its been a year


Tokyo Ghoul || Through the Years「2014-2018」
↳ Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn’t mean they are bad people. It means they’re human.

2017, in memes—scroll and stroll down memory lane


-Gordon Ramsey cannot locate the lamb sauce

-taking a stupid screenshot and captioning it something serious


-salt bae (aka the chef sprinkling salt to be as extra as possible)

-google image results being something totally different from what’s being searched

-take a fucking sip, babes


-Italian memes


-guy pointing to his head (i.e. You can’t do _______ if ________)

-white guy blinking

-who, whom, whomst

-what in tarnation

-animal poems (my naem is cat, etc.)

-photos of increasingly enlightened brains paired with increasingly stupider captions

-dad: why is the FBI here?

-no fear…one fear


-student athlete

-the hell challenge

-Meryl Streep yelling at the oscars



-Pepsi memes

-United Airlines beating up its passengers

-welcome to your tape

-what the fuck is up Kyle

-“I made a playlist for my crush”

-If you haven’t noticed, im weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in, I don’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? That’s weird.

-girl with septum piercing:

-I think we ALL sing we ALL sing (Victoria Justice being petty towards Ariana)


-hide your girlfriend, I’m going out for the day

-sPonGE BoB mOcKInG yOU scReENsHoT

-can I get an uhhhhhhhhhhhh

-fidget spinners

-<x person> died and was replaced with a look alike: conspiracy theory thread

-respecting women

-cracking open a cold one with the boys

-millennials are poor because of avocado toast



-one thicc bih song

-the floor is lava

-the babadook is a gay icon

-fireflies by owl city

-snap chat map

-the correct way to talk to short people


-stopped to clean (x persons) star. Nothing but respect for MY president

-the little dancing hotdog from the Snapchat filter

-Thank You For

Doing NOT YOU the

thing meme format

-he protec he atac

-sometimes….. (thing) is…….worse

-pictures of cats with russian captions

-the emoji movie

-the frog in tom hollands mouth


-right in front of my salad?

-pages from milk and honey

-he pays for my nails, I pay for his haircuts


-Donald trump staring directly into the eclipse

-stock photo of guy catcalling (disinterested boyfriend?)

-fellas is it gay to _______

-young Sheldon

-mayweather vs. mcgregor


-never judge a book by its cover

-Taylor swift is now edgy™

-you’ve heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for…

-pennywise memes

-monkey haircut


-Bella Hadid interview

-first of all,

-couples costume ideas

-Wendy Williams fainting


-No Nut November

-stranger things memes

-sorting characters into a chart labeled gay, bi, lesbian, and distinguished, functional, and disaster

-my last two brain cells

-I have 8 friends

-vine references revival?

-the girl reading this


-net neutrality


-ham is short for Hamantha, etc.

-if you play (x) at exactly (x time) in New Years Eve, (iconic moment) will happen

-swole Kylo ren

-there, in the fifth row, they stand. (X person) themselves.

-forbidden snacks

-zootopia abortion comic