its always the quiet ones always

  • people: this ship is better!!!
  • others: NO, THIS ship is BETTER!!!
  • more: Uhhhhhhh??? What about this ship???
  • people: nO, this one!!!
  • me, hugging every ship possible to my chest: lmao but have you considered multi-shipping???
Fallout Alternate Abbreviations and Cuss Phrases

OMG = Oh my Ghoul
FFS = Ferals’ Foul Sh*t
TMI = Too Many Institute
LMFAO= Lost My Freakin’ Ammunition,
Officer (or) Last Minuteman
Fetches Alcohol Order
ROTFL = Run Over The Flamin’ Lot
WTF = Where’s The Fatman

‘I don’t give a molerat’s left nut!’
‘You A-bomb!’
'Cult-hole’ [Dunwich Borers ref.]
'Children of Assdom’
'Green as a Supermutant in May’
'Up and Atom, baby!’
'About as secure as a Pulowski’ [i.e. not at all]
'You radsucker!’

So….if Strong joined the Railroad, would that make him…the Green Lantern?

Edit: Thanks for all the likes and reblogs so far. I had no idea this would go down so well! Please, please submit / send your ideas to add to this list! Additional: GTFO= Gunners Throw Frags Over
'Sharper than a Bloodbug’s nose’
'You got a Deathclaw wish?’
'Hotter than an Assaultron’s wink’
'Such a ProDickTron…’
'Sour as Brahmin milk’
'Crazier than a rabid radstag on a rampage’
'FTW = For The 'Wealth!’ (As in Commonwealth).
'FUBAR = Fried Under Bright Atomic Radiation’
'SNAFU = Sanctuary Now A Friggin’ Urinal / …Fantastic Utopia
'TITS = The Institute Talks Sh*t’ (e.g. “Everybody knows TITS”

andreil: flower shop au
  • okay so andrew and neil are neighbors right and neil has two cats that almost never stay in when he’s not home
  • so they’ll wander around the street and everyone knows they belong to that short guy with angry red hair who lives with another much taller cheery guy
  • anyway people are okay with the ugly cats wandering into their yards and chilling and just having fun with other pets
  • but there’s one neighbor who is getting Tired of this shit

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Napping Sasuke:

• Sasuke loves naps and will blow shit up if you bother him during one of them

• Only Naruto may sneak into his bed and cuddle him and pet his hair, if he turns away, you may only spoon.

• if you spoon and he grunts - just leave, he’s being a bratty baby today and ur bothering him.

• Naruto tickles Sasuke once in a blue moon, while he naps. Sometimes he can get a head start and run away from Sasuke before his blushing and giggling is under control, most times, he gets a swift uppercut.

• Napping together is a case of futility. Sasuke hogs all the blankets and pillows. Usually Naruto is just there as a body heater and personal head massager.

• Sasuke will get hot and push Naruto away, then get cold and lay on his whole person.

• Sasuke loves laying his head on Naruto’s chest, listening to his breathing is one of the few things that let him nap when he’s been restless.

• When Naruto wants to nap but Sasuke is bored, he will poke and cuddle and grind and do nearly anything to get the blondes attention without using many words. Pouting always works. Naruto will open one eye, sigh and laugh and mumble “alright, alright.” While nearly body tackling Sasuke. Victory is sweet and Sasuke will always smirk like the little shit he is.

• Sasuke looks like an angel when he naps, his face is rested, lips slightly parted: Naruto is totally okay with just looking at this teme.

• Sasuke has been caught sleeping with Naruto’s jacket. It shall not be mentioned. Neither should it be mentioned that he woke up blushy and calling out for Naruto, because shut up, that’s why.

• Sasuke is a cranky asshole when he doesn’t get his naps, but refuses to admit or allow anyone to tell him he needs a nap.

• When Naruto is really tired and stressed, Sasuke will make him take a hot shower and then let Naruto drape himself on Sasuke, wedged between his legs. It’s comfy, more then he will say. Naruto will fall asleep almost instantly, the safe and sound type vibe is overwhelming and he always has peaceful dreams like this.

• ^ secret: Sasuke loves this, its both tending to Naruto as well as self healing. This calm contact and rest is just natural and his mind always goes real quiet.

• Sasuke will not tolerate being called an old man because he likes napping. He will fight you.

• and win. Except that one time with Sakura but that “doesn’t count.” Because he wasn’t “even trying.”

• Sasuke will sigh, say he’s done enough and go home to nap

• Sasuke will grab Naruto’s hand in any given situation and drag him off to napping time, it will take a war to convince him of doing otherwise.

• Bonus: Naruto likes his sleepy boyfriend a lot.


i have many Thoughts and ur gonna hear them whether or not you want to (and before anyone gets pissy, yes, I’m autistic and i’m not IDing out of my ability)

this is probs gonna be very disorganized bc i have no actual train of thought

  • Mythomagic was Nico’s S.I. for a long time
    • he got really fucking good at it too
  • the aviator jacket is a weight/pressure stim
  • his people skills are “rusty” because how was he supposed to know that no one wanted to know that.  its not like anyone told him
  • McDonald’s Happy Meals are a food hyperfixation
    • particularly the nuggets
  • prefers the shadows because why is the light so damn bright
  • cracks to the Underworld happen when he has a meltdown
  • is quiet a lot because he goes nonverbal
  • sensory overloads and backs away/straight up leaves
  • growing up he always knew that the other kids were different from him
    • they bullied him and picked on him because of this
  • separated himself from kids his age, only really connecting with Bianca
  • becomes distressed when Percy comes and turns his life upside down
    • “this isn’t how it’s always been, Bianca…”
    • “i know, but you can get through this.  I’m right here.”
  • cannot handle it when Bianca dies
    • she was the only thing that was still constant in the shifting of his life
  • years later Percy approaches Annabeth with concerns about how distant Nico always is
  • Annabeth watches and observes Nico and puts the pieces together
  • eventually she decides to talk to Nico about it, without being obvious about it
    • she explains it gently
  • Nico gets angry and storms off
  • eventually he calms down and starts to do research of his own
    • “…not like i sleep anyway…”
  • when he begins to research he starts to understand more about himself
    • “wait…that’s why I feel like that?”
  • eventually he becomes more confident in this fact about himself and talks to the group
    • “hey, can you guys maybe tone down….everything around me?  it hurts my head”
    • everyone is rly supportive and try their best to be gentle around nico
  • leo starts focusing on inventing new stim objects just for Nico
    • neither of them say anything about it, but nico will make small doodles of various things he knows that leo likes in payment
  • nico is touch averse until he is very comfortable
    • it took 3 months of dating will before he’d allow will to touch him
  • he wears similar outfits because he cant stand the feeling of most fabrics
    • sensory hell
  • will gives nico various tips and tools to help him when he starts to feel overloaded
    • “focus on something that’s stable, count backwards from 100,…”

and that’s…it for now

hamiltunes (side b) explained
  • What'd I Miss: thomas jefferson, america's original f*ckboy, is coming home
  • Cabinet Battle #1: turns out independence ain't cheap
  • Take A Break: say yes to this emotional threesome alex
  • Say No To This: you were literally just offered a threesome alex, what are you doing
  • The Room Where It Happens: "maybe my advice from act one was wrong." - aaron burr
  • Schuyler Defeated: it's always the quiet ones who tear sh*t up
  • Cabinet Battle #2: jefferson wants to get cozy with king louis' head
  • Washington On Your Side: burr, jefferson, and madison want washington as their senpai
  • One Last Time: you always remember your first (president)
  • I Know Him: george iii, we broke up years ago. i know john adams isn't perfect, but he's right for right now
  • The Adams Administration: george washington left two songs ago alex, keep it together
  • We Know: why are you telling your enemies your secrets hamilton
  • Hurricane: i've survived worse: a ham-obiography
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: this is why you don't tell your enemies your secrets
  • Burn: eliza looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you
  • Blow Us All Away: philip has his mother's cinnamon roll personality and his father's obsession with honor
  • Stay Alive Reprise: you will never be able to count to ten in french without crying again
  • It's Quiet Uptown: it's unimaginable how hard you are going to cry listening to this
  • The Election Of 1800: thomas jefferson, you are a hypocrite
  • Your Obedient Servant: when did those 20-something males start signing their letters so passive-aggressively in their 40s
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: why can't you ever include your wife in your life alex, let her be part of your last day
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "i survived but i paid for it."
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: eliza got sh*t done and that last harmony is sung by the angels taking her to heaven after 50 years without her hamilton
Bonnie & Clyde: Art Deco

Bonnie & Clyde AU Masterlist

Summary: retirement works out quite well for you and Bucky. 

A/N: I kinda wanted to revisit this one, I enjoyed writing it a lot and well, I just wanted something sweet and smutty ;) Enjoy! x

Notes: Smut, fluff, some swearing, just a whole lotta sweetness. 

Originally posted by rohgers

“You’re outshining the sun, as always, my Queen”

You squinted against the sun, even with your sunglasses on, it was always as bright as could be on these sands.

You giggled trying to sit up in your way too comfortable beach bed, but Bucky kneeled next to you, pushing you back with a bright smile.

“Don’t get up, darling. Let me enjoy the view a while longer” he says and lets his hand brush the length of your arm, before he takes your hand and places a gentle kiss on your knuckles.

“You know we’re married, right? You don’t have to kiss my ass so much to get some” you joke, though you know he’ll never stop trying to put the moves on you like this.

Bucky laughs, grabbing your other hand and putting a drink he pulls out of nowhere into it. “I know, my Queen. But I’m glad you still humour me”

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(hello, yes, im turtle garbage and i like leaving this jerk confused cus i love him and its late)

You’re sitting on a far corner of the couch in the lair, away from the boys who currently are ogling some hot chick on TV. Which wasn’t all that abnormal, but with the funk you currently are in, it’s just grating on your nerves. No one notices really, because, well, you’re always quiet. So, who knew the difference between sulking and just sitting there?

The whole reason you were in this slump to begin with was a simple cut on your cheek from training with master splinter. You were always distracted, never wanted to talk to him about it as he offered, but you always thought about it and over thought on it. Mikey had been the only one to even mention it when the group had gotten back from patrol, and innocently he’d kissed it ‘to make it better’. Which under normal circumstances, would have been a cute gesture. However, you’d had about thirty minutes of self-seclusion to over think on it and the current TV situation was just adding fuel to the flame. And then that was it, you snapped.

Not in a psychotic way, but you’d simply had enough and spoke up in a snotty tone.

“You would like a slutty girl like that.”

All four boys looked over at you with mild surprise. Even Donny who wasn’t even paying attention to the TV.

“What?” Leo asked, clearly confused why you would say something like that at all.

You scrunched your nose and showed some teeth in disgust at the situation,
“I dunno, it just is so typical. You and Raph are the type of guys who would only pay attention to hour glass bodies in too-tight-too-short dresses.” None of them said anything but exchanged confused looks.
In the whole year and a half your homeless ass had crashed with them, never had you sounded so disgusted or annoyed, and that includes the time Mikey knocked you into a pool of sewage while trying to teach you how to navigate down there.

You huffed in annoyance and gripped at the sleeves of your high school hoody. It was a small comfort when you had nothing, it had always been so soft on the inside and warm enough to keep the chill off.
“Guys always look at girls like that, the ones who look like they’d sleep with any one given half a chance.”

“Well aren’t you pissy.” Raph spoke up, he sounded more amused with your irritation than angry, but you could hear the small bit of it that dared you to direct anything at him. So, you did. Of corse. After all, he was why you were pissy any way.

“Oh Jesus Christ Raph, you have fucking comics and magazines and posted of half-naked chicks like that all over. Of course, I’m pissy!” There it was, the shift from amused to angry. It was plain as day on his face, but buttons must be pushed.
“I mean, hell, I get it. Your strong and built for a chick like that. I know you’ve never been to a high school, just you really are a Jock at heart. You deserve a dumb ass cheerleader. I mean, hell, I’ve seen you watch April, and she’s pretty close. Tiny waist, nice hips. Too bad she doesn’t have the boobs your posters do, or I bet you’d make an enemy out of Donny real quick.”

Clearly agitated, you half pulled your hair, half scratched at your scalp. Yeah, half of this was jealousy, but it really was annoying to constantly be reminded of what you can never look like. You had a shape similar to them, but it came with a whole lot of extra. At least to you it seemed that way. Usually you just hid it under your hoody and cargo pants though. Baggy clothes could hide anything if you tried hard enough. But it wasn’t just that, you were in no way the pretty girl every guy wanted; even a mutated one. You hated the feeling of makeup, couldn’t even afford it if you wanted it, never really did anything with your hair, weren’t exactly stupid, but definitely weren’t smart enough to make up for how you looked either.

Mikey and Donny had eased away from the about-to-be-fight, leaving poor Leo to squish himself into the couch as best he could. They all knew Raph wouldn’t start a fight with you, but it was awkward to be around, especially since 99% of the time you were the compliant one and hardly argued with anything or anyone ever. Leo was clearly dying on the inside and at a loss at what to do or say and it was too late to get up and move away from between the two of you or he’d get stuck in the cross hair somehow.

“And you know me so well do ya?” Raph had his hands clutched but you didn’t notice, you were focused on the stare down between the two of you.

“I know your type.”

“My type!?” His hollering caused the sensitive TV to lose its vertical hold, “I have a type!? Look at me! I’m not a fucking Jock, I’m a god damned turtle!”

“Human, Turtle, Still the same thing. Both are dicks who only care about how someone looks.”

“Are you serious right now!?”

Raph had only meant to move the table out of the way but managed to flip the whole thing over in his hurried anger. Screw it though, everyone was more or less used to that kind of behavior from him anyway. Or he thought so up until it made you hop to your feet and puff out your chest like you had some kind of chance against him. He could see the fear and anger and complete hurt he didn’t understand and any thought that might have slithered through the back of his mind about knocking you around like his brothers was completely gone. True to form, you wouldn’t back down and he had always liked that in people, even when it was stupid to. He respected it, even from someone who was usually so quiet and self-restrained.

“And what if I wasn’t.” The words poured out more like venom than a real question, which it clearly was rhetorical anyhow, and you hesitated.

And Then everything was silent. Accept the static-y TV still playing the cop show. The three silent brothers exchanged very confused, very quick, glances. There was no way they were missing this… Whatever this was.

Raphael moved a step back, which considering the height difference between the two of you, was a reasonable space really. You hadn’t moved, you hadn’t made a sound, your eyes were just as wide as they could be. Slowly, as if your head would fall off if you moved it to quickly, you looked over at the boys and pointed at their brother,
“…Did… Was that in my head?”

Two head shook ‘no’ while Mikey raised his shoulders, also unsure if he was caught in some weird nightmare where he had to watch his brother kiss girls. He hoped he wasn’t in that nightmare.

Raph, in his smugness, watched your expressions change; Shock, to confusion, quickly to happiness before shifting to anger and betrayal. He didn’t get it, he thought that would fix it but instead you were glaring at him with tears in your eyes.

“What!?” Any smugness that was there was wiped clean. He hated that look. He’d never gotten it before, but he sure as hell hated it.

“Why would you do that.” Your voice was shaking in your attempt not to cry.
“You shouldn’t do that to people you don’t like… It’s wrong!”

In a split second, you’d turned around and hopped over the back of the couch and started towards the door as quickly as you could, scooping your bag up and over your shoulder as you did.

“Wait, where are you going!?” Leo spoke up, completely confused where you were going since you lived on their couch. Logically you couldn’t go home or anything.

“Who cares.”

And then you were gone.

Raph stood in a bit of dumbfounded shock for a moment, arms limp at his sides.

“What was that all about?” Donny chimed in quietly.

Raph threw his arms towards the door angrily and had the most stressed face he could give his brothers,

“Uh… Maybe we should go get her.” Leo offered.

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Dating Credence Barebone would include...

Originally posted by hardyness

- bumping into him in the street while he’s passing out posters for the anti - witch rally that was taking place that week

- his papers would go flying, and you’d help him but become confused as to why he was so quiet 

- you’d leave it at that, and then not see him for a good month or so. you had came from england with newt and life was busy, ya know?

- one day you’d see credence while picking up lunch at the cafe on fifth avenue for you and newt bc his headass slept in again and you were on lunch duty for the fourth time that week

- something came upon you and you went up to credence, trying to be a nice human being and saying hello to him once more

- credence would just stand still and was not able to believe that a person like you would remember a person like him

- but lets face it, this kid was head over heels in love with you as soon as you gave him those purposeless posters back

- you then started visiting his part of town more often in hopes to see him again, and with the blessing of merlin, you did

- you two would talk about the simplest of things, from the weather to what you ate that morning for breakfast and it was bland but sweet as ever

- you would be the one to bring credence out of his shell and into another world, the wizarding world that is

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am i the only one who feels like bpd is lowkey a mix of all the other personality disorders bc like idk it just seems that way to me

rubbertapping  asked:

if you're still doing these, top 5 favourite specific liminal spaces. as in, specific locations. yknow.

okay Im gonna be like super specific about this

  • Mercure subway station in Roubaix, Lille. Im rather familiar to it and it always sounds like an industrial factory
  • Charles de Gaulle airport, the feeling of isolation is strong there and so is my Edge
  • Nội Bài airport, same reasons
  • that one thrift shop in Wazemmes that I cant find again. they sell rly nice wooden bowls and some spectacular wastebaskets
  • the bus stop near the middle school I went to on Giảng Võ street. I have so many memories with it its weird. I once read a percy jackson book from beginning to end at that bus stop
We have to be quiet (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Please do 4,5,and 17 drabbles in one imagine with Peter Parker! I think it would be very cute depending on how you worded it but I see using 17 in relation to ‘Pretty Good Kisser’. Thank you!

List of drabbles:

Being Peter Parker’s best friend had its perks and its disadvantages. Disadvantages being that you tended to be waken up at 2 or 3am to heal your wounded friend, always worrying about him not making it out alive and him usually ditching you because Spiderman was needed somewhere else. Perks being that you always knew you could count on him, that he was probably the nicest person alive, and that you got to know The Avengers.
Peter had invited you over to the Tower before, and you already got along with everyone, but you were usually too nervous around them to look at everything around you. For the first time ever, you were alone with Peter at the Tower, since you two had been paired for a Chemistry project and you had everything you needed at Tony’s lab, which he had so kindly offered to let you work in. The Avengers were in a mission, which Peter couldn’t participate in because of his homework. You knew he was, somehow, mad, so you were trying to make him laugh by joking a little.
‘Where are you taking me?’ you asked, as you were in a part of the Tower you had never been in before.
‘The lab’ Peter said, walking in front of you. ‘The project isn’t gonna do itself’ he said with a smirk on his lips. You shook your head, laughing. You walked up to him and kept looking around, amazed at how impressive everything was.
You could feel Peter’s eyes on you, but you didn’t give it much thought as you stepped into the lab, careful not to break anything. You were looking at some liquids with different colors that you did not know what they were, when you heard Peter mutter ‘I can’t take it anymore’. Before you even knew what was going on, his lips were on yours. You instantly wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. After what seemed like a minute, you both pulled apart to breathe, and you smiled softly at him.
‘You know, for being so unexperienced, you are a pretty good kisser’ you said with a smirk. He smirked back at you and kissed you again, but you both broke apart when you heard a voice.
‘Mr. Parker, the rest of the team have just arrived and are coming to the lab’.
‘Thank you, F.R.I.D.A.Y.’ Peter said. You looked at him weirdly, not understanding what was going on. ‘It’s an interface created by Tony, not an actual person’ he said, unwrapping his arms from your waist. You took his arms with your hands and wrapped them back, furrowing.
Don’t you dare move. I like kissing you way too much to stop, Parker’ you said, trying to sound serious.
He softly laughed and gave you a quick kiss. ‘We have to be quiet, or else Mr. Stark will tease me about this for life’ he said before kissing you again.
His idea clearly didn’t work, as he clumsily dropped a plate whilst making out with you, which made Tony go and check what was going on, seeing two teenagers completely red and flustered, hair and clothes messy. He said hello to you and turned around, acting as if nothing had happened. But, oh, man, was he going to tease Spiderling about having a girlfriend.

Dating Jimin Would Include:
  • •waking up before him and seeing his cute mochi face
  • •Gently running your fingers through his hair and caressing his face as he sleeps
  • •him finally waking up and his sleepy gruff voice saying "Morning Jagiya"
  • •when you get out of bed he is attached to your back like a leech
  • •"Babe I need you to let go a little I have to make breakfast" "But Jagiya you are to warm"
  • •On his days of you force him to relax and you even surprise him with sweet gestures that mainly revolve around relaxation
  • •like running him a warm bath and you wash his hair for him
  • •he stares at you with a goofy smile and eyes full of adoration as he continuously reminds you how much he loves you
  • •but there are some times that he stays at the studio past midnight
  • •You going to the studio to beg him to come home and rest and he can't say no to you
  • •Just laying in bed in silence staring at each other, admiring each other and thinking about how lovely you both are
  • •Tons of forehead/temple kisses
  • •Casual PDA
  • •hand holding all the time
  • •him always saving a concert ticket for you so you can "See how much your sexy boyfriend has improved"
  • •arguments hardly happening but when they do they are quiet and usually are resolved quickly
  • •Going up into the mountains or out into the Forrest to get beautiful scenery pictures
  • •you taking all the scenery pictures and not even noticing Jimin taking pictures of you(looking aesthetic af)
  • •When he is away on tour he Skype's you as much as possible even if it's only for five minutes
  • •him getting really soft when you do cute things or if you are super sleepy or sick
  • •Tons of cuddling, like OMG so much
  • •breakfast in bed happens very often
  • •gentle morning sex
  • •He can be kinky af but always makes sure you are comfortable and you are okay
  • •But the aftermath of any love making is close cuddles and gentle caresses and quiet reminders of how beautiful you are and how much you love each other
  • •he gets clingy when the other guys are around
  • •He gets jealous quickly but it's cute because he will pout and cross his arms like a baby
  • •constant reassurance that he is amazing and beautiful and deserves everything he has
  • •staying up almost all night if you have to to make sure he goes to sleep
  • •being so deep in love that almost any time you two go out it's like no one else exists
  • •you always making sure he eats well
  • •Meeting each others families and laughing at how you both fit in perfectly
  • •him laughing because moth of your guys' mothers where pestering you two to get married already
  • •always enjoying each others Company
  • •Finally going public and getting support from fans but also hate from saesangs
  • •him apologizing for all of the hate and you reassuring him that it's fine and it doesn't bother you.
  • •but it does and he can tell but eventually the hate stops and you both live happily ever after 😊
  • Hope you guys enjoyed😊😉☺ -Julie
Svt as Dads // Wonwoo //

Originally posted by mc-gyu

  • Oh our cute wonton 
  • Alright 
  • Honestly best dad award goes to him 
  • Like idk 
  • I just feel like he’d be such a great dad 
  • He’d always be cooing over the lil kids 
  • Like all babies 
  • He wants all the babies 
  • He may look like an emotionless void 
  • But he’s not 
  • And you can totally tell he’s not when he’s around kids 
  • Especially his kids 
  • There safety is more important than anything else 
  • Like the kids and mingyu and him all go out to do something 
  • And naturally because mingyu is there something goes weird 
  • And wonwoo is all of his kids making sure everything is okay like the great father he is 
  • Meanwhile mingyu is dying and wonwoo hasn’t even spared him a thought lol 
  • He’s kids would be so spoiled 
  • But like not to the point where they are brats
  • Like somehow they are spoiled yet still the sweetest kids on earth 
  • Naturally his kids are best friends with mingyus kids when he finally has them 
  • I feel like his kids would be complete opposites 
  • Like one is wild and crazy and makes jokes all the time 
  • Basically how wonwoo is when he isn’t being all reserved 
  • And the other would be quiet and super chill and blank faced 
  • But like whenever the quiet one talks everyone listens and they always have something really good to say 
  • And everyone’s like man for someone who doesn’t talk a lot that was amazing 
  • The quiet one is always resolving the loud ones kids 
  • Okay but the loud one is literally best friends with everyone okay 
  • Like his favorite uncle ever would totally be Soonyoung 
  • And then after that totally Uncle Mingyu 
  • Imagine the three of them running around screaming and having a blast 
  • And wonwoo is just facepalming on the side 
  • Im going back to the quiet kid okay i love this concept sue me 
  • Anyways
  • The kid would one hundred percent follow Mingyu everywhere 
  • Like this kid would love mingyu so freaking much 
  • Always climbing into his lap
  • The kid never talks but they love Mingyu so much 
  • Wonwoo is always like hey im the dad here im the one you are supposed to like 
  • Literally tho this kid would always be clinging to Mingyu 
  • So then its more like wonwoo and mingyu parenting these kids with wonwoos spouse just kinda like okay ill go take a nap then 
  • I love it tho wonton would have the cutest family plus mingyu

// Scoups // Jeonghan // Joshua // Jun // Hoshi // Wonwoo // Woozi // DK // Mingyu // The8 // Seungkwan // Vernon // Dino //

~ Master List ~


Title: CAGED

Chapters: Unknown at the moment. I don’t even know if I’ll continue this, it depends on how much you want this story to have more than one part.

Genres: mafia!au Yoongi, smut (later on if I continue this) 

The transparent sound of silence that falls over the mansion is slightly suffocating. But what’s new? The place has been like this since its owner moved in.

Always quiet, always intimidating, much like Min Yoongi himself. He is the man who owns this imperial mansion among other things. He is like a dimly lit room when the sun is up and shining. He’s surrounded by darkness but you can still see a light inside him and that’s only because he chooses to show it.

His aura is always the same, even now while sitting at his desk, looking through files and folders and trying to take care of things that most people would find shocking. As soon as the serious atmosphere in the office is broken by the creak of the enormous yet elegant door Yoongi clicks his tongue. Not because it bothered him, he just doesn’t want to see or talk to anybody.

The person that entered the room, a blond man in a somewhat casual suit and not older than 25 years old, silently made his way to Yoongi’s black polished desk. The man behind the desk did not move an inch, still focused on reading some of the files he was busy with.

Despite the leather seats in front of him, the guy who entered the office chose not to sit down. And he stayed like that for a good five minutes until he heard a sigh coming from his boss.

“What is it?” Yoongi’s voice broke the silence, his tone as calm and gentle as a sea breeze. No one can really tell what he’s feeling based on his voice and no one tries anymore. He’s impossible to read.

“We found one more.” his visitor replied shortly.

“Just one? I think you should explain why you’re here with just one picture. Do I look like I have time to check out just one girl every five minutes? Just leave the picture on the desk and I’ll look at it when you come back with more options.” Yoongi’s words were firm and the man in front of him bowed, left the picture on desk as he was told and turned to leave. He did not try to explain why he showed up with just one picture even if he was asked to do that. He knows that request wasn’t an encouragement for him to actually explain.

As the guy who disturbed his boss got closer to the door, Yoongi picked up his papers, ready to go back to work not even realising that he let his eyes wonder for a split second.


The blond stopped completely, hand on the door’s handle. For some reason the guy turned his head around despite the fact that he wasn’t told to look back. To his surprise he found the picture he brought in his boss’ hand and his eyes were glued to it.

“What’s her name?”

At that moment the guy knew that he doesn’t need to look for girls anymore because Yoongi found her. He knew that solely based on the question he was just asked and that’s because Yoongi asks questions only when something or someone truly interests him.

“It is Y/N, sir.”

It’s been said already but Yoongi indeed owns a lot of things and it looks like he just found something else he wants to own. You.

He won’t care about your family, your friends, heck, he won’t even care about your boyfriend if you have one. He will find you and if all hell breaks loose just because he wants to have you then he won’t care about that either.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this. Also, don’t think this is a full chapter. I could’ve made this longer but I don’t know if people will take a liking to this story or not so I didn’t want to write a lot and then find out that it was for nothing. Please don’t hesitate to correct me on any grammatical mistakes you find though. I try not to make mistakes but I’m not a native english speaker so yeah.. Anyway, please tell me if you want more and I’ll be happy to oblige.