its been a year


Today I think of her
And remember
How we used to be great.
How she was everything,
And that was bad
But it was so sweet;
And the way she could
Put me to sleep.
Today I think of her
And want to cry,
Beg for what
We used to have,
Wonder if
She’s even alright,
Because I lost her number
And she lost mine,
And I lost my heart along the way,
Stolen by a love
That couldn’t, wouldn’t
Return it.
Today I think of her
And I can’t sleep,
Wanting what we used to have
And remembering
Why we can’t,
What she did to me,
And worse, what I did to her.
We broke each other.
We broke ourselves.
I hope she managed to repair,
Like I did,
But I don’t know;
I probably never will.
Today I remember the first,
My first love,
The first love story, love poem
I ever wrote,
The first hug,
The touches gone too quick,
The regret that we never kissed
But the first time we met,
The first ‘I love you’,
The first time I asked her,
The first joy,
The first time I saw a future.
It was her.
I remember her, who broke
And saved me,
And how I couldn’t save her.
God, I love her. I still do,
But she thinks I don’t.
It’s my only regret.
I wish I could tell her
How I always loved her,
And always will,
How she still haunts my dreams.
She’ll never know how much she ruined me.
Sometimes I wish
I had ruined her too,
But no one deserves this pain,
Even an older girl
Who broke the heart of a girl like me

7/21/17 – One year

Sometimes I feel annoyed and frustrated that there are so many people for whom the DCEU will never, ever, ever, ever be good enough and nothing They do will ever win Them over and They will never shut up about Their dislike and trying to paint Themselves as victims.

Then I remember that pretty much all of those people are ignorant scum and I feel a sense of joy at the knowledge that They will never get what They want from these films and I won’t have to share a fandom with Them.

Part of my contribution to Sormik Week 2017. It’s still a work in progress, but looks much better now. I hope I can finish all the panels for bonus day.

I have not properly cared about Jon and Dany in years, and so much of this show seems to rest on me rooting for them.

But I definitely do appreciate that characters and plot lines are finally coming together. I’m ready to find out where this is all going.

anonymous asked:

Next time Blorkes complain that Eliza are being disrespectful to them we should always respond with: "Disrespect would be Eliza and Lindsey singing "THEY ARE ONLY FRIENDS! THEY ARE NEVER GETTING TOGETHER!" everytime she get asked about Blarke."

do you know what I don’t like about these comparisons with blarkes? even if she did that, it’s still about a man dating a woman, which is treated completely different than a woman dating another woman. 

don’t forget that a big part of the problem is that woman dating woman is already considered wrong, delusional and is constantly erased by being called a friendship

“I suppose some day you will become my enemy as well
But I don’t care because even then,
I will continue to wish for a world in which you’ll be happy” 

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