its all the way in texas tho

beyonce: sings a pro-black anthem in front of a bunch of white people who think blm is a terrorist group clad in black panther garb with an all lady group

yall: uhmmm [tugs at collar] idk the black panther thing was a bit much :// i dont get it

gaga: sings born this way in a city thats p diverse compared to the rest of texas and the rest of america that elected a lesbian mayor

yall: SO PROGRESSIVE i cant believe she did it,,,,she ended homeophobi take that Conservatives

I go into such a fashion slump in the summer. Its just too hot in south texas to wear what i want to… Anyway i tried to lift my spirits and look decent for 5 MINUTES. Way too hot out here for this shit tho haha.

Back to shorts and tanks after i took these 😊 rundown:
Jewelry: Hoy Topic
Cardigan: Too Fast
Dress: H&M
Shoes: DollsKill
Belt: Offbrand