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Unanimous (M) // BamBam & Mark Tuan

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Pairing: BamBam x Reader x Mark

Genre: Smut, Threesome/Menage-a-trios, HouseMate!AU, Angst.

Summary; Upon returning to your boyfriend BamBam’s shared apartment after a crazy party, Mark finds himself wanting to join in on the fun you’re both having in BamBam’s bed.

Please note that this scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature - drunken sex, threesome sex.

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hot mess/troublemaker nct would honestly kill me! but whatever group you do i'm sure it'll be amazing!! i always check up on your blog cos i love your writing so much it's my absolute favourite!! have a lovely day! 💌

soooo,,,,i got into a mood where i really wanted to do troublemaker!you and good boy!taeyong,,,,so here you all go,,,,,,,,,,,

  • taeyong,,,,is the most polite student on campus,,,who is always kind of quiet but is that student that holds the door open for 30423 other people and who (when pestered by johnny enough) will give up his notes in exchange for nothing at all,,,,,
  • likes to show up to class exactly 5 minutes early and keeps his pens color coded and organized,,,,,
  • but also has the face and body of a model so no one understands how he’s such a ???? soft boy ???? how is he not always staring at his reflection because what??? the higher powers really spent their time with him????
  • but yeah,,,,taeyong has never even shown an inkling of understanding to how hot the student body of this college finds him and he’s more inclined to get super duper red and shy if you as much as compliment him on his shirt
  • you on the other hand,,,,,,,,,,,let’s just say you’re nowhere as tidy and as diligent as taeyong neither are you as meek LOL
  • most of the time you’re kicking up your legs on the desk in class, texting on your phone,,,,,,even chewing gum loud enough that the teacher can even hear it
  • and you’re never one to let gossip about you go,,,,so you’ve been in a couple of arguments with a couple of people on campus and let’s just say,,,,,,,,you’re not trying hard to sell the ‘good college student image’ to anyone 
  • and taeyong’s freshly pressed shirts, clean sneakers, and pleated trousers are a stark contrast against your,,,,,,,,,,messier choices
  • and taeyong,,,,of course knows who you are,,,,,but out of everyone in all your class he’s never even bothered to entertain any of the rumors about you. he’s also,,,,never bothered you with (what you deem) to be useless, almost offensive questions
  • and you don’t know what it is about him,,,,,,,but you secretly agree,,,,,,,he is ,,,,,a handsome boy,,,,
  • and you friends will bring him up and call him the goody two-shoes,,,teachers pet,,,,,,,blah blah blah,,,,,but you,,,,,you always go along with it but inside,,,,you’re kinda like why the HELL do i want to hold that losers hand,,,,,,,,
  • but it bothers you,,,,because,,,,,,taeyong doesn’t really pay attention to anything but his books so one day you walk over to his table,,,,give one glance to boy sitting beside him and that boy scurries off 
  • and as you sit yourself down beside him taeyong doesn’t even look up and you’re like UGH,,,,,,,,,,so you’re like hey, you
  • and taeyong is looking around and then looks at you,,,,,lowering his eyes and stuttering out ‘m-me?’ and you’re like YEAH WHO ELSE,,,,,,,,wait ok sorry for that,,,,,,but yeah you can i see your book? i never bought the book for this class
  • and taeyong’s wide eyes get even,,,,,wider because he’s like,,,,,,we’re almost halfway through the sem- and you’re like yeah yeah boy i know let me see your book
  • and this is your first time,,,,,,,talking to taeyong and,,,,even though for the next three weeks you sit beside him he literally doesn’t try to initiate conversation and you’re convinced he hates you,,,,maybe he heard about that rumor about you,,,,or maybe he just finds you annoying
  • and it simultaneously pisses you off but also makes you embarrassed and it’s driving you nuts,,,,,,,,
  • but on the day where you got into a big mix up with this one person in the campus cafeteria and had basically come out of it unscathed,,,,just a slight cut across your hand and some minor scartches,,,,,as you’re coming into class
  • plopping down beside taeyong you’re shocked when you hear his voice again after so long and it asks,,,,,,,if you’re ok
  • and you look at him and taeyong like immediately apologizes because he thinks you’re pissed lmao but you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im fine,,,,,,,,,
  • and he’s like oh! good! sorry,,,,,,,
  • and that’s the last straw who the heck does he think he is being this freaking fine,,,,,and then????? actually so sweet?? and you get up and you’re like TAEYONG
  • and he almost drops out of his damn seat and he’s like y-y—yEs,,,,and you’re like “outside, i need to talk to you” and the class is like RIP BUDDY
  • but as taeyong follows you into a corner in the hallway he’s surprised when he sees that you’re not,,,,,,,going to end his life,,,,,but instead you’re completely red in the face
  • and he’s like oh no i don’t think you’re ok - and you’re like IM NOT and he’s like IM SORRY and you’re like NO ITS BECAUSE OF YOU OH MY GOD JUST HOLD MY HAND OK?
  •  and taeyong is like OK YES GIVE ME YOUR HAND and without realizing you do and you’re standing there,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and taeyong is literally Shaking,,,,,he’s holding your hand,,,,,,of all people
  • and you’re like also shaking inside not on the outside because he?????Agreed to hold your hand????? out of fear???????/ what???//
  • but taeyong suddenly squeezes your hand and faintly you hear him go,,,,,,,it’s smaller than mine,,,,,,,,and you’re like GFHODGEFS
  • and taeyong is like SHOULD I LET GO,,,,and you’re like suddenly he has such a loud voice holy shit is he as nervous as me
  • and you’re like NO I LIKE IT OK DONT YOU DARE LET GO
  • and taeyong is like OK I WONT IM SORRy
  • and you guys stand there,,,,,,,,for what seems like twenty damn minutes and finally you let go and taeyong is like,,,,,,,,,,,i-is there anything else you want from me??? and you’re like i kinda wanna kiss you too but,,,,i think we need to build up to that stage,,,,,
  • and taeyong swallows and you’re like,,,,,BUT if you don’t want to just tell me i won’t be mad - i promise i wont do anything
  • but taeyong is fiddling with the cuffs of his shirt but he’s like n o,, n,,,,,o i ,,,,,,,,,,,want,,,,,,,to,,,,,,,you’re,,,,can i say this?
  • and you’re like??????// sure
  • and he’s like “you’re,,,,,,,,,cute,,,,,i think so,,,,,,,im sorry was that out of line,,,,,,,” and you’re like blushing because no one has ever called you cute ???? before??????/ no on has ever had the guts but here taeyong is,,,,,, not the meek boy you thought he was 
  • but you grin and you’re like No,,,,,,i like it call me cute more often and you pat his back and suddenly you’re not as embarrassed because hehe taeyong,,,,,,the good boy likes you,,,,,,,,
  • but taeyong is like ?!?$#@LT:59ujgfds ?@??#$? in his heart because is it true - is this a dream - do you really like him - did he just hold your hand - he’s going into sensory overload - oh my god you guys skipped the first half hour of claSS,,,,,,,,but oh my god his significant other is the most feared person in school oh my god,,,,,,,,,,but also you’re the cutest person in school ,,,,to him,,,,,,,should he say that outloud again???????
flames (m)

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❝you have always been my everything.❞
→ park chanyeol
→ in where he has superpowers, and you are one of the very few people who know (a collaborative series with @soowritings)

Quick pants of breath replaced the sound of the movie that played on the background, long forgotten as the night continued on in a form of a much more pleasurable excitement.

Chanyeol’s hands found their place on your hip, while the other slid up from your hip to your chest to your cheek, holding your jaw and pulling you closer towards him as he kissed you roughly, passion emitting from the way his lips moved against yours.

You were straddling him, sitting on his lap while both of your legs stayed on either of Chanyeol’s side. Beneath you, his desperate want was caressing you, making you shiver at the small satisfaction and push your hips towards him, enjoying the friction made.

Although he really wanted to, Chanyeol contained his moans in fear that people would find out the naughty act you both were starring on. What meant to be a movie date turned into something much more intimate than planned out. It started the moment you felt his warm hands crawling up your thighs, lightly pinching the inside of it when it got closer and closer to your core. You couldn’t let him have fun without you, so you took the risk and placed your hand right about him, palming it through his shorts. Though the both of you seemed to tense, there were no regrets in picking the seats at the very back of the cinema, hiding your sinful touches and soft whimpers from the audience.

“You’re amazing,” Chanyeol said in breathy voice, the deep tone of his voice sounding much more sexier than it usually was. A smirk played on your lips as you kissed him, your hands gripping onto his bicep and neck, feeling the muscle beneath his skin and the warmth radiating from it. He groaned into your lips when you grinded your hips against his, enjoying the feeling of bliss.

Before you say anything, you pulled away from him, taking into sight his swollen lips and his messy hair with the help of vibrant lights coming from the screen as the movie played. You were out of breath, but not just by losing yourself in Chanyeol’s lips but by also in the way he looked at you as you sat on his lap, hands now on his shoulders to find balance, your hair equally as messy as his and lips probably more swollen than his when he softly took them between his teeth, biting your lips gently before swiping his tongue over them.

Short and almost inaudible moans may have escaped your lips just at the sight of him, it only hit you now that the popular hot business major who was more of a cutie was now yours and more specifically, beneath you, breathless as you continued pushing your hips against him, your core feeling his hard want. His head rolled back, his neck resting at the very top of the chair, eyes closed as the pleasure took over his tall frame. “Only for you, baby,” you whispered into his ears, nibbling on the lobes of his ear, licking them softly before leaving a trail of kisses from his ear to his neck. You sucked the skin of neck, calling out the hot blood that ran in his veins.

The moans and whimpers did leave your lips. His hands were working on you, one on your breast, massaging it beneath your shirt and bra, taking your nipple between his two fingers and pinching it, while the other has resting on your thigh, his thumb caressing your inner thigh, slowly finding their way to your front, rubbing against the sensitive area, pushing your euphoria further into its limit.

His name left with every moan, whimper, and groan that seeped from your mouth, and you could tell he liked it as his own lips spilled out your name in a growl, his deep voice now heavily raspy.

You were too lost at the moment, you didn’t realize that heat coming from his hands, his neck, and his body. Maybe it was just the immense exhilaration you’ve created in a heist to orgasm, that beautiful white hot bliss.

It never occurred, not even when your shirt was no longer on your body, its material nonexistent as you continued to please yourselves. The thought only hit you when Chanyeol’s warm hands were against your skin, the heat from his hand radiating to your cold body.

“Chanyeol,” you said, confusion mixed into your lust filled voice, “where did my shirt go?” Chanyeol’s trail of kisses abruptly stopped, however, his hands remained on your waist, warm and comforting despite the lack of coverage from the unknowing audience.

Chanyeol muttered curses beneath his breath, his hands now on his lips, his fingers playing against each other as he bit his lip in concentration. He was very conflicted for some reason. All that has happened was your shirt getting lost… for no reason at all… except one. “Chanyeol?” His name came out like a question, wondering if he was still sane and still had his wits to answer.

His eyes darted across the cinema, looking like he was searching the area for any signs of danger before placing his attention towards you. In his eyes, a deep fire flashed behind those deep brown colors, pulling you into a trance as you stared at it, slowly leaning towards him, your lips attracted to his and the warmth he provided. “I have to tell you something.”

“What?” You sounded like you didn’t know what was happening like as if you’ve never noticed this type of thing before, but Chanyeol was wrong. “I know you’re not like me,” you told him, sitting on his lap diligently like a kid, explaining to him how he was such an idiot that he could keep his powers hidden to you.

“Chanyeol, you always leave burnt handprints on our mattress after every time we do it, and you always also seem to be too warm even at the coldest places. Like please explain to me how on earth were you so warm when we were at the ice skating rink after your Economics lecture yesterday. I know you have powers, Chanyeol. Although it defies each law of our universe, I will accept you as a person with a heart, mind, and soul. I just wish you were open and honest to me about it.”

Somehow, your hand ended up in Chanyeol’s, seeking warmth in the comfort of his hidden flame within him. The only response you received from him was a steamy kiss, almost returning you back to your original intentions as the back of a theatre. “You’re so fucking amazing, Y/N,” he said, smiling as he pulled away from your lips.

“I’m not sure how the hell you’re taking this so well, but damn, I’ll take it. If only I wasn’t so afraid of revelation, I would have told you everything.” The fire within his eyes reflected a sad and mellow color of blue, his hands slowly losing their heat. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to tell you about this absurd talent of mine, and it’s not just me who has these special talents. The othe-”

You butted into his statement, “Oh, is that why the room always seems brighter whenever Baekhyun laughs?”

Chanyeol let out a small giggle, unable to comprehend your calmness despite the insane topic of unreal supernatural powers given to him and the rest at birth. You joined him as you’ve realized every weird event with him and his friends were all connected to their own unique powers. You laughed even more when you’ve realized one thing.

You were shirtless, your bra exposed to the curious eyes of the world or more specifically, the audience as the credits rolled on the screen. Chanyeol caught up to the idea without you having to say anything, his eyes once again lost in concentration. The next thing you know, a big comfy shirt was on your body, and your hands could feel the hard lines of Chanyeol’s abs.

“Well, I can’t let others think that my girl is open for viewing,” Chanyeol said, raising from his seat as he held onto you, making sure your feet were firmly on the ground before releasing you from his strong hold.

The people’s eyes were now turned towards Chanyeol and his toned body. Each muscle was mesmerizing as his movements made them flex before your eyes… and the audience’s.

The familiar overprotective feeling of yours resurfaced, and you tried to cover him by placing your back directly against his, making sure it remained that way until you’ve reached his car which thankfully wasn’t far.

This time, the heat surging through your body was of anger and was your own, created by jealousy and anger at the selfish eyes of young women in the crowd. You slapped Chanyeol’s thigh as soon as he sat down on the driver’s seat. “Idiot! Next time you’re thinking about doing that, you better think again. You also have to learn how to have better control over your powers. I can’t go topless every time you get horny, Chanyeol!” You scolded him, although your cheeks were burning out of embarrassment. Chanyeol merely chuckled, his deep voice awakening your lust to complete your unfinished business.

“Okay, baby, but first,” his hand traced your thigh’s skin, lighting fires within you as its warmth drew closer and closer towards your core, your breaths started to sound like whimpers, your hand squeezed his shoulder beside you while the other held onto the soft cushion of the car seat, Chanyeol’s eyes burned with a red hot flame, and an all too familiar smirk appeared on his lips, “let’s finish something we’ve already started.”

Dating Stephen Strange Would Include
  • Setting that arrogance straight
    • Sure, he’s learned his lessons about how cockiness gets you nowhere you truly want to be, but let’s face it: Confidence is something Stephen’s known practically all his life. It’s all too easy for him to lapse back into it. Not as dramatically as before, though.
    • Mainly because the moment he does, you’re right there to poke a pin in that swollen head of his and drag him back down to Earth with you
  • Practically pleading for him to teach you magic
    • To be honest, Stephen is hesitant to teach you for a multitude of reasons that range from the fact that he is still technically a novice and therefore probably not the best option, to the fact that he’s a little worried about how you’ll take to the concept.
    • The training regimen can be demanding and for as many taunts he directs at you, he never wants you to feel discouraged or incompetent if he can help it.

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Mirror For The Sun - Part 1: The Idea

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 2

Summary: Series: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other. Part: The set-up.

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1442

Author’s Note: Ok, lots of things:

  1. Aaaah I’m going to try something totally new and try a lot of 1st person Bucky POV in this series! This first part is just testing the waters a bit, feedback is much much appreciated.
  2. Changing my mind, this isn’t going to be a drabble series. I just couldn’t cut the parts up that short. It will be a short series though, 7 or 8 parts I think, definitely less than 10.
  3. I am currently road tripping myself and will make a Series Masterlist page once I get to my final destination tonight.
  4. I don’t have photoshop on this computer (waaah!) so if anyone wants to make me a banner for this series… I wouldn’t hate it. Otherwise I’ll try to piece one together with Gimp or some other free crap

Okay enough chatter!

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“Alright, my turn,” Natasha smirks, taking her stance and firing an impeccably placed dart into the board. Damn it. Why did I agree to play her? She must play Clint all the time. She’s going to beat me.

“Best city for a night out.” She must have known Steve would give a less than satisfactory answer because she raises a finger towards him and specifies, “I mean, pick up a girl, one night stand, kind of night out.” I can’t help but snort thinking about Steve trying to talk himself into leaving after a one night stand. He’s so damn chivalrous.

“I don’t know what you’re laughing about, Buck,” Steve fires at me, “you’ve been on fewer dates than me in the last decade!”

That shut me up. He’s right, I haven’t really gotten back into the swing of it yet, haven’t really tried. I scowl at Steve before picking up my set of darts and flicking one into the target. “New York,” I answer, willfully ignoring Steve’s taunting.

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Ellstra’s Kylux fic rec Vol. 2

I decided to make another fic rec in the moments when I’m too drained of energy to do anything that requires brain activity. I couldn’t tag some people (again, tumblr is fucked) which breaks my heart. The fics are in no particular order, only organised in groups from filth to innocent T rated fics (which I honestly didn’t expect to see. Bless you guys.) Enjoy!

Rated E

Grease Lightning by @slutstiels 4k, Modern Au “I’ll fix it for free–” Hux gasps, hardly able to believe his ears. The man holds up a finger to Hux’s lips and Hux frowns, flinching back instinctively. The offending finger is pulled away and Hux reflexively licks his lips, tasting salt and copper; the man’s eyes flow the movement of his tongue before those eyes focus on his own again. “–if you let me fuck you.” “Excuse me?” Kylo is a car mechanic and Hux is a very rich man with a very expensive car that needs to be fixed immediately. Yes, this sounds like a porn intro, and it is. And a great one.

Into the Garbage Chute by @longstoryshortikilledhim 15.5k, Techienician, Modern AU Techie and Matt are Star Wars fans who meet at a convention. This is such a sweet fic, you’ll love yourself for reading it. Techie and Matt are huge adorable dorky nerds and I love them.

it’s not fashionable to love me by @thesunandoceanblue 10.5k, Modern AU Stop staring at his jeans. He knows they’re too tight on him. That’s the whole point; so people will stare at his—don’t stare at his junk.
Hux is persistently bothered by an odd but attractive man during his shifts. Hux is a horrible person who cheats on his boyfriend, Phasma is the best, Kylo is hot and straight-forward. It’s set in a tea shop which is something I never considered as a setting for a fic but it works really well.

In the Flesh by @srawratskcuf 3k, High school AU Kylo is that one kid in school who gives piercings in the bathroom. Prep!Hux comes in for one on a dare and keeps coming back for more (a good mix of ‘dam these are hot’ and ‘damn hes hot’) Seriously, it’s disgusting and Hux is so pretentious you’ll want to spill blueberry juice on his expensive shirt and it’s the most hilarious thing ever.

Bohemian Rhapsody by @longstoryshortikilledhim 18k, Modern AU Kylo is a street musician in Prague. Hux is touring with the prestigious First Order Orchestra. They collide. Hard. In the unlikely case you haven’t read this fic yet, drop everything you’re doing and do yourself the favour. It’s everything you might want from this AU and more, the style is gorgeous and it’s set in my country so bonus points for the advertisement.  

More below the cut! 

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i dont actually follow overwatch but sometimes i think about symmetra having a hard time befriending people her own age because of her autism (like me) and she ends up great at connecting with kids

Oh my gosh, yarra, that’s such a friggin cute idea??

I can see one of things she’s really likes about children is how straight forward they are. Especially in the very competitive, corporate circles she tends to move in, interactions are very high stakes, tightly controlled, and nuanced. Satya has studied the communication for a long time – she probably spent more time memorizing facial expressions and tonal shifts than she ever did reading, which came easily to her. She’d get in trouble by the professors at the Academy for reading comics, thinking she was slacking, but the assigned classwork was too easy for her and she was actually using the stylized expressions in the comics to help her learn. So much is left unsaid during “grown up” conversations and she’s constantly on edge for that, so even when she’s not in a business sort of meeting she can find herself getting exhausted very easily. Making friends can be hard for a number of reasons, but definitely a prominent one is the fact that she feels like she can never let her guard down, can never fully trust them not to be secretly mocking or challenging her without her knowing. Even just being able to tell that someone wants to be her friend is baffling – more than once she has walked away from an interaction feeling mournful because she’d thought that person was quite enjoyable but sure that they weren’t interested in pursuing a friendship or relationship, while the other person is also feeling disappointed because apparently this charming intelligent woman wasn’t interested in them after all. Miscommunications are a bitch, and it’s a bitch Satya lives with all the time.

Children are so easy in comparison.  Satya never spent a lot of time with children growing up – she was taken from her family at a young age, and though she did see younger children in the Academy as she climbed through the ranks, she had little to do with them since they were in different classes and dorms than her and her more advanced classes. So the first time she was really forced to interact with a child she was very nervous – how are you supposed to take care of a child?? what if it cries?? do they talk the same, what if it wants to “play” with her?? she had no idea.

So she was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to understand this small human.  They were so emotive, and so honest about what they were thinking.  Satya found it unspeakably refreshing and enjoyable. (And she grows rather offended when people act like their child is inscrutable and bizarre, like an incomprehensible alien rather than a human with their own agency and thoughts – all you have to do is listen.)

And the children really adore her as well!  Satya treats them differently than a lot of adults – she treats them very seriously and honestly, she’s keen to share what she knows and is always happy to learn more – “I will correct my mistakes” is one of my favourite quotes of hers, she is willing to acknowledge when she’s wrong about something and improve. So often I see adults that refuse to admit they’re wrong and that the child who corrected them is right, like it’s somehow a hit on their pride for a ~kid~ to know something better than them, and it’s a really gross way to teach kids who are still excited about learning, it should be encouraged and Satya definitely does that. If the child knows more about a certain subject than her, you can bet your ass she will be interested and accepting of this new information.  And if the child wants to learn things from her?  She can engage them in the “but why” game for ages and honestly quite enjoy herself.  She’ll also sit and listen with absolutely sincerity when the children are talking about whatever they’re interested in… even if she doesn’t get it at all.  She so completely understands being so passionately and wholly in love with something and not being able to talk about it (even in Vishkar, people get glassy eyed and annoyed if she starts trying to talk too excitedly about the complex mechanics and theories of hard-light manipulation) that she will happily sit and let their words wash over her as they tell her about a game, a show, a friend, a toy, a school subject. (Children, she has discovered, tend to be remarkably well-versed in subjects like dinosaurs, space, locomotion, and horses. Fascinating. She had never known so much about construction vehicles before meeting children.)

She might not always understand when someone is subtly trying to signal that they’d like to get drinks with her, but she absolutely understands when a child walks up, takes her hand, and tells her that they want to draw with her.

She’ll draw intricate pictures of castles and pirate ships and towers and cities, with the sort of effortlessness that comes from years and years of training, and then give them to the children she’s with and let them populate the buildings with princesses and heroes and dragons and monsters and heroes and omnics and familes all drawn in crayon over her sharp, neatly inked lines.

Plus, how would a child not be amazed by a lady who can create toys with a wave of her hand?? And she loves seeing children exercising their creative abilities – if they can draw her a “blueprint” (she’ll explain how professionals draw pictures of what things should look like before they’re made) and describe it to her, she’ll make it for them. And if it doesn’t work, if it’s not strong enough to support itself, or won’t move properly, she shows them why it doesn’t work and lets the child try again.  Adults so often underestimate the joy children get by being confronted by puzzles and challenges when they aren’t being graded but Satya understands.

I can imagine one Vishkar dinner.  I sort of feel like Vishkar (the bastards) are always leery about bringing Satya to social functions because they never quite know what sort of impression she’ll make and Vishkar is not the sort of business that likes things to behave with anything less than strict regularity.  But Satya is their prodigy and the head architect of many projects, and it would seem unprofessional of them for her not to be present.  As it happens, Satya isn’t overly fond of these functions either because of the strain that level of noise and bustle put on her as well as the stress from so much socializing, but Vishkar doesn’t give a damn about that, so she learns to cope.

So this one dinner is meant to be a big one hosted by Vishkar during one of the holidays for all sorts of clients and potential clients. It was encouraged to bring family – wives, husbands, and children – because they’re trying to emphasize a sense of warmth and love and community – a sort of yeah we’re totally the good guys, big old wholesome family values sort of corporation, let us bring this into your city with our beautiful designs.  All bullshit, but pretty bullshit.  A beautiful lie.

Anyways, most of the children are mingling in a specific room, “out of the grown-ups’ way” and Satya ends up wandering that way when she feels like she’s about to drown in a sea of mixing, conflicting voices and the increasingly sharp clatter of crystal and silverware. There she finds the children, some interacting with each other, but mostly bored out of their minds, stuffed in tight, fancy clothes and deprived of all forms of entertainment. Their parents brought them for the “look” of things, but they know its all business and has nothing to do with them, they could be in a hotel room watching tv right now.  Satya gravitates into their room, feeling the former tension gradually slide off and the need to stim fade until it was only a background longing rather than a crushing need that must be suppressed before her supervisors and superiors see her.

At the end of the evening, a considerable time after her superiors began to realize it had been a while since they’d seen her around the cocktails, she was found with the children, the room in disarray. All the children are shrieking, laughing – playing.  All of them have little blue hard-light toys.  Satya is there in the middle of it all, finally looking at peace, showing a small group of particularly building-oriented children how to use a projected wire frame to create three-dimensional designs. (Which is everything she wants from an evening – childhood curiosity and ingenuity, her special interest, and the ability to subtly stim with hard-light without being caught out.)

The Vishkar executives are mortified.  To see one of their top agents acting in such a way is unspeakable. Never have they been so embarrassed.

And yet – and yet – Vishkar receives several rather hefty offers of work in the following days.  It seems a number of important executives were impressed by how happy the children were at the end of a long business evening, and were even more impressed by the intricacy of the toys they brought home.  If this level of craft can be achieved on the fly, we look forward to seeing more work done by you in the future, Vishkar is told.  Satya isn’t punished, and she remembers it as being one of the most enjoyable evenings she had had in a very long time.

(She’s still in contact with one of the little girls who had been so intrigued by the wireframe – Satya might recommend her as a candidate for the Academy if her interest holds, and it seems very likely it will.)

Yeah, I dunno, I’m having a lot of feelings about this now. Imagine once she joins Overwatch and after a mission they end up with a bunch of distressed, traumatized children while they try to relocate parents. Everyone’s scrambling, trying to figure out how to calm them down, look for Ana because, hey, she’s a mom, how do you child???? Only to find a moment later that Symmetra of all people has gotten right into the centre of the children’s cluster and they’re all… surprising… calmer. (Everyone on the team is Baffled because they’ve know Symmetra mostly as a very rigid, professional, and cold sort of person, and yet her she seems to be all gentleness and sweetness – they start to realize maybe there’s more to the Vishkar retainer than meets the eye.)  Or heck, even just let her meet Törbjorn’s mob of kids! Give Satya kids!!

and while we’re on the subject, let her meet this child again, give me that angst I need it

The Placenta Fic

This is gonna be fucked up. 

So I recently found out you can eat placenta? 

Genre- Very fucked up smut. Proceed with caution. 

Word Count- 917

Dan was getting bored while Phil was at the grocery store. So, he pulled up Snapchat on his phone and started to read some of the stories from the discover tab. He was immediately drawn to one that listed surprisingly edible foods. It seemed entertaining to Dan, finally figuring out all the weird things people had randomly eaten, only to find out it was actually a good idea. He was, however, extremely surprised to find placenta on the list.

Dan had always had an odd obsession with the placenta. He never really knew why, but it was really interesting to him. Upon reading that it was edible, Dan knew he had to eat a placenta.

Dan immediately pulled out his laptop and opened an incognito tab before Googling Where to buy placenta. He clicked on links until he found a place he could really buy a fully intact human placenta. Dan ordered the placenta as he heard the door click and Phil walked in. He slammed his laptop shut as Phil shouted, “Hi, Dan! Can you help me with the groceries?” Dan jumped up and proceeded to help his boyfriend with the groceries, keeping his recent purchase to himself. 

Dan spent the next few days dwelling on the thought of eating a placenta. The whole thing seemed too simple. He needed a special topping to prepare it with before he ate it. And Dan had the perfect idea. 

After days of being on guard, the doorbell finally rang. “I’ll get it!” Dan jumped up and ran to the door, taking the package from the postman with a smile. He bounded to his room, tearing the box open. There was a glimmering red placenta, in all its glory. Dan could feel his erection growing as he thought about his plans for the organ. It was time to create his special topping.

Dan pulled off his pants and boxers, revealing his now throbbing boner. He began to jack off over the placenta as he heard his door click. In his excitement, he forgot to lock it. “Hey, Dan, who was at the do-” Phil cut off when he saw what was going on inside the room. “What the hell is this?”

“It’s umm…” Dan stuttered with embarrassment. “It’s a placenta.”

“Wow…” Phil started to grow an erection. “That’s really weird… But I’m still slightly offended that you didn’t let me in on this.”

Dan smirked. “You know I’d never turn down a good fuck.”

Phil stripped off his clothes and ordered an obedient Dan onto all fours on his bed. “How are we going to do this?”

Dan thought for a moment. “Just like normal, except we both come on the placenta?” 

“I don’t know what the hell you’re up to, but at this point, I really don’t care.” Phil pulled out the bottle of lube he knew was stored away in Dan’s beside drawer. He coated his fingers in the lube and inserted one into Dan’s presented ass. The younger boy moaned, anxious for the placenta. Phil got the message, and began to speed it up. He immediately added two more fingers as a soft moan escaped Dan. Phil started scissoring as Dan whined. 

“Please, Daddy…” Phil smiled.

“Please, Daddy, what?” 

“Please, Daddy, fuck me so hard I’ll drown that placenta in my own cum.”

“That’s more like it.” Phil penetrated Dan’s ready asshole and began thrusting. Dan moaned loudly as Phil’s thrusts got harder and harder. Phil started hitting Dan’s prostate, and he was about to burst. 

“Daddy, I’m-” 

Phil pulled out as soon as Dan spoke, and immediately cut him off. “Sit up. You can come in the box when I’m done.” Dan sat up to see Phil moaning as he came into the box holding the placenta. The idea of it all nearly pushed Dan over the edge. However, he had to wait his turn and come in the box. He needed to, for his plan. 

After what seemed like ages, Dan finally was allowed to come on the placenta. He watched as his juices mixed with Phil’s and the placenta’s, and the placenta was almost drowned. Dan let out a moan just at the sight of it. He was going to enjoy this.”

“Phil! Dinnertime!” Dan felt devious, but also extremely aroused. He spent the last hour cooking up the placenta and he and Phil were about to eat it. Of course, Phil didn’t know that. He’d never eat if he knew what it was. 

“What’s this?” 

Dan had to admit a literal human organ on a plate looked a bit suspicious, but he had a prepared explanation. “It’s liver. Try it. It’s really good.” Dan took a bite and moaned at the tangy taste of the lemon zest he added, and the squishy, meaty texture of the placenta. 

Phil raised an eyebrow, but he tried it anyway. He immediately gagged and nearly threw up all over his plate.“It tastes like blood mixed with cum!” 

Dan smiled psychotically. “It’s the placenta from last night.” At this, Phil did puke all over his slice of placenta. “Ooh, more toppings!” Dan slid Phil’s plate towards him and took a plate of the bile-coated placenta. Phil ran to the toilet and wretched once again. Dan finished off both plates of placenta. “Damn, that’s probably the best thing I’ve ever made.” Dan praised his cooking to himself, as Phil ran to his room and locked the door. Dan decided he’d return to his own room. He pulled out his laptop, getting out his credit card. Placenta doesn’t come cheap. 

Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge 2: Post-Apocalyptic Driving School

Summary: Negan is flabbergasted that his lady friend  never learned how to drive before the world ended. He takes it upon himself to teach her how, and rewards his “student” with some vehicular naughtiness. 

This is a smutty Negan x Rebecca (#Nebecca) drabble I wrote for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash​‘s Negan Writing Challenge for the Driving Instructor prompt. It takes place after Embracing the Apocalypse (But you totally don’t have to have read that at all to enjoy this. Promise!)

Word Count: 3,255

Content Warnings (or selling points?): Negan being Negan, language, smut, finger fucking, hand jobs, and cum.

Read on AO3 here:

Ash’s Negan Writing Challenge 2: Post-Apocalyptic Driving School

“Hold on a fucking minute! What the fuck do you mean you don’t know how to fucking drive, Fuckface?” Negan’s face was a perfect combination of amusement and wonder as the late afternoon sun cast a warm glow on his tanned skin.

He and Rebecca, the aforementioned “Fuckface”, strode side by side along the perimeter of the Sanctuary, enjoying the crescendo of a beautiful spring day. The sky was spotted with just a few scant puffs of cloud and the grass was beginning to return to life after a brutal winter. As annoyed as she was at the smug smirk that Negan wore, she couldn’t bring herself to let it get to her. Not today.

“That was a whole lotta ‘fucks’ there, my friend,” she replied casually with an easy smile on her face, “And to answer your question: Nope. Never learned. Always thought I would eventually, but then the world ended, so it kind of took a back seat…Pun intended, by the way.”

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Pairing: Kihyun x Reader  || Genre: Fluffy Fluff, Magic School!Au

Word Count: 1.8k

Request: by @cosmicmari - a kihyun fluff/angst where the two of you are majoring in the same thing(so you have a lot of the same classes as him), but they really don’t like each other (they’ve know each other after going to the same schools growing up too) until they get paired up for a project and discover each other’s true personalities.

A /N : So, first of all, sorry for this being short as hell and it’s totally trash but I got too excited to get my first thing up and posted! Also, sorry if the au isn’t quite what you wanted, but I just couldn’t get this out of my head. ;-;

Originally posted by wonhontology

“You know this isn’t going to work, right?” Kihyun chimes from where he’s perched at the end of the table you worked on. You curse the way his voice sounds like rich velvet as it intermingles with the sweet smell of the flowers around you, and you remind yourself again that his opinion won’t matter after you ace your final to be done with college altogether. In the back of your mind, you can still hear him nagging at you, reminding you of who has the higher grade in your Potions of Arcane Magic class - which, mind you, he only had a two point advantage.- and, how your ingredients wouldn’t work well anyway. Lavender was fickle and burned easily, Peony petals had to sit in sunlight for several hours, and moon water had to hit an exact temperature to be of any use at all.

You’re quick to roll your eyes at his remark because, what does he know about love potions? You were the one that had spent weeks going through old potion books in your library, piecing together pages that were frayed along the edges and had cracked spines that dared to crumble to pieces there in your hands. Sure, he had accompanied you most of the time, but at what cost? He was almost always a distraction anyways.

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dust to dust .two.

chapter two - unbeta’d 


“It’s so dark right now, I can’t see any light around me.
That’s because the light is coming from you.
You can’t see it but everyone else can.”
– Lang Leav


Betty furrows her brows at the chess pieces in front of her before grimacing at her aunt. “You can’t do that. Knights don’t move diagonally.”

Hilda leans back on her chair, the front legs coming off the carpet as she hangs her arm over the back of it lazily. “This knight follows whatever order his Queen commands, and this Queen orders him seven spaces there.”

“You’ve heard the saying that cheaters never win, right?” Betty quips with curved lips before reaching forward to move her spade across the board. “Checkmate.”

Hilda frowns as her chair tips back onto the ground. “Wha—”

Betty only grins in victory before her mom comes walking in, Zelda behind her. Looking to her blonde aunt, Betty gestures to the ingredients laid out on the counter. “Need help with dinner?”

“I’ve got it, honey.” Zelda answers as Alice gives Hilda a reproachful look for the bottle of Blue Moon on the table.

“It’s 4 P.M. on a Thursday, Hilda. Should you really be drinking another one?” She remarks dryly.

“Yeah.” Hilda draws the word out before bringing the bottle up with a cheeky grin. “That means it’s happy hour, Ali. Maybe you should have one and lighten up.”

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Scorch My Soul ~ part 1

Jim Kirk is many things, from lifeguard to expertise flirt and a wisher of a more accomplished life in-between. He is not, however, a believer in the paranormal side of the world. But when his car breaks down in backwater Georgia and good, handsome Samaritan Leonard McCoy comes to his rescue he might start believing in miracles.

Until his dream starts turning into a nightmare.

note: this is going to be a romantic thriller/horror/ghost McKirk story that I hope will have a Southern Gothic vibe… scary romantic with a twist?


The amber leaves of autumn are a small whirlwind down the asphalt in the wake of the red Chevy that’s just sped past the Welcome Stranger sign.

The sky is blue, the sun pleasant in a way only a late autumn sun can be and the rumble of the car’s V8 mixes unexpectedly well with the beautiful flow of Einaudi’s piano.

The weather’s perfect for a road trip which is all the better for Jim’s hardly covered half of his journey from Miami all the way up to just south of Des Moines. One world to another and he both dreads and anticipates the moment he’ll cross the Iowa state-line marking his first coming home in over six years.

Now, though, his mind is far away from his nephew’s baptism and the reality of seeing his family again – he’s never visited them since he moved south, chasing a dream of freedom. Instead, he’s enjoying the sun, the rolling hills and considers staying in the area for the night because he’d love to see the sun rise over the neatly lined rows of pecan trees.

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actor’s job

genre: this is fluff

warnings: mentions of alcohol

words: 6k

summary: As an actor, Dan’s job is to fall in love. In order for him to do a good job in a film, he has to fall in love with the role he’s playing, he has to love what he’s doing, so it won’t feel like a job.  It’s just that it wasn’t Dan’s job to fall in love with his co-star.

Or, how actor Dan Howell keeps getting cockblocked by literally everyone while he tries to woo-hoo his co-star, Phil Lester.

a/n: *sweats* writing? What’s that? I can’t seem to understand that word. Wow. Sorry for that long-ass inactivity. Huge writer’s block, my guys. I do have another work that I was writing before this, but that one was so heavily planned and so complicated that I took a break from writing to. write. again. so here’s this. It’s silly fluff, basically. I love writing silly clichéd stuff.

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mchanzo headcanon/story idea, part one of three:

long post, and nsfwish-under the cut.

hanzo and mccree are totally lusting after one another - they flirt a bit but usually aren’t in the same place at the same time. they do however, after months of dancing around one another and becoming friends, get put on a two man mission together. and the mission is tits up almost immediately - they get sent to one of the nicer safe houses. this place actually has more than one bedroom and hot water.

they are told to lay low for the next few weeks or so, until winston, jack, and ana can get things sorted out. neither of them mind much, they work well together and have a good relationship off missions. its no big deal, and honestly? both of them have been wanting to spend time with each other.

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{Traveling!AU} Bangtan


  • prefers traveling by plane. really wants to explore central europe because of it’s architecture and rich art history 
  • spends 50% of the plane ride sleeping the other 50% he has headphones on and is lyric writing 
  • every now and then he’ll look up and make sure you’re comfortable and you don’t notice how he smiles to himself when he sees you sound asleep or giggling at something you see on the movie thats playing
  • is pretty organized despite his suitcase looking like a mess and doesn’t get you two lost
  • holds your hand at all times when you’re walking around just to make sure you’re safely beside him
  • tried to get you guy to coordinate the outfits you brought but it doesnt really happen but its ok because you guys shop and buy matching clothes and it’s cute
  • you wake up later than him in the hotel and he’s already out on the balcony drinking coffee and when you go over he pulls you down into his lap and you guys enjoy the view
  • buys a tour book and reads out the little passages about all the monuments and tourists spots you visit 
  • secretly writes a song about the way you make him feel while you guys are on this trip and it’s literally just how happy he is to be alone with the best person in the world (you)


  • prefers traveling by car because he can take photos if you’re driving and when he’s driving he can show off how cool he looks (he doesn’t tell you this but you can see from the way he tries to look suave by putting his hand on the back of your seat when pulling out of his parking space and how he refuses to take his sunglasses off even when you’re driving in the rain)
  • ideal traveling situation is you guys take a roadtrip up into the korean countryside 
  • neck pillows all day everyday even when he’s out of the car 
  • took the pro camera with him but keeps teasing you because you’re like !!! yoongi take a photo of me here and he’s like pretending to oblivious taking pics of trees and you’re like yOONGI pLEase and he’s like “take it with the selfie stick???” and ur like but!!!! and it’s cute he like leads you on a bit and then ends up taking endless photos of you because you’re amazing and he loves you
  • takes secret photos when you’re not looking and even if they’re blurry he saves them because ur his everything 
  • hes ok with directions but it’s a roadtrip so yoongis like lets not even spend money lets sleep in the car and ur like ok but how will we shower and eat?? and yoongi is like ……true
  • huddling together when its cold and you two didn’t pack jackets or scarves 
  • vice versa you’re like airing out your t-shirts together sharing cold drinks when you packed too many sweaters and it’s like 99 degrees out 
  • you and yoongi don’t plan ahead unless it comes to the $$$$$$ 
  • but yoongi has never felt more free and comfortable and there is just pure joy in being out here with you by his side to enjoy all these new things


  • doesn’t have a preference when it comes to traveling as long as he gets to rest his head on your shoulder and you guys get to bring snacks along 
  • would like to go to other countries in east asia like indonesia, burma, thailand 
  • makes a list of restaurants you just HAVE to visit and a list of street foods you HAVE to try 
  • “we don’t need souvenirs, we need another plate of food, baby”
  • insists you guys get matching pink luggage so it’s easy to spot your bags from the rest 
  • you catch him taking selfies with random people and you’re like oh my god 
  • pulls you into his arms and starts taking photos and you’re like jiN my mouths full of food or jIN im still blowdrying my hair?? and he’s like “we need photos to send to my mom”
  • tries to pretend he can speak the native language and then he turns to you and is like i didn’t understand a thing and you’re like uhuh i can tell
  • downloads duolingo three days before your trip but only remembers the word for chicken
  • plans a surprise, romantic little thing in the middle of the trip for you like maybe going to get a couples massage or attending a performance in the town and then afterward while you’re gushing about how thoughtful and romantic he is he just grins and thinks about how your smile is worth just about anything in the world 


  • prefers traveling by plane because he has a curiosity for the world and he’d love going from europe to africa to australia all in one trip because he’s got an endless amount of energy 
  • reminds you to pack your toothbrush ike 5323 times because he “wont share his” but thats a damn lie hoseok will give you anything you need because he’s an angel and loves you
  • gets super into souvenirs and buys one for each bts member, each manager, each dance instructor, basically something for every person he’s ever meet in his life
  • is willing to talk to strangers for directions because you two are dumbfounded but instead of talking he’s dong charades with his body to try and get the people to understand him
  • when i doubt hoseok just smiles and gives you thumbs up because even if yall are lost in the middle of sydney or in the middle of the safari soMEhow he promises you two will be fine
  • fixes your hair after youve slept on the plane and you also fix his and hes like my face is puffy but youre like i love it and lean in to kiss him and the stewards on the plane are like “this is the cutest couple to every travel on this airline ????”
  • hoseok can get you guys discounts on anything because he’s a shining ball of light and everyone he meets instantly likes him because how can you not 
  • you guys try to challenge each others fears by having adventures on your travels and it’s how you grow closer because you have each other the whole trip to lean on and when you’re going back you guys just cuddle sleepily into each others arms and like it’s just an experience that’s unforgettable 


  • prefers travel by overnight trains because there’s a bed and he can knock out in comfort 
  • would like to see more of south asia like india, sri lanka, bangladesh and especially traveling through rain forests and places with gorgeous warm nature would be such a sight 
  • except he sleeps the entire time really no point in even trying to keep him awake hes like nope 5 min in he was snoozing (except for when you wake him up like elephants JIMIN and he falls off the bed like ELEPHANTS
  • it’s cute tho!!!! whats not cute is the fact that jimin gets distracted by everything so you literally keep reminding him not to forget his bags anywhere
  • “jimin, tie your suitcase to your wrist because you’ll forget it.” “no i won’t.” “where’s your suitcase right now?” “…………….don’t hate me but we might have to go back to the dorm.”
  • is horrible when it comes to money like he’d spend it all in one day if you let him and he doesn’t keep track of purchases so you’re always like “no jimin we can’t buy that.” and he gets pouty but its nothing a couple of kisses cant fix 
  • dances to bangtan songs when you guys are waiting in line to get tickets for something 
  • at first you were a lil embarrassed but soon enough you learned that just dancing along with him makes it better 
  • gets shy when he has to ask a stranger for help but he doesn’t want to let you down so he does his best to ask for directions or help but sometimes you’re like “jimin, let me handle it ^^” and he thinks ur so cool and brave
  • park jimin is astounded by anything you do honestly he is Head over Heels 
  • keeps squeezing your hand and asking you if all of this is real and you’re like ofc!! and he just can’t believe he’s doing this right now with you


  • like jin, he doesn’t have a preference but once you get to your destination he loves things like bike tours or hiking 
  • south america would be a spot he’d really love to see, countries like brazil, argentina, and venezuela are all colorful and so new to him that he’d love to just go and explore
  • taehyung would want to go anywhere there’s an ocean so he can pull you into the warm waves and play around with you and just laughs and love everywhere
  • imagine riding horseback on the beach with taehyung??? or ziplining through the rainforest with taehyung??? or learning how to dance the samba with taehyung ????
  • you guys dont plan, like a lot of stuff is spontaneous stuff that you just decide would be amazing to do like taehyung’s just like you cant live life knowing whats gonna happen lets just wing it
  • except ur also like lets not wing it and go bankrupt on this trip or lose our passports cough COuGh
  • if there’s anyplace that looks remotely scenic taehyung is like pls take a photo of me !!! and so you’re walking around snapping photos of your boyfriend pretending to be a model in the middle of the street or on a bus bench but like he looks good so why not
  • taehyung facetimes the hyungs whenever u two are gonna do something cool just to show off about it 
  • aside from taking photos of himself and nature he also takes photos of himself kissing you in all the different places you’ve been and he makes it like a little project of his and every time he pulls away he’s like “this can’t be more perfect” but he says it EVery TIMe and you’re like you said that last time and he’s like yeah ur right every moment is perfect to me if it’s with you…………


  • prefers traveling by plane because there’s less confusion and less work that way 
  • wants to see more of the states because he likes busy cities but he also likes national parks and nature and the states have a good mix of those 
  • you guys go super lite on the packing like literally you guys brought one suitcase and it has all your stuff in it because you and jungkook are like clothes dont matter as much as making memories
  • until youre like jungkook give me your sweater mines dirty and he’s like heck no and youre like jungkook i have so much blackmail material on u dont test me and jungkooks like ???? excuse me i have blackmail material too- but he’ll give u the damn sweater because he loves u
  • does this thing where when ur taking a photo he photobombs it 
  • also rests his camera on the top of your head because hes tall and ur like jungkook im not the pod for ur dslr and he’s like dont move ull make the picture blurry 
  • directions? talking to strangers? nope he’d rather get the two of you lost 
  • steals the sample bottles from the hotel and ur like wow and he’s like right now im making jin hyung proud also look now we dont need to buy shampoo 
  • by himself he’d be shy to go off alone and try new things but with you he’s so much more comfortable and u two are able to have so much more fun supporting each other 
  • jungkook can come off as someone who doesnt know the definition of romance but when he buys you a little plush bear with san francisco written on it’s t-shirt at the airport gift shop and then gets red in the face when u kiss him for it well then like you can see that real boyfriend material come out and it’s ADORable 

anonymous asked:

Izuku/ bakugou with an s/o Who has a star/ galaxy quirk that gets brighter when they get embarrassed (kinda like it's their own blush) and class 1-a gets trapped somewhere dark and their s/o is trying to make it glow brighter but it's too dull so they end up having to kiss or say something to them that makes them blush and the "stars" start glowing really bright (Extrem fluff)

I don’t know if I managed the extreme fluff, but I tried my best. Here you go, I hope you’ll like it!


The cave they’re stuck in is so pitch black, that no one dares to move once they find either another person or one of the surrounding walls to touch and hold on.

Midoriya’s partner quickly concentrates on their Quirk and a moment later, faint light starts to glow along the ceiling. It’s barely enough to see the shapes of their classmates, but it’s also enough to bring some relief.

“Can you make it glow brighter?” Someone asks in the dark and they concentrate harder and push the small, glowing stars to become a tad stronger.

It’s still not quite enough and Midoriya stands close to them and he’s able to see the frustration on their face. He hesitates and swallows; his face growing red before he carefully reaches out and takes their hand in his.

They jolt in surprise and turn to him just in time to cause the kiss he aimed at their cheek to land on the corner of their mouth.

In the next second, a bright galaxy breaks out across the ceiling and illuminates the cave to the point where they can see the exit. Midoriya and his partner jolt apart again, both flustered.

After a bit of lighthearted teasing, which causes the galaxy to gain a few more glowing stars, they start to the exit, finally leaving the dark place they ended up in. Midoriya though doesn’t let go of his partner’s hand and they gently squeeze his back, exchanging a small, still slightly embarrassed smile.


Bakugou would use his explosions if it would help them to find their way through the dark forest. As it stands though, he probably would only cause someone to get hit by a falling tree and that would only worsen their situation.

Looking towards his partner, he squints and notices a moment later, that stars start to glow and float around them. It’s not a bright light though and it barely helps them see their surroundings more.

Somewhere to the side, one of their classmates trip and they hear them fall, followed by the crack of breaking twigs that sounds, in all honesty, rather painful.

“Damn.” Bakugou hears his partner whisper. “I can’t get it to be brighter…”

He steps towards them, noticing how tense they are in concentration. Bakugou stays quiet for a few moments though, letting them try to get the stars to glow stronger.

“How the heck do you get them to be brighter?” He asks once it’s clear they’re struggling to achieve what they want. His partner pauses for a moment.

“Emotions.” They answer. “Particularly…embarrassment or something else equally strong.”

Bakugou thinks about it for a second, before he steps close to his partner, standing right in front of them. They look at him in surprise and their eyes widen for a moment, when he leans in. They catch on to what he wants to do just before he kisses them.

Despite having his eyes closed, he notices how light starts to glow around them and leaning back, he looks up. A bright milky way is spreading around and over them, illuminating the surrounding woods and, to their sheer luck, the path they lost around an hour ago. They finally can go back to their camp.

With words of relief and thanks, their classmates start to move forward and Bakugou glances at his partner, who clearly feels a mix of embarrassment and happiness.

“Let’s get the fuck back.” He says and takes their hand to tug them with him.

Extraneous Detail

Title: Extraneous Detail

Summary: The night before you’re supposed to meet up with the boys to help with a case,  Castiel, fallen angel and Lucifer’s right hand, drops in on you unannounced.

My very long and a little late entry for @ilostmyshoe-79​‘s SPN Sutra Challenge for Position: Him standing, her lying back on the edge of a table of the edge of the bed, legs wrapped around his waist.

Pairing: AU, Fallen!Cas x Reader, Castiel x Reader

Word count: 8900ish (Ha. Ha ha. What even is this)

Warnings/tropes: Smut, table sex, literary banter, shameless flirting

A/N: I was sick this past week and shit’s been going down here (as it usually is my end) and I’ve been running on very little sleep, which is why this is late. But I’ve really gotta hand it to @mamaimpala​ for being my beta through the very cringe-worthy first draft of this fic and for putting up with me while I was high out of my mind on meds but still insisted I had to write this. I owe her my soul. Anyways, I hope y’all like this and do let me know what you think :)

Originally posted by idjitlovespie

“Yeah,” you said, holding Sam and Dean on loudspeaker in the palm of your hand. “I’m just gonna stop at the next town for dinner and-motherfucker!” The car swerved, tires screeching on the asphalt and Sam and Dean’s frantic shouts coming from somewhere by your feet. The car came to a wince-worthy halt and you gripped the steering wheel with heavy breaths and a hummingbird heart.

Swallowing, you whipped your head towards the passenger seat.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!”

You were greeted with a twist of lips and dark brows arched in amusement. Castiel sauntered-vaguely-downward angel and part-time demon leaned back in the previously empty seat.

“Hello, Y/N,” he greeted in his usual gravelly timbre, drawing out the syllables of your name. “Hope you don’t mind if I, uh, drop in unannounced?”

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Hurricane (Baekhyun x You)

Baekhyun/you, rated M, nsfw

A highschool love/hate AU bc everyone love hate/love smut, right?

I led the revolution in my bedroom and I set all the zippers free.
We said, “No more war, no more clothes!
Give me peace.
Oh kiss me!

„Truth or Dare?“

„…Dare.“ The answer came reluctantly, as if the girl wasn’t sure which one of either would be worse. Judging by the look on her face, both.

The boy who had spoken was grinning mischievously, tapping his chin to make a show of thinking about something for the girl to do.

After a few moments his face lit up, a glint in his eyes that made the girl seemingly uneasy.

I dare you to kiss your crush.“

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What I like and dislike about each type
  • Warning: I'm very straightforward with this and aim to be as honest as possible. Also, these are my own perceptions and may not be prominent in all individuals of the type so take it with a grain of salt. With that said, you're always free to send anonymous hate mail in my ask box if you're not happy.
  • What I like about ISTPs: You're too cool. How do you do that nonchalant "I'm effortlessly good at everything" -attitude floating around you? You're also so quick to act in sudden situations, your reflexes are excellent.
  • What I dislike about ISTPs: You do care about things so stop pretending you don't. You fool no one and it's embarrassing to watch. Showing some sentiment doesn't equal being weak, everyone else gets that so why don't you?
  • What I like about ESTPs: How do you notice everything? Of all the types, you're possibly the most observant and objective about your observations. I admire your straightforward way of communicating.
  • What I dislike about ESTPs: You're too competitive. For fuck's sake, it's only a game. Grow up and stop throwing temper tantrums whenever someone's better than you at something.
  • What I like about INTPs: How can you know so much about everything? You're like an information sponge who can glance at an issue and take in the most vital parts in two seconds and then move on to something else that's interesting.
  • What I dislike about INTPs: Your passive and cynical attitude towards life borders ridiculous. You don't get to spend your life putting absolutely zero effort into your ambitions and then mope about how your life is wasting away. It doesn't work that way so grow up and start taking some initiative.
  • What I like about ENTPs: You're ridiculously good at brainstorming. If I run into a wall with something, you guys are the people I'd ask for help in order to find a solution outside the box.
  • What I dislike about ENTPs: Learn how to filter your speech at times. Yeah, freedom of speech and all but it doesn't mean you have to pay absolutely zero attention to what you let out of your big mouth. Some jokes are just in bad taste.
  • What I like about INFPs: You're imaginative and mentally very strong. You have no issue to stand up for something you believe in and God help the person who's in your way of setting things right.
  • What I dislike about INFPs: Everyone is not targeting you in particular and criticism is not always voiced solely for the purpose of offending you. Learn not to take everything so damn personally.
  • What I like about ENFPs: You're so much fun to be around. How can your humor be so out there yet spot on? A social gathering without an ENFP is like a bath without bubbles.
  • What I dislike about ENFPs: Pick up after yourself every now and then. I know mess doesn't probably bother you as much as many other types but it's a part of common courtesy not to leave your stuff around for everyone else to clean. It's disgusting.
  • What I like about ISFPs: You're genuinely a warm and interesting person to be around. Your shyness mixed with your observant nature and thirst for new experiences is very charming.
  • What I dislike about ISFPs: Stop being such a doormat. You have a tendency for self-sacrifice, doing things you don't want to do for people who really don't want or need you to do it for them and then wallow in how much you don't want to do it. This is not the Bible and you're not a martyr so grow a backbone.
  • What I like about ESFPs: You're so set on enjoying life to the fullest. How can you turn everything into a fun experience like that? You're so observant and know how to have fun.
  • What I dislike about ESFPs: Learn the meaning of personal space. I know you're genuinely interested in people but if they wish to be left alone, respect that. Plus, don't get so touchy if someone doesn't want to spend time with you every now and then. It doesn't mean they hate you.
  • What I like about ISFJs: How can you have so much compassion? It's like you instinctively understand everyone around you. I admire the way you withhold judgment when dealing with people.
  • What I dislike about ISFJs: Stop being such a worrywart. The world will not fall apart even if you're not there to take care of everything. Your fussiness can be so damn annoying sometimes.
  • What I like about ESFJs: You're the queen bee. How can you be so popular with so little effort? You know how to make friends and how to handle different people. You're so likable it's almost ridiculous.
  • What I dislike about ESFJs: Stop worrying about conflicts so much. It's not the end of the world to be in bad relations with someone. Not everyone will be your friend, learn to live with that.
  • What I like about ISTJs: You're so dependable. It's programmed in your system to work hard and expect little in return. Your loyalty and dedication is moving.
  • What I dislike about ISTJs: You're too judgmental. Don't jump to conclusions so much and learn how to listen to opposing views. They have a point sometimes, you know.
  • What I like about ESTJs: You're no-nonsense and I admire that. You know how to handle matters impersonally and efficiently. You see what needs to be done and do it.
  • What I dislike about ESTJs: You're too bossy sometimes. Stop measuring other people's worth by how well they perform and learn to cut some slack at times.
  • What I like about INTJs: You set a goal and keep pushing until you make it. You're a true achiever and have excellent self-discipline. You know what you want and if you don't know how to get it, you find out.
  • What I dislike about INTJs: Hold back with the superiority complex a bit won't you? There's a difference between being proud of your accomplishments and just being a smug asshole.
  • What I like about ENTJs: You know how to be smooth. You have strong communication skills and people follow you instinctively. You naturally seem like someone who always knows what they're doing.
  • What I dislike about ENTJs: You're too dominant. You can't control everyone and everything and it's really annoying when you try to do that. Also, keep your jealousy in check, other people's achievements are not indicators of your incapability.
  • What I like about INFJs: You have a unique worldview and see connections other people might miss entirely. Even if not religious, you still have this spiritual aura about you.
  • What I dislike about INFJs: Try to get rid of your special snowflake complex. You're not inherently different from everyone else, you're just about the only person who doesn't realize everyone's quirky in their own way and you're not more so than the others.
  • What I like about ENFJs: How can you be such a good mediator? You're like the best person to be in the middle of two people fighting, you know how to help people compromise and live in harmony.
  • What I dislike about ENFJs: Stop the humble bragging. Seriously, I get that you're proud of your good deeds but making sure everyone knows what a good person you are kinda eats away at the authenticity of it all. Plus it's embarrassing.

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hi! love the blog! can I have a prompt request for the mc perhaps finding out what favorite dish the rfa members like and she perhaps cooks it for them??? idk this sounds like a really cute prompt and I just need to see this 😢

a|n thank u guys for your super cute words! i’m 100% better now!

° p|s it’s now admin lilu or egg lilu WHATEVER U WISH °

° Yoosung

  • so he’s not really shit at cooking.. just slightly shit??
  • like he can make eggs and toast probably but anything else and say bye to all the furniture in your house (poooof)
  • so you offer to teach him how to make something quick n easy instead of just eggs and ketchup he drenches that on jesus how
  • decide on stir fry because it can’t really go that wrong???
  • please
  • he’s super slow when doing everything because he doesn’t want to mess up but when he sees you chopping vegetables super fast he almost chokes
  • i have a knife in my hand rn don’t make me use it
  • he tries to copy you and ends up with a tiny cut his finger and he’s holding back the tears so bad 
  • “I’ve been sliced.. I’ll be o-okay, my LOLOL character has been through worse…”
  • …wth are you saying under your breath is this a chant?? no satanic shit please
  • one LOLOL plaster later:  he’s chopping things alongside you with furrowed eyebrows with his tongue sticking out and is that a bead of sweat??? bro calm down its a carrot!!
  • when he finishes cutting he literally drops the knife and does a celebratory dance 
  • HEY MAN now you actually gotta COOK everything
  • but he brings out a huge pot and 
  • ???
  • “OH GOD THAT’S SO CLEVER”  *(-‸ლ)* 
  • definitely the type to just taste everything when you’re not looking 
  • but you saw
  • mid chicken strip bite he looks up at you being caught and he just gives you puppy eyes and blinks lots of times
  • tries to add ketchup to the stir fry and you have to knock him out the way before he tips the whole damN BOTTLE IN STOP
  • also the type to post pics everywhere saying he’s a chef like okay sure

° Zen

  • after seeing you in the morning with short shorts kneading some dough all of a sudden he wanted to cook to
  • reaaaaaal smoOTH
  • he just suddenly comes up behind you and rubs his hands together asking so what’re we going to make today??
  • but we’re making cookies!!
  • preparing himself he rolls up his sleeves, ties up his hair (omg his hair down in the morning gooDBYEE)
  • then he comes up behind you and slips his arms under yours so theres 4 hands just kneading the dough
  • “what.. what’re you doing I’m okAY”
  • “ I saw couples it on TV and it was spinning and-”
  • “THATS POTTERY GRAMPS” *face palm punch*
  • ends up sitting on the side munching on chocolate chips because wow kneading is like working out at the gym suNDAY IS A REST DAY 
  • but fuck he’s finished all the chocolate chips get back hERE
  • he’s super annoying omg he’d swipe flour on your cheek and you’d just stop and look at him you’ve woken the beast bud
  • the mf is smirking at you 
  • “what’re you going to do about it??”
  • you chuck flour at him and oh god the kitchen is a mess call 911 
  • cookies have been forgotten as you’re chucking flour at him but you can’t really tell because it blends into his hair while u look like albert einstein cheers m8
  • you have to stop when theres no more flour left in the bag and you’re both panting heavily and both a mESS
  • “Want to take a shower with-”
  • “I’ll actually adopt a cat if you don’t shUT UP YOU PUNK”
  • he tries to do that cheesy thing when theres food on your lips and he kisses it off
  • the flour is all over your face? logic
  • but when he DOES kiss you he makes a face because holy fuck flour tastes bad
  • serves u right 

° Jaehee

  • my baby loves pastries but because of trust fund kid giving her too much work she never has time (justice4jaehee #j4j)
  • so after forcingasking Jumin to give her a day off you decide to bake all types of lil elaborate cakes together
  • she’s so in her element can you imagine how relaxed she’d be??
  • like there’d be music playing and you’d be singing along but she’d just be singing under her breath quietly 
  • but you can hear her!!
  • hella embarrassed when you give her a small thumbs up but she just turns around to keep mixing the batter because no no no no this isn’t the time to gO RED NOT NOW
  • instead of you telling her what to do she’s telling YOU what to do and she’s so mum omg??
  • starts off super patient but as soon as you add too much butter she’s freaking out and just nO STOP NO 
  • “THATS 220g MC WE NEED 210″
  • “eh it doesn’t matter THAT much does it??.. woah okay nvm it does sorry”
  • she gives you one of those disapproving looks and you almost die
  • so she takes over at one point because she’s SUCH a perfectionist and you just kinda watch her do her thing 
  • being the smush ball she is she notices your pouting face and gives you the icing bag so you can do the decorations!!
  • stands beside you as you ice the cakes and she guides you v slowly trYING HER BEST to be patient
  • when you’re about to mess up she puts her hands on top of yours to try guide you and holy s h i t
  • now you’re both blushing bright red its like lady and the tramp pt 2
  • she quickly removes her hand and avoids eye contact with you and apologies about 19 times
  • and she’d be SUPER embarrassed when you gush over her cakes trying to deny they weren’t that good but she can’t help but flush pink anyway

° Jumin

  • he’s probably never even made toast himself before
  • probably also was served caviar for breakfast or something (even though he hates it) bleeh
  • so when you suggest making smores he’s probably like what the actual hell is that is it a type of fish excuse me wHAT
  • “Just ask the chef to make it?”
  • super duper confused when you tell him that they have to make it themselves by a fire outside
  • “…MC.. I don’t condone the use of drugs” fgs
  • you just tell him to meet you outside for dessert and he’s seriously over thinking this like what type of commner ritual do I have to do now
  • he sits down beside you and when you hand him a skewer he deadass just stares at it god damn it 
  • you show him how to put the treats on to the skewer and put it over the fire and you can’t tell if he’s impressed or not because he just stares at it blankly
  • fuck.. this is awkward
  • but he tries his best to do it but somehow the cracker splits in two or the chocolate melts before he can put it on the skewer and he’s genuinely confused is this black magic??
  • “are you sure children do this often?” frustrated Jumin
  • he takes a bite and holy fUCK is it heaven? hes surprised and ends up making a few more (success!!)
  • oh my god I’m so sorry I didn’t mean t-”
  • swipe [swiper no swiping] wait what was that?
  • but you can see the corner of his lip curling up bITCH WHAT
  • you both stare at each other for a bit
  • (well ur confused at the fact he pretty much booped your nose)
  • so you respond but getting melted marshmellow and swiping his nose back with the same expression
  • it goes back and forth until you can’t help but snort (nice) and he chuckles under his breath shaking his head and mumbling
  • “What has MC turned me into, …Christ.”

° Saeyoung

  • the most extra mf around oh god brace yourselves guys
  • you’re both lounging on the couch when you switch to a cooking channel and Saeyoung’s eyes literally light up 
  • no no NO DON’T GET ANY THOUGHTS too late
  • and you pretty much want to chuck your phone at the tv screen when the chef finishes with “Go make it yourself NOW!”
  • because before you can even stop Saeyoung he’s literally running out to the kitchen come back wAIT 
  • you chase him to the kitchen where he has those huge chef hats and an apron and wAIT why do you have a bikini apron??
  • he insists he’d better than the chef AND YOU so you’re just ready to fight like okay game on bitch (ง'̀-‘́)ง
  • being the extra bitch he is he starts spewing out random Italian words while making the pasta
  • “bellissIMO,SI IT’S A ME MARIO..” 
  • “ow.. that hurt” :((
  • you had to punch his arm because he’s fluent in 17 languages (including italian) but he sAYS THIS? WOW
  • he copies you at first but as soon as he loses track he just messes up so he just adds the most random shit
  • seasoning? crushed HB chips
  • dressing? dr pepper
  • why is it all black and bubbling this shit is not edIBLE HE’S CREATED FUCKING POISON ALERT
  • he also does the weirdest movements while cooking
  •  like he sprinkles salt into the pot from like 23 metres high trying to look professional 
  • giggle because you can see his lil belly poking out hi there!!
  • but wait that isn’t salt thats bakING SODA WYD
  • somehow manages to create a small fire in the pot and you’re both scREAMING SAEYOUNG WHAT DID YOU DO
  • a few minutes of screaming later, you both slump down on to the kitchen floor and just burst into laughter
  • “..Do you think we should mak- OW OW OW STOP  MC - MY EAR”
  • you’re lucky if i let you IN the kitchen fuckwad