its bad on purpose

there is no good twin and there is no bad twin stan and ford are brothers and best friends why is it wrong to acknowledge that one of them literally went to prison and part of his character is that he’s just constantly breaking the law that doesnt mean i dont love him god


been wanting to use this dumb scene since forever but it looks like itll never happen in my fics so here take my mediocre art instead 👌

CS JJ Day 29: Hearth

Summary: In which Emma is always cold, and Killian is always warm.

Rated: M

Warnings: Smut, angst

Words: ~6k

Notes: Much love and gratitude to the organizers at @csjanuaryjoy! Inspired by a prompt from @seethelovelyintheworld, who requested a fic where Emma is cold and Killian is warm, and by the beautiful sketch she drew, which you may find below.  Also tagging @icecubelotr44.

Also on ff and ao3

It’s only when she’s taken everything out of the satchel twice – packing it carefully back in after the first, and tearing it right back out – that Emma allows herself to pout. She treats Neverland like a place of action. Whenever she’s still, it’s a place of mourning, eternal youth and sorrows, and she can’t hardly stand it. Can’t hardly sleep either. There are sounds echoing through the forest – grating, unnatural noises that belong in the winding, industrial alleys of poorly kept city blocks.

That, and she’s sure she’s never been this cold in her life. So she searches for the sweater she’d brought along, with no luck.

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Ok so you all knew it was coming.  Yes Campwolfe Fandom Nan™ just has to weigh in on the shenanigans and current angst-fest unfolding on Holby City for our Goddess Serena Campbell oh her anguish someone hold me intrepid couple Serena and Bernie.  Many things I will say have likely already been said. Some perhaps not.  As per usual, I shall pop it under a read more because I am wordy as shit to save y’all’s dash. 

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“Notice how rose is really off-model throughout this ep until a little towards the end. It’s because (long and thought out reasoning)”

Listen bud….I dunno how to tell you this but….it’s bad art direction

listen…..we gotta talk about yamakage


Color doodles

As you can clearly see, i am not good with colors NOR digital painting. 

I had a bad day today, couldn’t make myself draw anything despite the big plans i had for it, so i decided to try a new approach.

Top 10 reasons why meebs should not paint and use colors…

Okay but would Dazai, Chuuya and Ranpo’s ship name be…

Trash Candy?

And Pearl never meant to hurt Amethyst. She never directly told Amethyst “you are a mistake; you should have never came to exist.” 

But that’s what Amethyst has picked up from hearing about the kindergarten. “If it’s bad, and its purpose is bad, then I must be bad, too.” And it’s really hard to shake the notion that you’re unwanted and a mistake, no matter how many times you’re told otherwise.


The Superlatively Superfluous Adventures of Legolas (and Tauriel)

Dateline: Gundabad (19/25)

Headcanon #11

Because Aedion is Rowaelin trash he stumbles into the Fanfiction side of the Terrasen Daily Newspaper in which the good old citizens of Terrasen write fanfiction about their beloved King and Queen. He finds one that seems particularly interesting. The title of this work is Fifty Shades of Wind and Fire. Not knowing any better he opens it to find smut galore. Blushing beet red he closes it and vows to never look at it again. In fact the things he has read makes him rather uncomfortable and awkward around Rowan and Aelin’s presence. 

A week later, he opens that particular story again out of “curiosity.” Deciding he can write better than this author, he decides to write his own smutty fanfiction on Rowan and Aelin under the pen name “luveydoveyrowaelin” with the title being “Rough Bedtime Stories.” He ends up becoming a sensation throughout Terrasen for his sexy, smoldering, and graphically explicit writing and the bane of Rowan and Aelin’s existence (though they have no idea he’s writing it).

One day Lysandra catches him in the middle of writing the sentence, “Aelin gasped in delight as Rowan’s ‘sword’ became unsheathed when his pants dropped to the ground…” In response Aedion crumples up his draft pretending to have not written the story. To his surprise, Lysandra doesn’t torment about it. In fact she ends up becoming his partner in crime by helping him get out chapters faster by providing her own ideas (most of them being very kinky and outrageous).

Rowan and Aelin never find out who the writers are.

to clarify

we say “greenflame is bad” a lot but we dont mean it like a “we just dont ship it” way

we mean it in a its literally confirmed that lloyd is a minor way

and in the same thread it was confirmed that the rest of the ninja are adults.

its pedophilia, guys. its not good. same goes with the rest of the main cast

its not ok to ship him with anyone in the movie, either. just because its an au where theyre all implied to be roughly the same age doesnt mean its suddenly ok

in the base media lloyd is a minor. its like aging someone up / aging someone down in a fanfiction or something to make two characters the same age for shipping purposes. its bad.

shipping him with any of the main cast is pedophilia.

thank you.