its bc i hate that i hate them a lot

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i dont really like kenman and stenny but im curious about what you think of them


Cartman states so many times that he hates Kenny the most for some reason which I find really funny bc what did Kenny do???¿ I think Kenny is a bit too explosive for Cartman, though, although I love their interactions as Mysterion and Coon!


Cute!! Stan is chill and so is Kenny unless he gets riled up. They have a good balance and are both the two in the group who hate all the fighting and probably hang out with just each other a lot to get away from it. I’d like to see them expanded on more :) Not to mention, its canon that they email each other sometimes and that’s…really adorable to me


it’s midnight but i’ve been thinking about this since the video came out ahdbabaij

bonus under the cut :))))

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I watched Owari no Seraph recently and please send help I can’t stop crying over these boys

Inspired by this amazing edit


f(x) has deserved better since 2009

A thing about BBS Shipping

Something that I see a lot in this fandom that I don’t understand is people giving up on a ship because it won’t ever happen. Like, I’m not hating on anyone and if you wanna stop then that’s totally on you.

But like… going into this, we all knew that ships like H2OVanoss or Minicat weren’t gonna happen in real life. We should all know this, really. But it’s okay to still ship them, so long as you aren’t forcing it on them or try to break them up from their girlfriends.

It’s okay to ship things that “Aren’t gonna become real.” as long as you realize just that: It’s not gonna become real. The chances of any of these ships happening in real life is really 0.01%.

These ships aren’t going to happen. But don’t let that stop you from making or enjoying the content that you enjoy. Write as many H2OVanoss or as many Ohmtoonz fics as you want. Draw that Minicat fanart. Read that Terrornuckel fic. Enjoy yourself.

Just remember that it is, and will most likely remain as it is: Fiction. That’s all it is.

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Hey quick question do u just hate the ship chrisxviktor or do u hate that people even ship it bc if so its kinda rude bc like ship and let ship :(

I have a lot of friends who ship pairings I don’t like. Should I love them less for that? No. Should I hate the fact that they see what I don’t see? No. Everyone ships what he wants and this is normal.
If you ship my otp, well, great, let me hug you, we really have much to talk about! If you ship something I hate, okay, not this time, let’s just talk about characters we love. I like people for being people. Not for their ships.


stiles & lydia ± ‘anchors’

“stiles, where are you going? […] let’s just go back to sleep. […] don’t worry about it. […] just go back to sleep stiles. what if who gets in? stiles, just leave it please… come back to bed! stiles, please! don’t stiles! don’t! don’t go in there, please, stiles!”


playing around on snapchat

edit: this was in my drafts but then i bleached my hair on impulse so have those too

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I'm sorry to bother but can you please draw a Meg x Jake I know it's to much to ask and I know I'll get a lot of hate bc I feel like I'm the only one who ships them. Anyway still love your art and the other ships too so cute and awesome and also sorry for asking this

Hi, cutie. You wont get hate! I will protect you. uvu 
Here you have a little bit of Jake x Meg. I hope you like it.
Thank you very much for your support! Feel free to ask me anything you want.


 I should be doing things instead of feeling sad for no reason.

someone consider…. doing a hateship w/ me… mayhaps

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god I haven't even seen the handmaid's tale yet but that last post was so relatable to me as a woman that grew up in super christian communities. it's so sad to see these women who can achieve and obviously want more but will never admit it bc their preachers say they're not supposed to. and a lot of those women treated me terribly and i hated them but i hate the men that manipulate them even more and i hate people who put the blame on the women. anyways i should watch that show i guess

yes yes yes absolutely

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The artist for yansim needs to learn how big boobs work. Because NONE of the characters in that game have accurate boobs. My sister has to shop in sizes much bigger then her body and have bras custom made because of her breast size and like that nurse uniform would NOT support those boobs in anyway shape or form. I understand big boobs exist and like my sister not everyone can afford to get reductions but really dev? Really artist for the dev??

i feel u i got big titties too.

the style used for yansim is v fetishy… like there’s boob lines in the shirts. like hate to break it to you but shirts do not encase the boob. they stretch over the boob.

but like yeah for a lot of brands, i cant wear them bc of my tiddies. i cant have 1 cute sports bra bc if its cute it does not fit me. 

what bothers me is the amount of big tiddy. like most ppl have smaller tiddies id say. but most of the girls in yansim are at least a C. 

like seriously!!! i hate big tiddies!!! guys are always like *slurp* big busty boobies but then u take off ur bra and u got big nip nops to match and stretch marks and they sag a lil and theyre like…. lol no thx

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honestly speaking, most aya////kane shippers i know are pretty nice actually! i never had any shipper send me hate or saw a lot of complaining from their side at all? hinami (and by default, all female characters that get less action scenes) get hate bc her development is more based on convos rather than action. She got a buff in RE but most people still don't see her for the great character she is bc she doesn't fight a lot. its really sad, and it applies to many other female characters sadly.

Mod K:

That is really sad, indeed.

As for aya//kane shippers, I know it’s not all of them. I have seen some say those things, though and just got confused. I used to ship aya//kane myself, back in the day.

Hinami is a sweetheart. It’s a shame that people hate on her. I do find it funny that male characters similar to Hina don’t get the same wrap as being uninteresting or useless. Nope, they’re precious cinnamon rolls that must be protected.


“there was controversy regarding his qualifications”  ©

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hi i saw the hate msg on ironmanned's tumblr and pls dont listen to that anon. a lot of people enjoy your asks and you humornso dont listen to them! esp if you enjoy it

THIS IS SO SWEET!!!! Thank you so much and honestly i kinda comsidered stoppin but when I thought about it i thought ‘who the fuck am i trying to please? Some person on the internet whom i will never even meet ?’ And also, i rlly enjoy annoying the shit out of my friends and its so funny and i really do enjoy it and thats what tumblr should be about!! It ahould be fun and should not put any pressure on u

can you believe its 2017 and there are still “bad art/art cringe” blogs

i feel so bad bc i used to follow blogs like that and i still have a bunch to unfollow now that i realize how shitty they are but like

i saw one blog in particular (not namedropping bc i dont want people to send hate to them bc that would be stooping to their level) say shit like “um guys can you not send hate to these artists?? i dont want to make getting posted on here into something negative uwu uwu” but uh

a. if its not negative then what is the point of your blog, it is literally dedicated to showcasing “bad art” made by kids who oftentimes dont have a lot of art experience, and

b. if ya dont want people to send hate to them then why even post their art on a “bad art” blog??? that is literally the same as actually going onto their deviantart page or whatever and commenting that their art is “cringey” except now its posted on fuckin tumblr or youtube where more people are likely to see it

so uhhh yeah bad art blogs can kiss my ass and you literally cant be a bad art blog and tell people not to send hate to the artists at the same time bc bad art blogs ARE hate

that bpd feel when ur ex vagues abt u on twitter and u wanna message them like “hey do u hate me” but u can’t do that bc that’s weird but u also can’t let it go bc u don’t know why they might hate u and its killing u and u just need to know!!!!!