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Am I the only one upset with YNWA comeback? It's been barely 4 months since WINGS came out, and they've been busy with concert preparations and now comeback preparations... Sigh, and this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if they were to part ways with Big Hit in future :-/

I’m sorry that this turned into an extremely long answer, but I felt the need to do this.

Hm, I don’t know, I can’t say I agree with you. I mean, I wouldn’t say that they aren’t overworked or anything, but how come no one has ever considered that maybe it’s the members who want this, and it isn’t the company that is forcing it unto them?

I’ve mentioned this before, but BTS was formed for their musicality in the first place, they have a different purpose in comparison to other idols. Most if not all the members focus a lot on the music part of their career, so I find that it’s only normal that they would want to constantly come out with new music, which explains all the active comebacks they have despite the short breaks between comebacks. Same goes for concerts/tours that they do; if you’re someone who wants to make music, you want to connect with people through music, naturally you’d want to be able to perform and showcase this music, no?

And regarding BigHit, I think people don’t give them enough credit, honestly. Yeah, they lack in certain areas, but which entertainment company out there can you call perfect? If anything, BigHit has done swell when it comes to the management of the boys.

Before I talk about the good in BigHit, I am aware about their problems as a company. They constantly come up with new content to sell to the fans for extra profit, and they never really give fans much time to prepare themselves for a new comeback/release of new content. When it comes to the members themselves, I’m sure they have their own complains towards the company. Take Suga, the one who has been the most vocal about his complaints, as an example. At the start of BTS’ career, he talked about how he was conned into learning how to dance and becoming an idol, when all along he thought and was promised that all he needed to do was write music and rap. He was expecting to become a group like 1TYM, not a group known for their knife-like choreography. Watch the evidence here, it starts at 19:00. But over the years, I think Yoongi doesn’t feel against it anymore, because BTS is recognized for their dance and has been rewarded a ton of awards for best dance. Then fast forward after countless of comebacks with multiple hair colours, Yoongi has seriously damaged scalp and over bleached hair. He said he was going to sue BigHit for hair loss, and even though most took it as a joke, he didn’t only talk about it once, he said it twice. If anything, Yoongi isn’t really someone to say things he doesn’t mean. He’s a straightforward type guy, and he probably really feels dissatisfied towards the company for constantly bleaching his hair. The first time he talked about it was here (5:19 mark), and the second time, here (2:22 mark). He also talked about how people who dye their hair constantly suffer at the Gaon Charts Yinyuetai interview earlier this year. The era where they were most overworked was probably during their RUN days, and Yoongi talked about this too. It’s in this video, at the 5:09 mark as well as the 10:59 mark onwards. They haven’t slept more than 3 hours, they have back to back schedules, etc.

Now, with all that aside, I am aware of the vices of BigHit, but back to my point - BigHit has done swell when it comes to the management of the boys. 

There are a few aspects when it comes to this. We can talk about the efforts BigHit makes in ensuring that they are able to keep their artistes satisfied. One classic example would be Yoongi. I just talked about how he’s complained throughout the RUN era about his hair and scalp, and what did BigHit do for the Blood, Sweat and Tears era?

The fact that BigHit gave Jin and V the opportunity to sing bangtan’s first ever OST instead of the other members would be another classic example. BigHit could’ve given the duet to Jungkook and Jimin easily, considering they are the main and lead vocals respectively, but they gave it to Seokjin and Taehyung instead. Okay, you can argue and say it’s natural that Taehyung got it since he’s the one acting in the show, but how about Jin? Watch this, from the 28:00 mark. You can tell Seokjin really wanted a chance to sing an OST, and BigHit indeed gave him one, which he’s so grateful for.

Back to Yoongi again (he seems to be surfacing a lot today), as well as Rap Monster this time, and in due time, J-Hope. The former two have always been extremely passionate in their music, and there’s a lot of areas they cannot explore as rappers/musicians when it comes to working as a team, because they have to ensure that the song fits 7 members, that the song is something worth putting on an album, etc. It limits them a lot, so what did BigHit do? BigHit opened a SoundCloud account for them where they can freely post up their own tracks and random raps and even song covers when it comes to vocal line, and they’ve never limited what bangtan do/post on the SoundCloud account. In fact, BigHit even fully funded Yoongi and Namjoon’s mixtapes despite not being able to make any profit from doing so. They provided a set, cameras, make up and stylists, everything necessary to produce an MV, just so that they are able to come up with their own mixtapes for them to showcase the stories that they were unable to tell through BTS.

Even when it comes to schedules, BigHit never makes the members do things they don’t want to. Remember in Yoongi’s track, ‘The Last’?

Show me the money, it’s not that I couldn’t but I didn’t shit

Also, realize that Yoongi is the only member that has never tried emceeing yet? Yoongi is the only member who has yet to have his own solo appearance in any one variety show/schedule, and if you ask me, I really think it’s because Yoongi never intended to live the idol life in the first place. He just wants to make music, not go on shows for more exposure or anything. But BigHit never once forced him to doing any, doesn’t that say a lot?

Enough with keeping their artistes satisfied, let’s move on to the care factor the company has. In any other company, their idols are all overworked to the point of fainting/working despite injuries or health issues, etc. But what has BigHit done every time any one member is injured? Here’s a compact list of the more prominent occurrences.

  • 28th Dec 2013 - Yoongi was diagnosed with appendicitis, BigHit withdrew him from year end schedules.
  • 27th Dec 2015 - BigHit cancelled 2 concerts in Japan for the sake of Yoongi and Taehyung.
  • 30th Dec 2015 - Namjoon was withdrawn from year end schedules because of his leg injury.
  • 24th July 2016 - BigHit chose to let Namjoon rest despite the hospital giving him the green light to resume schedules because there was nothing seriously wrong with his health.
  • 30th Sept 2016 - BigHit withdrew Namjoon from the 2016 K-Pop World Festival performance as well as the Busan One Asia Festival performance so that his leg will not result in injury. It was a preventive measure on their end.
  • 22nd Dec 2016 - BigHit withdrew Yoongi from all further activities so that he can rest, when it was a ear injury which technically isn’t a very big deal.

BigHit could’ve easily made the members continue to promote and perform, because in most cases, it wasn’t really anything serious, but yet, they chose to make them rest instead. Other companies wouldn’t have done that unless the member has a leg injury or is bed ridden.

BigHit has also been very protective of their artistes. It’s very important that a company addresses issues early in order to protect their artistes, and it’s even more important that the company is willing to come to the rescue of their artistes when the need arises. There’s this, and there’s this too. There was also this too.

Another thing would be how BigHit doesn’t limit the boys in any way at all. Even as trainees, the boys were given handphones and allowed to communicate with the outside world through logs and Twitter, unlike every other idol trainee out there who practically lives in a dungeon. There was never dating bans in their contracts (evidence here) and they were never told to behave a certain way nor were they put under extremely strict diets. When they dieted, it was mostly out of their own will rather than their company wanting them to be slim or whatever.

In lyrics, they were never told to not talk about a certain topic, and in fact, they are now known for always attacking real world topics and issues. They aren’t the first group to do so, but it still definitely sets them apart from boring old romance lyrics in present day kpop.

And the most important thing of all…

And then there was Jin who talked about missing the managers,

I mean, if you don’t enjoy the time you spend with the company I don’t think you’d talk about missing them. You can tell they are grateful to these people who care for them no matter what. Remember how they all hugged their managers (not one, all) when they won the daesang?

Look at the managers looking so happy for them. The one in green striped shirt was hugging Jungkook and there’s Namjoon hugging the other manager on the right.

I don’t know about you, and although I wouldn’t say that they have a family bond with the staff, but you can tell they all really love each other and there’s definitely some form of a bond between them. Not just with the managers, but even with the producers who have worked hard behind the scenes for the boys. Look at this video, Mr Son and the staff who were with him were literally so elated for BTS’ first win. And then there was this, where Slow Rabbit (Big Hit producer) cried when bangtan got Artist of the Year at MAMA. Then there’s Pdogg (Big Hit producer, aka the man behind BTS’ title tracks) who was constantly supportive of the boys in his tweets here and here.

I can understand the heart of those ARMYs who are constantly upset with BigHit because they are worried about the members’ health in general, but sometimes we have to look at things from different perspectives. In my opinion, bangtan is happy under their management, and when they have complaints, Bang PD is willing to talk it out with them. I mean, he’s clearly close to the boys, to the point where he’s alright with joking around with them all the time. If he wasn’t we wouldn’t be blessed with things like this:

Even when renewal of contracts becomes an issue, I feel like he’d try to meet the needs of the members and he’d want to continue housing all 7 of them. BTS is the first group he’s ever produced. GLAM and 8Eight were collaborations with Source Music, HOMME, 2AM, and everyone else were transferred under him, so BTS would mean more to him than anything else. He single-handedly made them, so I don’t know. I don’t feel you on this.

Imagine Woozi surprising you by getting the food that you’ve been craving a lot recently.

DAY 3384

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 3,  2017               Mon 11:43 PM

What a life technology is giving us .. dependency on it has captured and stolen the innocence of patience and time .. innocence of the wait before the answer, now turns to frustration and the discarding of present equipment , to the fresh faster and more human friendly than ever before .. and the time comes in at every corner ..

Our reliance on Shri Google - as in Marathi Googlay - has stolen those moments of thought processing and research .. of the energy and mind to discover and find meaning ..

The technology has usurped it all and invited us with great aplomb to be dependent on what it has on offer .. the smart phone, the iPad, the Mac Book pro laptop .. and the desk version of the Mac ..

AND .. its been barely 6 months, from its initiation and the techi has come by to resolve an issue and inform us that the equipment being used is obsolete and out of date .. needs to be changed completely ..

No matter that we still spend time on learning all that the equip can do still, the verdict is .. sell it or more importantly destroy it ..

Thats like, killing .. a murder most foul .. for, the longest period of time this master equip had and is the most sincere friend, guide, philosopher, teacher, executing all that life and circumstances throw at us, in one quick rapid and correct move .. and we have to get rid of it .. its like cutting out a portion of our limb ..

Its like .. hey Mr Mac Book Pro .. time for you to disappear .. nice knowing you .. don’t call us we’ll call you .. and deleted .. out of man, matter and mind for ever  …

And never is there regret or remorse .. that, dear one, was close to you .. now forgotten and lost .. the new iOS or android or comp has taken over .. and the necessity to be acquainted with it is so severe that there is seldom thought or process to remember the previous one ..  

Forget the past one .. the only relevance that it leaves you with is -vocabulary .. the vocabulary of the tech equip ..

“ hang on hang on, .. what you saying ..? just give me time to download what you just said ..?

 “ya ya , i got it .. have pressed save .. no worries ..”

“Nooooooo .. just trash it , make sure you deleted the mail ..”

“Ok baby … coming coming .. just waiting to boot up ..”

“ What ..? what did you just say .. sorry did not get it .. ok,  put it on an App and send .. ya WhatsApp would be fine ..”

I am in admiration of all the art work that is given such meticulous planning by the Ef .. its a train of thought .. I retweet, or put one of them up on Blog or elsewhere and everyone rushes to make one exciting enough for me to notice, and use it .. so their work gets noticed .. but above all, their name features prominently .. so ..

The AG, the Zafar, the Alla, The Zalina, Milli, Sweta, Miten, Prashant and so many more have all simply turned to creating art ..

And yes not to forget the poetry sessions .. some of the works of Prabir, and AG and Sudhir and ohhhhhh so may , just becomes so overwhelming for me .. gratefulness for all this indeed .. the creativity the mind and the desire is a combination that is beyond defeat .. thank you so much for all you do .. and if I have forgotten to mention all the names or some of the names, do not hold me against .. it does not mean I have forgotten .. it means I know and feel the anxiety, but it is short lived and does not reflect my disinterest .. please ..!!

When you do not move you stagnate .. stagnate in mind body and soul .. the eyes saturate what they see time after time day after day in the same environ .. stepping out gives vision a chance .. gives the breathing and mind a chance to breathe something else .. to think with a difference .. to evolve in betterment ..

In Malta as you open your eyes you see first the sea .. its fresh blue tone, the strength of the waters that crash against the shore .. the sun in its early rise brings out the required heat for that vital Vit D .. the air and the silence fills the lungs with a medicinal quality ..

At home you open your eyes to the work on hand and the time to be there in time to start to finish to move to the next work, to keep schedule and occupied.

There is meaning in both .. there is acceptance for both .. there is a life for both ..

Its just that the two are beyond compare .. trying to do so would be a question- mark in my thoughts .. a burden .. no, each has its value .. depends what and which you wish to take in its prime .. both dictate attention .. as they should .. but the one above the other shall have to be a personal decision  .. often very personal ..

I had spoken at length about Reshma Shera the film in the deserts of Rajasthan by Sunil Dutt .. or did I not .. ?

Anyway this is an evening in the desert during the shoot .. its Pochina, the name of the village we had all camped in in tents ..some day or evening of celebration .. i think with some impromptu music and dance .. me with my now familiar formal bandi jacket , and with me is dancing the director Sukhdev .. more to the right is the master make up artist, Pandari Juker ..

An entire book can be done on the making of this film .. the memories are so vivid and deep still .. someday, someday ..

Amitabh Bachchan

my art was all over the place this year ugh ugh ugh

tbf, i started a new job in january that quadrupled my workload and stress levels so i had a lot less time/creative motivation to draw this year

better luck next year

unstoppable wasp is such a great comic, I mean its been consistently good but the latest issue was so narratively cohesive and did an excellent job of re-establishing a character and having the pov of a supporting character while still focusing on nadia and advancing the plot. plus the interviews at the end with women in stem are so nice like I wish I had this to read as a kid

Holy crap.. I'm back.

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Your writing is amazing, I'm a writer myself and I was wondering, what was your heartbreak like (if you don't mind sharing)?

I think they call it heartbreak because your heart will physically hurt. It was like I was constantly drowning, I felt like I was always under water. I couldn’t forget him, and even though there was nothing there anymore, I was still searching for something. It would stop hurting sometimes when I’d be around friends and I’d laugh and I’d forget him for a minute but then they play a song that makes me think of the time we were in the car singing that song, and my stomach sinks and I feel the same way I did when he told me he didnt love me anymore. Its so constant, I didn’t just get heartbroken once, I felt it every single day, every single minute. everything brings you back to them. I mean, how do you survive when a person you loved for so long stops talking to you? stops being there!!! Its just so hard, it was so hard to get out of bed. It just hurt so much. I’d see people holding hands and I only felt sick to my stomach. I hated love, i think I still do. Its been months and I can barely talk to another boy because I don’t want to go through that again. I don’t want to love again, because when I look at people, I can’t see good anymore. I mean how can you see good when you find out the best person in your life has been lying to you and how do you see good when you’ve experienced the shitty side of human emotions? When I think of love, I can only think of when he told me he didnt love me anymore and had me questioning if anything was ever real. When I think about beginnings, I can only imagine the end, the tears, the pain. 

heartbreak isn’t romantic, its not soft tears and pretty journal entrees. Its being so damn hurt that the only thing you could do is write about it.. Its like dying every single day. Its like you are the flowers not being watered for months, slowly but surely dying. 

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Hey I am from Mexico(writing from there to), and honest to god I can barely believe its been less than a month since the ugly dorito got the presidency. I keep reading the news, and this blog, and checking the exchange rate of pesos to dollars with obsession, and to be honest I am, so, so exhausted that I keep wondering how in heavens are we going to survive 4 years of this, specially with the threat of our own Trump in 2018 with a particularly nasty presidential hopeful. I am so tired, are you?

I’m tired but I gotta keep reminding myself that that’s what this administration wants.



the episode was pretty good but im Really Pissed™ about one thing in particular:

there were absolutely no signs of redemption with Nom Nom

i guess i should’ve been expecting it but,

its like “Nom Nom’s Entourage” was completely forgotten and he went back to square zero, possibly even square -1 lmao

Okay I know that I have a lot of things to draw but I had to draw a Reverse!Mabel that wasn’t in one of those stupid mini-skirt magician assistant get-ups because tbh Mabel would be the magician, Waddles would be her assistant, and Dipper would be the backstage manager. 


“And me, mommy, and Luke are all going to the zoo tomorrow!” Zara babbled excitedly to her father. Justin was only half listening as the hockey game was on and the only thing Zara seemed to talk about was dolls. But Justin’s ears immediately perked at the mention of another mans name.
“Whos Luke?”
“One of mommy’s friends.”
The four year old shrugged as she began to braid her dolls hair.
Justin brows furrowed as he flicked off the TV. He turned so he was compleltly facing his daughter.
“How long have mommy and Luke been friends?” He asked.
Again, the four year old shrugged. “Not long. But I saw them kiss each other on the lips and hug.” Her face scrunched up in disgust and Justin mimicked her.
“Do you like Luke?” She nodded and Justin’s heart sank when she did so.
“But I like you more, daddy.”
She giggled, setting her doll down and reaching to press a wet kiss to her father’s cheek.
Justin smiled and kissed her back. That was enough to put justin at ease about the whole Luke thing. He didn’t want to bombard his four year old with questions, knowing how easily frustrated she got. He decided to wait until Y.N. showed to pick her up to ask for more details.

Hours late, Zara was asleep and Justin was watching re-runs of SVU when he heard the doorbell ring. He quickly grabbed Zara’s frozen book bag and hitched it over his shoulder before he opened the front door.
“Nice bag.” Y.N. joked, pointing at it.
“Thanks, it came straight off the runway.” He retorted.
Justin handed it to her and was about to turn to get Zara before he remembered Luke.
“Can we talk?” She said nothing, instead she shrugged and leaned against his doorframe.
“I dont feel comfortable having Zara around men that I don’t know.” He said, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Who are you talking about?” Asked Y.N.
“He’s just a friend.”
“Do you make a habit of kissing all your friends?”
Despite the fact that Justin and Y.N. had been seperated for almost a year now and the fact he was the one who had called off their relationship, it didn’t stop him from feeling jealous. The only woman he had been with in years was Y.N. and it hurt that she was had already begun the process of moving on. He felt as if he was being pushed to the side, and he couldn’t help but think about her and Luke starting a family and forgetting everything they had.
“We shared one kiss.”
“Do you love him.”
Y.n. immediately became flustered at the questions as she began to splutter.
“We went on like four dates. I don’t even know if I like-like him yet.”
“Zara seems to like him, so they obviously met.” He noted.
Y.n. rolled her eyes.
“It wasn’t intentional, she came with me to work one day when the sitter bailed out last minute.” She explained. “And honestly, the only reason she’s fond of him is because he gives her food.” Justin chuckled. Yep, that does sound like his daughter.
“What’s it to ya’ anyway, jay? We’re not together anymore, remember.” She said, raising her hand to flaunt her nude ring finger. Justin payed no mind to that, insteadx he was still on the fact that she had called him ‘jay’. Before this, she barely addressed him by name. Hell, before this, she would barely utter more than three sentences to him.
“Okay,” justin chewed at his bottom lip before he swiftly turned on his heel and grabbed his sleeping daughter from the couch. she stirred a bit and moaned a little, but continued to sleep.
Y.n. pressed a kiss to her forehead before she took her in her arm. Justin then pressed kiss on the same spot and smoothed her matted hair away from her forehead.
“Will it get serious?” Justin asked before she could leave.
Y.n. shrugged.
“Do you see a future with him?”
“Justin, its barely been a month. We’re just getting to know each other.”
“Well…can I meet him?” He said as she made her way out the door and to her car.
“Bye, Justin.” Was her response.

{This has nothing to do with 'not in that way’ BTW}

for those who don’t know, Trump just put a ban on accepting refugees from SEVEN Muslim countries, which includes Syria. The hate this man has for Islam is beyond disgusting and just plain inhumane. These are REAL people in need of great help and he’s just denying them from anything we could offer. Islamophobia is real and alive please don’t ever forget that!

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Hey jackie! so i need a bit of reassurance because i'm getting a bit anxious....with solo harry rising now, do you think it's possible for him to do his own thing and 1d to still get back? People keep saying he himself didnt say anything about 1d's return, but he did nod along and implicitly agree, while also saying things like "it makes us excited to come back and do it again" (about performing, London Sessions). What do you think?

Okay, the first thing I thought of when i saw solo Harry shit or actually, the day One Direction announced the hiatus was how similar this was to Fall Out Boy’s hiatus and this is why I believe that yes, Harry or any other member could go solo but that doesn’t mean One Direction will break up.

Back in 2009, the prime emo days, Fall Out Boy, one of the biggest bands at that time was going on break and obviously fans were shocked and upset. The members then talked about why they were going on hiatus and it was clear that they needed time to themselves and to rest because of everything going on at that time. Pete Wentz said that this was a time to to figure things out and there was nothing wrong with that! Pete’s exact words were, “Everybody wants us to say that we’re breaking up, but we’re just trying to figure things out” and I think that’s the same situation 1d is in right now ya know, they’ve said they’re coming back and they’re not breaking up, they’re figuring things out for themselves. ALSO, Fall Out Boy didn’t really say when they were coming back which led people to think it was indefinite and that they weren’t coming back at all but hey they did and 1D said 18 months and its barely been one so we need to give them time. Anyways, moving on to solo stuff

All members of FOB, during the hiatus worked on different music. Patrick Stump put out an EP, Truant Wave, (under this own record label, Nervous Breakdance Media) and then entire solo album, Soul Punk. Not only that, but Pete Wentz started his own band,  Andy continued to drum for bands and kept up his record label, Fuck City and formed a side band with Joe Trohman called The Damned Things and they put out Ironiclast, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers

Then, two days before FOB returned, TWOOOO DAYS, Pete even denied all rumors that they were coming back. But on February 4th they tweeted this: 

and they had the greatest comeback of all time, announcing a new song, new album, and new touout of nowhere and my emo ass died.

IN CONCLUSION, One Direction is on hiatus that doesn’t mean they’re breaking up. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall could all go solo but that doesn’t mean the band is over. Take Fall Out Boy for example, they went on break and they all did solo music and still came back so don’t worry, this isn’t the end. We could get solo Harry but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving the band so just take a deep breath and stay calm until they say something.