its all ends

Can you believe its already been a month since the season 2 trailer dropped? And whilst that in itself is quite the achievement (I still remember watching it for the first time like it was yesterday), it means that there’re only three months left until the season airs! We are insanely close now!


Sebastian Stan behind the scenes of Captain America: Civil War (2016)

T R U E 

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So many tomatoes in this strip

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Coming Out

Supergirl 2x06 | Shadowhunters 1x12

(In which a character named Alex/Alec comes out by [grabbing and] kissing a character named Maggie/Magnus. Their respective sisters are proud of them despite the different outcomes.) 


the Timelords and their Companions 

Me: *aggressively goes through entire YOI tag and likes everything*

Me at Me: You have a problem.

can Lena Luthor’s storyline be Asami Sato-inspired? not this bs of will-she-won’t-she-turn-evil-because-she’s-a-luthor. 

We already have Lex Luthor as Superman’s archenemy. why not try something new and have Lena Luthor be one of Supergirl’s greatest allies and one of Kara Danvers’ trusted friends

because honestly, a Super and a Luthor working together for the greater good has the potential of being one of the most beautiful things that could happen in the show

Your truth, not mine. Your lack of faith doesn’t cancel what I believe. That’s not how it works.
—  Supernatural, episode 9x03

They’re saps


Some good Josuke faces