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What Are Friends For - Buttercream Imagine

A/N omg I love your writing!! could you do one where you’re best friends/neighbours with the Maynards/Josh and you and your boyfriend get into a massive fight leading to a breakup and they hear everything(even though the rest of the boys are over)and comfort you

“Can you hear shouting?” Joe asked. The boys all went quiet trying to figure out where it was coming from. 
“Its the neighbour again. Sounds like her boyfriend is round” Josh commented with Conor and Jack agreeing. They always knew when Y/N’S boyfriend came round something big would happen meaning a long night of arguments. 
“He’s always starting shit with her” Conor added.
“Why doesn’t she just leave him then?” Caspar asked with a confused tone. If it was only that simple. 
“She’s tried but every time he’s beaten her and arguments continue. He locks her in the apartment so she can’t escape” Jack replied. Normally after an argument Y/N would go round the Maynards/Pieters apartment as they would cheer her up and make sure she is ok. They were good friends. They all looked out for one another. However, there was nothing they could do until he left and at this moment in time the shouting and screaming kept on getting worse.
“Will you just stop” Y/N Shouted with fear in her voice. The sound of glass hitting the wall moved through the boys apartment. 
“You’re a worthless piece of shit you arent even special i cannot be bothered with a stupid little girl anymore” The boyfriend shouted with a laugh in his voice and with that the sound slamming door filled the room and quietness afterwards. 

“I take it its over?” Oli broke the silence with Jack nodding, moving out his seat walking to the door. “Back in a minute” This was a normal process for Jack. Once he knew the boyfriend (well now ex) had left the building Jack would go round and bring Y/N back. Conor and Josh let him do it because they thought he took a liking to Y/N. They thought he could be the knight in shining armour. Jack soon appeared back in the front room with a timid girl standing behind him. 

“Guys this is Y/N” Jack introduced Y/N while she gave a small smile. “Don’t worry these guys are harmless they cant hurt a fly” Jack laughed guiding her to the sofa. Joe, Caspar, Oli and Mikey introduced themselves one by one and you could see she started to feel more at ease with the environment. 
“Here you go” She flinched as Josh handed her a cup of tea.
“Its ok, you’re safe here remember that” Jack rubbed her back comforting her.
“So why haven’t we seen you before then Y/N?” Mikey asked making friendly conversation.
“They want to hide me away” Y/N giggled causing Jack, Conor and Josh to scoff. 
“We would do no such thing!” Josh laughed. “You guys just aren’t available when Y/N is”
“We should change that you seem lovely” Joe commented with a smile. Conor started to smirk over at Jack as he gave Joe a glare. Obviously someone had a crush. 
“Are you all youtubers then?” Y/N asked wanting to get to know the other guys. “Yes we are that’s how we all became friends” Caspar smiled. 
“Remind me to take a look at your channels then” Y/N smiled. 
“You have a nice smile you know that?” Oli complimented Y/N causing her to blush. 
“stoppppp” Y/N said dragging out the p. Changing the subject off her (thanks to Oli) “Put some of your videos on, i want to watch them”. For the next hour or so Y/N got to watch the some of the boys videos and she couldn’t stop laughing. At one point she was even crying with laughter.
“Oh god, my cheeks hurt, you guys are hilarious” She said trying not to smile anymore but failing miserably.
“At least you have a good sense of humour!” 
“Of course i do” Y/N defended herself with pride. The boys found out that Y/N had a lot of independence, good humour, conversation skills and was herself and they loved it. They loved how she went through so much shit and she still could hold it together. You could tell they were all going to be good friends. 

As the night came to a close the other guys left and now it was only the 4 of them left. Going back onto the subject which brought Y/N over in the first place.
“You need to clean them cuts, make sure they don’t get infected” Conor said grabbing the antibiotic wipes and passing them to Jack. Jack started to clean the wounds causing Y/N to hiss in pain. Once again this became a regular thing. No one actually spoke about what happened because they didn’t Y/N to relive it so they dodged it as much as they could.
“Please don’t go back to him” Jack mumbled making sure Josh and Conor didn’t hear. “If you feel like he’s going to come back just come here. You know where the spare key is. I don’t like seeing you get hurt” Y/N nodded 
“You guys are amazing you know that, especially you ” Jack smiled. 

“We’re all here for you, especially me” 


Title: CAGED

Chapters: Unknown at the moment. I don’t even know if I’ll continue this, it depends on how much you want this story to have more than one part.

Genres: mafia!au Yoongi, smut (later on if I continue this) 

The transparent sound of silence that falls over the mansion is slightly suffocating. But what’s new? The place has been like this since its owner moved in.

Always quiet, always intimidating, much like Min Yoongi himself. He is the man who owns this imperial mansion among other things. He is like a dimly lit room when the sun is up and shining. He’s surrounded by darkness but you can still see a light inside him and that’s only because he chooses to show it.

His aura is always the same, even now while sitting at his desk, looking through files and folders and trying to take care of things that most people would find shocking. As soon as the serious atmosphere in the office is broken by the creak of the enormous yet elegant door Yoongi clicks his tongue. Not because it bothered him, he just doesn’t want to see or talk to anybody.

The person that entered the room, a blond man in a somewhat casual suit and not older than 25 years old, silently made his way to Yoongi’s black polished desk. The man behind the desk did not move an inch, still focused on reading some of the files he was busy with.

Despite the leather seats in front of him, the guy who entered the office chose not to sit down. And he stayed like that for a good five minutes until he heard a sigh coming from his boss.

“What is it?” Yoongi’s voice broke the silence, his tone as calm and gentle as a sea breeze. No one can really tell what he’s feeling based on his voice and no one tries anymore. He’s impossible to read.

“We found one more.” his visitor replied shortly.

“Just one? I think you should explain why you’re here with just one picture. Do I look like I have time to check out just one girl every five minutes? Just leave the picture on the desk and I’ll look at it when you come back with more options.” Yoongi’s words were firm and the man in front of him bowed, left the picture on desk as he was told and turned to leave. He did not try to explain why he showed up with just one picture even if he was asked to do that. He knows that request wasn’t an encouragement for him to actually explain.

As the guy who disturbed his boss got closer to the door, Yoongi picked up his papers, ready to go back to work not even realising that he let his eyes wonder for a split second.


The blond stopped completely, hand on the door’s handle. For some reason the guy turned his head around despite the fact that he wasn’t told to look back. To his surprise he found the picture he brought in his boss’ hand and his eyes were glued to it.

“What’s her name?”

At that moment the guy knew that he doesn’t need to look for girls anymore because Yoongi found her. He knew that solely based on the question he was just asked and that’s because Yoongi asks questions only when something or someone truly interests him.

“It is Y/N, sir.”

It’s been said already but Yoongi indeed owns a lot of things and it looks like he just found something else he wants to own. You.

He won’t care about your family, your friends, heck, he won’t even care about your boyfriend if you have one. He will find you and if all hell breaks loose just because he wants to have you then he won’t care about that either.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this. Also, don’t think this is a full chapter. I could’ve made this longer but I don’t know if people will take a liking to this story or not so I didn’t want to write a lot and then find out that it was for nothing. Please don’t hesitate to correct me on any grammatical mistakes you find though. I try not to make mistakes but I’m not a native english speaker so yeah.. Anyway, please tell me if you want more and I’ll be happy to oblige.


The Audition Meme: 6teen Edition (inspired by x.)

BTS Reaction Of You Working At A Library


Not the job he’d imagine you having. He wouldn’t seem suprised though. A small and quiet job would seem perfect with your shy and sweet nature. He’d sometimes go and visit you there to take a break from his noisy dorm.


Doesn’t really care. Would be the one to listen to music with you at the desk. Likes to go there mostly because its quiet. Usually is there to work. Would mostly chill with you when you’re not busy


The one to fall asleep while waiting for you to get off work. Plays around in the library. The only reason why the library isn’t quiet. He would be the one to play with the kids. He’s always talking to someone, it can be any age. Is always following you around.


Be scared to come over because he doesn’t want to break anything. Teaches the children english words in the back. Cutely tries to help you put books back. The one to accidentally rip the paper backs. Reads for entertainment while he waits to take you home.


Loud, very loud. spends most of his time entertaining the kids (puppet shows, story time, goofing around, etc.). You have to ask him several times to be quiet. The one to start dancing, randomly, in the middle of the library.


Stares at you while you do paperwork. The main attraction to girls. Plays around while you put books away. Just very distracting…


Very quiet. Only plays around with you when he knows you’re bored too. He’s almost always there even though its obvious he’s bored. Mostly plays in the kids room.

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(hello, yes, im turtle garbage and i like leaving this jerk confused cus i love him and its late)

You’re sitting on a far corner of the couch in the lair, away from the boys who currently are ogling some hot chick on TV. Which wasn’t all that abnormal, but with the funk you currently are in, it’s just grating on your nerves. No one notices really, because, well, you’re always quiet. So, who knew the difference between sulking and just sitting there?

The whole reason you were in this slump to begin with was a simple cut on your cheek from training with master splinter. You were always distracted, never wanted to talk to him about it as he offered, but you always thought about it and over thought on it. Mikey had been the only one to even mention it when the group had gotten back from patrol, and innocently he’d kissed it ‘to make it better’. Which under normal circumstances, would have been a cute gesture. However, you’d had about thirty minutes of self-seclusion to over think on it and the current TV situation was just adding fuel to the flame. And then that was it, you snapped.

Not in a psychotic way, but you’d simply had enough and spoke up in a snotty tone.

“You would like a slutty girl like that.”

All four boys looked over at you with mild surprise. Even Donny who wasn’t even paying attention to the TV.

“What?” Leo asked, clearly confused why you would say something like that at all.

You scrunched your nose and showed some teeth in disgust at the situation,
“I dunno, it just is so typical. You and Raph are the type of guys who would only pay attention to hour glass bodies in too-tight-too-short dresses.” None of them said anything but exchanged confused looks.
In the whole year and a half your homeless ass had crashed with them, never had you sounded so disgusted or annoyed, and that includes the time Mikey knocked you into a pool of sewage while trying to teach you how to navigate down there.

You huffed in annoyance and gripped at the sleeves of your high school hoody. It was a small comfort when you had nothing, it had always been so soft on the inside and warm enough to keep the chill off.
“Guys always look at girls like that, the ones who look like they’d sleep with any one given half a chance.”

“Well aren’t you pissy.” Raph spoke up, he sounded more amused with your irritation than angry, but you could hear the small bit of it that dared you to direct anything at him. So, you did. Of corse. After all, he was why you were pissy any way.

“Oh Jesus Christ Raph, you have fucking comics and magazines and posted of half-naked chicks like that all over. Of course, I’m pissy!” There it was, the shift from amused to angry. It was plain as day on his face, but buttons must be pushed.
“I mean, hell, I get it. Your strong and built for a chick like that. I know you’ve never been to a high school, just you really are a Jock at heart. You deserve a dumb ass cheerleader. I mean, hell, I’ve seen you watch April, and she’s pretty close. Tiny waist, nice hips. Too bad she doesn’t have the boobs your posters do, or I bet you’d make an enemy out of Donny real quick.”

Clearly agitated, you half pulled your hair, half scratched at your scalp. Yeah, half of this was jealousy, but it really was annoying to constantly be reminded of what you can never look like. You had a shape similar to them, but it came with a whole lot of extra. At least to you it seemed that way. Usually you just hid it under your hoody and cargo pants though. Baggy clothes could hide anything if you tried hard enough. But it wasn’t just that, you were in no way the pretty girl every guy wanted; even a mutated one. You hated the feeling of makeup, couldn’t even afford it if you wanted it, never really did anything with your hair, weren’t exactly stupid, but definitely weren’t smart enough to make up for how you looked either.

Mikey and Donny had eased away from the about-to-be-fight, leaving poor Leo to squish himself into the couch as best he could. They all knew Raph wouldn’t start a fight with you, but it was awkward to be around, especially since 99% of the time you were the compliant one and hardly argued with anything or anyone ever. Leo was clearly dying on the inside and at a loss at what to do or say and it was too late to get up and move away from between the two of you or he’d get stuck in the cross hair somehow.

“And you know me so well do ya?” Raph had his hands clutched but you didn’t notice, you were focused on the stare down between the two of you.

“I know your type.”

“My type!?” His hollering caused the sensitive TV to lose its vertical hold, “I have a type!? Look at me! I’m not a fucking Jock, I’m a god damned turtle!”

“Human, Turtle, Still the same thing. Both are dicks who only care about how someone looks.”

“Are you serious right now!?”

Raph had only meant to move the table out of the way but managed to flip the whole thing over in his hurried anger. Screw it though, everyone was more or less used to that kind of behavior from him anyway. Or he thought so up until it made you hop to your feet and puff out your chest like you had some kind of chance against him. He could see the fear and anger and complete hurt he didn’t understand and any thought that might have slithered through the back of his mind about knocking you around like his brothers was completely gone. True to form, you wouldn’t back down and he had always liked that in people, even when it was stupid to. He respected it, even from someone who was usually so quiet and self-restrained.

“And what if I wasn’t.” The words poured out more like venom than a real question, which it clearly was rhetorical anyhow, and you hesitated.

And Then everything was silent. Accept the static-y TV still playing the cop show. The three silent brothers exchanged very confused, very quick, glances. There was no way they were missing this… Whatever this was.

Raphael moved a step back, which considering the height difference between the two of you, was a reasonable space really. You hadn’t moved, you hadn’t made a sound, your eyes were just as wide as they could be. Slowly, as if your head would fall off if you moved it to quickly, you looked over at the boys and pointed at their brother,
“…Did… Was that in my head?”

Two head shook ‘no’ while Mikey raised his shoulders, also unsure if he was caught in some weird nightmare where he had to watch his brother kiss girls. He hoped he wasn’t in that nightmare.

Raph, in his smugness, watched your expressions change; Shock, to confusion, quickly to happiness before shifting to anger and betrayal. He didn’t get it, he thought that would fix it but instead you were glaring at him with tears in your eyes.

“What!?” Any smugness that was there was wiped clean. He hated that look. He’d never gotten it before, but he sure as hell hated it.

“Why would you do that.” Your voice was shaking in your attempt not to cry.
“You shouldn’t do that to people you don’t like… It’s wrong!”

In a split second, you’d turned around and hopped over the back of the couch and started towards the door as quickly as you could, scooping your bag up and over your shoulder as you did.

“Wait, where are you going!?” Leo spoke up, completely confused where you were going since you lived on their couch. Logically you couldn’t go home or anything.

“Who cares.”

And then you were gone.

Raph stood in a bit of dumbfounded shock for a moment, arms limp at his sides.

“What was that all about?” Donny chimed in quietly.

Raph threw his arms towards the door angrily and had the most stressed face he could give his brothers,

“Uh… Maybe we should go get her.” Leo offered.

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Imagine napping with Gibbs

This was requested by anon. I hope you like it!

The entire house was silent. Not a single sound, or buzz, or ding. Everything was completely dark, too. All the lights in the entire house had been turned off, except for the tiny night light one in the bathroom. Everything was dark and quiet and calm.

There were very few times where everything could just be quiet for a couple hours, even in the house of a disciplined Marine. But, here it was, completely silent.

Why was it silent you might ask? Well, that would be because its occupant were napping.

If you were to look in through the little window in the front, you would see hidden in the dark of the living room, you and Gibbs napping comfortably on the couch.

Both of you were always so stressed, and your lives always seemed to be in high-gear. So, of course, on the rare day off that you both seemed to have. You snuggled up on the couch, and took a nap together. Limbs tangled into one, chests inhaling and exhaling together in one single swoop, not an inch separating your bodies.

You knew it would not last forever. Eventually you would wake from your gentle slumber. But, for now, you would remain on that couch fast asleep with Gibbs, not a care in the world. It was a beautiful feeling.

With Gibbs’ stressful job as the Special Agent in Charge of his NCIS unit, he was constantly overworked on edge. He needed this, needed to relax and just be with somebody in a comfortable silence for just a little while. He needed to get away. and now he was, and he was flying, soaring high in his soft dreams.

When you finally woke up, you found Gibbs staring at you, a wistful smile lingering upon his lips.

“What?” You giggled

“Nothing,” He shook his head, ignoring your question. His smile remained. There was a quiet pause as he continued looking at you, and you felt like he was boring into your soul, discovering all of your secrets and true emotions. Then, as if snapping out of a trance, his smile widened, “What do you say we order some pizza?”

Some things to remember about the scene where Eren defends Mikasa: 

1- Eren was aware of how delicate his situation was and kept quiet no matter how bad the things that were thrown at him (“monster” “it’s better to kill him” “experiment on him and then dispose of him”), but it was impossible for him to keep silent seeing them throwing accusations at Mikasa. 

2- Eren’s language when he screams “NO!” was very informal, which counts as something very disrespectful and unfavorable coming from someone in his situation, throughout the entire court Eren kept a formal speech until they brought up Mikasa and persisted enough for him to lose it and not care anymore (when he calms down after that he rectifies by using a more respectful term, but point still stands) 

3- Eren sure had things to say to the people present there from the start, but it wasn’t until they brought up Mikasa into it that he couldn’t hold it any longer and decided to let them hear what he had to say which resulted in him getting his ass kicked by captain smurf

4- “I may be a monster”,  he says this not caring about the dangerous consequences it entails, just as long as it keeps Mikasa off the hook 

5- I mean