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I’m inspired as fuck

I read Lost On The Air by @sinningsquire​ and it was SO GOOD. This is an illustration of one of my favourite scenes i.e. the bit in chapter 3 when Kylo is comforting Hux. I’m such a sucker for hurt/comfort…

The fic was a real emotional journey– it punched me in the feels until I was black and blue, but then gently tucked me into bed and lavished me with love and kisses until it was all better again. I adore the ending– bittersweet and yet so very hopeful. This is it, guys. This is the gold standard of kylux fanfiction.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the fic, but let’s just say that it’s canon-compliant and answers the question of why Kylo and Hux act so much like bitter exes in TFA. 

(As squire put it, ‘because they were’.)

Warning: there is infidelity in the fic. But let me add this small caveat– I usually loathe even the smallest mention of infidelity in fics. Nevertheless, it was handled so well in this story that I found that I didn’t mind it very much at all. Which, believe me, says something :O




Please, turn captions on, they’re hilarious xD