its always the quiet ones always

  • people: this ship is better!!!
  • others: NO, THIS ship is BETTER!!!
  • more: Uhhhhhhh??? What about this ship???
  • people: nO, this one!!!
  • me, hugging every ship possible to my chest: lmao but have you considered multi-shipping???
Fallout Alternate Abbreviations and Cuss Phrases

OMG = Oh my Ghoul
FFS = Ferals’ Foul Sh*t
TMI = Too Many Institute
LMFAO= Lost My Freakin’ Ammunition,
Officer (or) Last Minuteman
Fetches Alcohol Order
ROTFL = Run Over The Flamin’ Lot
WTF = Where’s The Fatman

‘I don’t give a molerat’s left nut!’
‘You A-bomb!’
‘Cult-hole’ [Dunwich Borers ref.]
'Children of Assdom’
'Green as a Supermutant in May’
'Up and Atom, baby!’
'About as secure as a Pulowski’ [i.e. not at all]
'You radsucker!’

So….if Strong joined the Railroad, would that make him…the Green Lantern?

Edit: Thanks for all the likes and reblogs so far. I had no idea this would go down so well! Please, please submit / send your ideas to add to this list! Additional: GTFO= Gunners Throw Frags Over
'Sharper than a Bloodbug’s nose’
'You got a Deathclaw wish?’
'Hotter than an Assaultron’s wink’
'Such a ProDickTron…’
'Sour as Brahmin milk’
'Crazier than a rabid radstag on a rampage’
'FTW = For The 'Wealth!’ (As in Commonwealth).
'FUBAR = Fried Under Bright Atomic Radiation’
'SNAFU = Sanctuary Now A Friggin’ Urinal / …Fantastic Utopia
'TITS = The Institute Talks Sh*t’ (e.g. “Everybody knows TITS”

andreil: flower shop au
  • okay so andrew and neil are neighbors right and neil has two cats that almost never stay in when he’s not home
  • so they’ll wander around the street and everyone knows they belong to that short guy with angry red hair who lives with another much taller cheery guy
  • anyway people are okay with the ugly cats wandering into their yards and chilling and just having fun with other pets
  • but there’s one neighbor who is getting Tired of this shit

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Yes, wipe the ghosts from existence. This after saying in a previous ep that ghosts weren’t just unfeeling, nonsentient blobs of ecto-plasm. Nice to see where those ethics lie. He’s also attempted murder on actual people in at least two other episodes I’ve seen so far. It’s pretty funny. I might start keeping count.

Napping Sasuke:

• Sasuke loves naps and will blow shit up if you bother him during one of them

• Only Naruto may sneak into his bed and cuddle him and pet his hair, if he turns away, you may only spoon.

• if you spoon and he grunts - just leave, he’s being a bratty baby today and ur bothering him.

• Naruto tickles Sasuke once in a blue moon, while he naps. Sometimes he can get a head start and run away from Sasuke before his blushing and giggling is under control, most times, he gets a swift uppercut.

• Napping together is a case of futility. Sasuke hogs all the blankets and pillows. Usually Naruto is just there as a body heater and personal head massager.

• Sasuke will get hot and push Naruto away, then get cold and lay on his whole person.

• Sasuke loves laying his head on Naruto’s chest, listening to his breathing is one of the few things that let him nap when he’s been restless.

• When Naruto wants to nap but Sasuke is bored, he will poke and cuddle and grind and do nearly anything to get the blondes attention without using many words. Pouting always works. Naruto will open one eye, sigh and laugh and mumble “alright, alright.” While nearly body tackling Sasuke. Victory is sweet and Sasuke will always smirk like the little shit he is.

• Sasuke looks like an angel when he naps, his face is rested, lips slightly parted: Naruto is totally okay with just looking at this teme.

• Sasuke has been caught sleeping with Naruto’s jacket. It shall not be mentioned. Neither should it be mentioned that he woke up blushy and calling out for Naruto, because shut up, that’s why.

• Sasuke is a cranky asshole when he doesn’t get his naps, but refuses to admit or allow anyone to tell him he needs a nap.

• When Naruto is really tired and stressed, Sasuke will make him take a hot shower and then let Naruto drape himself on Sasuke, wedged between his legs. It’s comfy, more then he will say. Naruto will fall asleep almost instantly, the safe and sound type vibe is overwhelming and he always has peaceful dreams like this.

• ^ secret: Sasuke loves this, its both tending to Naruto as well as self healing. This calm contact and rest is just natural and his mind always goes real quiet.

• Sasuke will not tolerate being called an old man because he likes napping. He will fight you.

• and win. Except that one time with Sakura but that “doesn’t count.” Because he wasn’t “even trying.”

• Sasuke will sigh, say he’s done enough and go home to nap

• Sasuke will grab Naruto’s hand in any given situation and drag him off to napping time, it will take a war to convince him of doing otherwise.

• Bonus: Naruto likes his sleepy boyfriend a lot.

20 Types of People in University/ College

In every educational setting, you will come across certain types of people. 

At some point, we’ve been one or the other.

Here’s a list of the types of people you’ll meet, or probably already know.


This is the person that you never see over-socialising. They keep to themselves and are usually always very nice and helpful. 


This person lives for the sole purpose of flaunting their achievements in everyones faces. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this person.


Seriously, where are you the rest of the academic year? The thing is, these people somehow manage to pass and show up a couple of times the next year, only to disappear again.




This person is usually playing angry birds.





This person right here deserves some kind of medal or award. If you’ve been doing the whole early-morning-class thing for a while, then you know it takes effort to look semi-presentable for a class scheduled at 8:30AM; especially when you’re running on 4 hour sleep.


This person has his/her shit together. They seem to be in total control of everything. 




I’ve been that person. Because comfort comes first.



This person knows everyone on the premises. I don’t know how, but they do. Its very unsettling when you’re the type of person that can’t keep up with 3 friendships.





We’ve all procrastinated and ended up doing something in the last minute. For some people, its a lifestyle. If it works for you, then who are we to judge?

adhd richie tozier bc im projecting:

  • stops listening a lot bc he just stops paying attention. its never usually during something important but one of the losers will be like “richie? rich!!!” and his eyes snap over to them and he goes “huh?” and they smile fondly while shaking their head and then repeating what they were talking about
  • hes always doing like 4 things at once. bill walked into his room once and noticed richie sitting on his bed w headphones on, surrounded by 4 different books, and also watching the tv. how does he do it
  • “eds have u seen my glasses???? i cant find them??” “richie theyre on ur head” like 6 times a day
  • once the losers club were building (another) dam in the barrens and it was going really well, they might not get in trouble this time, but then ben looked over bc he noticed one person missing and richie was standing off to the side seeing how many shards he could snap a piece of wood into. he continued doing this for like 15 minutes before seamlessly transitioning to stacking stones in a tower for an hour
  • HES ALWAYS FUCKIN TALKING and always yelling subconsciously? richie tozier doesnt know what an indoor voice is. he doesnt have one. hes very loud especially when hes excited or happy!!! he’ll be talking about something he thinks is cool and his rambling speeds up and gets progressively louder the more interested he gets and the losers try not to interrupt him bc he’s happy but sometimes they have to tell him to quiet down bc its late and hes yelling again
  • he also laughs rlly loud but everyone thinks its adorable and it really is. he’s so pure

i have many Thoughts and ur gonna hear them whether or not you want to (and before anyone gets pissy, yes, I’m autistic and i’m not IDing out of my ability)

this is probs gonna be very disorganized bc i have no actual train of thought

  • Mythomagic was Nico’s S.I. for a long time
    • he got really fucking good at it too
  • the aviator jacket is a weight/pressure stim
  • his people skills are “rusty” because how was he supposed to know that no one wanted to know that.  its not like anyone told him
  • McDonald’s Happy Meals are a food hyperfixation
    • particularly the nuggets
  • prefers the shadows because why is the light so damn bright
  • cracks to the Underworld happen when he has a meltdown
  • is quiet a lot because he goes nonverbal
  • sensory overloads and backs away/straight up leaves
  • growing up he always knew that the other kids were different from him
    • they bullied him and picked on him because of this
  • separated himself from kids his age, only really connecting with Bianca
  • becomes distressed when Percy comes and turns his life upside down
    • “this isn’t how it’s always been, Bianca…”
    • “i know, but you can get through this.  I’m right here.”
  • cannot handle it when Bianca dies
    • she was the only thing that was still constant in the shifting of his life
  • years later Percy approaches Annabeth with concerns about how distant Nico always is
  • Annabeth watches and observes Nico and puts the pieces together
  • eventually she decides to talk to Nico about it, without being obvious about it
    • she explains it gently
  • Nico gets angry and storms off
  • eventually he calms down and starts to do research of his own
    • “…not like i sleep anyway…”
  • when he begins to research he starts to understand more about himself
    • “wait…that’s why I feel like that?”
  • eventually he becomes more confident in this fact about himself and talks to the group
    • “hey, can you guys maybe tone down….everything around me?  it hurts my head”
    • everyone is rly supportive and try their best to be gentle around nico
  • leo starts focusing on inventing new stim objects just for Nico
    • neither of them say anything about it, but nico will make small doodles of various things he knows that leo likes in payment
  • nico is touch averse until he is very comfortable
    • it took 3 months of dating will before he’d allow will to touch him
  • he wears similar outfits because he cant stand the feeling of most fabrics
    • sensory hell
  • will gives nico various tips and tools to help him when he starts to feel overloaded
    • “focus on something that’s stable, count backwards from 100,…”

and that’s…it for now


‘  it is only once in awhile that you see someone whose electricity and presence matches your at that moment.  ’
‘  we could have been happy. i know that, and it is perhaps the hardest thing to know.  ’
‘  i mean, i hope you’re happy, but the sky is still the sky without you and i’m not surprised by that anymore.  ’
‘  that didn’t happen, of course. things never happened the way i imagined them.  ’
‘  we need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken.  ’
‘  i still catch myself feeling sad about things that don’t matter anymore.  ’
‘  i used to think i was tough, but then i realized i wasn’t. i was fragile and i wore thick fucking armor. and i hurt people so they couldn’t hurt me. and i thought that was what being tough was, but it isn’t.  ’
‘  perhaps one did not want to be loved as much as to be understood.  ’
‘  i tried so hard to be everything you wanted, i forgot who i was.  ’
‘  is anyone anywhere happy?  ’
‘  we didn’t talk about anything heavy or light.  ’
‘  we were just there together and that was enough.  ’
‘  i looked and looked at you and i knew, as clearly as i know that i will die, that i loved you more than anything i had ever seen or imagined on earth.  ’
‘  you think ‘okay, i get it, i’m prepared for the worst,’ but you hold out that small hope, see, and that’s what fucks you up. that’s what kills you.  ’
‘  i belong to moments. not to people.  ’
‘  loving you was the easiest thing i ever did, even when it was hard, it was easy. loving you was like breathing.  ’
‘  the you who you are tonight is the same you i was in love with yesterday. the same you i’ll be in love with tomorrow.  ’
‘  i’ve seen a lot of beautiful things with a heavy heart.  ’
‘  but the heart has its own memory and i have forgotten nothing.  ’
‘  after awhile you could get used to anything.  ’
‘  i crave a dangerous kind of love – one that breaks hearts and bed springs.  ’
‘  just because you love someone, that doesn’t mean your lives will fit together.  ’
‘  there is so much stubborn hope in the human heart.  ’
‘  be patient with me. my heart is heavy.  ’
‘  my heart talks about nothing but you.  ’
‘  i want you by my side so that i never feel alone again.  ’
‘  i think too much. i don’t feel enough.  ’
‘  i might confess that it’s you i love.  ’
‘  maybe some things aren’t supposed to last. maybe they mean more that way.  ’
‘  i was supposed to be having the time of my life.  ’
‘  i hope i’ll always believe in love even if love shames me and tries to destroy me. i’ll hope i’ll want to start again.  ’
‘  what does it mean to mourn what never happened?  ’
‘  i’m awfully difficult but i do know when i love someone and i’ve loved you ever since i can remember.  ’
‘  the sad truth is that the truth is sad and that what you want does not matter.  ’
‘  you can’t leave yet. i’m not finished falling in love with you.  ’
‘  i’m not sorry for who i had to become in order to survive.  ’
‘  i didn’t necessarily feel like dying, but i’d been feeling a lot like not being alive.  ’
‘  with me, you’re number one and there isn’t even a number two.  ’
‘  you shouldn’t miss people who don’t miss you, right?  ’
‘  i tried so hard to be everything you wanted, i forgot who i was.  ’
‘  do you know how hard it is to say nothing? when every atom of you strains to do the opposite?  ’
‘  our only kiss was like an accident – a beautiful gasoline rainbow.  ’
‘  that’s what’s so damn difficult about making the decision to leave. whether it’s the right or wrong call, it hurts just the same.  ’
‘  everybody should have to love, and it should last as long as your life does.  ’
‘  loving you was the easiest thing i ever did. even when it was hard, it was easy. loving you was like breathing.  ’
‘  i love you. i don’t always understand you, but i love you.  ’
‘  how do you go back to being strangers with someone who has seen your soul?  ’
‘  break my heart. break it a thousand times if you like. it was only ever yours to break anyway.  ’
‘  just so you know, i fucking loved you. i fucking loved the daylights out of you.  ’
‘  i hope you find someone you can’t live without. i really do. and i hope you never have to know what it’s like to try and live without them.  ’
‘  i think we almost loved each other, but the only thing i was sure about is that almost wasn’t good enough.  ’
‘  of course i miss you. one minute you were here and now you’re gone. even if i didn’t love you, i’d miss you. and i loved the fuck out of you.  ’
‘  people don’t always get what they deserve in this world.  ’
‘  what if you find your soulmate at the wrong time?  ’
‘  you drink a little too much and try a little too hard and you go home to a cold bed and think, ‘that was fine.’ and your life is a long line of fine.  ’
‘  i was so fucking soft for you and you ruined me.  ’
‘  time will pass; these moods will pass; and i will, eventually, be myself again.  ’
‘  and i’m over it, i’m over it, i promise i’m over it. but it still hurts sometimes.  ’
‘  ‘almost’ is the worst way to love someone.  ’
‘  i don’t know what i think. all i know is that most of the time i would rather be with you than anyone else i know.  ’
‘  you are pretty much the only thing that makes me get up in the morning.  ’
‘  what did my fingers do before i held you? what did my heart do with its love?  ’
‘  it has been a beautiful fight. still is.  ’
‘  stop insisting on clearing your head – clear your fucking heart instead.  ’
‘  too often, the only escape is sleep.  ’
‘  it’s necessary for me sometimes just to be alone and quiet and doing nothing.  ’
‘  you have a place in my heart no one else ever could have.  ’
‘  i do love you – i can’t change that.  ’
‘  come and kiss me and let’s forget.  ’
‘  i don’t ask you to love me always like this, but i ask you to remember.  ’
‘  somewhere inside of me there will always be the person i am tonight.  ’
‘  i used to build dreams about you.  ’
‘  i love you so much, much, much that it just hurts every minute i’m with you.  ’
‘  sometimes people just want to be happy, even if it’s not real.  ’
‘  every nerve in my body could be damaged or numb and i’d still be able to feel you.  ’
‘  i may be in pain, but i am not weak.  ’
‘  you look like a dream i’ve never had before.  ’
‘  you can live a good life without ever knowing real love.  ’
‘  you are as real as anyone, and your doubts make you more real, not less.  ’
‘  the one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person.  ’
‘  the only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open.  ’
‘  it’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. we have no scar to show for happiness.  ’
‘  just for the record, the weather today is calm and sunny, but the air is full of bullshit.  ’
‘  just for the record, the weather today is partly suspicious with chances of betrayal.  ’
‘  just for the record, the weather today is bitter with occasional bits of jealous rage.  ’
‘  the weather today is partly angry, leading to resignation and ultimatums.  ’
‘  for the record, knowing when people are only pretending to like you isn’t such a great skill to have.  ’

After EU

It’s been a year since I graduated from Elsewhere University. There are things they warn you about at orientation. Carry salt and iron at all times, never say please or thank you, and don’t bet anything you can’t bear to part with. They don’t warn you about how hard it is to leave. 

Probably because so few of us do. Out of my entering class of 1000, only 300 of us are graduating four years later. Maybe 100 of us will return later, unable to live with the mundane. Most of those who escape are science majors, of course.

I was a tiny bit too adventurous to pick a science major. So I was a Spanish and Econ double major. Spanish for love and Econ for money; I always got a chuckle out of that. Which means that I was somewhat safe from the Gentry, but only somewhat. I made sure to always have my salt, iron, and towel (you should always know where your towel is), to never stray off the paths, and to find loopholes in agreements with the best of them. I had my quiet corner of the library, where time always passed at exactly half its normal rate and no one disturbed me as long as I read my Spanish Lit Homework out loud. Sometimes when whoever listened was particularly pleased, I’d find a smooth stone or bell afterwards. My time at EU was uneventful, at least by EU standards. I was prepared for it.

No one warned me about leaving. I wasn’t prepared for the strange looks I get when I carry a salt packet around with me everywhere I go (I feel naked without it now). I wasn’t prepared to get glares from passers-by when I leave cups of creamer on benches and to be called a litterbug by children. I wasn’t prepared for the pages upon pages of contracts to download an app, nor for the panic attack the one time I just pressed accept. (What did I just give away???) I wasn’t prepared for my family to insist I see a therapist, or for the diagnosis of OCD.

EU was strange and often terrifying, but at least it had rules that you could follow to stay safe (most of the time). When I left, I swore I would never come back, but…..


take me higher

nobody else can take me higher / nobody else

Summary: Post-season one. Victor’s past and the things he lacked, and his present with the things he’s gained.

Word Count: 13,869

A/N: This fic has been banging on the doors to be written since January, and now I’ve finally gotten it done. It’s basically an in-depth study on Victory’s motivations, his past, and what he wants with Yuuri moving forward. I’m not used to writing things longer than 5k, so hopefully y’all enjoy!

You can also find this posted on AO3.

The first time Victor remembers meeting Irina Fyodorova, she is a stranger to him: the woman in photobooks in his father’s study, worn and forgotten where he’d kept them in the bottom drawer of his large oaken desk. Victor finds them on his own when he is four or five, sneaking into his father’s study without permission. The memory is vague—long ago as it is, but something of it remains with him anyway. He recalls the heavy smell of cedar and dust that rises from the drawer, heavy and stuck on the frame that fights against its opening. It grates wood on wood, and the pictures appear to have been thrown inside, piled and crumpled and grey, her face colorless and caught in stills that try so hard to trap her there. So when he meets her only a few months later, he knows her face because he has seen it in those photos; but in front of him she is surreal, and unfamiliar, and he cannot comprehend quite how he is supposed to know her as his mother.

It never really changes the more they meet over the years. He grows older, and she becomes less intimidating, alien, unreal. She calls him ‘Vitya’; he calls her ‘Mama.’ He knows intellectually what she is to him, but Victor can never quite feel as though he really knows her. They live separate lives: changing and growing in their time apart. It’s a distance he feels that he can never really breach, a strangeness in a mother he only sees once every few months in a year. She will always, no matter how well he knows her, be a stranger he cannot fully understand.  

In an odd way how he feels about his mother is not so different now from how he feels towards the city of St. Petersburg.

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(hello, yes, im turtle garbage and i like leaving this jerk confused cus i love him and its late)

You’re sitting on a far corner of the couch in the lair, away from the boys who currently are ogling some hot chick on TV. Which wasn’t all that abnormal, but with the funk you currently are in, it’s just grating on your nerves. No one notices really, because, well, you’re always quiet. So, who knew the difference between sulking and just sitting there?

The whole reason you were in this slump to begin with was a simple cut on your cheek from training with master splinter. You were always distracted, never wanted to talk to him about it as he offered, but you always thought about it and over thought on it. Mikey had been the only one to even mention it when the group had gotten back from patrol, and innocently he’d kissed it ‘to make it better’. Which under normal circumstances, would have been a cute gesture. However, you’d had about thirty minutes of self-seclusion to over think on it and the current TV situation was just adding fuel to the flame. And then that was it, you snapped.

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This is just a tiny little Jeddy drabble for @shiftylinguini because I blame her entirely for all my feelings and my obsession with Teddy and James and because she is freaking awesome.  Based on this amazing art by @potter-art

Teddy tugged on the jersey he was wearing almost self consciously.  He wasn’t used to wearing James’s clothing.  Not that he disliked it, not on principle.  He liked the way they smelled like James, sort of musky and crisp; the way they reminded him of him.  The problem was just that James wore his clothing quite a bit tighter than Teddy did to begin with, and while he wasn’t that much smaller than him, just a few inches really, it was enough to make a difference.  It was enough that Teddy felt a bit silly in it because it was just, well tight.

James was always stealing Teddy’s clothing.  He’d come home to find him lounging around in his favorite Weird Sisters shirt and joggers.  James would just shrug as if it was nothing, pretending to be reading the Prophet but Teddy knew the truth.  He just knew that James knew exactly what it did to Teddy to see him in his clothing, especially that outfit.  Everything about it was just so unlike James, so casual and loose fitting, the joggers hanging low on his hips and the legs so long his feet barely peeked out when he’d pad across the room to envelop Teddy in a hug.   And the shirt was just big enough that hung off to one side, exposing the sharp angles of James’ collar bone.   It made something strong and sharp ache in Teddy’s chest practically screaming he’s mine.  

It made Teddy feel possessive and out of control and desperate.  So yeah, when James wore Teddy’s clothing they never exactly stayed on James very long. 

So really, Teddy is used to James wearing his clothing.  What he isn’t used to is wearing James’s clothing.  Except that today when he’d gone to get dressed something had come over him.  He couldn’t explain it really, he’d been getting ready to head to the Potter’s house for Sunday dinner, picking out his clothing while listening to James singing off key in the shower, and something had tightened in his chest and before he’d even consciously decided to do it he’d found himself opening up the other side of the wardrobe and pulling out James’s old jersey.  He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he’d wanted to know, wanted to see if James felt the same way, if he would react the same way Teddy did.

Except standing there in the middle of their flat waiting for James to get ready, he feels a weird sort of nervousness creeping over him.  He knows it’s silly of course, its only James and even if he doesn’t end up hot and bothered like Teddy always does its not as if he would tease him about it later.  

Teddy can’t explain why it feels important, why he feels like he has to know how James will react.  He tries to quiet the small voice in the back of his head whispering that he wants to feel owned by James. 

He doesn’t have too long to dwell on his thoughts though because just then James is striding out of the bedroom, making a joke about how they’re always the last ones to arrive to dinner when he looks up and sees Teddy.  Teddy’s mouth goes dry and he has to stop himself from crossing the room and shoving James up against the wall, because James is wearing Teddy’s old school jacket.  It doesn’t even fit him anymore, he’d grown a few more inches after graduating and the jacket is too snug to be comfortable anymore, at least on him.  But he’ kept it for nostalgic reasons, not having any idea how much James would take it wearing it. It fits James like it was made for him.

He’s so caught up in his own reactions to seeing James in his own jacket that it takes him a moment to realize that James is standing right in front of him, his hands nearly shaking as they cup Teddy’s face.  And there it is again, that feeling inside of his chest like he’s falling and flying all at once.  

“Teddy,” James whispers, and his voice is so quiet, its so unlike the James he is used to that it takes a moment for Teddy to realize that it’s because of the jersey.  Oh.  Oh.

And then James’s mouth is on his, and its not desperate or wild like Teddy expected, its solid and warm and safe.  Teddy’s toes nearly curl as James gets as close to him as possible, his hands finding their way into Teddy’s hair like they always do, whimpering as he touches and kisses him everywhere he can reach.

Teddy is eternally grateful that James has backed him up against the wall, not sure he could remain upright on his own.  He feels almost dizzy, his legs feel weak, and everything in his entire universe seems centered on the man in front of him.  

Teddy hadn’t known, hadn’t realized what it would feel like to make someone lose control like this.  It makes him feel both powerful and powerless and he loses himself in the sounds James makes, the way he feels and the way he tastes.

It isn’t long before all the clothes are piled on the floor, the jersey peeking out from beneath the jacket in a haphazard pile.  It’s then that Teddy realizes the different clothing isn’t his clothes or James’s clothes, its theirs.

bitesizedwizard  asked:

BTS what they'd do for a first date.


His first date would be relaxed and a way for the two of you to just hang out together to really get a feel of how the other is in that setting. He’d take you to do something very fun and nothing fancy that could be seen as intimidating like mini golf. It’d be a good way to laugh and joke around while still being close enough to make it flirty. He’d buy you cheap food that might not be the best thing you’ve ever tasted, but really can you go wrong with a corn dog and lemonade? As the date would go on and it got colder he would stand closer to you, give you his arm as you walked form hole to hole and if you were having troubles he’d even wrap his arms around you to show you just how its done. 

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You’d know upon him asking you that music was everything so you wouldn’t be surprised when he took you to see live music at a restaurant. He’d say you two were going for the music but staying for the food. Though he knew it would be somewhat loud in the restaurant with the music he knew it would give you two a reason to sit closer in the booth and whisper things in each others ears. He’d suggest beers for you to try and as the two of you were finishing up your meals and were almost to stuffed to talk he’d slip his arm over the back of the booth and over your shoulders, now touching your shoulder to slightly bring you in every time he wanted to say something. He wouldn’t be extremely forward with the touching, just enough to get your attention and to let you know he was having a great time. 

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He’d take you somewhere he could really get to know you at, thats why the aquarium would be perfect. Its quiet and intimate enough to really be able to walk next to someone and for what ever reason, fish always seem to bring out the best stories about ones past. There would always be something to talk about, wether it be the seahorses in front of you or that one time your parents took you to the beach and you got stung by a jelly fish. He would make sure the two of you would go through it slowly, really looking at everything and reading off the descriptions to one another. When it came to the hands on stingray pool he’d buy a handful of food and help you feed them, placing your hand in his as he watched your excited expressions. Before the date was done he’d make sure to take you to the gift shop and would pick out a plushy of the creature you seemed to care for the most, buying it and then surprising you with it when the date was over. 

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He would want to do something that would keep the both of you laughing non stop, so why not go to a karaoke bar? He’d take you there early enough that the singing hadn’t started yet so the two of you could order and get settled. He wouldn’t force you to sing but he’d get up there multiple times to sing and dance to update songs making sure you were practically on the floor laughing. If you wanted to sing something too he’d join you and the two of you would try to be as serious as you could through the laughing. When that got old he’d take you for a walk, holding your hand lightly and smiling nonstop at the conversations the two of you were having. He’d give you his jacket if you were cold, stop and get you something warm to drink and by the time you two had decided to make your way home your cheeks would have been so sore from all the smiling the two of you would have been doing. 

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Jimin would be a little more traditional with his first date choice. He’d pick you up at 6 and take you to a fancy dinner, but though the date was basic nothing else would be. He’d suggest you picking what he eats and him picking for you without telling one another, crazy stories would be told and when dinner was done you would even start dancing on the empty space in front of the band causing more older people to join in. You’d soon catch on that this dinner was more than a game than something serious. How much trouble two kids could get into without getting kicked out of the restaurant. It would be fun and flirty and the food would be amazing, not to mention he was probably able to slip in a sweet short kiss here and there.

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He wouldn’t have something to set plan. Instead he’d take you somewhere he knew had beautiful scenery, live a Botanical Garden or something along the lines of that. If you were hungry he’d take you to a food truck and as the two of you ate you’d walk around and take pictures of one another doing aesthetically pleasing things. The two of you would walk around with your arms linked looking around at the simple yet breath taking scenery. There wouldn’t be a whole lot to do other than walking around together but all that would mean was there was more than enough time to just talk and get to know one another in a better way than before the two of you decided to go on this date. 

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Though probably not the best at planning dates he definitely knew what would be fun. He’d purchase tickets to a sporting even, and as he picked you up and tossed the jersey for the team the two of you would be cheering for he’d chuckle shyly. The two of you would sit in the stands together, get stadium food, cheer loud and high five and hug as things went well. He would constantly be asking you if it was okay and if he did the right thing in taking you to a game, but it was actually alot more fun then you thought you would have had. It would also be one of those dates that ended up back at one of your houses, where a the tv would be turned on and the two of you would drink a beer while talking nonstop. 

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