its baaaaaack

Little Fires

1: I am the fly,

2: underneath their magnifying glass.

3: They tilt it from side to side,

4: making different parts of me smoke and squirm—

5: inspecting without compassion,

HALF OF ME EXPECTED THIS; half of me wants to believe the other half is wrong. Ok, maybe not half. More like a fourth and that fraction is decreasing as I stand here, staring down at Sam’s kitchen countertop.

The U.S.S. Hope has sunk, leaving me stranded in a lifeboat which capsized at the contents of the drawer. These vitamins are my lifejacket, the only thing I have left between me and an ocean of despair. And now, looking my pink ‘vitamins’ versus Sam’s dad’s white ones, I can hear the air whistling out of my preserver. This ocean fills me with dread, unlike the one in Florida that had looked and sounded so peaceful.

“This might not be what you think,” Sam’s trying to tell me, but I can see in her eyes that it’s exactly what I think.

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anonymous asked:

dont give a fuck you still ugly af

Oh welcome back!! 

I am assuming that you are the anon from 4 months ago who had such lovely things to say about my appearance! 

While you have been gone I have continued being adorable as fuck!

Like so~!

Oh right but you said something, yes…

But what is this?

It seems I can’t hear you

Over the sound of people saying fantastic things?

How tragic

I suppose I will just continue to be fabulous then!

Skyler groaned in annoyance and rolled his eyes, exhausted from just getting back to his school only a few hours ago. He heard footsteps approach and wasn’t sure who it was before he spoke. “Remind me to always ask my mom about ulterior motives when she offers me a twenty day vacation from life, would ya? I spent most of it either trying not to stitch my fingers together when helping, or trying not to scream while constantly jumping out of the way of men in pink shirts with glitter covered frilly fabric. Fashion week is rough!”