its been a year


(Well it’s December guys and you know that what means. Selfie dump from selfies over the year and talking about it. It’s gonna get kinda text heavy because I’ve had kind of a shit year, and each of these photos represents either an important event or period of time. Time to get sad but also gay! 

These photos are in chronological order, and under the cut I’ll be explaining them. They all have the dates they were posted as descriptions. My face tag is #ax to the face if you want to go seek out the original posts! (Warning for emotional abuse ment. and suicidal ideation ment. under cut)

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Top six of 2016!!!!! I was tagged by a literal angel @fireable and I’m going to tag
@chessys @lovlae @minorcutie @bittersweet-cacophony @kartrashianss @dreamgrl1998 !!!!! I love u all and you ppl light up my life!!!!!

Also if u already did it and I missed it TAG ME IN IT I LOV U ALL!!!!


@desmoulinx tagged me to post my 6 best selfies of 2016! I got a new phone in the summer so they don’t date back too far but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

also all my bros have already been tagged wtf so I tag @persephonah @taye-x @bedazzledstrider @nakedbrownie @todaysgonebi @grangratree ((even tho ya’ll have been tagged like 4 times already smh))

I found a stable near my apartment where I’m going to start volunteering. I signed up almost as soon as I walked in. On any other day, I’d have picked up some information, maybe pet a few horses, and left with every intention of coming back to volunteer but probably never going through with it.

But not today.

Today I committed to help out where I could. It’s probably not a life-changing act of charity, but it could be a day-changing one. It’s a small step towards bringing a little more of Jay’s light into the world.


I was tagged by @cloudchild94​ for the 9 selfies for 2016 thing and I think it’s most important that this encapsulates like… my biggest transformations this year, internally and externally. (From stressed bi girl to reluctant, frightened, often confused albeit earnestly trying lesbian.)

I tag: @astromanteia​, @microgyne​, @maedhros-laughed​, @jinglefonda​, @the-devout-warden​, @jimmy-mckill​, @softlavenders​, @bi-sapiens​, @poetrylesbian​, @my-chemical-mermaid​, @riverstwelve, @serenelyandwithcomposure, @daenerysislesbian and whomever i’ve forgotten to tag!!

y’all I’ve just seen Episode ONE (without subtitles) and Jesus Lord Almighty Mary and child I was so not ready for this feel fest so please hold on to your saddles and prepare your tiny little shipper hearts because the writers aren’t fucking around they came here to ruin your day with adorable shinran only to taKE IT AWAY FROM YOU 

@spacehussy replied to your post “so, patho, what did you do with your unexpected day off?“ “oh,…”

sooooooo…. whatcha working on? :>

so…I’m not saying that I may have started a dirtybadwrong fic involving, among other things, praise kink and the deeply inappropriate use of a church, but I’m not not saying that either

(also a completely separate fix-it fic, because guess who likes stories about monsters coming to terms with what they are and finding solace in other monsters? IT’S ME. I DO)