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I’m all about body positively, and since the fat acceptance movement is a massive part of that, I felt like it was time to take a look at it.

There’s a lot to love about FA- it teaches us to view people equally regardless of their size. It also challenges negative, offensive stereotypes and discourages bullying. It shows us that being fat isn’t a horrific thing.

But like any movements FA has its flaws. It can become dangerous when people use it as an excuse to not take care of themselves. You can think you look hot, and totally love and accept your fuller figure, but you must never forget that being overweight comes with health risks. I think it’s important to always be mindful of that as well as having an FA mindset…After all life isn’t all about appearance.

park jimin is absolutely beautiful inside and out. he is amazing. he is the one who protects others though he doesn’t simply share his deep thoughts or problems, but he is still the sweetest among all. park jimin who tries so hard to be a better person, you are already the best so stop feeling down and realize that we armys especially us, your biased love you to every bits of you, your skills, your laugh, your smile, your voice and your flaws. park jimin who is sensitive and a sweetheart, don’t cry anymore save your tears and put that beautiful smile on your face. you’re a wonderful human being. i love you ♥

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Hey how r u?

hi nonnie you have asked this question at a very interesting time. let me walk you through my emotions right now.

so first we start off with this.


then we move on to this.

well dressed men have always been my weakness. and this is no exception. plus the blue/black contrast is just yES. so this leaves me feeling a little weak in the knees.

and now we have tHIS.


and it all builds up to this.

so to sum up, I’m currently dead and it’s all colin o’donoghues fault. how are you?

you ever realize how stupid you were? i mean, of course you do, humans are dumb. of course i regret nothing at all but do you ever look back (and really this is rhetorical because i know you do) and want to punch yourself in the face? sometimes i just wonder. i think i messed myself up. not in a permanent way (since nothing is permanent) but in a fuck this shit UGH way. i don’t know if its the reason but i have major issues all the time with things and i can never figure out why. one way i can explain it is that (this is what my architecture teacher says about forced drawings) - i am drawing what i think is in front of me. i am doing what i think i should be doing. there is a person right infront of me - i am not drawing them, but what i think they are. i am forcing the drawing. i am remembering a dream. i am remembering a memory. did you know a memory is never exactly the same? your mind reconstructs what they think actually happened. and thats how i am going through life. and i know this makes little sense unless you have been in my position but whatever. i am just doing what i think i am supposed to be doing, rather than just doing what i am doing. for example. i don’t really talk about my specific love/sex life on here or whatever because i am just all over the place confused and ya know, confused. But i don’t know i used to be so different. i used to do me. i used to be me and not think about it and you know i think we are born close to perfect and then life fucks us up and then we become conscious of it and become better, an imperfect perfection but thats besides the point. i don’t know. love, sex, relationships (not limited to romantic ones) they changed for me these past years. i used to just care for everyone. you were a nice person i would talk to you. i wasn’t as friendly as i am now but i was in a different way. love was special to me but it wasn’t like it is now. sex was so, sacred (as i was taught it to be, not my fault!) i was reliable. i was i dont know where i am going with this. i didn’t need approval from anyone or myself. now i feel as i do, or, i used to. i used to think i HAD to have sex, to have experience or i would miss out. even though i didn’t want to, i used to (maybe still do) feel that i need to move around. not stick to one person. not be attached, explore. i was taught indirectly that i was a baby if i didn’t have experience, or that i was scared. i think ever since i was taught that i’ve been trying to prove myself that i’m not a baby. i am experienced.  i have been broadening my evidence of myself being explored. and that has made my life very very interesting i must say but let me tell you i never should have done so many things before i was ready. now that i am ready to do them naturally, i cannot. there is a wall. and that wall is old me.  i never should have forced myself to do things just because i thought i was supposed to. i never should have drawn what i thought my life was supposed to look like, i should have just drawn what was right in front of me, i should have just let the pencil move instead of saying, oh no no no pencil, that is wrong, lets erase erase erase and try again until it’s right. because it was right the whole time. but no matter. you can always paint over a painting, as many times as you’d like. and maybe you won’t see the first painting ever again, but it will always be there. 

I was talking about something, and the topic of Autism came up. I’m not exactly sure how, but the response was priceless.

Me: So yeah, because I’m Autistic-
Her: Well aren’t we just all a little Autistic? Like, it’s a spectrum?
Me: Not really. I mean, you either are or you aren’t.
Her: But I think we’re all on the spectrum.
Me: No, it’s only about 1% of people that are Autisti-
Her: That we know of.
Me: Well, yeah, I guess-
Her: I think we all have Autistic traits, you know?
Me: I don’t really understand how you can say that. Right now, scientists think it’s because our brain doesn’t prune its’ synapses properly for some reason, and it starts before we’re born.

She stared up at the ceiling for a moment, thinking about the synapses thing I’d just said.

Her: I don’t know… I think we’re all just a little Autistic. I bet a doctor could find something Autistic about me.

Me: *writing Free Fall plot.*
Me: Ah fuck I forgot how complicated the world of AC is. How will I translate these parts into art? This will be so long.
Me: *suddenly regretting this whole thing*
Voice in my head: think of all the cool outfits you can draw.
Me: hmm…
Voice in my head: and you like historical shit. And angst.
Me: true
Voice in my head: and think of all the ‘i can’t believe we survived that i need to kiss you’ scenes–
Me: Okay no regrets!

It’s hard to remember that it wasn’t actually Beth we saw on Saturday night. That it was Sarah’s interpretation of Beth. Sarah’s Beth smiles and makes tea and gets angry (like Sarah). Sarah’s Beth is the hero Sarah doesn’t think she can be (but needs to). Sarah’s subconscious is painting Beth in this way - much in the way the fandom has painted Beth. And she’s everything we’ve hoped for. Because we’ve shared Sarah’s hopes and Sarah’s needs and Sarah’s pain. So it makes sense that Sarah’s Beth is so similar to our Beth.

But she’s still not Beth.

My mom thinks its a good idea too!!! She was like lemme know so I can pull out some stuff too, and I’m like 🎉 bc she has the most random vintage pieces and has all this brand new, sealed makeup and other femme stuff that’s just chilling in her room… So yeah I’m kind all about this concept rather than trying to find a job at some company that blows. ✨

what michael did was wrong and uncalled for and i think we can all agree on this BUT he’s been working so hard on being a better person and fixing his own mistakes and a lot of you are acting like you never did anything problematic in your life. YES he’s someone a lot of people look up to BUT he’s allowed to make mistakes like every other human being on this planet so if you have something to say to help him grow please go ahead but if you just have to be mean and start drama please have a seat because a lot of you who are bitching about this are the same who will call names other girls just because they hang out with the boys or the boys themselves when their appearance is not on point like wtf take a chill pill go out and enjoy your day and come back when you have less of an attitude and you learned how to be coherent with yourself.

I think starting a new piece of art is the most exhilarating/ terrifying thing an artist can do.  The first mark you put down will probably be wrong, as well as most of the marks after it.  The success of the piece depends on your ability to take the marks that are the least wrong and make them correct.  And that takes so much courage.  To look at your work, see what is wrong, and instead of giving up in frustration you figure out how to fix it.  Then you look at your final piece and you have to be ok with it not being perfect, because there are mistakes in it that you didn’t know how to fix this time around.  But it’s ok because this piece is stronger than the ones you made last week, last month, last year.  And the more pieces you make the more mistakes you figure out how to fix.  

i was feeling rly panicky at breakfast today so i purposefully derailed a conversation abt a billionaire to “all white men suck” so that ppl would try and fight me and then get exasperated and leave when i refuse 2 concede

Canine Persuasion

Based on this imagine over at imaginexhobbit

Warnings: Puppies and Thranduil.

Word count: 777

“No,” Thranduil says firmly as soon as he spots me on the floor (most undignified, he says) allowing a small litter of puppies (dirty little mongrels, he says) to frolic and gambol all over the rug (going to need to call the chambermaid, he says). “Put that down.”

The pup in my hands is trying its hardest to lick my face, its tiny claws digging into my wrist in its eagerness to show affection. How can Thranduil possibly say no to them?

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Hi there ❤️ Hope you're having a good day. I just wanted to ask about that tweet naughty boy replied to about the new album of his coming out in 2016? I'm sure I saw it on his account. If that is real and he's gonna wait until 2016 then does that mean zayn may go off for a few years or something? This is so confusing because yesterday I was reading that Zayn s working TOO hard on his new bum and now he's gonna go on a break. To me it all sounds far fetched. Do u think NB will release an album

Hi Anonymous.  I hope you’re having a good day too.  So this is the Naughty Boy tweet in question:

I expected Naughty Boy’s album to come out this year to ride the hype of the stunt, whatever its endgame may be, but it is possible it will be released in 2016.  This is Twitter, though.  And Naughty Boy likes to troll.  So I don’t think we can call this a reliable official confirmation.

I do think all the talk about Zayn’s umpteenth reasons for “quitting” are far-fetched.  I’m going to quote funnydemon85 on the “two years break” story, which I reblogged in there somewhere.  You can find her thoughts and mine there on this matter, and I agree with her:

Right now, NB is hustling and playing the game.  But us folks who’ve been discussing the stunt can’t allow ourselves to get carried away by every alarming headline that catches us off guard.  We can’t forget the mountain of evidence we’ve gathered since Zayn “quit.”

Not just Naughty Boy but everyone, whether they like it or not, is playing the game.  We have already seen plenty of strange happenings in this stunt and we can expect to see more, especially now that some of its moving parts are actually moving now.

Don’t forget that we have heard at least five or six different reasons for Zayn “quitting,” which contradicted each other or were just lies.  1DHQ has recycled at least four in the last week: so Zayn apparently “quit” because he wanted to save his “relationship” with Perrie, because he still wants to be a normal 22 year old, because he wanted to take a two year hiatus before going solo, and now because the touring was too stressful.

Notably, all these narratives include a relatively friendly 4/5 and Zayn angle, even from M!M, so at least we can say that the stunt seems to be moving there.

Bottom line: I never trusted a single one of the many reasons given over the last two months for Zayn “quitting” because his “quitting” is a stunt, and I definitely don’t trust the ones we’re getting now.

We don’t know the endgame for sure but we have an idea.  We have to wait and see.



Here is my personal translate again, enjoy;)

Interview(I): This time,as the artists come here with the theme of “japanese music to the stage of the world”, could you tell us about “japanese’s spirit”?

All laughed awkward lol

The bonez: japanese’s spirit? pretty detailed question, i guess (All laughed)

i think its about practice and practice, from the small thing in order to acquire the skills, and after doing it over and over again thats why we can sit here.

(And i cant stop laughing when the MC said next is Vamps but he couldnt hear it clearly, Vamp’s emotion is so funny lol)

Vamps: Well, i think there is alsoTaiwan band/artist come to japan to perform, and as Asian im not awared much about the definition of “aboard” because Asian artists go to alot of place to perform and from now on Japanese artirst also too, by going to alot of place, we as japanese artist want to show to everyone which is good term of japan.

(the same as Vamps, the gazette also was abit confused lol)

Gazette: (Ruki) Well, Japan’s spirit ne, i also have the same thought with The Bonez and Vamps, thats we have to make efforts of practising alot to be here and by going to alot of international event, it would be great if we could show everyone our country’s good term.

I: I would like to ask Gazette, this is the first time of Gazette coming to Taiwan, isnt it?

Ruki: Yes, it is

I: i guess there was alot of fans go to air-post to welcome you, how did you feel about it?

Ruki: the impression ne, well, even it only takes 3 hours to Taiwan but i did sleep abit, thats why when we were arrived to airpost i was half of..sleeping and spaced out and suddently i heard their loud screaming, honestly i was half of scary…(Kai laughed xDD) and half of happy lol

(well, i cant stop laughing beause of their attitude and the atmostphere of this interview xDD)

so I was tagged by a-little-too-obsessed to do the 20 beautiful people tag I think ???? and Im sorry its like after 7893847893 years, but Im a lazy pig TT.TT 

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you don’t have to do it of course 

I LOVE YOU ALL  and if you do this,  tag me pls so i can see you guys ❤ ❤ ❤  

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first of all i'm sorry for bothering you with this, but have you ever watched so much anime you lost interest in doing anything else? lately i've been thinking about anime characters and their issues more than about my own (sadly) real ones. its really frustrating sometimes and i dont know how to overcome this.

you’re asking the wrong person, i have been doing this since 4 years. when i don’t have anything to do and can’t help but think, i like to avoid thoughts about myself and just think of naruto. i have no idea how to get rid of it but i’m used to it by now, not caring about anything is calming

if you want to search on it, escapism is the term. hope that will help!