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idk why o xian doesnt draw much zhan xixi :( i mean, all the other characters appear very sexy, they're draw super sexy. but zhan xixi is more like a serious figure. i want to see him without a shirt, goddamn! in a very suggestive position :( i think he's the most innocent of them all.

hmm, I mean we’ve actually seen zhan shirtless a few times but they’re mostly in official side arts rather than in the story so I completely understand wanting more because I do too and plus its been so long since we’ve seen it as well. I’m all for anything zhan tbh haha, especially if it means him being shirtless because he is a beautiful sight to behold. I would love for old xian to bless us with a side art of him [I don’t even think we have any solo ones of him that I can remember rn] .. again I’m easy and all for anything when it comes to zhan, I really love him a lot.  (●´ω`●)*:・゚✧

as far as his innocence goes, idk if I’d call zhan innocent or the most - we have to remember we don’t really see his pov often like we do jian yi’s and in official side arts we see he gets very handsy and touchy feely with jian yi when they’re together in the future.

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So Person A and B met a few times at an event, and basically fell in love. Person B is invited to something Person A is starring in. A doesn't know B was invited, and hasn't seen them since the event where they met. Any ideas for how A reacts when they see B?

the way I see it, there are a few general ways this could go. 

1) Person A is shocked and happy

  • Oh my God its so good to see you again!
  • Holy Jesus youre even cuter than last time I saw you!
  • *breaks into happy tears*

2) Person A is pissed they weren’t told ahead of time

  • How long have you been standing there?  Did you see me do that really embarrassing thing?
  • omg if id known you were gonna be here I would have showered!
  • you mean ALL MY FRIENDS have been planning this?  you are all dead to me

3) Person A doesnt recognize them at first

  • Hey youre really cute you wanna hang out?  You remind me of someone i knew once… WAIT

hope these help! ~Lucy

    I was going to do a follower appreciation for 1,337 followers, but then Persona 5 dropped and everyone made a blog and (glances at milestone in the rearview) … So I’m going to call it a 2 years celebration.  I made narxkami on April 21 2015, so it’s been just over two years since I started this blog and let me say that it’s been a blast from beginning to right now. Yu has helped me through a lot of things and helped me grow as a person (I hope), but it would never have been possible without all the precious S. Links friends I’ve met along the way. You guys mean more to me than I could ever put into words, so I just want to say thank you. Really. I’m sure I’ll forget some people, but please remember that if I follow you or if we’ve interacted ic or ooc, then you’re part of my wonderful experience here. I can’t express how grateful I am to know you all. Without further ado …

     THE OG INVESTIGATION TEAM: You guys defined the main cast in a way that any number of animes and spinoffs could never do. Even if we’re apart or don’t interact any more, I’ll never forget you guys. 

     @hanxmura, @chieriot, @amagiggled, @kvjikawa, @kumahanamura, @shirogune, @hokotei, @gooselullaby, altrustae, @velvetempress

      THESE BONDS BRING YOU CLOSER TO THE TRUTH: You guys are on my dash all the time and it’s still not enough. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

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      RANK 10—YOUR EYES TO SEE THE TRUTH: If you haven’t seen your name yet, brace yourself for exorbitant amounts of praise and sappiness because you guys are the lights of my life—I can’t imagine existing without you.

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Chris has a boyfriend named Will have you not seen any resent videos or interviews? he talks about him all the time in those. sorry if I'm coming off as rude but they have been together for like FOUR YEARS

Part 2: f you don’t believe me there is tons a different videos and pics of them on Chriscolfernews. And there actually super cute together

Part 3:  And also a friend of mine knows chris and will and she says that they just had there 4 year anniversary in January, and they get really sick and tired of Will getting hate messages from you people. GLEE IS OVER!!! JEEEZZZZZ. Also have you not been on Chris’s Colfer’s instagram he has posted stuff with his bf. I just find it kind of disrespectful and rude that’s all. I’m not asking you to support there relationship but stop posting a bunch of bs that isn’t real!!!!

Part 4:  One last thing if you weren’t so new to all of this u would have seen the interviews that Chris goes to and he was asked about his real boyfriend and if they write together because Will is a screenwrite. (he said yes) he also hasn’t seen this Darren guy since glee ended and btw he has a girlfriend and they have been together since glee started. If u even read Chris’s frickin books u would know him and will are dating!!!! Because he dedicated the last one to him

Part 5:  I’m sure u are a nice person but this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my life😂


Oh thank you, thank you. Its been a long week and I am so tired. Its been beyond stressful and you just made my day.  If i wasn’t so new to this? Honey, i am not new to this. I have been around for quite some time and I assure you I have read of all Chris’ books. And I am well aware he has recently named Will as his BF and that he dedicated his book to his favorite human spell checker.

Newsflash, Chris Colfer news is PR. They post what the agenda is. the agenda is to try to sell Chill. Why? Oh I know, I know!!!!!  Because Chris is in a relationship with an actor is is in the closet. And the spotlight has shined brightly on CC for years. and therefore, in order to dim that spotlight, Chris needs to have his own fake relationship. This is called PR. Something that is common in Hollywood. Will is a merkin, a person that is the pretend boyfriend commonly used as a source of protection for one’s actual significant other.  Ever question why Ashley is always with them? Even on their trip to London? Its just so odd….

Oh my naive friend who doesn’t have a clue. Open your eyes. Have you read Chris’ books?  Um Ezmia? MorInA? I guess he just likes to thrown shade at a former co-stars gf. No other reason he would name his villains after her. One of whom has locked Froggy in a mirror. You know Froggy a/k/a Darren who is engaged to Red a/k/a Chris who is trapped by MorInA. And let’s not forget Chris has dedicated a book to Darren. It is called Little Red’s Guide to Royalty. I really suggest you read that one. It has some amazing insight to the current situation.  Here’s a little post i did (X)

And if not that have you read Stranger? Cause there is a whole chapter called Truth Shaming that tells you that celebrities lie!!! Imagine that!!!!!! Shocking I know.  Straight from Chris who says this it’s the most autobiographical book to date. Here is my post on that particular chapter (X)

And Darren has a girlfriend?  Yes, the one that is under contract to play his plus one. And insufferable spoiled brat that lives with a man named BEN.

You see, Darren signed his life away when he joined Fox. And the last thing Fox wanted was (a) for Darren to come out as straight and (b) for there to be any reason to suspect that Darren and Chris were a couple. So heavy bearding commenced in season 4 and it has been relentless since. Why?  No one knows. An obvious mistake.  Fox should have chosen to capitalize on it. But all they could see was the $$$ Darren brought in as their straight teenage dream,

And sadly years later, this is the mess they find themselves in. And they are stuck trying to balance what is right for them, their careers, and for their naive fans who would rather see them both with completely unequal partners than be with each other. It is beyond my comprehension. But this is where we are.

I beg of you. Please take off the blinders.  It is beyond obvious what the truth is.  And for the record. You haven’t a clue what I know. But trust me, it is more than enough to not doubt even for one second what I know to be fact.


“If I am ever queen, I will make them love me.”

“Ye may have a greater prince, but ye shall never have a more loving prince.”

Sansa Stark and Elizabeth Tudor have numerous parallels between them, starting with their physical resemblances, ending with the strangely similar arcs their lives appear to take. 

As far as I can see, there are four areas under which to divide comparisons: physical, personality traits, parallel events, and predictions for the future of the book series. 

Under a cut because this got long.

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ShukaBlog 2017.04.28: B.L.T. VOICE GIRLS VOL. 30.

[Original Post] [←Zenkai no ShukaBlog!]

Ever since I made those announcements
It feels like today has arrived quickly~!!!

I was really looking forward to this release, y’know 😌

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Pink Polka dots

In which Harry and you have been away from each other for way too long and him looking way too good before his show

Request: Sex with Harry on the tour bus or backstage.

A/N: This is the very first time i have ever written smut so if it doesn’t sound so grand i’m sorry but i’m trying my best. Don’t forget to send requests if you wanna see more. But i truly hope you enjoy. 

 Its been six months. Six months since you have seen each other face to face. Other than the occasional facetime and skype call at least once a week. But it still wasn’t the same, it wasn’t the same to be able to hold him and feel his strong arms wrap around your body and squeeze you tight to his chest, to look at him and see how his face and body reacts to your gentle touches, kissing him till the sunrises in the morning and feel his plump lips all over your skin, to sleep next to him and feel his strong arms keeping you safe all night.

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Hello, Tia! I really like your art, it's very pretty to look at! I especially love your braces!Chara headcanon as an Undertale fan myself. But, what if Frisk had braces too? And have you seen Madoka Magica? What are your thoughts on it if you have? It's okay if you don't want to answer this ask if you're too anxious or anything, I understand. Keep on being creative kiddo! Hope you're doing well! :D

ahhh thanks a lot!!! i havent seen pmmm yet, tho a lot of my friends say that it’s pretty good so it’s on my “to watch” list! that list’s pretty long tho, and i dont have much free time at the moment, so idk when i’ll do it :0

as for your first question– tbh i’ve been thinking about that p much since the day i drew my first braces!chara,, they’d deffo look cute w/ them, that’s for sure!! 

as for the reactions and ect., i think frisk would be very exited about getting braces at first

but then, not w/out charas help (who’d definitely be jealous of frisk since their braces arent, y’know, permanent ghostly braces) they’d quickly realise that having braces isn’t exactly very exiting

…but then chara’d probably apologise for scaring frisk & would. idk. reassure them that braces are still not, like, the worst thing that could possibly happen to them and help ‘em out and stuff??

Teddy Bear (Teenager!Jimin)

Plot: #83: “I was kind of wondering if maybe…could we…you want to go to the movies with me?” with teenager!Jimin

Word Count: 1066

A/N: so this request was actually from one of my really good friends and it was a really cute idea so I have to do it today, the suggestion was for the confession scene in the teenager post so I’m gonna build off of that, the links for this post are teenager!Jimin (here) which features young!Jimin (here) teen!Jimin is also the first part of HS!Jimin (here) the teen!chim post is more romance based while the hs post is more school based

Jimin had been your best friend for as long as you could remember. He was in almost all of your favorite memories, he had always been there for you, through the highs and lows of life. He had always been the person you called at three in the morning when you couldn’t sleep, letting his soft voice lull you to sleep. But the past couple of years had been different. The little boy with chubby cheeks and the missing tooth he so proudly showed off had grown up and so had you.

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Can you make a fanfic of Stanford and Fiddleford's first date. Stanley tries to encourage Stanford to ask him out but Stanford was still super nervous, he buys flowers but they get ruined in the rain. Fiddleford loved the flowers anyways and he thought it was so cute to see Stanford so nervous.

Characters: Stanford Pines and Fiddleford McGucket
Word Count: 599

Have some old Fiddauthor if’n you don’t mind cause I thought it would be cute like they came for a visit after some time at sea.

“Poindexter, listen to me.” Stan slapped both Ford’s shoulders getting him out of his muttering. “This guy likes you. You won’t be making a fool out of yourself, I have seen the way he looks at you and it’s just as sappy as you look at him.”

“Stanley,” Ford hissed before Stan waved him off.

“When you two talk over the computer, both of ya light up. I have seen that man smiling for almost 30 years and you make it finally seem genuine. And god knows how long its been since I saw you really smile.”


“Yes, really, ya knucklehead.” Stan rolled his eyes pushing his twin toward the Shack’s door. “Now go over there and ask him out. You aren’t getting any younger!”

Stan slammed the door saying something about how he won’t wait up when Ford was on the porch. He looked at the keys Stan slipped in his hand, took a deep breathe, and walked over to the car they rented.

~ ~

He regretted stopping for flowers. What was he thinking? He regretted parking a bit away. He was really starting to hate Gravity Falls weather and the rain that came with it.

When Ford got to the door of the now McGucket mansion, he was soaked. His twin insisted on somewhat nicer clothes that now clung to him uncomfortably. His hair was sticking to his forehead as Ford tried to brush it out of the way with little success.

The small bouquet of flowers was pretty much ruined. He sighed in defeat as he decided to trek back to the car and wait for the rain to pass.

But the door opened.

“’m gonna check on the garden!” Fiddleford pushed the door wide open getting ready to open the umbrella in his hands when he saw the other man. “Stanferd?”

“Uh…” Ford quickly shoved the flowers behind his back. “H-Hi Fiddleford.”

“Stanferd! Yer soaked to the bone!” He grabbed his arm dragging the other inside. “Come in! I’ll get ya a towel.” He rushed them both into the nearest bathroom making Ford sit on the toilet as he grabbed a towel. “Ya should know not ta be out in a storm! I ‘member more than one accasion you gettin’ sick!”

“Sorry…” Ford mumbled as Fidds started to dry out his hair.

“Just don’t make all us worry bout ya, ya big ol’ silly!” That’s when Fiddleford noticed the flowers that Ford was trying to keep out of sight. “Who those flowers fer?”

Ford was grateful that the towel blocked his face cause he could feel the heat raising to his cheeks. “W-Well, you see…I-I-I thought maybe s-since we-we’ve been talking a-again…I just…” How did Stanley make this look easy??

“I-I got them for you.” Ford pulled them in front of both of them not looking up. “S-Sorry…they got soaked…”

“Oh Stanferd, that was mighty sweet of ya.” Fiddleford took the flowers from the other man with a gentle smile and took the towel off of Ford seeing his bright red face. “I love ‘em.”

Ford looked up confused and Fiddleford chuckled at the way Ford’s hair puffed up in some places.

“Let’s get ya into dry clothes and you can check on the garden wit me.” Fiddleford grabbed Ford’s hand helping him up and made their way into the hall. “We can talk bout goin’ out fer dinner a’ter I know ya ain’t gonna get sick.”

“O-Okay.” This wasn’t really how Ford wanted the ordeal to go but it seemed the end result is the same. “That sounds like a good idea.”

Favorite Creepypasta Characters

Hello again everyone,

CCC here, Long ago I made a post  that I would make this about my favorite creepypasta characters and why.

Not to be confused with creepypasta stories, that would take years along to put together for there is a ton of creepypasta stories I enjoy.

Moving along….

THESE ARE IN NO ORDER. Just putting them in as I go.

I also should mention, I am not one for words. I find a way to simplify what I write, don’t know how. Just do.

1: The Puppeteer by BleedingHeartWorks.

This is a well- known character, I, personally got into his character after happening on his stories. Him and his stories both have a very dark, and gothic like tone to them. It would be a lie that I wasn’t first drawn into looking into his character but now that I have, I simply love everything about him and How he goes about things.

  Golden strings both unnerving, yet ominously comforting.

I feel mostly unsettled to the set up he seems to build for ones who are lonely, and can reach out to a reader who tends to feel isolated and alone.

2: Jason the Toy Maker by  Krisantyl , Jesterca, and Euphobea

I can hear the cries from the masses either screeching, and giggling or opposed against my personal opinion or thoughts. I GREATLY, love the S**t out of this character but that’s the thing with me. I love those characters that act humble and friendly, while hiding the true intentions and malicious thoughts.

The character has been set up to be good looking to lure his “friends” to him, making them toys, being their number one. or so it seems. Before I continue, I notice there being confusion to who his attacks or goes after. After some investigation, he goes for matured females only. No kids, no males. For both “are too much to fix.” I quote this loosely.

Once he is rejected or rather his true intentions are exposed and the doll refuses, his true form comes about. Decaying skin, white hair. I LOVE this, if faced with something you thought was cute and friendly and they pulled a 180, well not everyone would be freaked out but I would….

3: Papa Grande Di Magico by mysticalbloodymyth

His character is defiantly for those who enjoy gore and over all a character that is semi- realistic but over the top insane. Though I warn you if you go to read his story for its PAGES on PAGES long.

Overall, his decent into his current state flow naturally and his story does add a creepy feel. Maybe because he is an old man and no some teen-pop and his age gives him that already unsettling feeling. He has disadvantageous to his age that are accounted for, back spasms for example.

He is just a man who wanted to have a life doing what his passions were…

4: Candy Pop by Jesterca

Another awesome none human pasta, with (holy h*ll) one h*ll of a set up and levels to his character, which tend to be hinted with both his stories and don’t even scratch the level of unsettling facts about him and the Demon, Night Terrors.

To try to even uncover a faction of him and his set would take so long.
He is defiantly another character that looks to be friendly and nice but quite dangerous. To the soul filled balloons Candy Pop hands out, the hammer made from a female creature who didn’t listen to him and is forced to be his wield weapon.

Night terrors along is a force you wish to never to met, in his desire for power killed all his brother to gain their powers and strengths. All but a handful, Drolsior and Morivin, both forced to fall thanks to him.

I would highly recommend checking both characters out!

5: Nathan the Nobody by IvyDarkRose

An Adult Pasta that I have seen around, while his age isn’t said, its hinted at being around 22 to 25 range.

If you are looking for a realistic creepypasta! THIS is HIM!

While he has had many stories written, one that’s always been around is his origin, or rather the set up to the F*cked scenario his sister and him had before both getting to their current states.

Much like Grande, his decent flowed naturally and it made sense, that is… if you are paying close attention to his story. I LOVE gothic like characters, on top the that his eyes adding the only colors to his appearance, and have been described as having a intense and at times intimating leer to them.

He somehow has managed to keep some sanity… but as the same time has lost it all in a delusion that he has kept his sister safe, that she is fine; She is alive, so on. He has created a world where he doesn’t accept the reality of his failed actions and that if he keeps attacking and killing those who harmed them, he is keeping her alive, avoiding the truth.

When confronted with this reality, his mind shuts off and he goes berserk or leaves, if he can. He also is haunted by the dripping pipes of his nightmare, that he has turned into his own obsession….

6: Hoaxton by dav-ink

Another proxy character that is absolutely built to a solid T. Before I go on for the creator’s sake I must add his note and I quote. “ NOTES ‘bout tis oc: He’s a Slenderverse / Horror Character and absolutely NOT a Creepypasta character. But eh sure he can be part of that fandom, but in character, he’s not.” Which is the case for a good about of proxy characters.

Its clear his creator has so far, put a lot of effort and time into him as a proxy. Including giving him his own set look rather then the standard hoodie and jeans.

While he doesn’t have a story as of yet, I can say that I am greatly impressed about who he is. Its been so long since I have seen a proxy with so much research done.

This is all then energy I have to write about, there are FEW more characters I wish to speak on (again as my personal opinion) that requires more looking into so I can better understand them. Look out for Part 2. for now More confessions!


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1,28,and 5 with bucky please?

1. “Who the fuck are you?” 28. “Knock before I come in? I totally knocked! You just didn’t hear me.” 5. “Don’t start something you’re not willing to finish, sweetheart.”

You were in Steve’s bedroom, changing out of your combat gear and into something more comfortable, a light purple silk robe that you hadn’t gotten the chance to wear in what seemed like forever. You’d been gone on a mission for far too long, and you were so glad to finally be home. Once you finished changing, you threw your hair up into a ponytail, walking into the living room, practically shrieking when you saw a figure standing in he middle of the room, in the dark. “Who the fuck are you?” They spat, and you immediately recognized the voice as Bucky. You pulled your robe tighter around yourself, feeling nervousness bubble in your stomach. “Who the fuck am I? Really? It’s only been 6 months, Buck.” You sighed, and you saw the anger leave his face.

“Y/N?” He asked, almost in disbelief, and you nodded. “You look different…” he whispered, and you shrugged, walking closer to him. “Its been awhile since I’ve seen you with such little on.” He chuckled, and you suddenly felt insecure, looking down at yourself. “It’s comfortable.” You muttered, only making him laugh again. “You should knock next time, you know. Then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” You told him, huffing. “Knock before I come in? I totally knocked! You just didn’t hear me.” You rolled your eyes, knowing damn well he didn’t knock.

He took a few more steps towards you, closing the gap between your bodies. “I’ve missed you.” He whispered huskily, and you laughed nervously. “How long was it, again?” He asked, his hand coming up to toy with your ponytail. “S-six months.” You breathed, hating the effect he had on you with just simple words. He nodded slowly, his eyes scanning your face. “Too long.”

His fingertips made their way down your neck and across your collarbone, working down to your sternum. “Bucky.” You warned, letting your eyes flutter shut. “Yeah, doll?” He whispered, his hand brushing your breast through the thin fabric of your robe. “Don’t start something you’re not willing to finish, sweetheart.” You told him, and you saw his pupils grow with lust as he chuckled darkly. “You know I’m always willing to finish things when it involves you.” He growled, his lips finding your ear so he could nip at your love gently. Good god, had you missed this man.

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My first request! Brought to you by @lokiarmygeneral

Requests are: Open


“Shh, shh! It’s okay” a soft voice cooed. “Just a bit more, c’mon!” The horse you were guiding around jumped and squealed, intimidated by the new surroundings. You were moving the horse from a small fenced area to the empty stables closer to Mccree’s and your house. He was this rowdy and loud when you first moved him to the fences, this time though, the noises seemed louder than before. It was probably just because this time, you needed the horse quiet. Jesse had just returned home an hour ago and was currently napping. This needed to be a surprise, to show how much you love and appreciate your Knight in a cowboy hat.
You two had finally made it to the stables where you guided the horse in. You quickly made sure he had water and fed him before quickly returning to Mccree’s arms, as if you never left. Your eyes shut as you cuddled closer to him, wanting some sleep as well.
A tight grip around your shoulders squeezed you into consciousness. You glance over your shoulder, seeing a very happy man smiling behind you, holding you tightly in his arms. “Hello sweetheart” you chimed gripping his arm with your hand, as an attempted hug. His eyes opened, looking into yours. “Mornin’” he smiled, clearly still groggy. He pecked the back of your head before burying his face in the crook of your neck. You rolled around to face Jesse and kissed him on the lips. When you pulled away, the gunslinger’s eyes were closed, his face frozen in bliss from the kiss.
“Better than the head kiss?” You asked. “Much better” he agreed. The two of you cuddled a bit longer before you sat up. “I wanna show you something” Mccree sat up and followed you outside. He seemed better rested now, good. You lead him outside, taking his hand before you reached the stables. “Okay, I need you to close your eyes” he obeyed, still gripping your hand. The horse huffed loudly behind you and Jesse’s head cocked in confusion. “What was that?” He questioned. You said nothing, just pulled him along to the front of the stable. “Okay, you can open them” you watched his face as his eyes opened, and then widened in disbelief. His face turned from bliss, to wonder and excitement, like he was a child meeting Santa for the first time.
Mccree tore his eyes from the horse, and looked straight in your eyes. You looked away and blushed, waiting for him to do something. Only a few moments passed before his hands flew to your face as he cradled it against his own. This kiss was passionate and you could feel the excitement radiating off of him. He pulled away just as quickly as he dove in, then stared back at the horse. “You- how did you- you didn’t..” he said, cutting himself off out of disbelief. You let out a small laugh. It has been a long time since you saw him this giddy.
“You said you had a horse when you were younger, but since Blackwatch you haven’t even seen one. I just thought you’d like to have another one” you explained timidly. “Yer the best” he almost yelled, pecking your lips before jumping over the fence to the horse. His hands caressed its neck and mane. “What should we name it?” Jesse asked inspecting every part of him. “He’s your horse”
“I want you to name him darlin’” he said after a short pause. Mccree turned back to you and leaned over the fence. “Whatever it is, I’ll love it”
You thought for a moment before a smirk spread on your face. “You remember that hundred-year-old trilogy series we watched a month ago?” You asked. Jesse nodded. “How ‘bout we name him Eastwood– after the main character?” The cowboy leaned forward and kissed you on the forehead. “I love it”.

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Just told a guy I have feelings for him but he wants to remain friends cause of a long distance shit. I feel so unloved all the damn time it hurts

You gotta move on. Long distance is seen as being harder and seen as being difficult but honestly its not. Im in a long distance relationship with my bestfriend. We talk every single day were on facetime all the time we send eachother gifts in the mail she is the best relationship i have ever had. We talk about everything she knows me better than I know myself. We match perfectly. weve been long distance since June and se grew closer. If me and my bestfriends long distance can work why couldnt a romantic relationship work? Dont lose faith in long distance. But now with him… lose faith in him. If he wanted you he wouldve told you. He has someone he’s already interested in thats why he told you that. Dont be blind to it, guys dont tell you shit like that for no reason. Its not that no one wants you its that you don’t deserve any of the people you ran into. You caught feelings and you will get over him. You liked someone before him and you will like someone after. Invest your time and only catch feelings with someone when they tell you they want to build towards a relationship. Dont be so quick to fall for people who arent going to pick you up invest your time into people you know deserve it

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Swaggermiiiiiiiiiiint. It's been forever since I've seen you on my dashboard. How you been? :)

Aw hey, I’m sorry man. Life’s been…absorbing me. Granted I’ve been working on a separate art related thing on this site, but its not something I felt the need to attach to an old fandom blog so I just never linked it up here. So I guess I just…didn’t log in for a long time. It happens I guess…I’m glad to see that the other mods have been keeping camp weehawken going though

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So I don't know if u have been asked this but how do u see the reveal going? In that back of my mind i don't think its going to be that bad since we seen that Instagram video and I seen that ring on Danny's finger and we know they have the mill ready. I am expecting something emotional because its robron lol.

I don’t remember if I’ve been asked about this. :D

But, well I don’t see this as a long term thing. I bet Aaron will feel betrayed and will ask him to let him breath and well Rob will give him time. One day, Robert gets extremly drunk but instead of caling you know who, just sends randoms voicemails to aaron saying how he is the love of his life and well we’ll see him having a breakdown. Aaron meets him up and they talk about their relationship and their past and make up - this on maxine’s episode. (this is what i want to see, bc i really wanted to see rob losing it).

but i bet, we’ll get like a twist and they won’t even break up, but it’ll be emotional as heck. x

anonymous asked:

Can I have some headcannons on how the adult trio would react when their s/o smothers them in kisses when it's been a long time since they've seen each other? :^)

Of course you can my love ~Admin B


- He honestly doesn’t mind the affection as long as hes not trying to sleep or do something else important like eating hes fine with it, but please do not smother this man whilst hes eating, he eats like an over excited child.

- Loves getting kisses and will totally give them back as long as his s/o is prepared for a slight fight over who will tell the other to stop first (psst its always his s/o).

- He hates being away from his s/o fora long time just in general because it means no skin contact for a loonnggg time which means loonnggg sex sorrynotsorry


- He may or may not mind depending on weather or not its late at night/ early in the morning or if its the middle of the day when he gets back.

- It may seem like he minds but he actually enjoys it (but shh hes deadly no one can know) and it may seem weird but he’ll end up carrying you places if he doesn’t want you to stop because he truly does like affection it just depends when and in what form.

- He doesn’t like the thought of being smothered at all though so do not smother him in any other form because he will practically bite your head off.



- Antyways hes really sweet about it and he understands that being away from a loved one can be upsetting so he doesnt mind he also loves kisses and physical affections sooo.

- He hates being away from his s/o too so he smothers them back and cuddles after whilst reading.