its been forever wow

Wow it's really been forever since I've made some LGBTQ+ positivity here....

Well then that’s about to change!

Gay people are amazing!

Lesbians are amazing!

Bi people are amazing!

Ply people are amazing!

Pan people are amazing!

Trans people are amazing!

NB people are amazing!

Genderqueer people are amazing!

Aces are amazing!

Aros are amazing!

Every single person in the lgbtq+ community is amazing and I love all of y'all so much 💖💖💖

TERFs, aphobes, and exclusionists don’t interact

Ler Appreciation Post!!

As a lee, sometimes I just sit back and go: wow. There’s this whole group of people… with the genuine desire to do all the things I only daydream about, to me. Like, how lucky are we to have this perfectly compatible other half😆 ?!? Lers, thank you for bringing possibility for my dreams and fantasies to maybe one day become reality ❤️❤️😘

I appreciate you 💕


the stream was fun!! (after i stopped being really self-conscious!! it was fun i’ll try to do others in the future!)

anyway, meet ur new otp: Minori and Tsubomi

  • intimidatingly pretty gals that are gay and love and support each other
  • Tsubomi’s questionable cinnamon roll vibes
  • Minori’s inescapable dark undertones
  • first pic: theyre planning to meet up after school
  • second pic: just the purest thing…. the best… (theyre also holding hands)

i’ll try to finish the second one!!

uselesspansexual  asked:

Scrolled past your request just as my SO is talking on discord. "He's our driver, he doesn't shoot" lol. Or "You were driving quite erotically" (yes that's spelled right >.<) Don't know if you can use them, but I figured I'd participate!

So I decided to try to get some of these Random Lines Asks answered! (Finally, a million years later)

Sorry for the long wait! And also, sorry this isn’t better. I couldn’t really think of anything more interesting….

Sugawara thrust his hand into the air.

Daichi eyed it quietly for a moment before releasing a tremendous sigh and rubbing his eyes.

“Yes, Suga?”

Sugawara pointed across the room, “Oikawa wasn’t shooting during the last mission.”

Oikawa leapt from his wooden chair and let out a loud gasp, “Are you seriously narc-ing on me right in front of my face?”

“Damn straight I am! Learn how to shoot and I wouldn’t have to tattle!”

“I can shoot!”


“Want me to prove it right now?” Oikawa pulled his pistol from its holster at his hip and aimed it in Sugawara’s direction.

“GO AHEAD! PULL THE TRIGGER. YOU’LL MISS ANYWAY!” Sugawara stood and turned towards him, arms spread wide. “SHOOT ME!”

“Now it’s a party,” Hanamaki said, slurping noodles at the back of the room.

“I WILL!” Oikawa cocked the gun.

Iwaizumi stood between them and ripped the weapon from his hand.

Asahi reached up and grabbed Sugawara’s arm, pulling him back down to his seat, face pale with terror.

Daichi sighed again and crossed his arms over his chest. He leveled Sugawara with a stern gaze. “He’s our driver. He doesn’t shoot.”

“Yeah!” Oikawa snapped. Iwaizumi shushed him and dragged him to his chair.

“That’s bullshit!” Asahi wrapped his arms around Sugawara’s middle when he tried to leap to his feet once more. “Who said drivers can’t shoot? That’s just lazy!”

“Get over here and suck my ass, Suga-chan!”

“I’ll shove my gun up your ass, you fuckin’ pussy!”

Suga,” Daichi growled. “Oikawa doesn’t shoot because it would take his attention away from driving.”

Sugawara relaxed in Asahi’s arms and returned Daichi’s stare.

“I can do it.”

“Here we go,” Iwaizumi muttered and leaned back in his chair, dragging a hand through his hair.

“Suga, you’re better on the turret—”

“How do you know I’m better on the turret when I’ve never driven before?” Sugawara lifted his chin.

“Good point, I vote Sugawara drives today,” Hanamaki called.

“Shut up, Makki!” Oikawa commanded.

“Make me.”

Oikawa ripped his second pistol from the holster on his other hip and turned towards him, “WANT ME TO?

Oikawa sit the fuck down,” Iwaizumi snarled.

“Oikawa obviously had pent up rage that he needs to work out on the gun,” Sugawara said simply. “Switch us on the next mission.”

Daichi eyed him quietly for a long moment, glancing at Oikawa, who sat down once more, stroking the barrel of his gun dejectedly. 

Putting Sugawara behind the wheel of the vehicle that held all of their lives was probably the worst idea anyone could come up with. But he had to admit… the thought of having an extra gun on the battlefield had an attractive pull.

He inhaled deeply, “Anyone have a problem with Suga driving?”

“No objections here,” Iwaizumi said.

“I want Sugawara to drive,” Hanamaki raised his hand.

Asahi hesitated but then replied, “I’m… I’m fine with it…”

Daichi looked to Oikawa. He huffed and slammed his pistol back into his holster.

“Whatever! I’ve been itching to get behind that turret anyway…”

Daichi walked over to his desk and grabbed his helmet.

“It’s settled then. Suga will drive, Oikawa is on turret. Now, let’s get out there and kick ass!”

“Yeah!” the team leapt to their feet and left the room.

Four hours later…

Sugawara led the way back to the meeting room, a chipper hop to his step and a wide grin on his face. The rest followed at a slower pace, dark bags hanging beneath their tired, bloodshot eyes. Matsukawa noticed their arrival from the other side of the room and closed his laptop.

“How did the mission go? You’re back earlier than I expected.”

Hanamaki slouched up to him and collapsed in his lap, arms slinging around his shoulders.

“Don’t make me go back out there,” he choked out.

Matsukawa placed an arm around his waist and lifted his eyebrows, “Huh? Did something happen? I thought this was supposed to be an easy mission…”

Oikawa fell into a chair and dragged a shaking hand through his hair, “Suga-chan drove this time…”


Iwaizumi went to the cupboard on the other side of the room and opened it. He pulled down a bottle of gin and immediately started chugging from the mouth.

Asahi silently wept as he walked to Daichi’s desk and sat down, slumping over and hiding his head in his arms.

“You guys are such drama queens!” Sugawara sang. He cocked his hip towards Daichi and winked, “I did good, didn’t I, Daichi?”

Daichi’s cheeks flamed, “Ahh… ah… well. You were driving quite… erotically.” He froze, eyes widening, “Erratically! I meant erratically!”

Sugawara giggled and Daichi looked anywhere but his face.

Matsukawa glanced down at Hanamaki.


“Suga shot a gas tank and blew up the base before giving Daichi a handy and almost crashing us into the lake.”

“Ah,” he rubbed slow circles on Hanamaki’s back. “Well… this is why I always tell you guys…”

He eyed Sugawara as he continued to smile coyly at their captain, who refused to acknowledge the flirtatious stare.

“Drivers don’t shoot.”

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i really hate being an aquarius rising, why can’t i be born 2 hours early

anonymous asked:

the boys and smoking? im curious to see that (also congrats on ur grades!!!! you should be really proud of urself ❤❤❤)

I’ll admit, I didn’t have much to offer on this one. I’m kinda biased against smoking, so that might have played a part… I hope these headcanons are satisfactory, at least a little bit. 

And ah, thank you very much. :) I’m super happy about it, and I am indeed proud… I just hope I can replicate those grades next year.


  • Does not smoke.
  • The first (and last) time he smoked a cigarette, he coughed up a lung and he caught major shit from his father and Gladio. It was enough commotion that Noctis didn’t let another cigarette in his path.
  • Doesn’t mind when others smoke around him, but does make sure to stay out of the way of the smoke itself.


  • Smokes sometimes, mostly just on a whim so there’s no set circumstances under which he’ll smoke.
  • At first it was just because he wanted to try it and see what it was like. It wasn’t that bad – he didn’t hate it, didn’t love it. He never stopped because there wasn’t really anyone around to tell him to stop.
  • Sees it as a time to relax and reflect on everything going on around him. 
  • Doesn’t smoke (at the very least, tries not to) around any of the bros, especially Gladio. Will also try to avoid smoking around Noctis, even though he knows he doesn’t mind.


  • Does not smoke.
  • He never tried it, but at one point he was around people who did smoke, and the second hand smoke threw him into a terrible coughing fit. He doesn’t have asthma, but his lungs don’t take to smoke very well at all.
  • Besides, even if his lungs were okay with the smoke, he still wouldn’t, because he knows that it’ll mess up his lungs and he feels he won’t be able to be the best Shield he can be under those circumstances.


  • Smokes sometimes, but definitely not often. These times are very few and far in-between.
  • The first time he tried it, he didn’t have an opinion on it. He decided that was for certain occasions only and went along on his way.
  • Like Prompto, he finds smoking to be a bit relaxing and mind-clearing.
  • Will usually only smoke if he’s run out of Ebony (which is rare in and of itself) and desperately needs something to help him relax.