its always so dry

Watercolor doodles of ur fave cat kwami~


Countdown to Fargo | Breaking and Entering (2006)

Im just thinkin about how much i love alolan ninetales? Ice/fairy compldtely walls most dragons, the youve got aurora veil & snow warning, with a high enough speed stat to almost always guarantee setup. And its got blizzard, moonblast & freeze dry so its got great stab and water coverage? Talk abt good design

grievouslymistaken said: well it’s super dry and ppl are dumb so its almost always a cigarette or campfire that starts them. or like, most of em anyway bc obvs theres always gonna be fires. the campfire ban started pretty early this year

but also the lake i live on is sooo high rn. its flooded all the parks and the beaches are underwater and its like 135 km long. so i find it hilarious that ppl look at us going from a state of emergency due to flooding to a state of emergency due to fire all in like one month and think that nothing’s wrong w the climate lmao

Oh I stand corrected.  The west is both too wet AND too dry. 

Here too like???  I don’t have the best memory in the world but I don’t remember there being so much rain in previous summers

all the music festivals in Ontario are getting rained out (well Bluesfest hasn’t been rained out more than it has been very soggy)

lordy-lou  asked:

hey, i've got a question for you relating to fatness and hellish weather: i'll be moving to new orleans this summer, and i'm wondering how you do the whole "deal-with-hot-shitty-humid-weather" routine when you're fat? i'm from the midwest, so while it gets up to 114° it's always bone-dry. are dresses and skirts going to be my best friend? (sorry if this is a dumb question)

dresses and skirts will be your best friend, and shorts, and tank tops, and a bathing suit, and if you have any qualms about any part of your body, you may get over them very, very fast. i grew up in central florida and spent all of my teen years in pants and cardigans because i was embarrassed about my arms and legs, and i was fucking miserable, so i don’t recommend that life.

philadelphia is surprisingly humid and hot- basically just as bad as florida, but we also have other seasons so there’s some relief (BUT in florida everything is air conditioned- in philly, not so much). new orleans is like, a special kind of swampy, humid hot that i personally love but that will take some getting used to if you’re used to dry heat. 

some tips:
- learn to love your bangs pinned up, or a short hairstyle if you are so inclined, or master stuff like braiding. i had a shaved head several times as a teenager because it was so, so fucking hot.
- body glide and/or stick deodorant for your inner thighs or where ever else you have sweat or chafing (underboob, rolls, etc). 
- cold showers are your friend.
- don’t forget sunblock even when it’s cloudy !
- think long and hard about the colors and fabrics you’re wearing. it can be hard to find natural fibers in larger sizes, but you’ll be much more comfortable. likewise, consider pitstain and backsweat potential when picking out colors or wearing colors.
- keep little ice packs or bags of frozen vegetable in your fridge and put them on your neck near that one big artery, it’ll help you cool down faster and not sweat through your clothes or feel like you’re going to die when you come in from outside.
- drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and stuff to stay hydrated. you may develop a new funk from all the sweat and staying hydrated helps !
- adopt a nudist lifestyle at home if possible. you’ll sound sexy on tumblr AND won’t get night sweats every night !