its as if theyre dancing for each other

What ever you do do not imagine richie and eddie slow dancing at 2am to The night we met by lord huron

because of this amazing post by my fave @foxes-evermore  i am now a strong supporter of the dynamic backliner duo that is Matt and Nicky 

  • look ok theyre both rays of sunshine i know but this is gonna be sad for like two seconds because, well, its the foxes. 
    • matt’s father literally got him hooked on drugs rather than be a parent, and he still manages to be on good terms with him matt is literally such a loving and forgiving person who is a gift to this world like honestly he adopts neil .2 seconds after meeting him he is such a good friend and person??? he loves dan so much he loves all the girls so much ok he just??? loves everyone?? he has such a big beautiful heart
    • nicky’s past is so overlooked and like….i dont understand why because honestly he went through a goddamn pray the gay away camp and is now in college, he’s got a boyfriend he loves and he takes care of his cousins. like. what a gift. he worked to take care of them until they graduated despite the issues he has with them constantly he believes in them and their family ima stop before i cry wow ok cool
    • so basically they both have really hard pasts but they came out of it??? so strong???? and bright???? and beautiful and caring?????
  • nicky loves video games and after the team comes together no one can convince me otherwise that nicky doesn’t use matt’s huge tv to have hardcore mario kart tournaments
  • matt is actually a really big film buff and totally has a huge collection of all kinds of movies including a great collection of lgbt+ movies and nicky thinks its really cool to have that representation
  • so matt and nicky totally have like a weekly chill session
  • trust me you need these in college
  • they do those $2 face masks and watch movies and play video games all day its really cute
  • because um?? theyre the emotional rocks of the team ok they are the endless supporters and the bright spots among all the darkness that surrounds these kids lives so sometimes they need a break ok
  • and who best to do that with than someone who understands that being positive all the time can get exhausting 
  • also guess what matt’s bi sorry i dont make the rules whoops
  • they bond over how cute theyre tiny fave neil is
  • matt will totally talk about guys with dan but sometimes its more fun with nicky because nicky’s a gay man so its theyre more on the same page with liking guys
  • shopping trips!!!! we know nicky thinks matt is attractive ok you know he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to dress that ass up in some very form fitting pants
    • additionally, they compliment each other with ridiculous flourish
    • “matt, i think you just made me gayer” 
    • “i don’t think that’s possible”
    • “ok true, but still, thats a LOOK”
  • they totally dance together at the club when matt starts to stick with the monsters more after the girls graduate
  • nicky introduces matt to the magic that is eyeliner
    • dan is so thankful for this honestly bless nicky 
  • midnight grocery trips!!!
    • nicky stands on the bar on the back of the cart and matt pushes. they sing that song from the titanic really loud at like 1am in the produce section because?? who’s gonna stop them??? no one
  • defenders have to be pretty strong and are typically stockier in all sports, so these boys are totally weight room buddies. they can squat like nobody’s business
  • they get pedicures bc lemme tell you getting your feet all rubbed up and treated nice and buffed and shined after getting them all beat up during the season is so nice ok 
  • they totally have a secret handshake
  • stupid gym selfies istg theyre such dorks 
  • matt totally ugly snorts when nicky makes puns, they are the meme team of the foxes ok you best believe that group chat is lit because of these two

in conclusion please consider these boys made of sunshine being besties and hanging out together its 10/10 guaranteed to warm your heart

you know what i would love but would kill me to watch

kim has always been bothered that trini said she didnt have any friends so she’s determined to get trini a prom date. trini agrees because “sure why not theres no bad guys”

so kim goes all out with almost all of the guys in their school and it fails every time but on the plus side they get to hang out a lot every time it blows up in their faces and there having so much fun but at the same time kims so frustrated?? because trini is so kind and funny and p r e t t y she deserves a date!!!!! and one day kim yells about it and trini’s like “why dont you just take me then? oops” and kim internally explodes and runs away and they dont talk

finally billys like “wait why are you two fighting this isnt that hard” and jason and zach (and maybe tommy idk) are all like no billy its complicated let them figure it out and billys like “um no??? it’s not??? they both obviously love each other they should go to prom together!!! now stop messing up the morphing grid” and kim and trini make up

they tell their parents theyre going with jason and billy as their dates for cover but then at prom theyre all happy and dancing and cute in PINK AND YELLOW PROM DRESSES

and maybe they gotta go kick ass in those dresses right after or something idk my brains not able to get past how cute those two would be dancing together

Ok but I Don’t Dance from High School Musical 2 is about coming out and it is absolutely iconic

like the world is gonna disappear

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philkas au based on drunk in love by beyonce

After Lukas’ first experience in a gay bar, Philip hasn’t so much as mentioned going back. While he might have found it comical to see the look on Lukas’ face when he realized where they were, Philip isn’t cruel; he had made a mistake, one that made Lukas uncomfortable, and he had no interest in making Lukas panic like that again.

It was Lukas that brought it up. It was a few months after the death of Ryan Kane, and the boys were sprawled on the grass in front of Helen and Gabe’s house, listening to some music that Lukas and Philip were considering as additions to their ever-growing playlist. Lukas mentioned it, mentioned that he’d like to go back, mentioned that he thought it’d be fun.

Now, here they are, getting their ID’s checked at the door, both much better dressed than last time they were here. The bouncer lets them in without so much as a second glance, and then Philip is getting drinks, and they’re drinking much more than they should, until the world is tipping at it’s edges and they’re lighter than when they come in.

Lukas drags Philip out onto the dance floor just as some 2000s era song fills the air. It’s Mariah Carey in the worst way, but it fits, and it works, and Philip and Lukas don’t hesitate to grab onto each other and dance.

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i always think about how when barry and lup get together, they probably start out doing an ok job with the pda because aside from purposefully antagonizing taako, they don't want to make everyone uncomfortable... but fast forward 20 years and they just don't give a shit. it's not like they're making out in the kitchen (mostly) but they'll be doing research in the living room just lying on top of each other. and they dance to no music sometimes bc theyre gross and in love

hey op? nice. love this. lovin’ all of this. whenever there’s a crew movie night they’re just in each other’s laps and there’s no stopping them

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hi! first off i love your drawings so much - i'm usually crying over your drawings of the de la vega boys. I was wondering, if you weren't busy/had some free times, if you could draw any sonny/pete and pete/vanessa friendship doodles? Thanks for your time and please never ever stop drawing these

ahhhh thank you so much! 

i have so many thoughts about a pete&vanessa friendship, but i will limit myself to two because its nearly 1am 

FIRST theyre like super lowkey friends like,, most people dont even realise they even know each other but they enjoy sarcasm, complaining and being a lil bitchy together, and they get stuff done

BUT ALSO they love to dance and thats like usnavis only idea that they’ve ever met, like a “ uhhh maybe they dance at the club once?”  BUT NO if they ever need a partner they’re gonna dance or on the steet and stuff idk i just like the idea of them dancing 

and because this was maybe the nicest most politest ask ever, heres a lil pete/sonny because this just made me super happy when i got it :) :) :)

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Headcanons for an Eposette baby? I'm studying latin and I crave death right now tbh, so I totally get your boredom!!!

Theeeey have a daaaaughter calllled Fantiiiine and you can drag that HC from my dead cold hands. (also im doing latin next year i feel you!! Love you tho and i hope i can relieve some of your boredom!!!)

· Eponine was super terrified of having her own child bc “fuck zette what if i screw up? bad parenting is in my blood!” but actually she had so much practice with her siblings she just slips into Mum Mode SO EASY.

· Their kid wanted play dough? Cosette can make that herself. Their kid wants a castle? Eponine can build that. Their daughter honestly has evrything she wants but bc its always a “ok lets make that together!” activity she doesn’t grow up spoiled at all. In fact god that girl can arts and craft like no other (she goes on to design sets for professional theatre.)

· Cosette is a goddamn math whizkid and goddamn sings her daughter times tables to get her to sleep. Unconventional but if it aint broken dont fix it…. Eponine vehemently sings disney songs for her to even this out.

· They dance around the kitchen to bubblegum pop a lot with their daughter its so goddamn adorable and cliché and theyre just. God. Perfect.

· they paint the nursery pastel colours with each wall a different pastel and then they get R to paint the roof like a night sky with their daughter’s zodiac constellation in it. Its adorable.

· parenthood didn’t fully sink in until they found themselves mindlessly humming the Thomas the Tank Engine themesong while doing groceries and rhey were like “fuck we are such???? Parents???? Im so proud of us???”

i wanna write; an amedot middle school au. where jasper is the bully who takes peridots lunch money and picks on amethyst bc shes short and bad at basketball. and amethyst and peridot initially fight a lot because their lockers are next to each other and amethyst likes to locker lean but then they realize they have a common enemy and gang up on jasper

then they realize jasper’s stealing peridot’s lunch money because she doesn’t have any food at home so they help her talk to a counselor for a food plan

and then amethyst and peridot go to one of those shitty holiday middle school dances together and its cute and fluffy and theyre all tinyyyyy

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i swear its not what it looks like (for the au)

strangers to lovers au where yousef dances in competitions and he invited his friends and jonas was one of them, so jonas brought his own friends too and they all got one dressing room and the rest of them are ready except isak and even ,so theyre in the dressing room, rushing to get ready and isaks done when even swears loudly and isak turns to him and there’s a tie between his teeth while trying to get his zipper on his pants to work and he looks so annoyed so isak walks over to him and asks if he could help and evens like, “can you tie a tie?” and isak shakes his head ,even groans, “ugh okay well my zipper is stuck, could you…?” and isak just nods, so ……isak gets on his knees in front of him, evens back to the door, and its a struggle and theyre both annoyed and then the door flies open, “are you ready yet yousef is up soon we g-” and jonas freezes as isaks head appears behind evens legs, his hands still on the zipper and even turns around a little sweaty, his tie and shirt a mess, and jonas is just staring at him and isaks eyes go wide, “i sweAR its not what it looks like” and then magnus is next to jonas staring at isak and even too like, “yousef gonna dance soon and youre still here giving head” and then grins and with a nod of his head he approves and is about to high five jonas but jonas rolls his eyes and turns around, shutting the door with “finish up quick” and isak and even look at each other and they start to laugh and isak chokes out a “well that was interesting” and isak can finally zip evens pants and they cheer ,and as theyre walking out isaks like “no but like. they really thought we would go at it??” and evens like, “you wouldnt?” and isak shrugs, “i mean…..” then they stop and look at each other for a long second and… oh well, yousef would probably understand if they were late a few minutes

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I'm ping to need you to continue with those hcs about a musical ep okay? I need it ✨

  • okay so it starts with them hanging out with a seelie out of some reason and the seelie mentions the importance of feelings and someone goes “Feelings? in my nephilim life?” and that seelie goes 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
  • bam cursed
  • obv everybody freaks out when jace suddenly starts singing some song about how his dislike for simon has turned into genuine FriendshipTM. when he realises whats happening, alec jumps out of the moving car 
  • *The Loft Building* Magnus tells the others that its a 24h spell and that theyre gonna have to deal with actually communicating with each other (in song form) for one day 
  • every single time a song starts, alec is shown jumping out of the way in order not to be part of that song (he has a tiny little Solo in his office but its cut off when he realises that he’s singing by his Stubborness, ALTERNATIVELY: i dont dance)
  • The Institute in: Stick to the Status Quo
  • thanks to @alecsagitta we know that the werewolves sing Work It Out in the Jade Wolf with Luke and Maia in the main roles
  • SIDEPLOT: Magnus, and Maia trying to find the seelie who did this bc they did some shady stuff before for….
  • dear old seb who is out of some reason also affected (WE NEED A VILLAIN SONG, in the style of My Lullaby maybe?)
  • Meanwhile, a musical montage of Ollie and Sam trying to trick Luke into revealing his Secret but Luke evades them every time
  • Lukemaryse love song? A SONG ABOUT PINING? EVOLVING LOVE?👀 
  • Simon singing Go the Distance and me crying
  • Clary and Izzy sing about how life has changed but they’ll always have each other 👀 
  • AT LAST, Alec leaves the Institute the moment he hears someone yell LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS, bc 1. he wants to be with magnus 2. its late and time to go home 3. the loft’s wards will surely.. (OHOHOHO). the moment he arrives he looks up and hears can you feel the love tonight~ the peace the evening brings~ and runs into the loft
  • magnus and alec talk and alec says “no emotion could ever be strong enough to make me sing” cue magnus continuing the conversation until he notices the sudden silence next to him, turns, and sees Alec with a hand pressing on his mouth, bc of THE POWER OF LOVE
  • alec opens his mouth and.. serenades magnus. literally singing the sweetest most heartfelt song in the world, magnus is so touched he joins in and they sing a Love Duet
  • Last shot of the episode is magnus and alec kissing on the balcony

tonight made me think of how @rosymamacita talks about bellarke like theyre dancing. last time they were together, they had that moment of “if i dont see you again-” “no you will”. which is a HUGE moment and is one that would be on their minds the next time they talk. when bellamy and clarke spoke tonight, it was all leadership and politic talk. why? because they KNEW what that previous conversation was. they KNEW it would change everything if clarke hadnt stopped bellamy from finishing his sentence. so they cant hug or have a big reunion because now they both know its too real. its scary.

in season 2, @rosymamacita pointed out that clarke didnt hug bellamy in mount weather because at that point, clarke knew her feelings and was stepping away from it. hugging him would be too much. i think the same thing is happening now. there might be some distance between them or surface talk now because they know if it goes any deeper, there is no going back. they’d have to face their feelings.

so it is like a dance again. they were dancing before but they took one step too close so now theyre back to dancing around each other again.

do you think that there is a girl in Georgia that was a good friend of bittys that he dated/took to prom.
maybe they had an arrangement and were each others beards?
or what if: she doesnt know
they were senior prom dates and sometime between high school graduation and freshman year at samwell bitty tells her that he doesnt think its fair to her to stay in the relationship if he’s both going to be gone more than half the year. they never really dated anyway, no big deal. theyre still good friends but not best friends. not the friend that you tell certain secrets to.
sometimes when theyre both in georgia during school breaks theyll run into each other and its only a little awkward…like, ‘hey old friend that i kissed once on prom night only because we got caught in the middle of the dance floor during a slow song and it would be kind of conspicuous if we were the only ones leavin room for jesus’
or from her perspective: ‘hey, its my old friend that i went to prom with because i knew he wouldnt try to get in my pants because hes so nice’ and also 'the guy that made my parents think i was straight’
yeah, shes gay too. everyone is gay in Georgia and theyre all just lying to each other. (not really. but omg what if that would be hilarious)
flash forward a year and the girl is at a fourth of july party. with her girlfriend. who she introduces to bitty. who then introduces her to jack. it doesnt click for her that jack and bitty are a thing or that bitty is gay. none of it. because she just came out to her prom date and shes been getting a few stares all night from judgy people and shes just so glad that bitty seems to light up at the news that she doesnt see the glance between him and jack.
but anyway, to continue.
its years down the road and the girl is snuggled next to her wife and suddenly she sees her old prom date on the news standing next to the famous hockey player she met once and theyre announcing theyre relationship and she like, smacks her forehead and is like 'this makes so much sense how was i so blind’
and her wife is like 'i didnt know you followed hockey’
and she says 'no, zimmermanns boyfriend was my prom date’

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ok but wyabbee being domestic can you imagine??? theyre so in sync wymack and bee cook and abby sets the table and plays music and interrupts them to dance and they nearly burn the food but its ok its cool theyre so,,, this is perfect im in love wih this ship b y e

Imbfjfjddj they understand each other so well man, like it even scares them sometimes,, Abby will be thinking something and bee will say it out loud and abby is like “HOW” and bee just :) smiles :) and wymack always knows when bee is stressed because she gets really quiet, so he’ll make her favorite hot chocolate and wrap her in blankets,,, wtf, what, the fuck ,,

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what gives jikook the right to be so fuckin cute??? im *this* close to snapping, theyre too much for me to handle. they've stared, they've sang and danced for each other, they've been intimate, they've gone on private vacations, they've matched outfits and bought jewelry for one another. i swear to god, its too much, i-

i’m already snapping honestly. jikook needa stop. it’s unfair and unjust. they’re legit actual boyfriends and i’m mad. they’re so cute, and i’m just like can they sTOP. i do not want this disrespect of them being actual husbands. like, they’re legit in love. rude. 
okay but for real, they do so many things that just make me WOWOWO. 

bts ships

Anonymous said: hi! i’m fairly new to the bts fandom and i was just wondering what are the ships in bts and the most popular ones? thanks for answering if you do!! love you and your blog!!!

ANON UR SO CUTE PLS OMG THANK U ILY TOO but anyways this post isnt about me…. its about the beauty of ships…. now this is gonna be long…. i dont know the most popular ships really but ill just tell u my personal favorites (with an *)! gifs are not mine!!

*NAMJIN (namjoon x jin):

Originally posted by namjinkiss

also known as my parents. namjoon taking on the manly father role whilst jinnie is the loving mother to bts and me. they are married and no one can tell me different just look at how he’s looking at him in the gif im screaming and they even have the same last name. you know who shares last names? married couples and family but theyre not family bc theyre married and meant to be together forever

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Valdangelo 9 or 4

i’ll do 9 cuz middle school is fuckin hilarious

  • Nico is your stereotypical goth kid, wears all black and waaaaay to much eyeliner, and is always talking about like death and shit because he is 2Edgy
  • Leo is just a dweeb. he’s one grade up from Nico (8th) and best friends with the captain of the junior football team, which is literally the only thing that saves him from gettin his ass beat multiple times  a day. He’s a class clown and kind of an ass, but generally well liked among the student body for his ability to make a joke out of fuckin anything.
  • The two of them are constantly in detention together for one reason or another. For Nico its usually graffitti in the boys room again “Its called ART Mr. Brenner, you just dont get it”. and for Leo its usually making a rude joke at a teachers expense or building a dangerous monstrosity in shop class
  • Leo spends the entirety of every detention trying to chat Nico up because he’s the only person in the room who doesn’t look like he could kill him with his bare hands “i mean, dude have you seen Clarrise? has she been held back once? or 10 times?”. Nico at first tries really really hard to ignore him
  • But then Leo breaks out The Puns, which Nico secretly loves, and he’s got him cracking up uncontrollably in the back of the room. Nico makes him swear to never tell anyone about it “because it’ll hurt my street cred” and after that they become unlikely friends
  • They skip gym class together a lot and hang out behind the cafeteria like little hoodlums. 
  • Once Leo was able to get a couple of cigs from some older friends and He and Nico tried them together to be cool and it was literally horrible and Nico almost coughed up a lung it was so stupid
  • Sometimes they talk about their family troubles. How Leo is a foster kid, and how Nico’s mom and sister died, and thats stuff they never talk about with other people and it feels really good to have someone to talk to
  • Nico starts to realize he’s catchin feelins first and its horrible for him because his mom raised him catholic and he isn’t sure he’s okay with his sexuality but he really really likes Leo
  • He sneaks little lame ass ‘anonymous’ love notes that are so obviously from him like “i love you more than MCR and BOTDF combined” like come on child. but Leo is genuinely confused as to who is leaving him these
  • Leo is a little more oblivious to his own feelings. Jason and Piper figure it out waaaay before him and he’s just like “Oh well yeah i like Nico he’s my friend and i wanna hug him and hold his hand and kis- oh shit”
  • After that the two of them are sooooo awkward around each other and its so stupid. They still skip class together to go sit behind the cafeteria but now they just kind of awkwardly avoid eye contact and try to act nonchalant.
  • Leo confesses first, and asks Nico to go to the dance with him, and Nico only cries a little bit. They go together in those stupid tuxedo t-shirts its rlly cute
  • They have their first kiss at the dance and its the FIRST FIRST kiss for both of them so theyre really awkward and stiff and bad at it but it was AWESOME and Nico posted about it to
  • When Leo moves to the highschool next year they are both really really sad but the highschool is actually only like 3 blocks away so they see each other after school. Plus Nico gets to brag about how he has a highschool boyfriend now, which is “sooooo coool and baddass guys”


i love these losers so much and also i listend to FOB for 20 min to channel my inner middleschooler. Not Centuries, no i’m talkin Folie a Deux because that was one of my fav albums in middle school. anyway take these dweebs from me and enjoy!!!