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Sick Babygirl - pt.2

Genre: a smidgen of fluff and s m u t

Length: about 1,500 words

Kinks: dd/lg, choking, brat taming, predator/prey play

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Jaebum had been taking care of you all week; bring you everything you needed or wanted, leaving practice early just to check up on you, and so much more.

You looked up at him, softly pouting as you made eye contact. “Daddy…” His petname rolling off your tongue and escaping your mouth like a sweet, peaceful song.

A bright smile appeared on his face, his cheeks turning a bright pink- just like they always did when you called him that during the moments alone you two had together. “Yes princess?” He asked in reply, gently caressing your face.

“You seem really tired. Are you sure I’m not being a bother?” You asked curiously, cuddling into the palm of his large hand, “I feel so annoying. You’re doing so much for me..”

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wonwoo shower sex pls where it's been a long time so he's a bit rough with you ;)

ayy I hope this is to your liking 😘 and thanks for the little note about it having been a long time, it really helped 💕

A heavy sigh left your lips as you turned the shower on, the warm water hitting your shoulders almost instantly, and while it did relax your muscles, it hardly relaxed your mind.

You were frustrated, to say the least, after way too long of a time since the last time you had had sex with your boyfriend, and not even that voluntarily. You had both been busy to the point that you barely even had time to spend together, and whenever you did, you were preoccupied with something else or sleeping.

And boy, did you need him.

Letting your hands travel on your body, caressing your breasts, thighs and just about everything else, you thought about him: his dark hair and eyes, his lips that felt so good on your body, his hands that knew your body so well, his raspy voice and how good he felt inside of you…

“Thinking about me?”

Shrieking at the sudden voice behind you and the breath ghosting your skin, you turned around in an instant, only to see Wonwoo - the very boyfriend you had been thinking of - grinning at you lopsidedly.

“You scared me,” you pouted and hit his chest weakly, earning a snicker from him. Wonwoo stepped closer and placed his hands on your hips.

“But were you?” he asked, his grin growing a bit more playful. “Thinking about me, I mean.”

You swallowed hard as you looked into his eyes, which were more intense than they had been in a while. The look in them alone had you burning. “Maybe.”

He leaned down to press a kiss to your neck. “I was thinking about you, too. About your body…” his words trailed off as he slid his hands to your ass, squeezing it while pulling you closer to himself and letting you feel his half-hard cock against your lower stomach. “…and how much I miss you.”

Your breathing had gotten heavier, and the heat that had already begun building up inside of you when you had been thinking about him and the last time you had gotten together only grew. When you spoke, your voice was barely a breath. “God, I need you.”

“Hasn’t it been a while since we’ve done it in the shower?” Wonwoo asked, his lips tugging into a smirk, and you giggled, shaking your head while wrapping your arms around his neck and looking up into his eyes with a glint in yours.

“Wonwoo, it’s been a while since we’ve done it anywhere,” you corrected him and leaned up to kiss his lips eagerly. As you pulled away, you sighed, leaning against him, almost painfully aware of his arousal. “It’s been what, two months? Three? And we’ve only managed one handjob.”

“Hey,” Wonwoo said softly and chuckled a little, kissing you again. “We’ve both been busy so it can’t be helped, and that was one hell of a handjob, which goes both ways. And besides, doesn’t the long wait only make this time all the more special?”

You were silent for a moment, unable to disagree, before a mischievous smile took over your features. “Will you be rough?”

The implication behind your words went straight to Wonwoo’s crotch, and it excited you to notice that his voice had dropped an octave lower when he spoke again. “There’s no way I wouldn’t be.”

“Good,” you breathed and leaned in for another passionate kiss, full of tongue and your desires that had been on hold for way too long. As your lips were locked, your mind went back to all the times you had wanted him during the few months. The worst day had been the one where he had had an official meeting and he had put on a suit and styled his hair just the way you loved it, but you had both been too tired and busy to do anything about it. It was the long wait, the lust and the boner pressing against you that turned you on to no end.

Wonwoo let his hands travel on your body as water continued running down it - he stroked your back slowly, then moved down to your thighs before coming up your sides to cup your breasts. When your breath hitched, he chuckled quietly and pulled back from your dance of tongues, his thumbs rolling your nipples slowly, which had you shivering a little. “Are you sensitive or horny?”

“Both?” you suggested with a laugh and played with Wonwoo’s hair a little, holding back a moan. “Doesn’t that make this all the better, too?”

“Yeah,” he agreed and leaned down for another kiss, his tongue easily sliding into your mouth to play with yours while he massaged your breasts for a while, giving them the attention he hadn’t been able to for a while, other than the few nights he had spent sleeping cuddled up to you with one of your breasts in his hand. Soon he was sliding one of his hands down your body, before finally sliding two fingers flat between your legs.

“Ah,” you sighed, your hips bucking against his hand instinctively, and grabbed his shoulder with one hand, keeping the other in his hair. Wonwoo smiled to himself and merely moved his fingers back and forth a little, giving you just the friction you needed but also leaving you want more, while also excitedly noting that you were already a bit wet. Your voice was a bit shaky when you spoke, your eyes falling shut. “Gosh, that feels good.”

“I know,” Wonwoo mumbled quietly and moved to whisper in your ear. “Turn around.”

You didn’t have to think twice, and a quick moment later you were pressed against the cool tile wall next to the shower, with Wonwoo pressed against you. He leaned down to kiss your shoulder while two of his fingers determinedly rubbed circles into your clit and his other hand held your breast snugly.

A soft moan left your lips at that, and you found yourself pushing your hips back against him a little, as well as moving one of your hands to his cock while the other was pressed against the wall to give you some support.

“Yes, baby,” Wonwoo sighed blissfully when you took a hold of his half-hard length and began stroking slowly, giving him some much-needed touch. You let out an equally satisfied sigh when you could feel yourself getting wet, your clit swelling and becoming more sensitive and only increasing the burning need inside of you.

“Finger me,” you pleaded, your hips starting to move back and forth a little against Wonwoo’s fingers as you continued stroking him. He let out a low chuckle against your shoulder, and without a moment of hesitation, slid his hand lower so that he could ease his middle finger inside of you as his palm rubbed against your clit.

A moan left your lips at that, and while he moved the finger inside of you slowly, you thumbed the tip of his cock lightly before pressing it against your ass that you then pushed against him a little. Wonwoo hissed as his length dipped between your ass cheeks, and bucked his hips forward, his teeth grazing your skin. “Nice move.”

“I know you,” you said playfully and took the hand that you had earlier been stroking him with to his hand that was between your legs, and quivered a little with how good his touch felt. “More.”

Wonwoo’s hips continued grinding against your ass rhythmically as he easily slid another finger into your wetness, giving you some taste of the feeling of being filled you had been craving for and knew would finally become reality soon. He was starting to leak some pre-cum already, his cock fully hard by then, and if his fingers were driving you crazy already, you were an absolute mess when he curved them, touching your g-spot lightly and making you cry out.

He took in a sharp breath, squeezing your breast a bit tighter in his hand, and moved to kiss your ear, his breathing heavy. “I really need to fuck you, baby.”

“Do it,” you whimpered, your mouth opening into a silent scream when Wonwoo, as his last move, pistoned his fingers in and out of you rapidly until your whole body was shaking and your core was clamping down around his digits. You hissed quietly when he pulled his fingers out all of a sudden, leaving your pussy clenching around nothing, hungry for more, and when Wonwoo seemed to hesitate for a second, you turned to look at him, your eyes sharp and determined. “I’m still on the pill, just get on with it.”

“Right,” Wonwoo said with a small smile and leaned down to kiss you as well as he could from the odd angle while helping you spread your legs the slightest bit more so that he was able to guide his cock to your entrance, wet and warm from the very first touch. He grunted as he broke away from the kiss and placed his lips to the junction of your neck and shoulder. “Ready, baby?”

Rather than giving him an answer, you just threw him the most pleading gaze you could muster, as well as a small swaying of your hips that made him chuckle to himself as he kissed your shoulder and moved the hand he had on your breast to cover your hand on the wall. You bit down on your lower lip when you still felt him move the tip of his cock around in your wetness for a while to gather some of your arousal on it, before starting to push into you.

Moaning, you shut your eyes and rested your head against the wall, your hand balling into a fist underneath Wonwoo’s as he filled you up so well that you couldn’t keep quiet. Your walls were clamping down around him, which had him hissing into your shoulder and his hand holding your hip tightly.

“I’ve missed this so much,” he sighed into your ear when he had bottomed out, fully encased in your warmth that he had had more pleasant dreams about during the three months of drought than he could count.

You moaned in satisfaction when Wonwoo rolled his hips a little, and placed your other hand atop of his on your hip, your voice almost breathless when you spoke. “Me too.”

Done playing, Wonwoo took in a breath before finally pulling back and pushing back into you, nearly shuddering at how good it felt. A whimper left you, and every time Wonwoo pulled back, you found yourself pushing back against him. He chuckled as soon as he noticed it. “Y/N, this won’t work if you don’t let me move properly.”

You turned around to give him a mischievous grin with a glint in your eyes. “What are you going to do about it?”

He raised his eyebrows meaningfully and gave you a quick kiss, his tongue lingering on your lips even as he broke away. “It’s on.”

The next time he pulled back and you were about to push against him, you were excited to feel his hand keeping your hips in place, and when he figured that one hand probably wasn’t enough, the got both of his hands on your hips, his hips starting to snap into you harder and faster. Your eyes fell shut as you were overcome with pleasure, moan after moan leaving your pretty lips within a few seconds.

Wonwoo’s skin slammed hard against yours with each thrust, and you loved every moment of it. He threw his head back eventually, focused on how amazing you felt around him, the way your skin dipped underneath his touch and how nice and warm it was in the shower, especially with the warm water running next to you.

You moved against the wall from the force of Wonwoo’s thrusts, and as you were unable to remain quiet, you bit down on your lower lip in an attempt to somewhat control your volume. He was hitting all the right spots inside of you, and with how horny you were and how damn long it had been since the last time, you were a goner.

“Harder,” you pleaded and moaned when Wonwoo smacked your ass, which also made you clench down around him. He kissed you by your ear heatedly, and you held back a satisfied cry when he did just what you asked and began fucking you harder - it would’ve been funny how obvious it was that you hadn’t had sex in a while if you weren’t a moaning mess between him and the wall, desperate for your orgasm.

Your legs quivered from how sensitive and close to your climax you were, and Wonwoo’s harsh, oh so pleasing thrusts hardly helped it. Your breathing was heavy and hitched in your throat when Wonwoo finally returned one of his hands to your chest, taking your breast into it to massage and fondle it while he continued moving inside of you, his cock rubbing into your walls and making you feel insanely good.

“Y/N,” Wonwoo grunted when he could feel you purposefully tightening around him, and your lips tugged into a small smile while you took one of your hands to his hip to caress him as well as you could. He hissed, awfully close, and hid his face in your shoulder. “F-fuck, I’m really close.”

He only had to slide his hand the merest bit between your legs when you, out of the blue, found yourself crying out as your orgasm began washing over you, merely from how good it felt to have him fuck you the way he did after such a long time. You shook all over, from both pleasure and the surprise of coming without much other stimulus than him pushing into you and playing with your breast, your eyes nearly rolling into your head.

With you clenching down around him in a steady rhythm, Wonwoo put all the frustration in him into his thrusts, and not much later he was coming inside of you with a low groan, his hips pushing into you erratically. When he came, he stopped and merely leaned against you, both of you panting.

“That was,” you began, stopping to both swallow and catch your breath, your hearing feeling a bit funny from the intensity of your orgasm, “wow.”

“It was so long since the last time,” Wonwoo hummed with a small smile and gave you a soft kiss on your nape, his hands running soothingly up and down your sides. “It wasn’t too much, was it?”

Once you had gotten off his cock, you turned around and wrapped your arms around his neck, quirking your eyebrow meaningfully. “Absolutely not, if anything I’d love a second round.”

The corners of Wonwoo’s mouth tugged upwards at that, and he placed his hands on your waist and pulled you a bit closer. “How about we shower and move to the bed?”

You bit your lower lip excitedly and nodded, playing with Wonwoo’s hair. “I’d love that.”

You began washing yourselves, touching each other lovingly every now and then and even exchanging a few kisses, and when you were just about to get out, Wonwoo chuckled to himself, his nose scrunching a little.

“I’ll try not to break the bed.”

Turning around to him with raised eyebrows, you let out an incredulous snort. “What?”

“You never know what’s going to happen in there,” Wonwoo laughed and leaned clsoer to kiss you while you rolled your eyes playfully, wrapping your arms around his neck again. You could only hope that the busy period in your lives would finally come to an end and you’d get to enjoy being with each other - in many ways - more often again.

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A Win-Win Situation

Will was getting better at sword training. Much better, in fact, and Nico was aware he wasn’t solely responsible for this improvement. Will didn’t always practice with him, after all.

“I just want to be good enough to at least deserve to train with you.” Will had told him one day, and Nico gave him a dirty look in response to that show of self-deprecation. 

“You know I don’t care about that.” Nico said, serious, but Will only shrugged, his soft grin not fading – or his resolve.

And so he practiced with all the campers willing to train him, for months. Almost five weeks passed until Will came up to Nico again in the Arena, a bright smile on his face.

“Okay, I think I’m ready now.”

Nico raised one eyebrow.

“I’m still not sure why this is so important to you, but okay, bring it on.”

They started to fight, and Nico soon realized that Will was right. He was ready.

Okay, he wasn’t perfect. He still fell short on attack, but his defense had improved drastically, as well as his stamina – enough that Nico had to really focus on what he was doing, but there rarely was a gap in Will’s defense. He was proud.

“Who the hell did you train with?” Nico grunted, barely being heard as their swords clashed. “Chiron?”

Will only smiled at him as he blocked Nico’s attack once again.

Nico immediately drew his sword back and swung it again and again and again, too fast for most people to keep up with, but somehow Will’s eyes and hands followed his movements and were just as fast, deflecting them. It wasn’t working, so Nico changed tactics.

He swung his sword from the right to the left, at the level of his opponent’s abdomen. He recalled helping Will with that, but he cursed himself when he realized he trained his boyfriend well. Their swords clashed once more, and Nico put more strength to it, trying to make Will’s grip weaker.

It wasn’t working.

He looked up at Will’s eyes, which were showing nothing but focus and concentration. He knew he could go further, but his arms were tired. It was a hot day, and he was sweaty all over, already dreaming of a cold shower and a comfortable bed.

Will didn’t seem much better. Drops of sweat were streaming down his face, some of his blonde curls darkened and glued to his forehead. He was panting, his cheeks blushed, and his blue eyes were piercing through Nico’s, determined. It made Nico gulp, the feeling of the skeletal butterflies in his stomach more alive than ever. A chill went down his spine. He wouldn’t be surprised if Will could do this for another hour.

But then Will grinned, very slowly, and Nico stared. He only had a second to think that this – his blue eyes contrasting against tanned skin, which was glowing with a layer of sweat, and that knowing grin on his lips – would be a pretty painting he would be happy to make, if he had any artistic skills at all. Will swung his sword and made a movement that made Nico drop the grip on his.

He only realized what had happened when he heard his sword hitting the earth.

He stared at his weapon for a long moment – perhaps a minute or two –, before returning his gaze to Will and his bright smile. Now his eyes were back at being expressive, and they were full of joy.

“So what did you think? Did you have fun?” Will asked as soon as he could speak with some clarity, although his breathing was still heavy.

Nico stared.

He had just won – won in a sword fight against the son of Hades, Ghost King, survivor of two wars, let it be noted – and the first thing he asked was if he had fun.

“You’re just a complete dork, aren’t you?” He wondered aloud, then stepped forward, circled Will’s neck with his arms, and kissed him. His mouth was warmer than usual. Nico was aware that they were both a little disgusting at the moment and in desperate need of a shower, but he didn’t care.

“I thought you were great.” He informed his boyfriend in a low voice, then gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. “We should definitely do this again.”

Will giggled.

“Yeah. Now you don’t have to worry about me being defenseless in a fight, and we can practice together, if you want.” He was obviously very satisfied with himself.

Nico almost said he would want to practice with Will even if he was the worst sword fighter in the universe, but he didn’t. He just nodded, and appreciated the sight of Will’s face illuminating with happiness. The last time he had been this excited because of Nico had been after their first kiss.

As they left the arena, holding hands, Will rambled on and on about all the techniques he wanted to try. It was strange to see terms of swordfighting coming out of Will’s mouth instead of medical expressions, but he seemed happy to talk about this, often looking at his boyfriend in search of approval.

Well, Nico reasoned, enjoying the sense of contentment blooming in his chest, losing isn’t always bad.

He doubted he had lost at all.

The Majority-Christian Asian Nation (and some other interesting things about the Philippines)

Its been a while since I did a facts list…here we go:

  1. The Philippines has the highest rate of discovery of new animal species with 16 new species of mammals discovered just in the last 10 years.
  2. The world’s largest pearl was discovered by a Filipino diver in the Palawan Sea in 1934. Known as the “Pearl of Lao Tzu,” or “Pearl of Allah,” it is worth around US$40 million, and is believed to be 600 years old.
  3. The Philippines is the only country in the world whose flag is hoisted upside down when the country is at war.
  4. The yo-yo had its beginnings as an ancient Filipino studded hunting weapon attached to a 20-foot rope. 
  5. There are between 120 and 175 individual languages spoken in the Philippines, 171 of which are living while the other four no longer have any known speakers.
  6. Both University of Santo Tomas in Manila, founded in 1611, and the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, founded in 1595, are older than Harvard University (which was only founded in 1636)

Quick note: there are actually two majority-Christian nations in Asia, and both are in Oceania! One is the Philippines, and the other is East Timor.