its amazing what food will make him do

Better This Way (Chapter Four)

This chapter gets a little sad guys. But come on, we all knew some angst was coming. This isnt even the bad angst, I promise.

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“Wade.” Peter looked up when the familiar red and black suit clambered up over the edge of the roof and plopped down next to him. “How’s it going?” He took a deep breath, Wade’s heavy scent of electric and wild making him smile.

“Oh you know.” Wade rolled his shoulders. “Amazing. Just off being fabulous. And sexy. All that. You know how we do, Spidey.”

“Sure.” Peter laughed and handed him a sandwich. “What was I thinking, asking about that?”

Just like he did every day, Wade took the food and turned away from Peter to eat. And just like Peter had done every day in the few weeks since his heat, he grabbed Wade’s wrist and tugged him back around so they were sitting right next to each other while they ate.

“I don’t know why you keep doing that.” He grumbled and the Alpha snorted.

“I don’t why you keep doing that. Nothing under this mask that you need to see Spidey-babe. My skin isn’t near as clear and perfect and puberty free as yours.”

“We’ve been over this. I’m definitely twenty-two. Already went through puberty.”  

“Whatever you say. You got freckles don’t you?” Wade accused. “Damn kid.”

“You want to find out?” Peter challenged, only half teasing, “Wanna see if I got freckles, Wade?”

“Yeah right.” Wade laughed a little. “Better keep your mask on Spidey, I’m sure your beauty would blind me.”

“Yeah?” Peter’s voice softened. “And what about yours?”

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Certain Uncertainty

Featuring: Kai/Kim Jongin x Reader

Warnings: Insecurity, Cheating

Written by: Admin M

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You woke up alone.

Or, to be clear, you had been awoken by the loneliness.

In the grey area between sleep and wakefulness, you had reached for him – only to find the bed cold and empty next to you.

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Some more sextuplet headcanons that no one asked for:

-Will literally try anything at least once. If questioned, his favorite excuse is, and I quote, ‘YOLO.’
-Wins every game he plays, no matter what. This asshole will take every last dollar you have on monopoly with a shit-eating grin and know there’s nothing anyone can do about it. He is the reigning champion–forever and always.
-Eats spicy food like its a delightful snack. Could probably win any hot food challenge if tempted.

-Has a super weak stomach. He will do his best to brave out the sight of a little blood, but anything more than a paper cut will send the room spinning.
-Is pretty much neutral on everything. He doesn’t want to offend anyone in any way with his opinions, so he always keeps an open mind.
-Gives amazing massages. Like wow, does he have the hands of an angel or what??

-Straight up rage quits at every game he plays, guaranteed. There’s just something about video games that makes him lose all composure, and quite frankly, when he’s in the moment he couldn’t care less what anybody thinks.
-Absolutely cannot wear wrinkled clothes. He would rather walk the streets in his underwear than look like a dirty laundry pile.
-Loves being listened to. Like, LOVES it. If you allow him to ramble even about his day, he’d be most grateful~

-Comes completely undone at a good scratching behind the ear. Just a little scritch back there, and he’s yours.
-Taught himself how to purr to become closer to his cat friends, but by now it has accidentally become a force of habit anytime he’s happy.
-Never takes care of himself unless reminded. It’s more out of forgetfulness than self-depreciation, though.

-Actually has a fear of upsetting the ones he loves, which is why he’s always okay with doing whatever anyone else wants to do. As long as they’re happy, he’s happy.
-Knows tons and tons of random facts that he’s picked up over time, and every once in a while, he’ll just blurt out something completely unexpected like, “It can take a photon 40,000 years to travel from the core of the sun to its surface, but only 8 minutes to travel the rest of the way to Earth…isn’t that neat?? Haha!!”
-His favorite cereal of all time is lucky charms. (It’s advised to only allow him small quantities at a time bc he will eat the entire box in one sitting.)

-Actually doesn’t enjoy overly-sweet foods. He’s got a sensitive mouth, so pretty much anything extreme is likely to turn him off.
-Is an amazing cook. He likes to downplay his skill to seem cute, but he really is like a professional chef with how beautiful his dishes come out its crazy.
-Is naturally the best gift giver out of all his brothers. He has a surprisingly good talent of picking safe gifts, and the better he knows the receiver, the more amazing the gift will be.


“The Red Viper enjoys life. He does not discriminate in his pleasures. This is the way he understands life, to live it to its fullest. And to limit yourself in terms of experience doesn’t make any sense to him — what’s beautiful is beautiful. And I love that what George R.R. Martin created is this brilliant, progressive person who makes a lot of sense to me. He’s a lover and a fighter. He’s going to do it, everything, to its fullest. So why leave out girls or boys, you know what I mean? That’s what’s so amazing about this character that George created and David and Dan are translating onto screen: It’s just very punk-rock.

It doesn’t make any sense to him to limit his experience of pleasure, so it’s not making a point, but it literally doesn’t make any sense to deny yourself something beautiful, whether it is wine or food, a man or a woman, being a father or being a lover or being a fighter. Always live to the fullest. I think that’s a brilliant, kind of progressive thing that they’re telling in this story. They’re really seizing the opportunity to get a very cool message across.” - Pedro Pascal


I know a lot of people are trying to be helpful when they make posts about why Taehyung was crying the other day, but it seems that right now the only things circulating are unconfirmed rumors that don’t have any real foundation outside of gossip.

It hasn’t been confirmed by either the fan or Taehyung that he was crying because the fan mentioned something about his grandmother. We know Taehyung is extremely close with his family, and he mentions his grandmother a lot. Even if it was true that she was sick, I’m sure Taehyung and his family would want to keep that sort of information private. Unless we are invited by Taehyung to be apart of that conversation, it’s not our place as fans to butt into his familial affairs. I know the worry and curiosity are all coming from good places; I know everyone just wants to make sure that Tae and his family are okay. But when it comes to serious and private family matters, especially ones that may involve sick loved ones, it’s very rude to pry. So please don’t spread anymore posts saying that Taehyung was crying because his grandmother is ill.

With that being said, there’s also yet to be a single reliable source saying that his grandmother is actually even ill. A lot of posts saying that his grandmother is sick have words like “apparently” and “supposedly” because this information hasn’t been confirmed. Please be cautious of spreading posts that don’t have a reliable source. I know we’re all quick to sometimes cling onto the first information we can find with things like this, but unfortunately it’s also how rumors spread. And whether or not Taehyung’s grandmother is actually ill, I’m sure him seeing how much people are worrying is an unnecessary added stress. We don’t want to pressure Tae or the fan into sharing something from that private moment that neither of them feel comfortable sharing. Again, I know there’s curiosity and good intentions, but it’s not our place to pry or demand information if the two people involved rightfully decide they’d like to keep that moment between the two of them.

What we can do, though, is continue supporting Taehyung as we always have. Letting him know that we love and appreciate him as we always have. The boys have been doing some really amazing, record breaking things lately, so let’s continue to uplift Taehyung and the rest of Bangtan with our love and positivity!