its awesome

Had a pulsion to draw Ristelle couple, from the magnificent game Tales of Vesperia :>

Drawing has been quite hard for me last weeks. Slowly getting back to it, and fanart is helping a lot!

Internet Jonsa AU -  they met on the online dating site, where you match with people not knowing how they look like. When they finally decide to meet, Jon sees her waiting for him and is shocked that the girl of his dreams is his best friends sister.

For lovely @amymel86

Send me a word and I’ll respond with an edit based on it!

Okay so…

I have these two guy friends, their names are Alex and Logan, and we call ourselves the Meme Team.

And, might I add, they are BOTH STRAIGHT MALES.

And we all LOVE South Park, and we’ll talk about episodes together.

And we ALL ship Kyman. LIKE; we’ll talk about it ALL THE TIME.

It’s like..the best.

(Logan and I also ship Cartters X3)