its been a while since i posted a graphic


“I want to be by your side always. Through all the troubles that stand in your way, I will be there to help you overcome any turmoil. I want you to realize that my love for you is strong and all I wish is for you to always be happy. Let me be your strength when you are weak. Let me be your courage when you feel scared. Let me be the hope when you lose all faith. Let me be the love that you need whenever you’re lost in this world. I love you, Kurosaki-kun. Please, I hope my voice reaches out to you….”


maybe now’s the time to be alive

a mix for everyone’s favourite immortal crew, along with an origin story song for each member noted in the annotations
(aka: felix had a spotify playlist with a shit ton of fakehaus songs and he just wanted to use some of them)

1. molecules - atlas genius ♔ 2. runaway - ed sheeran ♔ 3. female robbery - the neighbourhood ♔ 4. feel alive - anavae ♔ 5. the run and go - twenty one pilots ♔ 6. duality - set it off ♔ 7. robbers - the 1975 ♔ 8. panic station - muse ♔ 9. dance miserable - patrick stump ♔ 10. we are the radio - new politics ♔ 11. na na na - my chemical romance ♔ 12. why worry - set it off ♔ 13. i’m so sorry - imagine dragons ♔ 14. old scars / future hearts - all time low ♔ 15. new generation - new politics

looking for blogs to follow!!

reblog this if you post at least 2 of the following: 

  • pastel stuff~
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  • shoujo (akatsuki no yona, kamisama hajimemashita, shigatsu, etc.)

im basically looking for pastel blogs and bonus points if you make graphics (please state in the tags)! i’ll check out all the blogs when i have free time, im really sorry and no hard feelings if i dont follow back!! hope you all have a nice day :’)


I dont think I spoke about this chara before. Its been a while since I posted OC content.

This is a dump of drawings I made of Renaud, 19 years old graphic designer. likes of outrun electro, nu disco, hypnagogic pop, vaporwave and retro-futurism music. old movies specially 80’s cheese, splatter and slasher cinema. Pastel/pale things. Has a female Siamese cat named Sucre. From a story I am planing to make into a oneshot BL comic.

Lol he really is tumblr famous, Runs a pastel blog where he uploads sensual pics of himself.. you know.. the type…


                             The Silmarillion - Lúthien Tinúviel

                               And thus in anguish Beren paid
                             for that great doom upon him laid,
                                the deathless love of Lúthien,
                                too fair for love of mortal Men;
                           and in his doom was Lúthien snared,
                             the deathless in his dying shared;
                          and Fate them forged a binding chain
                                 of living love and mortal pain. 

hello *cough cough * its been a while since i made a follow forever i forgot how i made those speeches, but i do remember they were lame, thats not going to change…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).  Somehow i was able to reach 16k, seriously idk either soo i decided to make a follow forever(propably going to share some psds too???) to thank you for making gorgeous graphics, drawing art, and of course text posts(im 100% sure you all expected this line} i propably forgot a lot of people forgive me this was kinda in a rush sobs the thing is i wanted to write little messages for everyone… the hover thingy, unfortunately i wasnt able to do that because i dont know how. btw the graphic is with the new dimension so if u are using the stylish just click for higher quality.

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ps: i just realised i forgot at least 20 urls imma cry…

I wanted to do something for you guys in celebration of me reaching 4k followers. So, why not a Tumblr awards? ≧◡≦

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