its as if theyre dancing for each other

ok but christmas carlnid

carl and enid in matching christmas sweaters

carl and enid kissing under mistletoe

carl getting tangled up in lights while trying to hang them and enid laughing at him as she has to get him loose

carl and enid baking and carl keeps trying to sneak cookies; like she’ll put out a batch, turn around to grab something and he’ll run in and dump a bunch in his hat and run off with her yelling “CARL!!!”. (they both defo lick the spoon though)

carl and enid dancing like dorks to christmas music

them iceskating on a frozen lake, similar to the rollerskating scene

carl being terrible at wrapping gifts and kinda just balling it up and slapping tape on there but enid thinks its perfect. or he puts a bow on himself and cheekily says “im your gift!”

carl and enid getting each other really thoughtful gifts

them getting really excited seeing their first snow in a while!! snowball fights!!! building snowmen!! kissing in the snow!!

them attending the dinner that is hosted for all of alexandria, holding hands w their mittens and theyre all happy and together and enids wearing a scarf that carl got her and aaaaaaaa

do you think that there is a girl in Georgia that was a good friend of bittys that he dated/took to prom.
maybe they had an arrangement and were each others beards?
or what if: she doesnt know
they were senior prom dates and sometime between high school graduation and freshman year at samwell bitty tells her that he doesnt think its fair to her to stay in the relationship if he’s both going to be gone more than half the year. they never really dated anyway, no big deal. theyre still good friends but not best friends. not the friend that you tell certain secrets to.
sometimes when theyre both in georgia during school breaks theyll run into each other and its only a little awkward…like, ‘hey old friend that i kissed once on prom night only because we got caught in the middle of the dance floor during a slow song and it would be kind of conspicuous if we were the only ones leavin room for jesus’
or from her perspective: ‘hey, its my old friend that i went to prom with because i knew he wouldnt try to get in my pants because hes so nice’ and also 'the guy that made my parents think i was straight’
yeah, shes gay too. everyone is gay in Georgia and theyre all just lying to each other. (not really. but omg what if that would be hilarious)
flash forward a year and the girl is at a fourth of july party. with her girlfriend. who she introduces to bitty. who then introduces her to jack. it doesnt click for her that jack and bitty are a thing or that bitty is gay. none of it. because she just came out to her prom date and shes been getting a few stares all night from judgy people and shes just so glad that bitty seems to light up at the news that she doesnt see the glance between him and jack.
but anyway, to continue.
its years down the road and the girl is snuggled next to her wife and suddenly she sees her old prom date on the news standing next to the famous hockey player she met once and theyre announcing theyre relationship and she like, smacks her forehead and is like 'this makes so much sense how was i so blind’
and her wife is like 'i didnt know you followed hockey’
and she says 'no, zimmermanns boyfriend was my prom date’

my fave trope combo is slow burn and mutual pining. where theyre dancing around each other. they think the other person doesnt have feelings for them (for a legitimate reason). but its so bad. everyone can see how in love they are with each other. why cant they see it. please someone help them because this is getting embarrassing

and yes, im wholeheartedly thinking bagginshield as i write this. post botfa and bilbo stays in erebor to help. and maybe he thinks thorin is too busy as king for a relationship. or maybe its just because bilbo is a hobbit and if the king marries someone it should be a dwarf. meanwhile. thorin thinks that hes lucky enough to have bilbo as a friend, after everything.

the company is exasperated because these two have been this way for too long. and bilbo isnt good at reading thorin in this regard. not open about his feelings either. thorin is waaay too affectionate and thats partly how he is, but seriously, how has bilbo not figured it out?

then something happens that forces them to realize or confront it. its so good. i lo v e it

like ive seen a few things with keith/lance running to each other in the aftermath of a battle that was way too close for comfort to engage in the You’re Alive Kiss™ and dont get me wrong i am ALL ABOUT THAT but do you know what gets me more?? DESPERATE HUGS

like maybe around the time when theyre dancing over the line of ‘yeah we’re definitely friends at this point but i am never going to admit it’ keith does something stupid and reckless and nearly gets himself killed (again ffs) and it was too c l o s e this time and when they get out of their lions everyones rushing over to each other to check and keith just gets the wind knocked out of him because suddenly lance is there and he’s??? hugging him?? so tight he cant breathe and its one of those hugs thats more just a desperate need to feel the person and confirm that theyre there and alive and keith is so confused bc what??? but lance probably doesnt even think as much of it bc he is a v. physical person and a Hugger and u cant convince me otherwise but he definitely feels SOMETHING that he doesnt acknowledge bc denial isn’t just a river in egypt. but then lance pulls away and hes just like ‘DUDE wtf you cant DO shit like that??? dont DIE??? how am i supposed to prove im better than u if youre not around for me to beat??’ like trying to play it off and expecting keith to rise to the bait but keith is still kind of dazed from the hug and is also rly fukin gay and misses the hug honestly but hes not about to say that but hes just like 'yeah. yeah sure whatever.’

and then they both get awkward and dont talk about it and lance accidentally puts his hand in his food at dinner that night bc he was distracted staring and pidge is s u f f e r i n g

dancing is so, intimate, holding each other is so soft, theyd be so close, closed curtains is like, its only the two of them, two men, alone, theyre alone, just touching and alone ??? im,,, help?? i never really? think about? but t??? they?? i mean it was them w no jackets on just holding eah toehr they were ALONE like they were, their clothes and hands were so soft, please, help me