its all your fault jafar


Alright! First official post on the official cosplay page! We are Curvesque Cosplay and these are the gender-bent disney villains we premiered at Youmacon in Detroit on Halloween Weekend! We had SO much fun and everyone who saw us was so kind and gracious! We can’t wait to be the bad guys again :P

Hades: @gingerelliebelle

Jafar: @eskayrobot

Photographers: Various, but mainly Sopheria Studios and Eric Perry Photography

Ultimate Story Time?? More like Ultimate SLAY Time!!! Amirite!? 😅😂

What? Can I not use the same joke twice? I thought it was funny. But. Can I just say, that this show was soo good; I had to see it a 2nd time!!! Like. The energy the crowd had tonight was INSANE!!!!!! They were all so invested and energetic during this show which just made it all the better!! I’m really glad the crowd was so full of energy cause not only does it make the experience better and more fun, but it also really helps out the actors! You could really see the cast feeding off the energy from the crowd which only makes them perform even better, so everyone wins!!!!
And at the end of the show the whole place was just so full of such strong emotion(people were crying). Which means it was a total success(it totally was)!!!!!

And before the show I met a handful of awesome people and they were all so nice and friendly and just seemed like really sweet, funny people who were just out to have a good time!! And I loved it! And that’s what going to a show is all about, right?? Hanging out with your friends, making new ones, and just enjoying yourself and having a great time watching an incredible show with a powerful, inspiring message with catchy beats, moving lyrics and a performance you’ll remember for years to come!!!

Seriously. You guys. This musical is what you need in your life!! ❤️📖🎭🎤