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Yeah… I’ve kinda finished reading all KakaIru djs I could find on the Internet.

I’m sailing this ship very hard now.

Falling Back

I think I need to fall back and let things just happen, rather than forcing things to happen. I truly believe that God puts people in your life for a reason just as he puts you in certain situations. I don’t know what the future holds but all I can do is live in the moment and continue to put things into God’s hands… Trying to force something to happen is stressful and I am too blessed to be stressed. *flips hair*


‘아주 NICE’ Dance Ver.


the Seychelles are a magical place…? 
            (1x12 & 3x21)

Somewhere in Coruscant, there is a kid that always waits for the same pair of Coruscant Guards to do their rounds near his home.

He always waves to them with a smile and shares the lunch his mom made for him that day. Lately, it seems as though the mom has been packing a little more than usual. 

She even adds two extra servings of sweets. 


my precious sparkplug [19/?]: what control? 3.12 vs. 3.17 + 3.18 + 3.19

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“—You’re kidding, right?” There was no way in hell he could actually be serious about this—it was practically suicide. Eve knows for a fact that she won’t be able to handle even a second of it, let alone two HOURS. And what, pray tell, is she so afraid of? It stares her right in the face as she takes one look out the window, falling in small flurries and painting the streets a stark white. You guessed it, s n o w. Her number one sworn enemy, out to steal every last ounce of warmth she has in her body. “Can’t we just, y’know, stay inside?” she scrunches her face uncomfortably as more snow falls, quickly turning her face away. “As much as I love snow, I’d rather not get hypothermia nor frostbite. I kinda need all parts of my body, thank you very much.”



I was gonna put these in a message with cute lore things and such but hey life doesn’t like me at all today so :)

I used these lovely things here to make little doll versions of Indigo, Lark, and my fav windy boy. Just pretend they arrived in a little package from Cassio’s grandkids in your clan one day as they have learned how to make dolls from Emelius and Nazy (because you have to sit still to make dolls, you see. its genius until they run out of materials)

bonus: lark with his actual eye color because i have a thing for matching aesthetic and this was Not It (aka i forgot to change it until now)

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what do you think of an absolutely great faced, great bod genius dating your daughter, chloe

“By great faced, do you mean grey-faced? And I’m not sure I’d agree with the genius thing. If you were REALLY a genius you’d be upfront about who you are before asking to date my daughter. Until I know the answer to that, it’s a definitive no.”