its bad but no that bad

WELL its like a month and a half later than the original wedding gown jasper LOL BUT HERE IT IS FINALLY!!! The Jaspearl Wedding 💕

Tada! I made a lil fanart based from @raventear cute post here :

If you can’t read the white text, it says:
Looks like : intimidating..
Actually : sweetheart
Looks like : aww.. You smol bea-
Actually : nevermind!
Looks like : cinnamon roll!
Actually : fu- cinnamon roll tm!!!
Looks like : nope.
Actually : run you fools!!!!

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So... why did you uninstall it and claim the devs are bad?

-cracks knuckles- Because the devs have stated that they only listened to pro opinions regarding this new update, because they changed an existing character after a year ago saying they wouldn’t drastically change characters like they do in fellow Blizzard games(IE WoW) 

The new Mercy changes took a defensive backline healer and turned her into an aggressive frontline healer, and not once were any of the mercy mains’ opinions actually taken in as feedback, they alienated a huge chunk of their player base with this update and I’m overall tired of Blizzard not listening to supports and tank mains, they have showed me several times that they do not care about anybody but professionals and dps mains.


Took key less than two seconds to roast Taemin’s reality show as soon as he got the chance 😂😂



It always feels really weird to revisit your old characters from childhood. It’s weird to think about how much they meant to you, yet now they are just abandoned.

I wanted to revamp my old, main OC, Amethyst Salligra. Redrawing drawings from years ago is actually a great experience as you can see how much you’ve changed and improved during the years. It’s pleasing to see how far I’ve come anatomy- and design-wise - even though I missed a couple of years of drawing humans due to MLP, but I’m slowly getting the hang of facial structures.

SO yeaaah it feels great to have this soft lady around again! More shit about her under the cut bc I don’t wanna flood your dashboards with my cringy stories

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hey so i haven’t looked that much into it but what’s so wrong about b/uckynat? i don’t remember much about their relationship other than it was really popular back when i first got into marvel but i was 14 back then and didn’t know jack shit about unhealthy relationships