its been a while since i posted a graphic


[Destiel AU] - For three years, Castiel has been the singer of Forbidden Angels, an extremely popular band that Castiel takes a lot of pride in. His life wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty damn close. That is, until an up and coming band called The Freedom Hunters threatened Castiel’s #1 spot on The Billboards Top 100. It didn’t take long for the two bands to despise each other.

Their rivalry lasted months. Vulgar insults paired with Dean’s dire need to annoy Castiel by copying his trademark hairstyle and pierced ears, quickly became the only thing talked about in Celebrity Gossip News.

Castiel hated it. He hated how easily his top spot could be replaced by some no-name band from Kansas… but he didn’t let that stop him. It was time for Castiel to take matters into his own hands. 


“I want to be by your side always. Through all the troubles that stand in your way, I will be there to help you overcome any turmoil. I want you to realize that my love for you is strong and all I wish is for you to always be happy. Let me be your strength when you are weak. Let me be your courage when you feel scared. Let me be the hope when you lose all faith. Let me be the love that you need whenever you’re lost in this world. I love you, Kurosaki-kun. Please, I hope my voice reaches out to you….”


..but i still run endlessly towards my dreams


maybe now’s the time to be alive

a mix for everyone’s favourite immortal crew, along with an origin story song for each member noted in the annotations
(aka: felix had a spotify playlist with a shit ton of fakehaus songs and he just wanted to use some of them)

1. molecules - atlas genius ♔ 2. runaway - ed sheeran ♔ 3. female robbery - the neighbourhood ♔ 4. feel alive - anavae ♔ 5. the run and go - twenty one pilots ♔ 6. duality - set it off ♔ 7. robbers - the 1975 ♔ 8. panic station - muse ♔ 9. dance miserable - patrick stump ♔ 10. we are the radio - new politics ♔ 11. na na na - my chemical romance ♔ 12. why worry - set it off ♔ 13. i’m so sorry - imagine dragons ♔ 14. old scars / future hearts - all time low ♔ 15. new generation - new politics


I dont think I spoke about this chara before. Its been a while since I posted OC content.

This is a dump of drawings I made of Renaud, 19 years old graphic designer. likes of outrun electro, nu disco, hypnagogic pop, vaporwave and retro-futurism music. old movies specially 80’s cheese, splatter and slasher cinema. Pastel/pale things. Has a female Siamese cat named Sucre. From a story I am planing to make into a oneshot BL comic.

Lol he really is tumblr famous, Runs a pastel blog where he uploads sensual pics of himself.. you know.. the type…


                             The Silmarillion - Lúthien Tinúviel

                               And thus in anguish Beren paid
                             for that great doom upon him laid,
                                the deathless love of Lúthien,
                                too fair for love of mortal Men;
                           and in his doom was Lúthien snared,
                             the deathless in his dying shared;
                          and Fate them forged a binding chain
                                 of living love and mortal pain. 

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