanced at the boy next to me on my bed, I sighed heavily just like he did, deciding to let out all my feelings to him and show him how I really feel. I tapped his chin with my finger making him look over to me, as soon as he looked at me I leant over quickly to press my lips to his and just like a movie our lips locked together perfectly and it felt as if the rumours all faded away, yes me and Draco’s relationship would create some different rumours but none of that matter because he was mine and I loved him, hopefully, he loved me too.

just like the lilacy orange sky fades to navy blue and the sun dims to become the moon: we became one and the atmosphere changed. 

alecsanderel  asked:

any advice on how to continue a story when it seems to be "done" or "ending"? i have been writing a book now for over 8 months, and it has been great but i feel like the plot's just short and i have only been explaining and repeating myself all the time... would love some help !!

First, don’t try to extend the story beyond its ending. Stretching the flow often leads to an unsatisfactory story. If you’re happy with where it is going then end it where it needs to end.

Second, you can try filling out some passages with more decriptive elements perhaps by locating areas where you the writer aren’t even sure what’s going on. In revisiting my own drafts I sometimes find that I don’t know where the characters are, who’s talking to who, or have managed to leave out crucial sentences like “he was sitting down” to explain why he later “stood up and knocked over his coffee.” Other times, I realize the significance of a setting never made it onto the page. I know what the place looks like, but forgot to tell my readers the warehouse was abandoned or the restaurant was packed.

In terms of plot, look for weaknesses. Maybe your character development needs furthering or your subplots need fleshing out. Perhaps certain climactic scenes lack urgency because important events building up to them were too briefly focused on or were overlooked entirely. The inclusion of select paragraphs or sentences can make a big difference in thickening that plot.

Best advice, finish on schedule then reread and adjust where you see fit. If all else fails, deeming it a novella or a short story is always a modest solution.


٩(●˙꒳˙●)۶ HAPPY ✿ BIRTHDAY 〜プレシャスゴミアイドル〜

☆Kou Mukami ( コウ無神) || [28/01] ☆

Somebody Else

Requested by anonymous: Zico 20: “It killed me to see you with him.” Part of my prompt request series A/N: I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this. It’s been sitting for a while in my drafts and decided to say fuck it and just do it.

Originally posted by ukwno

When you share the same friends it’s inevitable that you’d run into one another again. For months you’d gone over what you would say when you saw him again. The memories of how you’d ended it lingering like a resentful nightmare, that turned acidic at its recollection.

You wondered if you would keep it casual with a simple, “Hi. How are you doing?” To pretend to ask, “What have you been up too?” and actually care to hear the answer. Instead of breaking down all over again at the sight of his face, as all the good memories were wiped away by a rough current of all the bad.

A part of you not caring while the other part of you silently cared too much. You’d never gotten answers. Just a sad look for an equally sad excuse and an apology you would never receive. His face sullen, eyes heavy in regret, maybe more for himself than for you. Wondering plenty of nights since if it’d even wounded him in any way shape or form, the way he’d wounded you.

After months passed and you’d found somebody else, he’d taken the time to ease the hurt from your chest. He allowed you to have moments of misdirected trust; waiting patiently for your insecurities to calm themselves so he could reassure you with a huge. Wiping swollen eyes with the pads of his thumbs and telling you with intent that he loved you and with time, you’d understand he was nothing like him.

A few more months passed and you were invited to a mutual friend’s engagement party. You hated the idea of being around so many people you didn’t know, more so than making sure you were dressed formally.

You’d arrived with your boyfriend; warmly greeting the newly engaged couple. Not once did your boyfriend leave your side. If he wanted to talk to someone, you went with him. His hand either securely around your waist or holding onto your hand, the both of you walking together instead of him pulling you along. It was subtle things about your relationship that soothed your soul and helped you realize you’d found better.

All that felt like a liar’s dream when you saw him enter the room. With her.

It was strange, how almost a year later seeing them together made your stomach flop. How you were suddenly holding onto your boyfriend like he was your lifeline, resting your cheek on his shoulder. It was embarrassing when he’d looked down at you, soft words of, “What’s wrong?” prompting you to answer, but you couldn’t. Your stomach was still fluttering with nausea and you felt ashamed when he looked up and saw your ex and his girlfriend exiting the elevator.

You expected a lot of things: jealousy, anger, maybe even disgust at your reaction to seeing him again. You received the opposite, however, when he wrapped his arm around you and tucked you closer to him. A comforting hand running up and down your shoulder as he kissed the top of your head. He did all this, because he understood that there was someone in this room that had promised you forever, and did everything but keep it.

“It’ll be okay, baby. I promise.”

You knew the difference between when he said it, and when your ex did. That there was more honesty and truth behind those words than the others. It still didn’t completely take the sting away at seeing him with her; holding her the way he used to hold you, but closer. Showing her off like she was a rare jewel found around nothing but coal.

A few times he’d catch your eyes lingering on the two of them and that crooked smile you used to love so much would be sent your way. It seemed like he was going to wave hello when you turned quickly away and buried yourself impossibly closer into your boyfriend. His throaty chuckle vibrating in his chest; a soothing comfort that radiated against your cheek.

The rest of the night he helped make sure you both stayed far enough away from the other couple, to not cause a seen. Your comfort was important to him. After a few glasses of champagne, you began to relax and allowed yourself to stray away from him to enjoy the amazing view of Seoul from the terrace. You took in the peaceful atmosphere not noticing when someone stepped out to join you.

It was still so odd how you could no longer be together, but still knew it was him who’d come to stand beside you. How his right hip always cocked out the most when he stood still; longer fingers fidgeting with the collar of his dress shirt.

You weren’t a hundred percent sure you wanted to acknowledge him when he spoke. His voice still as deep, but childlike as you could remember it. As if you’d just woken up beside him and all the past was a horrible dream, but it wasn’t a dream. He’d gone and found someone else that was perfect for him while you were still an, “Us.” He’d cradled someone else’s face and kissed her with purpose like he’d used to do with you.

He’d been your everything and you’d been his nothing.

“It killed me to see you with him.”

For the first time in over a year you acknowledged Jiho’s presence. He was always handsome, and tonight was no exception. A high-collared tailored white shirt keeping all his tattoos hidden from view and tucked neatly into charcoal slacks. He looked how you used to envision he would on your wedding day.

At the mention of your boyfriend, you found your eyes averting away from him, and finding the man himself laughing at someone’s joke. You watched how his face lit up and how he made that same face when you made a joke, even if it was awful. He loved you enough to enjoy the silliest things about you; he loved you enough to pick up the pieces Jiho broke.

You looked back at the man who’d previously held your heart and realized he’d never actually had it in the first place. A sad smile curled your lips as confusion caused his brows to furrow.

“And now you finally know how I felt,” were your final words to him as you turned on your heel and went back inside, leaving Jiho and your past behind.

He sits next to her. The silence between them is tearing him apart. It’s been months since their break up. Five months, two weeks and three days to be precise but hey, who’s counting?

“I messed up.” He tells her, still not daring to look at her, he doesn’t feel as if he deserves to. “I really messed up and I know you can’t understand why I did what I did but I just need you to know that I love you. I never… I never meant to hurt you.”

“I still do,” she says quietly. “I always will.”

If he wasn’t sitting right beside her he might not have heard her but luckily for him he is sitting right beside her and he did hear her. He heard every word. Now he knows he has to look at her. “What?”

She takes his hand in hers and can’t stop looking at how perfectly they fit together. “Five months, two weeks and three days. That’s how long its been since you left, that’s how long I’ve had to get over you. I’m not. Over you, that is. I’m not over you, I don’t think I ever will be, I don’t think I ever want to be.”

He doesn’t let go of her hand. She is everything. He is getting a second chance and he’s determined to never lose her again.

—  Second chances do happen and sometimes you do get to make things right