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Asians in Star Wars

some more los muertos symmetra to go with my other post bc everyone liked that so much!! (and also bc i love it too..) 

they totally stole hard light tech from vishkar and developed a prosthetic that can use it for satya together 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: what the hell are the set blocks used in Falsettos (2016) made of?? they must be incredibly sturdy and firm because they don't dent or sag when the actors stand on them, but lightweight enough that they can be carried and moved with ease?? they probably have some sort of grip on their surface to keep them from shifting too much when they're stacked, yet they don't noticeably or loudly drag across the stage?? how are they balanced?? how do they spin when they're in the large block formation?? is there one piece that has wheels underneath it that the rest attach to when it spins, so it stays together?? but where would the wheels go?? what the fuck?????

erasure of women: fandom collectively and conveniently forgetting or not mentioning it was SONJA who taught isak ‘minuut per minuut’ aka how to love even 

unexpected things from s3 that still make me really really happy and smile: isak and sonja’s conversations, whether it was in the minutt for minutt clip or via their texts, all throughout episode 10.


muhteşem yüzyıl kösem + gay text posts

ok the cornchip au is still sitting happily in my mind and now i thought about how natsu would happen to find himself in a situation where he would sell his soul to the devil for one cornchip and

high, drunk natsu. who has a bad case of munchies. literally summons the devil to ask him for food bc he has none ‘just one single cornchip man cmon i’ll give u anything’. except the devil happens to be a woman, which he just accepts unblinkingly. except then she keeps showing up at his place (bc of soul business, sure lucy) and they kinda hit it off?? and wait is he in a relationship with the literal devil???

and Lucy(fer) suddenly has friends and a home and is not lonely anymore and realizes shes falling in love with that human idiot who sold his soul to her for a literal CORNCHIP

Let’s talk about Moira Dearden Queen for a sec here
  • lived for five years believing that her insistence on doing the right thing led to her husband and son’s deaths
  • lived those same five years under Malcolm Merlyn’s thumb
  • Queen of SASS and also fucking BADASS omg
    • “I will burn your entire world to ashes”
  • loves her children so fucking much its obscene
    • willing to die for them (see: Slade)
    • willing to kill for them (see: Malcolm Merlyn, Frank Chen)
  • but also:
    • willing to lie her ass off to protect herself in their opinions bc they are all that matters to her
  • when Malcom Merlyn came back and started threatening her and thea shE CALLED RA’S AL GHUL ON HIS FUCKBOI ASS
  • also Queen of making impossible fucking decisions
    • has her own son kidnapped and tortured to protect him from Malcolm
    • has her second husband kidnapped when he starts to know too much bc the alternative was killing him
    • orders a hit on Malcolm Dickhead Merlyn bc she didnt see any other way out from his control
      • then when that fucks up she straight up heaps all the blame on her co-conspirator and gets him killed to protect herself bc she needs to protect her family and her family always comes first
  • SHOOTS THE FUCKING HOOD before she knew it was Oliver like damn you came closer to killing him than most of the major villains on this show
  • tries so damn hard to be good but keeps having to make these morally gray decisions
    • see: basically her entire season one arc
  • JESUS CHRIST she loves her kids
    • there is no room for debate on how much she loves them
      • she reveals the undertaking and her role in it bc Oliver asks her to
      • she pleads not guilty in her trial instead of taking the plea deal because her kids still need her–even though she KNOWS her affair with Malcolm will more than likely be revealed
      • runs for Mayor bc thea tells her she should
      • tries her damnedest to protect thea from Malcolm
      • ultimately sacrifices her life to save her kids
      • practically everything she does is to protect/please her family in one way or another

CONCLUSION: Moira Queen is a beautiful beautiful creature who deserved better and people dont talk about that enough. She was so damn well written and Susanna Thompson played her to perfection and so wonderfully complicated and ugh i just love her a lot ok???? why the fuck did she die??

(@phynali bc it was your tags on another post that made me think about this)

Hello there! I drew some het!JeffMads for you, yep, there’s fem!Madison and I just love her so much. I think it’s bc girls are so beautiful, and I like them, and I also like Madison and it’s, like, perfect for me, haha. Actually, I just really like JeffMads in all its forms <3


i’ve seen a lot of lapis redesigns going around so i thought i’d put my own sub par design skills to the test and make my own design for her

lapis’ design has always been pretty boring to me and i actually much preferred her duller/darker color palette from when she was first introduced so i went with some more muted shades of blue and tried to add some more details to her design without going too over the top. also made her a bit chubbier bc who doesnt love fat gems.

i messed up and forgot to draw her gem in the back view but i promise its there,,,,,,,somewhere. more on what i changed+added under the cut!

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A Matter Of Truth

PAIRING: reader x Natasha Romanoff 


WARNINGS: tiny bit of swearing 

REQUESTED BY: @mcuimxgine​ You want nat? i’ll give you nat! (i love her way too much)Could you do a Nat fic where the reader and her a secretly dating and when ever one of the avengers or someone hits on her she gets really really jealous. And like they have to go undercover and the reader has to hit on some guy to get information, and Natasha gets really really jealous, so like once their target leaves she basically power walks to the reader and makes out with her. Making the avengers (expect clint bc its clint) shocked

Ayyyyyeeeee my first Natasha fic! Thank you Hannah for requesting this, I hope you enjoy it darling xxx 


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You liked to think of yourself as an open person, you welcomed interactions with friends and strangers alike. Maybe it was your trusting demeanor that made people tell you their secrets, their fears, passions and desires. To say you were a successful spy was an understatement; you served the Avengers well in this regard. But even though you extracted other people’s secrets for a living, keeping your own was hard. Especially when you wanted nothing more in this world than to scream out at the top of your lungs that you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) were in love with Natasha Romanoff despite your promise to her to keep it a secret.

Keeping a relationship from your friends was harder than it appeared. You didn’t want to lie to your team makes but Natasha insisted, not that either of you was worried in the slightest at what the others might think of the relationship (if the far off gazes that Steve and Bucky gave each other were anything to go by) You both new that given the chance an enemy of yours or even Natasha’s could exploit your relationship, use either on against the other. It was difficult but the less people knew, the better. However sometimes that didn’t sit well with your girlfriend.

“I should clip his wings” Nat grumbled as she ran your fingers through your damp hair, massaging your scalp. You chuckled moaning in appreciation as her fingers found a pressure point.

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devil-lafayette  asked:

i love Athena so fucking much you dont even know. she is my mother. Gimme some Athena headcanons PLEASE

u want some athena hcs, here you go 

- she probably loves netflix!! idk i can just see her staying in n watching tv shows all day

- she hates any games of chance bc she might not win

- she loves to read/watch anything related to greek mythology so she can laugh if its wrong

- as the three virgin goddesses, how much do you want to bet athena, artemis, hestia get together and gossip abt everyone else’s love lives (possibly while at the spa or something)

- she loves her family, she really does but sometimes they’re too much which is why she’s pretty much best friends with hestia bc as the oldest, she’s pretty much the boss

- athena’s all abt that cozy, warm aesthetic fam - coffee, tea, blankets, neutral, earthy colours, oversized sweaters

-she probably has a bookblr or a studyblr - she also writes poetry on tumblr

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Why do you like Jake from b99 so much?

honestly,, i have never identified with a character more, because:

1. jake is incredibly immature and is headcanoned as adhd by a lot of people !! he’s messy and disorganised and impulsive but he’s also incredibly hardworking and passionate about certain things,, and this is vERY similar to my experience with adhd

2. jake is canonically jewish !! im dont actively practice judaism, and ive only been in a synagogue like, twice?, but ¼ of my family are jewish and its great to see positive representation !!

3. jake is kinda coded as bisexual, and honestly i dont think its unintentional at all considering the show has other queer characters in the form of captain holt and kevin who are gay, and (the love of my life) rosa diaz, who was confirmed as bisexual by the actress, stephanie beatriz, who plays her !! even though im a lesbian its great seeing all types of lgbt representation,!

//some other lil things i love about jake:
• he loves sour candy
• he states multiple times that he is a feminist
• he read harry potter bc his girlfriend loves it
• he wears a lot of plaid,, like me too dude
• he loves die hard
• he (secretly) loves taylor swift
• he cherishes his friends so much and its the cutest thing ever !!

this was a very long answer, sorry,! i just love talking abt b99 so much lmao,,

thank u so much for asking btw !!


People rlly be thinking that I don’t love myself bc I always got a full face of makeup on but I rlly am confident without makeup. I wear makeup bc I like it and the process of doing my makeup calms me and it’s fun to me. It rlly irks me when people tell me that they think I wear makeup bc I’m “not confident”. Yes I do have self confidence issues but none of it has to do w me always wearing makeup.

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You crept into your brothers sleeping quarters silently. You were the youngest and the only girl, so you slept on the other side of the home. 

“Ubbe?” You asked your eldest brother softly, crouching down besides him. When he didn’t budge you tried again, only this time shaking him slightly. With a startled expression, he shot up alert and ready to fight. However, once he saw it was only you he grew relaxed and motioned to Hvitserk, who had also been woken by Ubbe’s movement, to relax. 

“What’s wrong sister?”

“It’s the storm Ubbe, it’s like Thor is angry at us. What if he is? Have we done something wrong?” You questioned anxiously, crawling into Hvitserk’s open arms. Once you were warm and surrounded by your brothers they began to try a cheer you up.

“Thor may be angry, but not at us. He would never be angry at you sister, for you are all that is good in Kattegat.” Hvitserk comforted as he began to run his fingers through your hair, pulling strands over one another to form a pattern.

“Are you sure?”

“The gods must adore you, for they have brought no wrath upon you. Believe us, for they’ve brought their fair share upon us.” Sigurd stated, his tone turning humourous as he trailed off.

“The gods don’t hate upon you. Trust me, I know their hate. Their venom and their spite.” Ivar said sullenly, joining in the conversation. His hands were playing with the end of your nightgown and the loose threads there as you lay with legs strung across his feet.

“Trust us sister, we will protect you if they ever harm you. We swear on our mother’s life.” Ubbe stated, eyes filled with determination. “But for now, let us sleep. It is late and you are tired.”

You let your head droop into the crook of Hvitserk’s arm as you wriggled down under the furs, finally at peace with the storm raging outside.

Can you make an imagine where reader the ragnarsons little sister (maybe like a year younger than Ivar) and she’s like super scared of a lot of things but mostly storms. And that night there’s a huge storm and she goes to ubbe’s room and he’s maybe talking to hvitserk and they comfort her or something like that (MAYBE ITS TOO MUCH INFO BUT I JUST IMAGINE IT SUPER SWEET AND I LOVE IT SKJAAJIQNBS)

In Too Deep (Asa x reader)

Anonymous said: helloooo, i was wondering if you could write an asa imagine where the reader and him are in a movie together and they go to the premiere together and fans are freaking out bc power couple and then they talk about the kissing scene in the red carpet and asa keeps teasing her and saying how good of a kisser he is and omg its so long i love you bye thanks!!!!

Hey! This sounds like so much fun! I hope you like it! x

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Honestly Ariana and Miley's friendship makes me so happy??????? Like???? They love and support each other so much and it's so pure and bright and i just !!!! Like if their friendship was a colour scheme it would be pastel blues and yellows (bc those are the brightest/happiest colours imo) i love them a lot

Miley was talking to Nick Grimshaw yesterday and was like “I’m in this with her forever like, I want to keep making music for the rest of my life and I know she does too, and this event, if she wants to make it an annual thing, if she wants to do it every year or in different places, I’ll be right there with her always, like i promised her that and i keep my promises, and i think she’s found her real job now, her purpose, to help people” and i teared up a little bit like!!!! girls supporting girls!!!! is so beautiful!!!! and i love it!!!!

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What gave you the idea to make suzy a naga?

Well 90% of the reason was bc i didnt want her to be cliche. As in, I wanted her to stand out :0 She already uses the cat as her central theme so making her ANY kind of cat was a nono in my books. (i had considered making her a panther or a black cat)

My other three options were moth, spider, and snake. Moth bc they are cute and soft!!! 10/10 would totally hug if possible. But I was like…suzy is On Point w that crisp makeup 100% of the time so I wanted somethin more fierce™. So I THOUGHT of a spider bc extra arms, super stealthy and creepy, all things Suzy enjoys wrapped into one creepy insect (that i am absolutely terified of)?? Also good. Except its TOO dark/creepy/synonym for fierce that i cant think of atm and Suzy is actually very cute and soft when she wants to be (which is often)

And the second i decided on snake, i wanted her to be a medusa-like character bc why not ??? She looks intimidating w that Intense Glare and shes super stealthy and deadly?? But at the same time, shes got cute lil snakes on her head that are individually named after sweet foods bc she loves them so much??? Sometimes shes coiled up in her own tail, watching movies on her tablet until someone disturbs her?? Shes got a fantastic snootle primed for booping?? Cute and deadly is literally Suzys aesthetic and im glad I decided on the naga design ✨

7x12 emison sneak peek

I’m so glad, relieved and happy that they fixed things (from last episode). And since Emily says “why dont i come over, bring you dinner” and then the hair stroke™ and the hug™ happen, its safe to say that they are in great terms.

They probably talk about their last conversation on 7x12 and Ali probably apologizes and opens up a little bit and talks about her feelings and Emily ofc, she loves Ali so much, she cant stay upset with her and she just lets it go and continues to be the best (girl) friend that we know she is to Ali.

They better show us that dinner scene and domestic emison. And maybe an after dinner scene and another couch scene where they kiss, but i know im asking too much now bc they love to mess with us but we still love the slow burn lol


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I was tagged by @goddessofbaekhyun @fluffyhunnie @hoejisoo @chanyeolspcy @exosvisual @3ehuns i think for a selfie tag or bias selfie tag, thanks for tagging me ilyvm, youre all so beautiful and wonderful and amazing and also did I mention beautiful? <3

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