its always annoying when people are like

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*Hands him some ice* You are red... You shouldn't be embarassed like this about Sunny, this is not good for your health. Don't listen to the other grey monsters and tell Sunny the truth, no one will judge you. You shouldn't be ashamed about loving someone(until love stands for cuddles and hugs and not for level of violence)












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I absolutely agree with you on everything you're saying about Arrow. I used to love this show so much and Felicity as well, even olicity at some point. But most of all, I loved Laurel, and she's always going to be the only thing that really matters to me about that show. Right now, I feel like they've completely forgotten everyone, except for olicity. It doesn't feel like Arrow anymore. It just feels, as you said, as Felicity and her superhero friends. And that's why I don't like it anymore.

thank you! Its annoying, I feel like the writers got so big headed over the whole O/F hype that they basically threw everything out of the window and started focusing on that only when if they haven’t realized yet; a lot of people are over the hype and are annoyed that its the only thing being shown every week, there are no more good storylines for each character, thea, laurel and diggle are just there running around the city helping Oliver while Oliver goes home so he and Felicity can have like another thousand scenes of them playing house.

i just would like to acknowledge how far corey has come! he’s not only learning to use his invisibility to stay alive, but he’s learning how to hide his chemosignals and scent completely so that even malia —- who always knows when something is off, and could smell theo’s regret immediately —- can’t tell when he’s in the room with her. he is much more powerful than people give him credit for, and just because he isn’t inherently bad doesn’t mean he isn’t going to make bad decisions in order to stay alive. so to everyone saying they were “rooting” for corey and that he shouldn’t have spied on malia and kira, just take a minute to think about fight/flight. he’s using fight to stay alive because flight was the thing that got him killed the first time around! appreciate corey for what he is and who he is, please. there’s no reason at all to hate him because he’s actually done nothing wrong to date!

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thank you so much for those tags on that stupid fic warning label post. writers work so hard and its nice to see positivity! I struggle sometimes and i cannot imagine how difficult it is for people with English as a second language. It is people writing for fun. I always get so excited when i see writers improving! Its like "yes baby i see you, and you are doing so well" and then i see someone say something stupid and its so annoying. let writers grow and improve and have fun!

Of course!!!!! Fic writers honestly get so much unwarranted shit, like most of my fandom friends are people who write fic and I’m honestly appalled at some of the comments and stuff they get on their work sometimes. There’s such a sense of entitlement in any fandom and honestly I think people forget that writers are doing this for fun in their free time as a way to exercise their creativity. There’s no need to be harsh or overly critical at all, especially when no one is /making/ you read it.

Don’t like it, don’t read it. There’s no reason to be a dick.

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so right now i have braids and people always ask me "when are you taking them out" or "how long isyour real hair" (obvi by white people) and sometimes i just tell them bc i assume theyre curious but most of the time i get so angry LIKE WHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? NONE OF YO BUSINESS???

i know its so fucking annoying and nonblack ppl dont get how the hair thing is a microaggression. ppl act like were animals or something when it comes to it

It’s so easy to be discouraged after feeling like I had a handle on things to crying for an hour in a guidance office. It’s so easy to hate myself for being how I am. And it’s so easy to be sad when trying to be happy is so exhausting.

But honestly it’s getting so much easier to be happy lately. I think realizing that im not a bother is going to help a lot, despite how much my brain works to tell me otherwise. Allowing myself to talk when bad times are happening because it’s okay because holding it in will get me an hour in the guidance office.

But really my school and the friends I have are great and I’m so lucky to have them. And despite today being a low day, I can’t be discouraged with so many lovely people in my life.

And because I haven’t made a sappy post in a long time, this gay fry that I am lucky enough to call my boyfriend brought me roses, food, and Jack Johnson after letting me sniffle in front of him all day.

I don’t know I guess I’m just coming to terms with the fact that episodes are always going to happen and they are out of my control and the people I love understand that and letting them help me is better for everyone in the end.

And now I’m really happy and feeling okay and I won’t let my mental health do otherwise. Not tonight.

I have a TON of asks (like 142) so today is going to be Super Ask Answering Saturday and I WILL be answering a LOT of asks. If you feel this may clog up your dashboard then please blacklist: keen answers as that is a tag on all of my asks. If you are on mobile or unable to blacklist I WILL be trying to space them so it’s not a huge bunch of them but sometimes I do mini clumps of them so bear with me, guys! 

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I wish I dared to speak to you. While you are my age and have said before you don't mind people talking to you, that doesn't make me any less worried that I'm going to bother you. Social Anxiety is gREAT,,,,

I UNDERSTAND ANON I HAVE ANXIETY AS WELL Ugh its horrible I know I know but like…..its super hard to annoy me tbh and like….you can stay on anon if you want I just like it when people message me in general I’m a huge attention whore tbh 

But yeah my door (ask box?) is always open and I will say it a thousand and one more times that messaging me is more than okay and I love it and I always get really excited when I get a new message.

I do understand the anxiety however ;; and yeah it is the worse 

Anyway this boy. Bit annoying because he always tells me Eva don’t drink coke it’s bad for your health and stop sleeping with your phone under your face because it’ll give u a tumor. I know he’s just worried about me BUT he goes clubbing and gets drunk every weekend and also sometimes when he drives he drag races people and I’m like hmmm……… But if I say to drive safe he says its a cultural difference… But sleeping on my phone is my culture

idk why it’s so annoying to me but 90% of conversations between my roommate and I consist of her complaining and judging other people and it’s like
yes I get it I understand TO A DEGREE. but when all you ever talk about is how our neighbors annoy you, how that one girl in our hall walks too loudly, etc etc., it’s like
girl breathe. find something good. I gotta deal with life’s daily annoyances too. we don’t have to talk about every single one.

I’m not entirely sure if this is ptsd or general anxiety related, but does anyone else smile in every situation when talking to people? I mean like no matter what; happy, sad, angry. Especially with strangers. I always end up smiling or having the urge to when talking to others even when it’s inappropriate and it keeps me from expressing my actual feelings.

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Im an aries girl and my close friend is a libra girl. So always asking me questions that seem like she hasnt thought about for more than 2seconds. WHY. IT ANNOYS ME TO MUCH. Its like she cant think for herself. Sigh

ugh I hate it when people ask tons of simple questions like one after another… it’s such a pet peeve omg

It makes me laugh because people always think that he ruined the relationship, that he cheated or something like that… I guess coz boys often fuck up people don’t assume that it could have been me…. but it was, and it works me up so much when people go on about how the end of a relationship is always his fault, how he didn’t read her mind, didn’t know what she wanted made her feel lonely because he did’t come home with surprise gifts every day. It annoys me when people expect their life to be a movie and then get disappointed when its not. People so often blame the other person for why the relationship failed but never ask themselves if it could have been their own fault. 

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its not about that, you see, a lot of times straight people say that only when theyre drawing gay pairings and honestly its fucking annoying like they could always say that and when they post a het pairing doing the same thing theyre all like 'THEYRE SO CUTE TOGHETER UWU'

?????????? Look man

I’m all for reading the Straighty McStraights™ for filth and shit

but like

That’s like, the most minor aggravation for shit they do concerning the fetishization of gay/queer ships, and honestly, I see people of BOTH sides (both queer and non-queer ppl) using that phrasing (Like, I do. All the time.)

Like, that’s something… really small and………. I think that ur forreal reading it the wrong way.

I mean I don’t put it past McStraights™ to have that thought process, but idk. I’ve seen it from legit all sides for all pairings, it’s honestly a more universal thing?

It’s like that thing where someone made a post that was like “only POC know this” and it was like when ur mom puts sewing supplies in those tin cans that are for those DELICIOUS buttery shortcake cookies when like….

My mom, and literally every single one of my white friends moms did that? Like legit p much everyone knows about that struggle bro? It’s just like “I feel like ur purposefully isolating this one group who does this to reap personal benefit whether positive or negative”

welp that was a much longer reply than probably needed for that bUT ALAS

Its so annoying and mental how people always look back on photos & say how she looked so much better & her hair was beautiful etc on an old pic. When she had the auroa Borealis hair you all bullied her 24/7  & said her extensions made her look like a tweaker & trashy and that the dye job was fucked and splotchy. & if she would just cut her 30 inch weave, you’d quit being mean about it. But you never did. She also was heavily photoshopping. Did you forget? At the same time, you all say you miss how she used to be and look & she was a better person. You most likely bullied her back then for it too. In a few months, you’ll look back at how she looks now & say she was perfect even though right now you hate and critique everything about her appearance. I don’t think you even pay attention to how unstable that is. You will never be happy with her unless you buy a time machine, and it will never be good enough in the present moment. Must suck to not be able to enjoy present life, and to have cling to the past and future while never changing. So many of you have irrational thinking even the ones that worship her. It’s not just the haters. IMO you all don’t want her to be doing well because then you can’t complain. I’m sure if she did everything on your checklist you’d make something up just to have something to do. The admin does it this stuff too. Why do you think she cares what you think there’s literally 400,000 of you and everyone has atleast 5 things minimum they’re pissed that she does or are jealous about her. She can’t please all of you. If she does come on here its because she’s already feeling insecure about something she noticed and probably wants to see if anyone else noticed it. It’s not like shes unaware when she has a bad breakout or gains weight or her hair looks bad. she is probably terrified that she’s not allowed to relax and ignore it. Why do you think she goes away for long periods of time? It must suck for her to be expected 24/7 to: look like a barbie doll, be working all day, be going to school all day, be catering to fans all day, be focused on YouTube all day, be taking art classes all day, going to makeup technique seminars to look flawless, working out, being the perfect girlfriend and daughter, being a hair expert, a gaming expert, having a singing career etc. Why are you all so mad she can’t do everything. Even if she didn’t have anxiety/depression/depersonalization/social anxiety she could not do it all lmao. You all set her up to fail I could never meet all those standards nobody could. You sure couldn’t either. You demand she looks good but when she does you’re like “shes not doing anything” “she cant rely on looks forever” and you add to the list and go back to your couches..  Sorry this is so long but yall come her to read shit as a hobby, so whatever. There are so many of you and you put your failed dreams on her all at once. Why don’t YOU step it up and not be lazy? You’re capable of getting started on atleast 2 or 3 of those things right now. 1 is better than 0. The more you accomplish the less you give a fuck what the average person is up to cause you’re damn busy. I don’t like her because I don’t really know her, and I have no idea what she does all day or what she’s really like. It would be like trying to decide if you like a random stranger or not you won’t ever know who they really are. Why do you need to worry about it she’s not gonna fuck with you. If you want to be on her level you have to do the work and get off the computer and couch. If youre not mad cause shes doing better than you or that she has more support and attention. then the fuck is your problem?? I don’t get it. Sorry not sorry. How can so many people be so miserable. Didn’t anyone ever tell you life is not supposed to be that way? And you have to work for a better life if you were born into poverty? She might be a lot of things but she’s not sitting at home with one thumb up her ass and the other on her keypad typing hate. That’s as low as it gets. Thats what people do that could never do all those things they demand other people to do. It doesn’t matter if your life is shit or not. The fuck are you gonna go do about it? Bully random people? Ok then. If none of you want to be anything more and are content just bully people and being sad and jealous all the time then ok. I really don’t want that for anyone but your life is your choice. You don’t have to change everything all at once but its not going to fall into your lap. It didn’t fall into ledas. If you think it did then that’s your own assumption. Everyone is so mad because they assume her life is a fairy tale instead of getting facts. Social medias purpose is literally to stay in touch with people and to brag about all the good things that happen. and it leads to unrealistic expectations and life comparison, anger, jealousy, feeling inferior, and competition. With mostly acquaintances. Why the fuck you care so much? none of it is even how peoples lives really are. its all a persona everyone does it. If you ask me whoever started social media ruined how humans act and stay connected.


You have to remember that over 2,000 people follow this blog and not all of us have the same opinion. There were people that didn’t like that hair and some did. The person that said her hair was awesome probably did like it back then or maybe they didn’t know her when she had hair like that. You shouldn’t assume that we are all like that or feel that way. Oh and just because someone wants her to go to college/work/do more art stuff/etc. doesn’t mean we all do. You make it sound like we all agree with everything that is said on here which is so far from the truth. If you get angry at us for making assumptions don’t make assumptions yourself because you don’t know what these anons are doing or going through either.


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how to u feel about people always using chan for other people like how they do in animes

idk if u aren’t japanese or the other party you’re talking to isn’t japanese, then it’s unnecessary and annoying

i get it if u do it once awhile, but constantly using it bc anime characters do it is just appropriation, which i hate.