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Here it is, folks. The final installment of my Kandy Coated Kackles halloween mixes (for now…).  Its been very hard to keep these filled with good songs every year, so I’m saying this will be the final year until I can collect a backlog of some new tunes.  But I feel like volume 20 is a good place to leave it.  At first I felt like I was scraping the bottom of the coffin with this one, but little by little new selections began to manifest in front of me. I think this is one my best mixes. Its also the longest one, clocking in at 2 hours!  There’s plenty variety here, I hope you’ll all be very surprised.  I get lots of messages about these mixes and it really makes me feel good that people are so into them.  Also go here for the KCK Master Post, where this one will be added too. Hope this one makes your bones shiver and your nerves quake.



1. Halloween Convention of Spooks/ 2. I Wish I was a Jack O’ Fire- Pine Hill Haints/ 3. Secret Treat/ 4. Halloween- Mission Creeps/ 5. I’m a Ghost- Isaac Rother & The Phantoms/ 6. Secret Treat/ 7. Train to Satanville- Gin Gillette/ 8. Werewolf Blues- The See No Evils/ 9. Dark, Dark, Dark- Scary Spooky Stories/ 10. Triple Hexxx Curse- Grim County Coroners/ 11. Horror Business- The Misfits/ 12. Zombie Radio- Vince Ray & The Boneshakers (explicit lyrics)/ 13. Witch Girl- The Mystrys/ 14. Secret Treat/ 15. How to Make a Monster- Rob Zombie/ 16. Secret Treat/ 17. Midnight- Hank Levine & The Blazers/ 18. I Hear Voices- Screamin’ Jay Hawkins/ 19. Curse of the Poltergeists- Lonesome Wyatt/ 20. Secret Teat/ 21. X Files Theme- Mark Snow/ 22. Horror Movie- Skyhooks/ 23. Sinister Stomp- Bobby (Boris) Pickett/ 24. Secret Treat/ 25. Walk of the Mummy- SLK/ 26. Out From the Grave- Cult of the Psychic Fetus/ 27. Secret Treat/ 28. Mostly Ghostly- The Creatures/ 29. Weerdo the Wolf- Frankie Stein & His Ghouls/ 30. Secret Treat/ 31. Creature from the Black Lagoon- 3D Invisibles/ 33. Secret Treat/ 33. Witchy Red- Dr John/ 34. Werewolf- Michael Hurley/ 35. Secret Treat/ 36. Devil Do- Holly Golightly/ 37. Sing You Sinners- Smith Ballew/ 38. The Twistin’ Ghost- Maximillian/ 39. Secret Treat (explicit lyrics)/ 40. Trick or Treat- The 4 Flops/ 41. The Skinny Toe- Scary Spooky Stories/ 42. Jeepers Creepers- Pinto Colvig/ 43. Happy Halloween- Miketama/ 44. Secret Treat/ 45. Young Frankenstein Theme/ 46. The Night Stalker- Teddy Durant/ 47. Secret Treat/ 48. Shadow Crypt- Demented Are Go/ 49. Bury Me Deep- Chance Halliday/ 50. Riders in the Sky- The Ventures/ 51. Dead Man’s Bones- Dead Man’s Bones/ 52. Secret Treat

Happy Halloween, folks. Thanks for listening. Back to the grave I go…

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i love all the different designs you have for chara. especially differences with the hair and the eyes despite keeping in ur same style. its really interesting! do you have a favorite way to draw them?

it’s balanced a lil more as i draw em more . i used to make them look about the same as frisk, but now i like keeping w/ the hard edges and makin em as lanky as i can. since their character can be quite harsh, and a lil out of place, i think the awkward body proportions help visually convey this. 

these about the three different ways i draw em, but you can usually be clued into their age based on how they interact w/ the world . i hardly ever draw adult or child chara lmao . tween is my favorite because they look like so much of a KID that it makes everything that has happened to em seem even more fucked . should be playin halo & eating pizza, not fallin down holes & makin suicide pacts lmao

possessed frisk is another way i like to draw em a lot . when i want to have em in their darkest moments, that’s the body i go w/, since it’s the body they get only after having murdered … like …. everyone lmao

i really like trying to emphasize how unwell they look in that body . always messy . always tired, uninterested, restless . it’s not their body & they’re always going to look like they’re in shambles while in it.

still gonna put em in novelty shirts & shorts tho lmao

And I would have stayed with you, you know? Whatever happened.

I’m welling up just thinking about how Robert would have actually stayed in that car, dying along with Aaron bc the thought of leaving Aaron to die in that car on his own - of Robert getting on with his life and living without Aaron - would have been unimaginable. A life without Aaron would have been no life for Robert at all. That’s how deep Robert’s love for Aaron runs. That he’s willing to die for Aaron bc he can’t see a future without Aaron in it. Bc without Aaron, Robert’s life has no meaning, no purpose and he might as well be dead anyway bc Aaron is Robert’s everything and without him Robert would be left with nothing.

FRACTALS AND GEOLOGIC SCALE: Is this bigger than a breadbox?

While reviewing geology research papers, yes even some by scientists you would think should know better, I often come across descriptions such as: This is a large outcrop of… A larger deposit is located at… The large map area proved really difficult to cover… When told something is large, very large, or really really large, my comment in the margins is always: Is it bigger than a breadbox?

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“You’d be surprised at what I can take from you. People always think that when they’re down and out, and when everything’s gone from them, that they can fight forever. And that they can die. Whether bloody, or peaceful, doesn’t matter. 

They think that it’s all done, they think that’s its all over with. You think your heart’s dead? Mostly, but not yet. You think your body’s broken? You’re not even close. But that doesn’t matter, does it? 

‘Cause you figure, "I won’t care. Do it. Cut me open, HABIT, gut me like a fish. Cut off my fingers, chew 'em in front of me. I won’t care, won’t give a shit. I won’t scream, I won’t beg, I won’t cry.” But you will.“

Another watercolor test run  this time with everyone’s favorite psychopathic demon, HABIT! Fairly happy with how it turned out.

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do you dislike all the "baby communists" who agree with the general idea of it but don't really understand it in depth or do you not really care about how educated they are on the topic

it’s not a matter of hating communists. nowhere did i ever suggest i’d actually hate someone just for being new to the ideas, so let’s get that out of the way right now.

beyond that its worth thinking about how someone can really be critical of capitalism without having a critique of capitalism. like if you asked people on here why they were opposed to capitalism, they might not really be able to give you an answer. perhaps they’d mention a lot of things that aren’t unique or inherent to capitalism at all. for example, if i said that my problem with capitalism is that it does this one particular thing that can actually be reformed out, then you’d have a hard time saying i’m actually an anti-capitalist since my issue isn’t with capitalism at all but with something that just happens to exist under capitalism and has nothing to do with its fundamental characteristics.

that’s not to say that newer people are Fake Leftists and should locked out of the movement (i have to state the obvious here so that no one deliberately misunderstands me), just that there are bound to be gaps in people’s knowledge and those need to be addressed. the same goes for people that have been around a while, even though many of us like to think we’ve got it all worked out.

that’s why it is pretty important to push for education (at least to some extent, since i don’t think we all need to be experts in everything). this was a problem with a lot of early socialist movements and even a few modern ones that sorta miss the point of anti-capitalist politics and push for things that don’t actually touch the core of the system, which clearly causes some problems, but i obviously don’t think it’s in any way intentional for a newer commie to have some half formed ideas about things, it’s just that we all have to start somewhere and it won’t be with a full knowledge of the literature and history and all of that.

we’re bound to be wrong about a lot of things when we start out, which is totally understandable and we should expect that without always being hostile whenever someone says something that isn’t Ideologically Correct, especially if they’re struggling with the ideas. but at the same time we should take a more active role in education (as in actual, genuine education, not propagandistic bullshit to convert everyone to your tendency so that you’ve got an army behind you every time you start the latest ML/anarchist debate).

it’s a hell of a lot more useful than the endless infighting on here and also makes us better communists when we’re having to actually answer questions and think critically about our politics and weaknesses. it also means that we challenge each other in ways that are actually helpful (for everyone), rather than just being ways of derailing and manipulating a conversation in your favor for Tumblr Left Points or whatever.

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i got into drawing again last year but for my 4 yrs of hs i had severe depression that didnt draw/improve at all and when i got back into it i was frustrated and felt so gross bc i was 18 and wasnt nearly as good as some young artists on here and i still feel that way sometimes i just get so mad at myself for giving up when i was younger and letting my depression stop me, i couldve been as great as them...i just wanna be someone when it comes to art

ok first of all u dont have to be mad at urself for not being able to draw while u were depressed!! its not smth u can control and i dont think its right to say that u “let ur depression stop u” but rather that u didnt have any other choice. i know what its like to not be able to do the things u actually love bc of depression so pls dont feel bad bc of this!!

and tbh i didnt start drawing “seriously” until i was 18 as well!! before that i just did it bc it was the one thing i was kinda good at, but after high school i wanted to rly get better at it and??? HEY GET THIS: IT WASNT TOO LATE. and if it wasnt too late for me then its not too late for u, or anybody!! it doesnt matter when u start drawing again, u could be 45 and it would still be totally fine. there are a lot of talented young artists and it can be frustrating if u compare urself to them, but who says just bc u started drawing some years later ur art cant be just as amazing??

like..idk the thing that always comforts me is that even tho i know there will always be someone better than me, i still dont care bc they cant draw what i draw. from a technical standpoint, yes maybe?? but truth is theyre not me, they dont have my ideas and experiences or know how i see the world. and those things are what make my art my own, so!! TRUST ME U CAN BE AS GREAT AS THEM, just not in the same way!! every artist is different after all and ur art will always be special bc only u can do it :^)

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Can we talk about how accurate is your blog title?

Of course we can ;)

Every once in a while I see some of my favorite blogs updating their title and think about changing mine. Then I realize it is still 150% accurate and give up on the idea. 

Because I absolutely blame him for taking my breath away on a regular basis …

Making me want to curl up in a ball and cry …

Completely distracting me from everything ….

Making me want to wrap him in a blanket and keep him safe …

Leaving me with a ridiculous desire to run my fingers through that hair …

and making me want to protect him from everything bad in the world …

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Hi! need a story thats gonna stick its arm in my chest and squeeze. Like a really good one that's gonna give me that twinge of pain in my gut. Any suggestions?

Also check out our angst tag

Anonymous said: ‘hi i asked about a fic awhile ago idk if you guys got it but i was looking for like a college au i think where clarke and monty do sketch art and have a class where bellamy is the nude model and monty brings up something about like anime porn hands called like yaoi i think please and thanks lol’

We did answer that one, but just in case Tumblr deleted the message, here it is again: The Whole Word In His Hands

@bellamybb said: Do you guys know of any fics where it’s centered around S4? 

We have a s4 tag and also a future fic tag that should get you what you’re looking for! 

You know, I’ve heard many times that “I love you” is a term to only use with your family and special one. I’ve been told that it’s meaning gets taken away when you start to use it for everything. I knew a guy that made me feel bad for using it constantly and made me rethink love in general and when I tried to justify myself he asked me if I meant it all those times. I felt awful because I began to doubt my favorite words in the world. Heck even lovely is a word that I absolutely adore.

Lucky for me, that guy is out of my life now, and out of my friends’ too. Now some people still question how often love should be used, and how literal, and with what. Honestly, saying it multiple times in one day doesn’t diminish its meaning, I think it brings out all of it. You can say you love pizza and cupcakes and candy! And then you can look at your best friend or significant other and say you love them. You’ve categorized everything that makes you happy. Heck I would love to find out that I’m high up there with your favorite foods. You love this but you also love that, and how that word sounds and maybe how someone does something. Its all the same, some yes stronger than others, but at the the end, it’s your happiness all rolled into one huge thing that makes you you. It’s admiration and beauty and caring all put together. We’ve got to stop treating it like it’s delicate.. love is strong and it’s powerful.

A word cannot lose its meaning. It can only gain.

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Hi there, Can I request a situation with the boys where they react to MC getting abused, molested, beaten etc. by someone. If this is too dark of a subject that's totally fine, and I respect that. I just find a lot of comfort in being protected, thank you!

((Trigger warning: Abuse, rape. Minor Spoiler warning for Zen, Jumin and Seven’s route))

* When you and Yoosung first started dating, he had been a bit concerned that you almost never consented to physical contact. It was a bit unusual for him not to be able to kiss you or hug you whenever he wanted, but he respected your wishes anyhow. At first, he was hurt that you didn’t want to touch him, but you weren’t ready to explain the reasons why to him, and it broke your heart when he acted hurt because of you not wanting to be hugged or kissed. When he came up behind you one day for a surprise hug and you started screaming and crying, you had to explain to him about your past abuse and rape. He was horrified, to say the least. He cried, telling you how sorry he was for trying to show you physical affection when you didn’t want it. He’ll never ask you to do anything until you specifically tell him that you want it. He’s so broken up about the fact that because of somebody who hurt you, you always fear that any man who comes in contact with you is likely to beat you or worse. He tries not to yell when he’s playing LOLOL with his headphones on because he knows that when you hear him yell, it scares you so bad that you hide in the bathroom and cry. You never told him, but he heard you once, and he could figure out the rest. 

* Zen joked about you releasing the “beast” in the group chat only to see that you logged out a second later. He called you and got no response, and that was when he figured he’d said something wrong. He tried to talk to you about it later, but you avoided the subject. You thought that he shouldn’t have to filter himself just because you were sensitive to the subject. When you were getting ready for the party at Zen’s house and he looked at you and told you that he wouldn’t want any other guys to look at you, all you could see is the person previous to him. You began to have a panic attack, shoving away Zen’s hand whenever he tried to ask you what was wrong. You decided to tell him about your past so he knew what he was dealing with, and could choose not to deal with if he saw fit. He ran into the bathroom and threw up, the idea that someone had hurt you so badly and that he sometimes even reminded you of them, it was so revolting. He felt so guilty for anything he’d ever said that made you uncomfortable, he ended up barely talking or looking at you for a whole week, always thinking about what he said to you a few seconds before he said anything. When he was called for an opportunity for another role, he took the call only to find that the role in question was for a character who was mentally abusive to his s/o. He flat out refused it, and you heard the phone call through the door, how he paused between sentences to take shaky breaths. You asked him about it later, but he wouldn’t tell you anything about it. 

* Jumin had troubles of his own, he thought all women were the same and couldn’t trust them, that was until you came along. So you figured you could overlook the offhand boarderly possessive comments that he made. When you came to the penthouse to hopefully make him feel better about all that had been going on lately, you didn’t mean to stay the night. You were shaking, but you desperately wanted to feel safe. He asked you what was wrong, but you didn’t want to admit that you were downright petrified by the idea of staying the night, so you didn’t tell him the truth. When he thought you were asleep, he left the room, but you stayed awake the whole night, terrified of what might happen if you were to go to sleep. In the morning, when it became clear that he didn’t intend to let you leave, all you could see were flashbacks. You were dismayed and scared that this situation might end up like the last one. You broke down in hysterical tears, shaking and sobbing. He was shocked, trying to help and ask what was wrong with you, but you couldn’t speak, and he wasn’t making it any better. When you finally managed to calm down, you told him, and he immediately let you leave the penthouse. He didn’t try to speak to you again unless you spoke directly to him, and when Seven offhandedly mentioned that he was finding information for Jumin, you were sure that something was up. When you heard that your abuser had died, you were sure that it was his doing. 

* Seven knew the signs of past abuse pretty well before you, as he was a victim of a form of abuse himself. The way you jumped when somebody touched you from behind where you couldn’t see them coming, the way your bedroom door was always locked when you slept, how you always made sure to wear conservative clothing in public. For him, he flinched whenever someone raised their hand near his head or if he saw it out of the corner of his eye, he always apologized whenever he thought he had seriously hurt someone in some way, he always assumed that he was unwanted. You recognized those traits as well, and for a long time you were both just wondering when one of you would tell the other. Seven had a temper, but he would never even think of hitting you, and this was common knowledge to you, but he still noticed the way you immediately tried to shrink down your size when he yelled. He told you before you told him, and even though after you could see the similarities between you both, it took you some time before you were able to tell him all of what you’d gone through. It was hard, you were both in a constant state of fear of each other, him that you would leave him, and you that he would hurt you. But you both understood each other more than anyone else ever could.

Emperor Tales of the Frozen South is complete!

After seventy Mondays (70!!!), where CWB didn’t miss a single update, Emperor Tales of the Frozen South is now complete. 

I can say, without a doubt, that this last chapter was my favorite of all chapters. If you haven’t started this epic tale, start tonight. If you’re reading along, a magnificent gift awaits you. 

@conversationswithjohnlock, my dear friend, congratulations. This is some accomplishment! 

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The statistic of 1 in 6 women getting raped isn't 100% accurate, a quick google search shows that that statistic is 1 in 5 woman are sexually assaulted in college, and not all sexual assault is rape, still a horrifying statistic but the post just isn't 100% truthful (you can check the information with a quick google search to verify!!)

I think y’all are missing the point of the post!
Its not the statistics, not whether it is 1 in 5 or 1 in 6 or 1 in 7  women that are raped but the fact that fear of a shark attack that happens rarely is seen as a rational fear but being cautious around men, because rape happens more than oft ,is something absurd and misandry. 

i’ve been in a weird place all day and talking about eli has helped my mood Tremendously so here’s just a bunch of rambling about various headcanons and stuff cause i love talking about her

  • she’s got a slight under bite
  • she wears her sunglasses at night, doesn’t understand why people think this is weird
  • she’s naturally left-handed but her left hand has been so fucked up over the years from constant injuries and broken bones that its basically functionally useless and she’s had to force herself to learn to do things with her right hand
  • she can whistle really well
  • she talks to rex sometimes like, just carries on one-sided conversations with him

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yoonkook, flowers & lipstick. hope you get over your block <3

“Hyung,” Jungkook starts, voice kind of gruff from celebrating after their first win. He knows he still has makeup smeared all over his face from the madness that was the post-win stage, but he can’t be bothered to think about that right now, not when his eyes trained on Yoongi’s pink-stained lips. “Did you know you’re kind of pretty?”

It’s not the first time that Jungkook’s told him he looks pretty, but it’s a little different this time, when the cameras aren’t on them, holds a little more weight. Yoongi almost looks flustered, the flowers from the win still grasped tightly in his hand, knuckles stretched white. He takes a step closer, and Jungkook’s stomach clenches in anticipation. If Jungkook just leaned forwards, if he just tilted his head, let his eyes flutter shut, he could almost-

It’s a swift thwack to his head, and Jungkook cries out in shock as petals rain down around them. “Of course I do, you impudent little-” Thwack.

its so early in the morning and all i can think of is waking up with michael bc god he would look so rough edged with his continuously growing stubble and really messed up hair and like he wouldnt look soft, he would look so motherfucking rough and sloppy in the best motherfucking way, and he would smirk at you as he lazily threw an arm over your lower back and began dragging his slightly wet and swollen lips across your neck, his stupid stubble leaving the best feeling on your skin, and he wouldnt even be leaving kisses, he would just drag his lips all along your shoulder and chest just to mess with you and imagine how fucking hot he would look with the early rising sun spilling through the window and casting over him, leaving him looking like a shadow painting, and his stupid shirtless chest looking so good and his stupid bracelets grazing over your body as he slowly runs his hands all over you, and his stupid lips stuck in a smirk the whole time hes so stupid fuck hes stupid i hate him fuckfuck

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so ratings are good? do you think we can expect season 9?

Ratings are definitely good so far this season.  Shows that have performed far worse are still going (not even just the ones LA competes with in its timeslot) and it’s doing well compared to the other CBS dramas as well.  (So far this season, it’s been the 3rd most popular CBS drama each week behind the mothership and Bull) and has been in the top 10 of all scripted broadcast shows each week (excluding the premiere week).

So, it seems like a pretty sure thing for a S9, but I honestly have no idea what other factors could go into that decision.  I am definitely far more hopeful for it than I was at the end of last season and over hiatus.  The show seems to have found a nice sweet spot with its new air time.

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Imagine cp doing something that even scares Jack a little bit, the look on his face would crush them (help I can't stop thinking of these people D:)

[its okay me either i love it] 

-i feel like they’d beat the shit out of a kid that hurt jack, and all their anger would be taken out on that kid, and jack would be so scared and upset he’d burst into tears again, and the entire crew would feel so bad that they’d help the kid up and bring him to the nurse’s or something and just keep saying sorry to jack for being too rough