“ …a volcano can destroy the town – but so can all of this! you’re so worried about yourselves that you’re turning against each other. you’re so frightened about the future that you’re ruining now. look at the sun! it’s still shining! look at the kelp! it’s still… kelping! and look at us. we still have each other

the spongebob musical. 2016. dir. tina landau.


okay but the more i listen to sweet creature, the more i think that harry is so…young? like he’s just 23 years old and he’s been in a relationship for 7 years now, he was only SIXTEEN and they are still there, together, and it only got stronger, i just…he’s so YOUNG and he talks about love in this deep and /real/ way already, i don’t know how many 23 year-old would know how to talk about love the way harry does… i’m impressed. 


The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall (9/?)

[ The Phantom Of The Opera ]
“I have brought you
To the scene of
sweet music’s throne
To this kingdom
where all must pay
homage to music

You have come here
For one purpose
and one alone
Since the moment
I first heard you sing
I have needed you with me
to serve me, to sing
For my music
My music…