its awesome but kinda scary at the same time

‘Kay so you know when you put your OCs through heck and back but it’s for a reason? Well that’s literally how it is with us and God. I mean we’re literally his OCs and He’s literally the writer of our stories. (Or at least He should be, but we keep trying to write it ourselves. See the problem with that is that we can’t control everyone else’s stories as well, so they can come into conflict with ours and the whole thing is literally out of our control, no matter how great your plans are or how happy the ending you wanted was, not to mention the Universetm itself getting in the way of things, literally only God can control it, but you have to let Him for it to work. Anyway, I’m getting slightly off-topic.) The reason He allows us through hard times and challenges and whatnot is to strengthen us and better our story and develop who we are. Just like any good author would do for their OCs. And of course you wouldn’t put your OC through something they wouldn’t come out the other end of awesomely, not matter how terrible it is. Same with God. The only reason any good author would do otherwise would be if it was for the ULTIMATE better. I mean you love your OCs sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so so so so so so much, am I right?

Same with God.