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headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

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whoa, man, whoa. What a ride that was like dang, infobomb and, like, dang man that was so good!! Just, so much to process though so forgive me while I try and organize my thoughts.

First, okay, so Topaz is great. She’s great. I really hope we see her again

Surprising but also not surprising - a Diamond shattered Pink Diamond. I know that’s been discussed at length because, among other things, in real life, only diamonds can cut diamonds. I figured that would come into play somehow, since its a pretty well-known fact. But Gems don’t necessarily follow gemstone rules so

Also, another Gem I love, Zircon. The defendant one. She figured it out, something no other Gem seemed to have before. 

Blue Diamond definitely didn’t seem to know, but Yellow Diamond? Hm. And where’s White Diamond in all of this? How is this new information going to affect the Diamond Authority? It would have to cause dissent among them. And what happened to cause a Diamond to shatter Pink Diamond? Was she growing sympathetic to the Rebel cause or was it just a power grab (perhaps caused by her weakened position due to the rebellion?)? How come so many eyewitnesses thought it was Rose that shattered her? Illusion? Shapeshifting? A straight-up lie (Eyeball seemed pretty convinced, though)? I’m so so excited to find all this stuff out

I love all the off-colors? They’re great, they’re all great, I already want to see them all again they’re great all of them

Lars’ “redemption arc,” so to speak, is so good! I love how he developed over this arc and in the episodes to come (I imagine). I’m just so looking forward to where his character goes from here and just. I just really like it. Just way to go Lars!

Also, we know what Lion is now? He’s a lion brought back to life by Rose’s tears (so Rose could heal organics too??) That’s one big ol’ mystery solved… partially solved.

Anyways, this is really scattered because that was just so much to process (also I’m fighting a migraine so I’m a little unfocused tbh) but man that was so good! So good!!

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Aaa! We’re approaching 8,000 followers and I’m eggcited! I’m gonna have to work extra hard on the video this time to make sure it’s out in time! I’ve also gotten so many nice messages over this time so thank you so much for all the support! I’m trying to catch up with all of this, so forgive me if I’m taking a while to get back to you! But know that I’m not ignoring you, I’ve read most of the tags, and all of the sweet inbox messages and comments, and I’m really happy with all the feedback I’ve been getting! Thanks again everyone, I’m so happy! <3

Paper Hearts (Part 7)

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Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 4.2k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

Part 1 ♡ Part 2  ♡ Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8

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Hogmanay pt.2

A wee snippet of Jamie and Claire whilst the Hogmanay preparations are well under way! Fluff and ALLLLL the feels because it is Monday and we need it!!!

Claire could hear the children chattering amongst themselves as they bunched the juniper and picked off any berries that had been missed, Bree’s accent standing out starkly amongst her cousin’s softer Scottish brogues.

The pot Jenny had left beside her was nearly full with pealed potatoes and the water on the stove had reached boiling. The room was becoming uncomfortably hot and Claire could feel the sweat gathering beneath the cloud of hair at the nape of her neck and trickling intermittently down her neck. She placed a hand against her back, readying for the task of standing upright.

“Alright little one, on three … one … two …”

Claire clenched her teeth and heaved just as the baby pushed a foot up under her ribs. The air went from her in a sharp breath and Claire sat down heavily, giving up on the two inches of elevation she had gained.

“You bloody little … Scot!”

She scowled, arching her back a little to encourage the baby to move, which it obligingly did, coming to rest in a much less uncomfortable position. Claire let her breath out again, this time with a sigh and passed the back of her hand over her brow. She had a few more weeks to go but felt like she was ready to burst. She didn’t remember feeling quite so huge with Brianna, though that may have been in part due to the near starvation she had suffered in the run up to Culloden and then the miserable cocoon she had wrapped herself in after her return to the twentieth century, a cocoon in which she only forced herself to take food for the sake of the baby.

Claire pushed thoughts of that time aside and steeled herself to stand once again. If she simply sat and waited for Jenny to come to her rescue she could be stuck in the sweltering kitchen for quite some time as the Hogmanay preparations were well underway and Jenny was bustling from room to room overseeing it all. Claire had tried to help but her swollen size had made her something of a hindrance to the process and when she had suggested preparing the vegetables instead of stringing garlands, Jenny had looked rather relieved. However, if preparing vegetables was what Claire was in charge of then she would bloody well be in charge of it and no one was going to put those potatoes in the cauldron but her!

She was half-way up when she felt a hand on her lower back and another take a gentle grip on her upper arm. She blew the hair out of her face and looked up into an amused sapphire gaze.

“I can manage.”

“I know.”

Jamie smiled but didn’t relinquish his touch and moments later Claire was on her feet. She raised her finger to wipe the perspiration from her upper lip but Jamie stopped her, catching her hand in his and ducking his head to gently kiss along the bow of her lips, his tongue gently tracing the curve of her smile.

“Ah Dhia! Mo nigheann donn, mo Sorcha …”

Claire lost the last of his words as he buried his face in the curve of her neck

“What was that?”

“I said …”

Jamie surfaced, smiling with the glazed eyes of a man singularly minded,

“That each time I sniff at ye I discover a new wee scent and I want ye more than before.”

Claire sniffed at her sleeve and wrinkled her nose

“I never considered onions and parsnips to be particular aphrodisiacs.”

Jamie’s lifted one springy curl from her collar bone, pulling it gently straight before letting it bounce back into its spiral and inhaling dramatically.

“I can smell cloves, rosemary and a wee hint o’ plum.”

Claire leant forward and sniffed his shirt lightly

“Horses and hay and … what is that?”

“Peat most likely.”

Jamie grinned and waved away the question before Claire could ask it.

“I brought a few blocks in from the shed this morning and changed my shirt but ye ken how the scent clings.”

Jamie lifted the pot of potatoes from the table

“Ye want these in the water?”

“Ye but give them here, I’ll do it.”

Claire reached for the pan but Jamie shifted, keeping it out of her reach

“It’s fairly heavy Sassenach. I dinna ken how many pounds ye peeled but if Jenny is still feeding the pigs peelings, we’re likely to have the fattest hogs in the Highlands.”

“We’re going to have a lot of guests…”

“And food enough to feed generations of them yet to come.”

Jamie grinned and crossed to the fire

“Wait I can …”

Claire began and then stopped as Jamie upended the pan with ease and deftly stepping out of the way of the water that splashed over the sides as the potatoes went in.

“I told you I could do it!”

Claire snapped, feeling absurdly like she was about to cry. She blinked twice and glared at the splashes of water steaming on the flagstones.

“For God’s sake, Jamie! You’ve got water all over the floor! I suppose I have to clear it up, do I?”

She snatched a cloth up from the side and stormed toward the small pool of water but Jamie blocked her path, expression carefully neutral as his hands came up to lightly clasp her shoulders.

“I apologise Sassenach. If ye hand me the cloth, I’ll mop it up for ye.”

His voice was gentle, consoling even and Claire felt the tightness in her chest clench and her throat began to burn. Claire looked around him and saw the gentle wisps of steam rising from the floor a second before her vision blurred.

“No it’s fine … It’s already drying. I’m sorry I snapped at you.”

“Dinna be lass, I interfered and upset the system you had in place. I’m sorry for it.”

Claire snorted wetly and hastily mopped her eyes and nose with a handkerchief.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m so irritable!”

“Nothing. There is nothing wrong with ye, but ye are exhausted and your body feels like it’s betrayin’ ye at every turn. It’s enough to make anyone irritable.”

Jamie’s arms encircled her as he spoke, his cheek resting lightly on the top of her head

“I feel like a fat, silly fool!”

“You are magnificent, Claire.”

Jamie spoke simply, rubbing small circles in the middle of her back

“But upon my word, Sassenach, the smell of ye and the feel of ye against me is makin’ me think verra wicked thoughts.”

“Perhaps you should confess them to me upstairs.”

She murmured and felt the shiver of a thrill run through him

“Confession, eh? Will ye forgive my sins?”


Claire allowed the word to fall from her lips and the considerable firmness that has been building against her stomach hardened further.

“Can ye get one of the girls to mind the food a while? I dinna think I can wait for your benediction.”

Jamie whispered in her ear and as he bent toward her Claire imagined a willow tree, tall and graceful, arching as its branches dip toward the water’s surface, reaching until even the petioles and stipules are submerged deeply.


It felt like hours but could only have been minutes later, as Claire ran her fingers through the sweetly curling hairs of his chest, she realised that Jamie had done what she could not do for herself, he had centred her.

He had let her play the role of the saviour, dubbing himself the wicked one who was dependent on her for his redemption. He had made her feel wise and beautiful and in control, he had guided her to see herself as he saw her.

“What are ye thinking, Sassenach?”

His voice was heavy with satisfaction and Claire delighted in the small sigh of contentment he gave as she kissed the bud of his nipple.

“I was thinking that you still, after all our years, just let me be myself and how much I love you for it.”

She smiled and looked up as she felt the bed shift to see him propped up on his elbow, looking down at her curiously.

“I fell in love wi’ ye for who ye are Sassenach. I canna see what benefit it could be to either of us if I were to try and change ye now.”

“You might have a wife with a sweeter temperament?”

She teased, stroking the length of his nose with the tip of her index finger.

“I doubt a sweet wee mouse could make my balls fizz the way you do.”

Jamie’s tone was even and as he blinked solemnly at her, his face serene, Claire burst into laughter and laughed until the tears streamed down her face and her ribs ached with the force of it.

“Oh my God! Jamie! I did not expect that!”

“Well neither did I, a sweet wee lad o’ three and twenty and you and older woman takin’ me in hand…”

He was grinning too now, his mirth held back only barely

“It was my mouth actually…”

Claire retorted and the room filled with the sounds of their happiness, of memories and shared knowledge of love and the comfort of one who knows you so very well and they clung to each other until the last of the humour left them when, still smiling, they touched their foreheads together.

“In truth Sassenach, I dinna care what ye do to my balls as long as I get to hear ye laugh like that often and plenty until my dying day.”

Jamie raised her hand, clasped in his own between them on the bed and kissed her skin, just above the warm silver of her wedding ring.

hello peoples of the internet!!!!! it has been a while since i posted another video so here goes, in all its glory, this terrible mashup of the grisha trilogy and wicked the musical

(please forgive me for making the characters look slightly different starting somewhere at the half of the vid. alina and genya’s ears suddenly get covered by hair)

also yes, when genya says “when i see depressing creatures with unprepossessing features”, thats zoya there (i love zoya but it was funny so i HAD to)


So Tenka celebrates its second anniversary this week, and there has been a bonus mini story at the start of the app these past few days involving Keiji doing a survey of sorts. Today, he asks the 12 Lords for their Anniversary messages/ wishes and they are so sweet. 

Translation below: (you’d forgive me if I start with my biases, will you? hahahahahah)

Disclaimer: while I tried to translate it so the meaning comes across. They are by no means accurate. 


Omae ni wa kizuka sareru koto bakarida. Hontōni sukuwareteru to omouyo. Korekara saki mo, ore no tonari ni ite kure.

All it takes is for you to notice. I think I’m really saved. From now on, please stay by my side. 

basically this old man needs her to notice stuff and take care of him. 


Zenbu omae no seidakara. Dakara, omae no sei yokeina kanjō made shiru hame ni natta. Damatte soba ni  iro yo.  

It’s all because of you. It’s your fault that I got all these feelings. So just be quiet and stay by my side.


Nani ga atte mo, omae no koto wa ore ga mamoru. Dare ni mo tedashi wa sa sen.  Dakara, anshin shite ore ni tsuite kite kure.

Whatever happens, I will protect (everything about) you. Don’t go to anyone else. So follow me with confidence / peace of mind. 

Basically, he will protect her everything (absolutely), so don’t rely on anyone else, she should just leave it to him, like : he got it!


Kimi to deaete, watashi wa hontōni shiawase mono da. Sono airashī hitomi ni zutto watashi o utsushite ite okure

Meeting you has made me happy. Let me be the one reflected in those beautiful eyes, always.


Omae-san mo akinai ne. Mā, koko made kitara nochi nan-nen tatte mo onajidesho. Soba ni i na yo.

You’re not giving up, are you, little lady? It’s still the same after years. Still by my side.

(He calls her omae-san, in Japanese, which is a slightly polite/sarcastic ‘you’, which tenka has translated to ‘little lady’. yep, he is admiring her patience to still be with him, everything else is implied in his eyes, I guess…)


Ore ga aisuru no wa, ato ni mo, saki ni mo, omae dakeda itsumo arigatou.

I love you. Always have been, Always will. I’m always grateful for you.

ato ni mo, saki ni mo literally means my past, my future - so sweet right?


Ore ga omae ni iitē koto wa hitotsu dakeda. Korekara mo, ore no sobani iro.

I’ve got only one thing to say to you. From now on, stay by my side. 


Fun, kisama wa tada ore o shinjite tsuite kureba yoi. Kisama o shiawase ni dekiru otoko nado, ore igai ni iru wake nakarou. Hanareru koto wa yurusanu, wakatta na. 

Heh, you just have to believe in me and follow me. No man can make you happy like I do. I will never allow you to leave, understand.


Omae no koto wa ore ga mamotte yaru. Sono omoi wa, omae ga chīsai toki kara nanihitotsu kawattenē yo.

I will protect (everything about) you. This feeling has not changed since you were little. 

*gosh, I cannot do justice to what he is saying, basically he said it like this has always been the truth for him, that he will protect her, like always, since she was little. 


Anata no egao o miru koto ga, watashi no shiawasedesu.  Korekara saki mo zutto, tonari de waratte ite kuremasu ka?

Seeing your smiling face is my happiness. From now on, will you always smile by my side? 


Anta ga hata ni iru no wa… … Warukunai koto mo nai

You being here… I guess that’s not a bad thing…


Kimi no okage de hontōni, mainichi ga tanoshī to omoerunda. Dakara, korekara mo soba ni ite kureru? Sōshitara, ore ga tanoshī to omotte iru ijō ni, kimi o egao ni surukara.

Thanks to you, I’ve been having fun everyday. That’s why, will you stay by my side from now on? I will make you smile more (than for my own amusement)

gosh, this is hard to translate, basically he thanks her for making his days fun, so will she stay by his side so he can make her happy (in return, beyond his own gain). 

(A Noragami Headcanon) Yato and Yaboku and...


I started binge-watching and binge-reading the anime and manga, and now I’m obsessed with Noragami again. This isn’t so much a theory but more like a headcanon of mine to support the most popular theory in the Noragami fandom (so forgive me if it’s been said already). 

You know what Yato’s name reminds me of?

A shinki’s name, bestowed upon one by their master.

In the same way, the same character is read differently (either by its Japanese or Chinese reading), but still pertains to the same individual, his name, with the exact same characters, can be read as Yato or Yaboku.

In the same way one reading turns a shinki into a weapon, ‘Yaboku’ was his identity as Father’s weapon, while ‘Yato’, the name Sakura reads his name as, is the name he uses to live as a person. 

Anyway, the point I’m getting at should this interesting comparison be completed is that Yato, like other shinki, has (I wouldn’t call it a true name, since I believe ‘Yukine’ for example is a true name in the same way ‘Hiyori’ is) a former name from before he died.

If that’s the case, it adds a certain dimension to Yato’s relationship with his Father. He’s bound to him in the same way a shinki is bound to his master (and he doesn’t even know it). It would be interesting if that were the case since Shinki are Humans bound to Gods, but what would you call a God bound to a Human? 

Anyway, I read an interesting theory about how the chapter ‘A Passing Resemblance’ could refer to Iki-nii’s resemblance to Hiyori (or even to Yato) since it was the chapter he was introduced in, but also how the situation with Yukine then, with him and Yato being separated from Hiyori, may reflect the situation from when he was alive (him having been separated from his sister and mother), and may be a factor in the resurgence of his memories. 

Considering double meanings, what if ‘A God’s Greatest Secret’ does not only refer to a shinki’s former name, but in the context of the story, could also refer to a specific God’s secret (so secret that it’s unknown even to himself), the secret being Yato’s former name.

If a shinki turns into an akayashi after hearing their former name, I wonder what the effect will be on Yato when he hears Tsukiyomi it. 

Sketch Artist

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(GIF is not mine, credit to owner)

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean x Artist!Reader

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam, Eileen Leahy (Mentioned)

Warnings: Dean being adorable, ALL THE FLUFF ( seriously guys, you have been warned)

Prompt: “ Hey! I said not to look at those things!”

A/N: I am complete Dean trash, forgive me, also this piece is so cute I almost cried while writing it. I hope you guys like it as much as I do - Ouro

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The Disappearance of John Watson

Chapter 6:

I remained in the same position for quite some time, staring down at the little diaries as if I had only just discovered my Watson. But I knew that it wasn’t quite true, that it was merely the emotion with which he wrote that was holding me captive. Hardly ever did one get the opportunity to meet another fellow as intimately as that. 

Of course, there were many questions that presented themselves to a curious mind such as mine, but the more pressing matter was to traverse the country and make it to Birmingham. 

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Addicted To Your Love


Papyrus couldn’t help himself from quietly bouncing in his seat on the couch, his magic fluttering about in the air happily. For now he was simply finishing up work on his laptop, dorky glasses tapped to his skull. But soon, he’d be out on a date with his one and only.

Despite literally being married, the butterflies in his nonexistent stomach still reappear every time he sees his wonderful mate. While they were indeed rather fond of movie dates, going out for food now and then was still fun enough for the both of them. The smaller skeleton would be home from work soon, and they could start to get ready.

Overwatch: Hanzo's Realization
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Hanzo:</b> You are not my brother. You are Genji no longer.<p/><b>Genji:</b> Brother, I am sorry my appearance does not satisfy you, but you are very hard to please.<p/><b>Hanzo:</b> What is that supposed to mean?<p/><b>Genji:</b> Well, you attempted to assassinate me because I did not want to be a part of the clan's actions, was upset I was gone, then I came back and now you want me to disappear once more. Somebody, with at least a morsel of humanity, rebuilt my body and helped me survive. You are still not happy.<p/><b>Hanzo:</b> ...Genj-<p/><b>Genji:</b> NO! That is enough! You let me speak! I was just a boy! You took away the life from the Genji you scoff at today! You made the last 10 years of my life a living nightmare! Are you proud of yourself, Hanzo?! ARE YOU PROUD OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS?!<p/><b>Hanzo:</b> I...<p/><b>Genji:</b> You have stripped me of my body, my old life, my confidence, and my innocence...all with one strike... because you were not satisfied. When you look at me in shame, you are disgusted with your own work. I still am Genji, but I feel a Shimada no longer.<p/><b>Hanzo(*hugs Genji and sobs*):</b> ...I'm so sorry. I cannot escape my burden! You were... ARE my brother! You deserved better than me! It should have been me. I should have died. I should die! No apology will make up for what I did to you! (*kneels*) Do it. Do to me what I did to you 10 years ago.<p/><b>Genji(*kneels*):</b> It is absurd how I still manage to forgive you.<p/><b>Hanzo(*wipes tears away*):</b> Forive? You forgive me? Still? After-<p/><b>Genji:</b> All that you have done to me? Yes. There is no use for holding a grudge. This is all in the past now. I have just been building that up...and it was relieving to let it go. But I can never stay mad at you. You are my big brother... and I love you. (*hugs Hanzo and stands*) Come with me (*holds hand out*)<p/><b>Hanzo(*takes hand and stands*):</b> Where are you taking me?<p/><b>Genji:</b> An old restaurant that has the best Ramin! It's been a while since we have sat down and... rekindled our bonds.<p/></p><p/></p>
  • Hanzo: Th...Thank you, Genji.

anonymous asked:

Ooh can you do kalagang for date?? It's totally ok if you're unable to, I still love ur other ones!!

oh man sorry these keep taking a while, it’s a multi-tasking kind of day unfortunately.

this takes place in a vague, whispersless future, because goddammit i want kalagang’s first real date to just be happy.  fuck bpo, fuck netflix, and fuck da police.  (also oh god i’ve never been to france so forgive me if i’m totally wrong about everything.)

warning, y’all.  this is the sappiest thing ever.

Date — I’ll write a drabble of my character taking yours out on a date.  

(Prompt list here!)

Once it is finally safe to do so, Kala insists they go on a date.  Wolfgang has never really been the dating type, but for Kala, he knows he can be.  Kala, for her part, has never exactly gone a western-style date either.  Back in Mumbai, all of her dates with Rajan had been chaperoned, as is still the custom.  But they’re not in Mumbai now, but Paris.  And Kala wants to go on a date just like she’s seen in American films, because damn it this is supposed to be the most romantic city in the world and she wants to experience all of it.  (Wolfgang would honestly be content to just spend their whole trip in their hotel room, but he’s more than happy to indulge her on this.  Anything for her to give him that wide smile he loves.)

Even without BPO on their tail, Wolfgang still has to keep a relatively low profile.  But Kala doesn’t mind.  Rather than hit up the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, which they know will be extremely crowded, they decide to talk a walk by the Seine.  It’s still Paris, so it’s not exactly quiet, but at least they don’t have to compete with lines or guided tours.  For a while, they don’t talk, just happy to hold each others’ hands and be in each other’s presence.  After a bit, though, Wolfgang hears Kala’s stomach rumble and laughs.  Before she can protest, he is already pulling them toward a small cafe.  The only member of the cluster who speaks any French is Nomi, and it’s shitty by her own admission, so they stumble through their orders.  It’s worth the struggle, though.  Wolfgang orders a black coffee and a sandwich.  Kala has a bit more trouble, but in the end she manages to convey that she wants a latte and biscotti.  Once they pay for their orders, Kala pulls them back outside to find somewhere relatively quiet to sit and eat.

After some searching, they manage to find a relatively unoccupied part of the river bank.  Kala goes to sit down, but Wolfgang takes off his leather jacket and puts it down before she can.  "I’ll be fine,“ she says with a giggle.

“I know, but your pants won’t be,” he replies with a chuckle, nodding at the bright yellow jeans she is sporting that day.  She looks down at her colorful ensemble for a moment, concedes with a sigh and sits crosslegged on the leather.  Wolfgang, wearing black as usual, is not as concerned with his own clothes.

They sit and eat, quietly enjoying each others’ presence.  (The fact that they can just be in companionable silence is something both of them love about their relationship.  Wolfgang has never been good with talking, but with Kala he doesn’t have to in order for her to understand what he’s thinking.  And Kala find herself rambling when she gets nervous, talking a mile a minute about everything on her mind.  But with Wolfgang, being calm is easy.  He grounds her, and she finds that for once in her life she doesn’t feel compelled to fill every silence.)

Even after they finish eating, the two of them just sit on the bank for a bit.  Kala rests her hand on Wolfgangs, and he gives her a smile.  As the sun goes down and all the streetlamps begin to come on, the City of Light really lives up to its name.  She leans into him.  Wolfgang wraps his arms around her, pulling her closer and breathing in her hair.

“It’s beautiful,” she says with wonder, taking in the new sights before her.

Wolfgang hums happily, nodding against the top of her head.  "Not as beautiful as you.“

Musical Touken Ranbu ~Mihotose no Komoriuta~ Report [23.04.17 LV]

This post contains my summary and personal impressions about the recent Toumyu. I attended the Indonesia live viewing of the senshuraku show on 23/04/2017.

Disclaimer : Spoilers for the whole show, some details might not be accurate.

In a nutshell, it was the best 3.5 hours I’ve had in my life for a while.

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Your Adorable - Leonard Snart x Reader

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Request:  just recently got into the flash and legend of tomorrow n im having a crush on leonard snart/captain cold so can i pls request a snart/reader fic pls? where reader is with team flash but she has a thing for captain cold and snart himself is fond of her because he thinks she’s adorable? pls?

Being part of The Flash team was indeed cool in your eyes, you’d help with either tending to Barry’s wounds or would help with finding others for ‘The Flash’ to take care of.

Though lately he had been facing off someone that went by the name of Captain Cold.

You knew it was a bad idea to like the enemy but you couldn’t really help yourself, he was indeed cute and every time you actually got a chance to look at him you’d feel nervous and look away.

But there was one thing you didn’t know yourself, and that was of the fact that a certain someone that enjoyed ice had his eyes on you as well.

Leonard actually considered you cute, or even pretty much adorable. Something about you sparked his interest in you for sure.

Course he’d be telling you that the next time you’d meet, and that was a lot sooner then you’d actually thought.

“Well got anything on any meta-humans?” Barry asked.
“We don’t just yet.” You sighed and typed away.

But like always one would always show up, when one did the day went by with helping Barry suggest a way to defeat the meta-human attacking him. Course sometimes he lost but the next time you guys would make sure he’d win by searching up the one he fought and finding a solution to it all.

“Well I guess that’s it for one day huh?” You sighed stretching your arms up.
“Yeah time to hit the sack.” Cisco commented.

Sending a smile over at your friend you grabbed your jacket and bag, pulling it over your shoulder you waved and said your goodbyes to them telling the others you’d see them tomorrow.

As you walked home since it was rather late at some point one guy came around and tried a few things here and there on you but was interrupted with being frozen.

“Leonard?” You asked.
“The one and only.” He smirked.
“Why save me? Aren’t you what…some..” You started.
“Villain? Hmm funny you should say that.” He started as well.
“Not what I meant…” You sighed.
“Well you can’t expect me to allow such a guy to attack a cute girl now.” He said bluntly.

Cute? Whoa wait! He just called you cute! A blush appeared on your cheeks as you looked away. It only grew when you heard him say the next few words as he must of noticed your red face rather quickly.

“Your adorable.” He commented with a small chuckle.

It didn’t help with the fact you had a total crush on the guy, and this little meet up only made your feelings for this guy become worse. You just hoped you could hide it so that your friends wouldn’t be able to notice.

But with the fact that whenever his name came up into a conversation you still acted all shy and weird. So even now you’d have to get used to hearing about him a lot and hide your ‘secret crush’ a bit better.

And that all that said Leonard actually walked you half-way home in case any other men decided to go after you again which you didn’t really understand why he would do anything like that for you at all.

Then again in your eyes this guy was just as good as you knew he could be but was always caught up with trouble.

||A/N: Ahh and I made a come back! Sorry for the long wait. Anyway! Forgive me if he’s not in character its actually been a while since I’ve watched Legends Of Tomorrow and also The Flash so bare with me here please..also please do forgive me that it’s short…but in the end I still hope you like it!||