its beautiufl


Elementary Rewatch ❖ Heroine (8/11)

david is cool bc hes like, legit, just doing his own thing. people are all running about , creator this, creator that, blah blah blah, and david is chlling, poisoning people, sassing vickers, looking at cool holograms and being the one to find shit out. its just refreshing, bc everyone else is Idiots.

also hes a fun character. hes a robot (AWESOME) so people (holloway, that is. holloway? is an asshole.) mock him and stuff for Not Having Feelings and stuff and he SO sasses them back, its beautiufl. 

(”theyre making you all pretty close these days huh” says holloway, the asshole.

“not too close, i hope,” says david with a smile, and tears of joy fell down my face.)

also , unlike the two Main Humans, who are literally out there after answers, after their Creators,,,,,,,,,,, david knows who created him, and why , and how.

its fun.