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Pink Polka dots

In which Harry and you have been away from each other for way too long and him looking way too good before his show

Request: Sex with Harry on the tour bus or backstage.

A/N: This is the very first time i have ever written smut so if it doesn’t sound so grand i’m sorry but i’m trying my best. Don’t forget to send requests if you wanna see more. But i truly hope you enjoy. 

 Its been six months. Six months since you have seen each other face to face. Other than the occasional facetime and skype call at least once a week. But it still wasn’t the same, it wasn’t the same to be able to hold him and feel his strong arms wrap around your body and squeeze you tight to his chest, to look at him and see how his face and body reacts to your gentle touches, kissing him till the sunrises in the morning and feel his plump lips all over your skin, to sleep next to him and feel his strong arms keeping you safe all night.

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Hands and Bread

It has been so long since the last time I watched Peeta bake. Honestly, for awhile I thought I would have never seen this again.

Until recently, he had some problems remembering his father’s recipes correctly. His hands hadn’t been as steady as they were before the war, before the hijacking. He couldn’t measure the exact amount of the ingredients and even if he managed to get something even remotely similar to the dough he had been making for all his life, it never were how he wanted it to be. In the end he would throw it in the garbage, or against a wall in a fit caused by a new episode. Sometimes he would just curl up in a corner, crying silently because his family is gone forever. Because, had the world been fair, he would have been in the bakery working alongside them, not in the victors’ village of a district destroyed by the Capitol’s bombs.

That’s why I’m so surprised to see him at work this morning as I get back from one of my first hunting trips. Apparently we are both getting a bit better.

Peeta looks up at me when he hears me putting down my bag and smiles, a smudge of flour under his left eye. Actually, there’s flour everywhere, on the counter, on his clothes and apron, all over the kitchen floor. I don’t remember him being this messy. But it doesn’t matter right now.

I sit silently on the chair across the counter from him, prop my chin on my open palm, and look at him work.

He dusts a handful of flour on the dough in front of him and goes back at kneading. By the look of it, he is making raisins and nuts bread.

It doesn’t take long for me to space out looking at his hands. Those hands that used to held the signs of a lifetime spent in a bakery, now marred by the scars of a very different fire. But still the same hands. Big and strong, with long, talented fingers. Hands that could create worlds, both on paper and with food. If he can bake again, maybe soon he’ll start painting, too.

I focus on smaller details. His nails are short. Not as cured as they would be under the care of a specialized prep team, but very functional. His left pinkie finger is a bit crooked. Perhaps he broke it some time after the Quarter Quell and it didn’t heal properly. The smattering of blond hair on the back of his hands and on his forearms is covered in small residuals of flour and dough.

When my eyes are on his forearms, they travel back following the line of muscles and tendons straining against his skin. I see a particularly fluid flexing whenever he presses the heels of his hands against the dough, another as his fingers reshape it into its original form. It’s a mechanical, hypnotizing movement. He does it so effortlessly and with such a grace that it looks way more easier that it is. But I know, even without looking, that there’s a thin coat of perspiration under his hairline.

It’s so good to see his hands not betraying him. It reminds me of a time before the Quarter Quell, when his hands were one of the parts of him that I used to be fixated on. Because of how they could knead the perfect loaf of bread, just like now. Because of how they could flow over a page and bring to life the plants and berries my father described in his plants book. Because of how they could bring me back from the horrifying nightmares of the arena, drive away the images of death and sorrow, lull me back to sleep. Give me the serenity that I so much needed.

I wonder, would his hands have the same effect on me? Those hands that not so long ago wrapped around my throat in a feverish attempt to kill the mutt, that still could smother me if an especially bad episode reared its ugly head?

I think they might. I know things have gotten worse for both of us after a second time in the arena and a war. He was captured and tortured to the point of almost destroying every shred of the strong, beautiful boy with the bread, and that is something that I will never understand. The number of people showing up in our nightmares is much bigger now, and they’re not just dead children in the woods that we had to kill to survive. Now they’re also innocent bystanders, people caught in the crossfire, rebels, allies, friends, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters. But I think it will work. Perhaps it won’t be enough at first, there may be a lot of crying and fighting and yelling, but eventually it could be good. We could be good.

“What’re you thinking?”

I’m suddenly pulled back from my reverie by Peeta’s question. I don’t know for how long I was lost in it, but I’m sure that I was staring at Peeta’s hands all the time. The little smile on his lips tells me that he finds it somehow amusing.

There’s no stopping the blushing that I feel spreading all over my cheeks. I try to dismiss it. “Nothing. I can’t wait to taste your bread.”

“You know,” he says as he leans forward. “You can taste my bread whenever you want.”

Is this some kind of joke? If it is, I don’t get it. But Peeta is biting his bottom lip to stop himself from laughing, and a huge smile is threatening to split his face.

I can’t help but smile back at him. My heart flutters. He is happy, I am happy.

“Shut up and keep kneading, or we’ll never taste that bread.”

“Yes, ma'am.” He salutes me, leaving a new line of flour above his right eyebrow.

I shake my head as I get up to get back at my haul from hunting this morning.

Maybe tonight, when my screams will wake us both and he’ll rush to my room to help me, I should ask him to stay with me.

Its always been us two - Carl Grimes imagine

Word Count: 1.126

I decided to combine two anonymous requests:

Anonymous: Hi :) Could you please do an imagine where Carl and reader have a crush on each other but they can’t admit it. Enid likes Carl too and she try to be with him a lot of the time. At the end Carl and reader start dating and something smut if you prefer it.

Anonymous: Carl Fluff!!!!!XD

A/N This is my first “long” imagine, so i really hope you enjoy it. Another thing is that since i live in Scandinavia, I havent seen the season/episode where Enid gets introduced, I only know what i’ve seen on Tumblr wich isnt alot. But i hope it makes enough sense. :) I also hope that the anons who requested it likes it aswell. FEEL FREE TO REQUEST ANYTIME <3 :) Request here

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tenjounotora  asked:

✽ Lily of the Valley: What is something you like about yourself?

“I’m not too bad with technology. Most people of my age can’t figure out their communicators. They still think they work like our old cellphones back in 2017.” She shakes her head. “My grandsons are by far better and more comfortable with Brains’s inventions than I am, but I can at least manage the communications well enough to help every now and then.”

Special thanks

I want to thank a few people who supported and defended me these days. My fic hasn’t been reblogged that much since Boarding House and I don’t know if the reason it got reblogged that much is positive. 

Basically what has happened was that a certain person reblogged writer’s fanfiction and wrote its ‘opinion’ about it. One of those happened to be my fanfic “Goodbye, Park Jimin.” What seemed like a negative feedback at first, changed into something more when I scrolled through that person’s page. There were more hurtful comments and those were mainly targeted to fairly new writers. For my part, I didn’t care since I have been writing for a long time and have seen quite some negative comments, but imagine others who have just started, put effort into their stories and then feel put down by people like them. Writing isn’t easy and I don’t think that person realizes how her words would affect writers. 

I stayed quiet during the whole discussion, because I didn’t want to give that person the attention she wanted from the start. But some of you came forward and stuck up for me, which I am very grateful of. So @evangelene @moukin @exollifeisbetter @gigglybts2 @makookierowa thank you very much for defending me and putting that person on its place by voicing your opinions! :) I was surprised to see there were so many nice people on here and how much they cared for others, even if we don’t know each other. Thank you! You literally all made my day and made my heart skip a beat :D <3

Also, special thanks to my bae @Ninanevip, because she is a rebel with too much time; ;p. You have a good heart and an amazing personality! <3 

Thank you to people who send in messages asking if I was okay! 

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Thank you so much and please allow me to give y’all a warm and tight virtual hug!!! 


Under The Water | Liam Dunbar Imagine

request: liamxreader ft brett prompt: its been a long time since y/n Talbot (bretts younger sister) and liam have seen and she’s changed. not only has she lost her baby fat, swapped glasses for contacts, and become the first freshman head cheerleader , but while she was away at boarding school, her werewolfness started changing. it was harder to be in water without feeling pain and recently she has noticed her golden eyes turning teal and her claws become webbed hands. she was turning into a mermaid.

word count: 1075

warnings: fluff; mermaids; swearing (not much)

A/N: i changed this a little bit and kinda left out a brett part, i hope you don’t mind. tbh i loooooved writing this bc i was always into mermaids and that stuff and i think it turned out okay. i hope you enjoy reading this ♥ (gifs are not mine)

You opened the door to a smiling Liam Dunbar. “Um hi”, you said and started to inspect him since you haven’t seen him for ages. You heard how his heart skipped a beat before his smile turned into a smirk. “Y/N Talbot?”, he asked with a surprised expression on his face. “The only one”, you answered and smirked. He got really cute and besides he must have been going to the gym because you could see a toned chest under his shirt. “Oh my God, since when are you back from boarding school?”, he asked, his wandering to your face. “I just returned”, you replied and smiled. You hated how the conversation with your best friend was awkward and shy, but Liam stopped this feelings by coming close to you and hugging you tight. “I missed you, Y/N”, he whispered and caressed your hair. “I missed you too, Li”, you mumbled and suddenly you felt safe. He pulled away just to look at you again. “You’ve become really hot”, he smiled, making you blush. “Same for you, Dunbar”, you answered. “I guess, you wanted to see Brett. Well, his not at home but you can come in anyways”, you uttered. Liam nodded and followed you to your room. You talked a while about everything that happened while you were gone. How Hayden returned, that the desert wolf was about to come to Beacon Hills, that an old friend of Scott’s named Theo Raeken returned to Beacon Hills and about the dread doctors. “Are you okay?”, Liam asked when you started shaking suddenly. “Yeah, it’s just… if I had known what was going on, I would’ve come back earlier and I’m sorry I couldn’t help you with that”, you mumbled, obviously frustrated. “Oh, Y/N, none of this is your fault. We didn’t want to interrupt you and now I’m just the happiest person on earth because you came back”, he smiled. “Because I wasn’t sure if you would ever return. I mean you got that beautiful and I’m sure there were a lot of guys that liked you and you had many friends”, he added, looking at the floor. You lifted up Liam’s chin with your hand, making him look into your eyes. “Liam”, you breathed out. “Of course, I had friends but they weren’t half as important to me as you are. Liam, you are my best friend and even if we didn’t see each other in a long time, there is no one who could ever replace you”, you explained and smiled softly. He replied by smiling back and looking at your lips. “I’m gonna get some snacks, are you coming with me?”, you asked, destroying this beautiful moment. You knew that Liam was about to kiss you, but you couldn’t kiss him. As much as you wanted to kiss him, he was still your best friend and when you would break up someday, things would never be the same. “Ah, sure”, he answered annoyed. You two got downstairs and you searched for some crackers while Liam was getting some coke. Liam opened the bottle and suddenly there was coke everywhere. “Fuck”, he mumbled when the coke bubbled over the bottle. You couldn’t help yourself but giggle before you got a towel. “God, Liam. Do you want to take a bath?”, you offered. Liam nodded and smiled. You watched the bath tub filling with water while Liam was searching for something to wear in Brett’s room. “Found something”, Liam said as he walked in the bath room. You stood up to test if the water was too warm or too cold, but before you could feel something, Liam picked you up and pushed you into the big bath tub with your clothes still on your body. Your whole body was in the water and you could feel a pain aching through your body that made you scream. You felt this pain before but this time it was worse. You knew something had changed in your werewolfness because instead of turning golden, your eyes turned teal, when you got into water and your claws would become webbed hands. But this time it wasn’t only your hands that hurt, your legs felt like they would grow together to one. “Y/N”, Liam pulled your head out of the water. “Are you okay?”, he asked worried. “I-I don’t know what’s happening to me, Liam”, you whispered scared. Liam looked at your webbed hands and your greenish eyes. You felt your legs melting into each other and your skin changed its structure but you were too afraid to look at them. Liam cupped up your cheek and murmured: “Look at your legs, Y/N” You were still afraid of what was expecting you, but Liam’s soft words made you feel confident. You turned your head and looked at your legs. You gasped. Your skin had turned into an area covered with pale green scales, which reached from under your belly button to the end of your feet, turning into a slight blue. You legs weren’t legs anymore, they had turned into a wonderful, long fishtail. You smiled at your beautiful tail and looked at your upper body which wasn’t covered with anything giving Liam the chance of looking at your breasts, but of course he didn’t. “So beautiful”, he murmured, obviously not aware of the fact that you were able to hear him. You blushed once again, before gently locking his open mouth with yours. Liam flinched by the sudden feeling of your wet lips against his. You pulled away. “I’m sorry, Liam. I didn’t want -”, you were cut off by Liam smashing his lips into yours. His kiss was so sweet and soft, that you couldn’t help yourself but smile throughout the kiss. “What am I, Liam?”, you asked while he pulled you out of the bath tub and rubbed you dry. “You’re a mermaid, I guess”, he mumbled against your skin before planting a kiss on your forehead. “But mermaids don’t exist. They only exist in fairy tales”, you tried to convince yourself. “And werewolves don’t exist too”, he laughed, making you laugh too and pulled you into a tight hug. “I love you, Y/N. I always did”, he admitted and kissed your head. “I love you too, Liam. You’re the reason I returned to Beacon Hills, you know?”, you smiled and leaned in to taste the sweetness of his lips once again.

      Got to say that this show DO save me from some rough and exhausted week I have experience recently.It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a simple cartoon this great In such a good spirit I’ve long forgot which I really missed something like this. 

Really thanks Craig Mccracken and his awesome crew for creating this show.I definitely going to missed it

Dolan Twins Preference

He Hated You When You Were Children


Your father was friend’s with the twins’ dad. You hated visiting the boys when you were younger, well not both of them, mostly Grayson since he was so mean to you. It’s been a very long time since you guys have seen each other, but you still didn’t want to go back there and relive your terrible childhood at that house. You loved it there, though. You thought it was as big as a castle and you were its princess. You didn’t entirely hate it, just playing with Grayson. 

“Be nice, (y/n),” Your mother warned walking up to the door with you on her arm. “I’m pretty sure, he’s matured since you two have played together,”

You roll your eyes. “I doubt, mom. He’s probably act like I don’t exist now,” 

Your mother rang the door bell and patted your arm. “Oh, hush, (y/n),”

You grumbled and put on a fake smile.

The door was answered by Ethan. You were always able to tell those two apart since you’ve met them. “Hey, auntie (y/m/n),” He greeted making way for the both of you. “My parents are in the kitchen,” 

Your mother left, leaving you and Ethan.

“Hey, Ethan,” You had a more real smile on your face. You’ve always gotten along with him, since he was nicer to you.

His eyes widened when he saw you. “(y/n)? Is that you?” 

You spin around and laugh. “Yes, Poopie.” That was his nickname you gave him, when he had an accident one time when you guys were playing. 

He carried you up and laughed. “Pri-Pri!” That was his nickname for you since you’ve always liked dressing up as a princess. 

Heavy footsteps came down the stairs. “What’s all the yelling about?” 

You turned and saw a groggy Grayson. 

“Hi?” He came down and looked at you. “Do I know you? Doesn’t she look like (y/n), Eth?” 

You and Ethan shared a look and both chuckled. 

“Gray, this is (y/n),” Ethan told him. 

He was taken aback. “(y/n)? You look so differrent,” 

You felt weird and smiled awkwardly. “Yup, that’s what puberty does to somebody.“ You commented before leaving to the back patio and Ethan following you behind, leaving Grayson standing there. 

You and Ethan talked at the patio table catching up with everything since you’ve left. “So where’s Cam? I didn’t see her,” 

“Oh, she’s off to college. She’s visiting later through out the year,” He informed. 

You were about to say something when Grayson pulled up a chair and sat with you guys. “Hey, guys. What’s up?” 

It suddenly turned awkward for you. “Nothing much. Just reminding Ethan what fun we had growing up,” 

“Oh, yea. Do you remember when we put that slide at the pool and we were all sliding down into it?” He laughs. 

You fake laugh and add on. “Yea like when I told you I couldn’t swim, but you still pushed me in. Fun times of almost drowning,” You smile. 

His smile faded, but went up again. 

“I remember the day you left.” Ethan finally said, cutting the tension. “It was a rainy day and you were wearing your favorite dress.” You both looked at each other and smiled. 

“You were crying at the airport, but I promised I would come back and we would be forever best friends,” You reminded laughing. “Before we left to the airport, you guys slept over at my house. Before we went in the car, I tried hugging Grayson, but he pushed me in the mud. No more pretty dress,” 

“You were a pretty annoying kid,” Grayson finally spoke. 

You had enough from him and finally you exploded. “Why all the negativity towards me, Grayson? What have I ever done to you to make you hate me? I’ve always tried being nice to you. Giving you my food, letting you play with my toys. You just dump my food all over me and break my things. You were such a cruel kid to me. Why?” 

“I don’t know,” Was all his answer was, looking down. 

“Don’t know? I’m pretty sure you do. You just don’t want to tell me.” You stood up and had a height advantage since he was sitting down. 

He stood up and looked down at you directly in your eyes. “I’ll tell you. I had a crush on you before and I didn’t know what to do. When I pushed you in the mud when you left, I didn’t want you to see me cry when you were leaving. There, I said it,”

You were completely in a daze. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “You had a crush on me?” You smiled. 

“Yea and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I was so stupid. I’m sorry for those years of torture and ruining your favorite dress,”

You sighed and knew you had to take the high road. “I accept your apology. We were kids, I guess we could put that whole thing behind,”

He took your hand and intwined his fingers into yours. “I promise I’ll buy you a new dress,”

“Just don’t ruin this one,” you smiled up at him.

“Okay, this is getting weird for me to watch. I’m heading inside before things happen.” Ethan says getting up and going inside. 

Everything Changed (Liam Dunbar ft Brett Imagine)

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Request; liamxreader ft brett prompt: its been a long time since y/n Talbot (bretts younger sister) and liam have seen and she’s changed. not only has she lost her baby fat, swapped glasses for contacts, and become the first freshman head cheerleader , but while she was away at boarding school, her werewolfness started changing. it was harder to be in water without feeling pain and recently she has noticed her golden eyes turning teal and her claws become webbed hands. she was turning into a mermaid.

 A/n: sorry it took so long, i didn’t have any wifi to post anything. Beter laat dan nooit(beter late than never, hahah). I don’t really now how school/boarding school there work so sorry if i mess anything up. Also i kind of changed it a bit, hope you don’t mind. But i hope you like it! Remember to request something x

My whole childhood i was always the chubby dorky girl. No one actually bothered talking to me. I didn’t really have alot of friends growing up. They only knew me as Brett Talbot baby sister. For him life was great, everyone liked him. He was the good looking kid, the one who could do anything. Well that’s thanks to his werewolf powers. But even though he was always the popular one, he still cared about me. He was my only friend. Until one day in elementary school when this new kid came to town. Liam Dunbar.

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I’ve seen these circling back around & since I still use my old one on occasion, I thought it a good time to update the likes, since a lot of people have gone inactive / etc since I last made one a few months ago. You know how this goes. I’ll just copy & paste from my former permanent call.

Anyone who likes this gives me permission to throw up random, short banter starters @ them that are low pressure; meaning they may or may not be dropped quickly. It could turn into a long thread full of srsness & awesomeness, but it doesn’t have to. It can just be a quick little thing for our muses to interact & either of us can drop it without warning and move on to something else when we feel the need to do so. Of course, if I post something out of the blue & you’re not up to it, you’re not obligated to respond!

And that’s it, really! This is just a way for me to know who is okay with me throwing things @ them that may not last long. I’ll still do regular starter calls for non-banter threads that are intended to be taken more seriously, but this is just a fun little thing I can look to when I’m procrastinating drafts ( & let’s be honest, I am really bad with that ), but still want to write. Every so often, I’ll just use a random number generator or something to pick who to write banter-y things for from the notes or something.

In addition, you’re letting me know it’s fine to randomly jump in your inbox with memes or just to poke your muse or w/e, but that’s a given. Yeah. OLLIES OUT.

I use these more for my peace of mind than anything else. It just let’s me know you’re okay with it & not bothered. 8′)

Once in awhile I like to waffle on and air my thoughts.

I was going through my old posts and found that sarah-francesca made her first post at the beginning of this year. Now its like she is one of the old fans who has seen it all:)

Last July I tried to make a list of MFMM blogs since it felt like there had been in increase in their number, by this June the number had swelled.  This is not counting the blogs that are not named after the show but post and reblog a lot of MFMM. Or blogs that came into being post June 2015.

I feel like I have been doing this for a long time.

I have kept the tumblr running because the blog has a lot of followers, testimony to the show rather than anything else. Even when my enthusiasm has faded I am conscious of the fact that people have signed up and kindly like and reblog stuff.

What to reblog is hard when you have been around for so long and seen much. So I try and do a mix of new posts, forgotten posts or posts about facets of the show that are a bit in the background. And of course there’s the link roundup.

Those of us who were there when the show was about to be cancelled will remember that the proposed cancellation had less to do with MFMM’s popularity and more to do with it being an “old lady” show and a show with an unconventional woman as the protagonist.  Even the Australian papers - to whom the words social media and American audiences are catnip - don’t write much about MFMM. I won’t go into this - its all done and dusted - but the whole campaign for S3 was what motivated me to keep this blog running.

I don’t think that situation of cancellation by an external agency will arise anymore but I think a lot of constant social media activity around the show is only for the  good.  As Kerry says women’s histories can vanish quite easily so the buzz around the show even in the off season is a good thing.  This is also why I try and blog as much about the women in the show as possible. The men of MFMM are lovely and we acknowledge it but if there was a signed photograph of the women of the show, be their part small or big, I would get it asap.

That and of course its rare for an Australian author to have her work made into a successful TV show that resonates outside the country. That too I am sure keeps some of us posting about the show. There is a pleasure in having things we know recognised and enjoyed by the world as nicely articulated by vintageoz. I am sure all Australian MFMM bloggers feel the same way. 

Its quite busy for me right now so I will post when possible but I might not be tracking stuff as much as before so apologies if I don’t reblog as often:)

Have a good week! And special best wishes to arrissat and dpshimmyshimmy
who are in the midst of many changes.

Has anyone realized how sexist part of the Arrow Fandom is?

I have been meaning to type this for a long time, because ever since season one, I have noticed a strange pattern occur. Whenever the fandom has a problem with the portrayal of a female character from on show, their first reaction is: KILL LAUREL OFF. Or KILL FELICITY OFF. Or KILL THEA OFF. I’ll even extend this to The Flash, KILL IRIS OFF (I’ve seen many comments on how Iris’s character should be killed off as well)

Its getting ridiculous! Yes, I will admit there are times the writers do create pot holes in the character development of female characters, e.g. Making them “whine” more than their male counterparts. But then again, they are women. The point of being a woman is that we tend to show more emotion than men. That doesn’t have to necessarily be a bad thing. Yes, I think it could be dialed down a tad bit, but there fact that I’m sure there have been lots of problems we could point out about Diggle, Oliver, Barry, Laurel’s dad and so on yet no one chants for their deaths because they are males thus are allowed to have faults in their characters but apparently women can’t. From what I see its like they expect the women to be perfect and if not need to be killed and discarded from the show. 

The fact of the matter is every character in every show has flaws. Thats the point, or else the show would be about boring people who are too perfect to relate to.

Need more examples? Ok:

- Some are complaining about the screen time on Felicity being the CEO of Palmer Tech when its simply her character getting the recognition she deserves. 

- Even though Laurel Lance is canon as the Black Canary people still complained and were “shocked” that she was learning how to fight. 

-When Felicity kissed Ray and suddenly she was “slut shammed” even though Oliver has slept with tons of women, but apparently that didn’t matter

- Till this day there are still people complaining about Iris’s race even though Barry looks nothing like Barry Allen from the comics. 

- People were angry how quick Thea was learned how to fight even though Roy was in the exact same shoes as her. And not to mention the show hinted at the beginning of the season that Thea was a master at archery, so it makes sense that she could learn how to fight easier than the average person.

I want to rant more but please tell me I’m not the only one who notices this? If you don’t think I’m right please take a good ten minutes and look through posts from the Arrow/Flash FB page and look at some of the rude comments directed towards these women. 

Richonne PDA

I need more of it. That is all.


I mean /honestly/ though, I get that it’s the apocalypse and we don’t always have time for the cutesy little things in life anymore and that Michonne and Rick are on the same level and communicate the same way and don’t even need words or kisses or hugs to convey their love for each other - I mean, have you seen some of those overly long glances Rick has been giving Chonne consistently since since season four? Or the way his head literally pivots to follow her whenever she leaves a room? (Side note: God fucking bless Andrew Lincoln.)

But still, c’mon people, if it took THE ACTUAL ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE for you to find the love of your life, I think you’d learn to appreciate the little moments a hell of a lot more. I think you /would/ hold hands in an RV, or wrap your arms around each other and give each other little pecks on the cheek during a rare moment of free time no matter who’s there to see it, or whisper “I love you” into the other person’s ear just as a gentle reminder for them to be extra careful before going out on a run. 

I think that’s just being realistic at this point. I think that kind of confirmation is always nice, even if it’s not necessary. Just knowing that the other person is thinking about you all throughout their day, and smiling when something reminds them of you, and getting distracted during a moment of down time by how good it’s going to feel coming home to you at the end of the day. 

Because the little touches kill me even more than the big stuff. The silent reassurances, the short head nods, the moments they take to appreciate one another. Don’t get me wrong, I still haven’t stopped watching the make-out scene or the waking-up-in-bed-together scene and never ever will, (and I still really want a shower scene *ahem*) but it’s the hand holds that really get to me, each for different reasons. 

I mean, the RV one is obvious. It’s the fact that they’re putting it out there for the world to see, the fact that they can’t help but hold hands (I mean, did you /see/ Rick? He reached out like a mile across just to get his hand on Chonne’s knee and she made sure he kept it there), and the fact that they can’t help but touch each other now that they both know it’s what the other one wants, too. Now that they can. I mean, they might as well make up for some lost time.

And the /arcs/ of these characters. From Michonne telling Rick to never touch her again, to her being the one who initiates their relationship by the little flex of her fingers when they’re holding hands on the couch, letting him know how she feels. (Or that awkward moment when you almost give your future wife over to the Governor only for her to literally save your ass by shish kabobbing him a little while later.) Or when your own son has been shipping you two since your prison days and now needs confirmation that you’re going to treat her right before he tells you that “It’s cool.”

And yes, I am Richonne trash, and would love to see Rick tug on Michonne’s arm to catch her attention so that she turns back to look at him and it’s so obvious to /everyone/ what’s on Rick’s mind, but more importantly, who it’s directed towards. Rick, their leader, the guy who they’ve seen do the most insane shit is actually taking orders but only from his wife (I love whipped!Rick), being as she’s this big/strong/secure guy’s only soft spot, the one he’s always ready to listen to and agree with and see eye to eye on. The only one who can calm him down and keep him in his place. The only one you better not fucking touch or look at twice unless you want Rick Grimes on your heels (which you don’t.)  

Our guy needs to tone down that whole jealousy thing just a smidgen. It’s not even a matter of trust - they trust each other more than they trust anyone else in this world - it’s just old school jealousy. I mean, Michonne was there for all of that Jessie bullshit, but you don’t see her feeling insecure about any of it or getting suspicious about who Rick talks to. Just saying. And have you /seen/ Rick? Chonne’s definitely not the only one who finds him attractive … (That being said, if the situation ever called for it, I want a front row seat to Rick decking some guy on his wife’s behalf.)

Anyway, then I want them to give each other a nice big kiss (or ten) right out there in front of God and everyone, and I’d like to see Daryl smirk and turn away, and Carl break out into a big grin, and Glenn and Maggie look at each other because they know the feeling of loving someone like that and needing someone like that and worrying over someone like that AND JUST BECAUSE I REALLY WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW THAT THEY’RE TOGETHER. FOREVER. THAT THERE IS LITERALLY NEVER GOING TO BE ANYONE ELSE FOR EITHER ONE OF THEM. THAT’S IT. THEY’RE DONE LOOKING. THEY KNOW WHO THEY WANT. THEY KNOW THEY’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO MOVE ON NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS NOW.


Maybe the only world in which they get to be together is a world that otherwise would not be worth living in.