its all good tho

started playing zestiria and it took me a whole five seconds to adopt a new fav

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I realized, I was crying over someone who simply didn’t care. I’m finally moving on. Although you did teach me one thing, to never hold on to someone who isn’t holding on to you. As for me, I know better, as for you, you lost a person who actually cared.

I’m the type of person who won’t be the first to talk to someone, not because I’m being stuck up, but because I don’t want to come off as annoying/clingy and so, people find it easy to replace me.
I always say everything happens for a reason, that doesn’t mean I don’t miss having certain people in my life, but it makes it slightly easier to accept the fact that those who once said they cared, were actually just lying.

I’ve done this bfore but ey who cares lmao
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If Leafy wants to make a video or talk about the Tumblr fandom he is allowed to. I mean we are all posting and talking about him, so he very much has a right to say what he likes. It’s about HIM.

Like just take a step back and try and think about this from his point of view for a sec. He thought that his tag here would be FILLED WITH HATE, but it WASN’T. He was greeted with screenshots from his new vid and posts talking about how much they love his smile etc.

So relax a bit, he hasn’t done anything to warrant a fucking panic. It’s also very naive of anyone to think he hasn’t lurked before cuz he has tweeted about that before as well lol.

Exciting News!

So some of you may remember when I was doing a bunch of auditions in Jan/Feb. One of them was a music scholarship in which I got second place, but I just found out that the first place winner (who would’ve moved onto the state round) had to drop out. So guess what? I’M THE REPRESENTATIVE FROM OUR DISTRICT (HOLY SHIT)!

I’m actually still shaking, and I found out an hour ago. This is a really huge honor and I am super super excited! So excited, in fact, that I’ll do my best to work hard on the next couple things I have planned and have them posted so you get a little break from all those drabbles!

(Also I have state jazz band championships tomorrow, so I’m very excited for that also!)

(And did you guys see that video Seb posted on Insta?! Hot damn)

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