its all pro and shit

Anyways I’m sick of “"minors”“ hiding behind the term minor, as if you’re incapable of logical thought at 13-17 years old. Might have a different mentality but ya not dumb god damn tf??? Stop blaming adults for your internet experience?? Monitor yourself???

You know, there are times where I come across a shipper, who doesn’t ship Bakudeku or Katsudeku like I do, and after hearing a valid reason, I’m like

“Okay, cool. I mean, nobody really likes the same thing, so it’s cool, I’ll try not to crowd you with Bakudeku stuff cause I know you’re not into it.”

But if their reasoning for not liking it is by giving me their entire life story on how they’ve been bullied all their life and how they feel Izuku on such a deep level I’m just like

Next time an anti raves to you about how they’re doing what they do to help people with mental health issues just remind them that antis were the ones who tried to stop a Sheith zine from which the proceeds were going to a mental health charity. Aka it’s more important to them to stop a fictional ship than to actually help real people with real mental health issues.

Killing Stalking

I surprisingly have a lot of time for the first week of school! But I’m not here to talk about that, no I’m talking about a well-known manhwa that goes by the name of Killing Stalking.

Before I start “ranting”, understand that I respect people who don’t want to read it/uncomfortable with it/triggered by it/etc. I completely understand, and I wish you the best in life!

Now that we have the out of the way, I’m gonna be pretty blunt 

If you:

  • Believe all readers and people who enjoy KS are homophobic/ableist/misogynistic/etc Then you may need to rethink a couple of things. If you would talk to some of the fans you would see that they aren’t the “monsters” you portray them as.
  • Believe that minors who read KS and enjoy it have been or are currently being manipulated by adult KS fans you probably should rethink some things or just not interact with me I am a fan of KS, I haven’t read up on it in a while but I do like reading it. I am 14 years old, to some of you I am practically a baby but believe it or not no one forced me to read it. It was more curiosity on my part. A YOI blog reblogged a post about it, I went searching, read the description and continued anyways. I knew it was not for me, I read it anyway. That’s just how it works. 

  • Believe that gay men and survivors are the “bad kind” for reading and enjoying it you need to get your head out of your ass and rethink a lot of fucking shit stay the fuck away from me too while you’re at it  Just, no, please stop.

  • Believe that all (female) readers of KS are “fujoshis” or “yaoi fangirl” You make me laugh and you should probably rethink a couple of things. Not saying that there aren’t yaoi fans making those cringy fics (UWU SANGWOO HU MP MEE :>>>>> IM A SINNER) Just know that no one on this site is fucking 10 and it isn’t 2010. Like dude I have yet to see someone do that shit, and if they do do it caaatch me hitting that block button lmao. 

  • Believe that accusing KS fans of some really serious shit or harassing readers and shippers is ok because they read that “icky wicky nasty homophobic content uwu” Then fucking go away, why would ever even believe for one second that that shit is ok.

I bet you are starting to see a pattern here. Listen, KS isn’t a pure happy rainbow type of manhwa. You know that I know it, and I’m pretty sure everyone knows it. 

I’m not saying you can’t be uncomfortable with it, no not at all. However, harassing and calling readers gross/homophobic/abusers is so fucking shitty and the fact that you would say that shit over a fictional manhwa is ridiculous. Listen if you read KS and you enjoy it, good. Let it stay that way, don’t let hateful people bring you down over fiction. 

Make content, keep shipping and most of all stay safe. Because I love all of you guys, and you don’t deserve the shit you guy are going through <3

“I will never accept the canon ending!” … Still canon.

“Rukia married her abuser!” … That’s bullshit and RenRuki are still canon.

“IchiRuki will always be canon to be!” … Okay, but they’re not canon to the official manga.

“Ichigo doesn’t love Orihime like he does Rukia!” … And yet. Canon.

“I’m gonna make my own ending.” … Okay but that won’t make it canon.


  • general consensus among mental health professionals about otherkin identities: whether they're present as a spiritual or religious belief, a way of coping or grounding oneself when suffering from mental illness or trauma, or just a different way of elaborating on one's feelings for the sake of fun, kin identities are in no way detrimental to the mental health of anybody and the people i'm trying to help have much bigger issues then identifying strongly or spiritually with animals or fictional characters and to linger on the non-issue of it would be a waste of everyone's time and energy

What the hell were you doing for the last year alone on that ship? im guessing it was one swashbuckling adventure after another; until you decided to  c o m e   b a  c k  and  save  me .

                                        e x a c t l y.

Sometimes you just gotta let shit be and not stress so much. Sometimes you just gotta tell your anxiety to fuck the fuck off and then go sell your soul to Satan for some corn chips. And then sometimes you gotta throw those corn chips on the ground because Satan is an asshole and gave you stale corn chips. I mean, who does that? That’s just sick. And sometimes you just gotta do a gnarly kick flip off Satan’s dick because fuck it. There are no rules. Smack that scalding hot coffee out of that elderly man’s hand while you’re at it. Momma didn’t raise no quiter.
—  It is 6am and I am v tired.

So uh instead of promoting this habit/culture/whatever you wanna call it of whenever someone posts a coping skill or tip to help with recovery and commenting “we can’t all be neurotypical Karen” or shit like that, how about we start commenting positive shit about recovery and learning how to cope or other good coping skills or recovery stories because holy shit

Y’all love to romanticize being anti-recovery and that’s really fucking sad.

Recovery and learning how to healthily cope is always possible wether you think so right now or not.

Save for Yuri! and the first seasons of Hannibal and Sense8, my involvement in fandom since leaving Canada, especially since coming out here, reminds me very much of trying to stay up to date with friends when I was in primary school. 

“Oh, you finally read it? Yeah, it was a cool story but I’m sort of over that now, sorry. Have you read The Golden Compass though? No? Oh…sorry, it’s my everything right now, and I don’t want to spoil it for you so…I’ll just go back to the reading corner and leave you to…whatever you’re doing.” 

“What, you only JUST got a Playstation? You’re SO lame, Kat. It’s so old now, nobody’s playing that anymore, and what the hell is Tekken?” 

“Hah, your first shiny. Pokemon is lame. Go back 3 years if you want to play, or come back here when you have pogs.” 


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I have a few things to say

Yes, it’s Kishimoto’s manga and yes I cannot do anything to change what’s already done, but for heaven’s sake, if you are a true and logical fan of Naruto there’s no way you can calmly accept that ending.  And don’t you dare tell me that I’m not a true fan because I’m upset and complaining about the ending. Being a fan doesn’t mean I have to be in agreement with all the decisions the author makes. Being a fan doesn’t stop me from having my own opinions. Naruto is a work of art, published for the public, hence it is open to criticism.

Now with that out of the way, let me first say that I’ve been reading/watching Naruto since I was like 10. I’ve invested almost 10 years of my life into this series, hence I’ve pretty much caught the gist of the story. This is why I’m allowed to be disappointed, because the ending wasn’t even nearly as great as the buildup. I am disappointed because:

  • When did Naruto become merely about “who ends up with up whom?” As a matter of fact, when I started reading Naruto, romance wasn’t even listed as a genre. I still don’t think it is…idk go check. What about all those lovely life lessons and morals it taught us such as friendship, determination, hard work, never going back on your word, going against tradition and culture if necessary, seeing people change for the best and many more…..Have you all forgotten about those? Naruto could have ended with absolutely no couples and I’d be completely happy because it was a great story and I have learnt a lot.

But since you guys have decided to focus only on the ships, I must talk about those. I am a SASUNARUSASU shipper, without apologies.  I ship them, not because I’m gay, because I’m not, but because based on everything that I’ve been watching and reading their relationship is the most logical and most developed. It is also the strongest relationship in the series when compared to all others. The plot basically revolves around Naruto chasing Sasuke and if you don’t see this, I do not know which manga you have been reading. Open your eyes people!! Brotherly love you say. Heh! Greatest bull. Sasuke had Itachi . He knew what brotherly love was;the feelings for Naruto was so strong, he didn’t even understand it. He was scared. Naruto made friends. He had Shikamaru, Gaara, Neji, Kiba etc. You think by now he doesnt know what brotherly love is!? Naruto doesn’t even know how to explain it himself, because they’ve both never had that feeling before for anyone else. . Also, Kishimoto is the biggest SASUNARUSASU shipper there is, so do not be fooled. Take the entire manga and anime series as proof. (the data books, opening, endings, cover pages, their conversations, the entire Naruto plot etc).

Of course, being the rational person that I am, I was more than prepared for  SASUNARU to not be “officially canon”….because admit it, (it’s been canon from the beginning.) Our society does not accept this type of lifestyle so I didn’t expect to see Naruto and Sasuke running through the meadows, holding hands and what not or whatever weird things you guys think sasunaru shippers are thinking about. Actually, I was fine with chapter 699 and Naruto returning the headband was just so sweet and that’s all I ever wanted since Sasuke left….wipe tears. Also, Naruto is not yaoi (it might as well have been), it’s shonen, and hence its main target is males. I was prepared. But what I wasn’t expecting was crack ships, ooc, and babies everywhere.



  • This is the most disappointing ship, because it had potential. I might have shipped it were it more developed. Hinata loves Naruto because she sees in him something that she desired. She wanted to be praised and acknowledged. He was confident in himself despite being deemed a failure, much like herself. Hence she strived to be like him and adopted his nindo way. However, there is too little interaction between them for me to accept that they fell in love, married and had children. He never once addressed her feelings. As a matter of fact, Naruto has always been oblivious to Hinata’s feelings (like all that blushing and fainting didn’t give it away)   Even up until Shippuden, he was clueless, until she confessed and even then….nothing. Naruto also went as far as to tell his father in chapter 691 that he hasn’t found the right girl as yet…nine chapters later they have kids.  So tell me, if he always knew he was “in love” with Hinata what the hell kind of statement is that?
  • I’ve never been a NARUSAKU shipper, but even that makes more sense than NARUHINA. Naruto and Sakura basically grew up together and have come to know many things about one another and accepted each other. Naruto also always claim that he loves Sakura, even down to her worse trait, her forehead, which no one else accepted. Even Sakura must have developed some sort of feelings for Naruto after all he’s done for her and all they’ve been through together.


  • I don’t even know where to start with this ship. I could write a book stating all the reasons this ship is poor, underdeveloped and extremely shocking. I mean, unlike NARUHINA, where there was an attempt to develop their ship with subtle hints…this ship….wow. Sakura has always loved Sasuke since she was a child merely because he was cool and good looking. As she grew older she held onto these fleeting emotions. When Sasuke was labelled an S class criminal, she was more than willing to decide with the others that they should kill Sasuke. Even Ino was more against the plan that she was. Meanwhile, Naruto was suffering from a panic attack on hearing those news. She attempted to kill him and failed miserably. Sasuke on the other hand, while he was on team 7 protected Sakura. As a member of team 7, and one of the strongest at that, it was his duty to ensure that his teammates were safe. However, after he left, he rarely ever thought of Sakura, and whenever he did, it was in the context of team 7 (which includes Kakashi and Naruto as well). While He’s had plenty of independent thoughts of just Naruto.  Also, Sasuke is always calling her annoying and speaking badly of her. He tried to hurt her, and if it wasn’t for Naruto he would have killed her, he also placed her under a genjutsu where he’s killing her, like WTF? Someone please explain to me how this equates to love? ( And don’t you dare say this is love because no dictionary in the damn world defines love like this)
  • This pairing only depicts Sakura as a desperate fan girl rather than the strongest kunoichi that she really is. Even after all that she still crawls back to Sasuke begging him to take her with him….. just NO. I know many of you SASUSAKU shippers are girls. I am a girl and I could never ship this. I could never bring myself to support a relationship where the female is constantly being hurt and degraded and abused in all sense of the word. Haven’t Sakura matured….where are her standards and ambitions?  And don’t say he apologized….because that half dead (literally) apology could not make up for shit.  And if this is the case, I am seriously sorry for the girls of this generation. When do they draw a line? When do they say this is enough and I’m better than this? This is like a parallel to why girls stay in abusive relationships in reality. A bad example for all girls. I could never be happy about this becoming canon. In chapter 698, I think, Sasuke was saying that he could not accept anyone else but Naruto ( because everyone else basically gave up on him) and a few chapters before that Sasuke said he had no interest in Sakura and could not see why after all this time she was still dwelling upon thoughts of love with him. He said with his own mouth that Naruto is his only friend. I don’t recall him saying that about Sakura….and you don’t just fall madly in love, marry and have a child with someone you’re not first friends with. And what about Sasuke? He still hasn’t even said a word of love to Sakurahave you guys realized that or are you just playing blind because it’s canon!?  No matter how I look at this ship, I could never be happy about it. And I won’t even go into the forehead thing because that has nothing to do with this.
  • To NARUHINA and SASUSAKU fans if your ship needs an entire 360 turn in the personalities of the characters, the omitting and ignoring of major details, unanswered questions, and a movie to justify it…it might as well never existed. Your ships and fandom never did and will never experience the same level feels that the SASUNARUSASU fandom experienced. Because while your ship was based on subtle hints and vague acts. Ours was based on real and quite obvious actions of both parties; their actions and words. So please, do the SASUNARUSASU fandom a favor and “calm thyself.”
  • And you don’t have to be gay to ship SASUNARUSASU.

If this is what it means to be CANON, I’m really glad that SASUNARUSASU remained non canon. Because they are way happier than the canon ones tbh.I’m sure the SASUNARU fandom is big. If he wanted to please the fans and make some cash he could have ended it without pairings and without the rush or….I won’t even say it… Just for the sake of money, norms and society the perfect manga is being ruined.

  • Because of 700, I couldn’t even be glad about Shikamaru and Temari, which I ship. Plus I won’t even go into all the other ships because they are just crack ships. You don’t just throw people together without  first developing some back story.Kishimoto knows that because he’s a brilliant writer. I was so sure that he didn’t willingly write chapter 700. Just money making business. Some of these characters haven’t even spoke one word to each other and some have never met before but they are making babies. Even Sai, who spoke the most about guys’ dicks and who had stated that he thought Ino was ugly and he didn’t like her, did a 360. LOL. Chapter 700 was like a really bad fanfiction.
  • My view of Naruto and Sasuke as parents are totally ruined. Because out of everyone else, they know loneliness the best and what the absence of parents can do to a child. But what I got in chapter 700 was Naruto hitting his child and telling him that he’s too busy for him because he’s doing hokage work and he should just understand that because he’s a ninja and  Sasuke journeying across the ninja world looking for God knows what!? I thought even if they were going to have children that they’d at least be there for them.
  • The last chapter also ruined the reason for NINJAs. There is peace and tranquility… what is there for Naruto to do as a hokage? The role seems almost useless. Then there are those skyscrapers on the hokage heads and all the technology…I guess it was expected since it’s a few years later, but it totally ruined the traditional old time scenery that the village held. And all the girls who once dreamed and aspired to be great kunoichis are now settling with being just housewives. And nothing is wrong with being a housewife but really, did their dreams just evaporated into thin air? And what’s the purpose of being a housewife if the man isn’t home or in some cases, isn’t coming back. What happened to TAKA? Juugo who always stayed beside Sasuke because he was basically his purpose for living, Suigetsu and I hope what I’ve been hearing about Karin isn’t true.

And about the LAST nothing in that movie can adequately capture or attempt to explain the disaster which is chapter 700. Enough said.

However, Naruto is still my favourite manga, (all 699 chapters). I have nothing else to say about that fanfic at the end though. I will forever ship SASUNARU because it’s the realest and cheers to Kishimoto for writing the best love story ever (even though he doesn’t know it)

These are my few words….

OK, so I really would rather make a gifset about this but my computer is being a butt and I have to go to work so I guess I’ll just write this out. 

There was one thing from last night’s episode of Once Upon a Time that I really did like, and was very happy with, and that was how Emma treated Regina when she got back from the Enchanted Forest.

I know that sounds kind of dumb because she ended up screwing her over (which was accidental, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a fuck ton to make amends for next season because she already does), but before that happened, I think there was something really important about Emma introducing Marian to her.

Because at that point in the episode, Emma had just gotten back from the EF, where she had seen first hand “the Evil Queen,” and saw Regina burn Snow to death. That had happened just hours before Emma came back, and you know how Emma treated her? The same way she had before she left.

Emma wasn’t suddenly terrified of Regina, she wasn’t focused on her past, and she didn’t forget everything about the Regina she knew in Storybrooke in favor of the cruelty she saw in the EF. Instead all she saw was the depth of Regina’s redemption.

When Marian panicked, the first reaction Emma had was to soothe her and tell her it was fine, to reassure her that Regina was different. There was no hesitation, no doubt that Regina wasn’t really softer or anything; Emma knew who she was regardless of the visual evidence she now has of Regina’s past.

She went over to Regina, wasn’t short or uncomfortable or nervous around her at all. She wanted to reassure Marian, but she also wanted to make it easy on Regina–hell, she couldn’t even say “evil” because she didn’t want to hurt her. 

And I think that’s pretty important. Paired with Emma’s horror at what she caused, and Regina’s pain but not rage (which is HUGE) at Emma’s actions, I’m actually OK with where we are with them right now. Because the way it ended wasn’t set up for war between them, not really. But instead set up in a way that will parallel Snow, with one big difference: Emma is old enough and unspoiled enough to learn about her consequences and make appropriate amends.

At least that better be what is going to happen.

Updating my resume.

Right since I’ve dropped the discourse I’m going to get on my high horse about something else

And before I begin, let me address criticisms I will inevitably get before anyone starts: I’m as pro choice as it’s fucking possible to be. This is not a criticism of beliefs. 

Right. So.

Pro choice community, you all need to learn some fucking compassion and decency for the pregnant people you claim to care about.

When I was a pregnant teen and struggling, not one of you I encountered gave a fuck. And I was SUPER active in pro-choice political stuff back then. I only stopped all that shortly after I came out, 3 years ago. 

In fact the prevailing attitude I came across was “well if it’s so bad just abort”. No consideration for the fact that I didn’t want to, because mentally ill people apparently shouldn’t breed.

During both of my abortions, which I anonymously made public throughout the whole process, at great risk to not only my own life but my family (no seriously, I had actual terrorists make threats against mine and my daughter’s life, I had very, VERY detailed descriptions of exactly how they would murder my daughter sent to me, the only thing that protected us was that I was anonymous), while I was suffering with life-threatening mental health issues and losing my daughter for months at a time because I was physically unable to care for her, abusive and neglectful partners, having to drop out of university BOTH TIMES, sure I got a few nice messages but you lot were all just there for the debate. Pissing off anti-choicers meant more than me.

There were only 2 people who actually tried to help me. Who messaged me daily, supported me, and continued to support me afterwards. One was a certain woman who did what I did, publicised her abortion (she didn’t do it anonymously and had to have police protection and is still at risk), and the other is a pro lifer who is like, seriously active with that shit. It’s her life. She never judged me. She still makes sure I’m ok now, and it’s been years.

I had to leave all that shit because the fucking daily exposure to the belief that disabled people are not worthy of life is fucking draining for a disabled person to see. I’m sick of seeing pregnant people being called selfish for risking their lives for their kids. I’m sick of seeing young parents being mocked for “ruining” their lives.