its all coming into play

i….. honestly cannot remember if i ever saw the end of the lego movie.. i remember getting pretty far but i’m also pretty sure i ended up closing the tab at some point bc i just wasn’t feeling it anymore so. i probably didn’t.


On this week’s “Someone forgot to tell Stephen and Emily their characters are broken up”

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Imagine Steve in an AU where he adopts the Maximoff twins!

“So Friday tells me if you want to stay, we have to get started, like yesterday on your alphabet soup visa type applications because it can take a while and like—Friday, can you explain it?”  Tony flashed a quick smile. “Pepper usually handles this sort of thing.  Sorry.”

“Sure, boss.  Their B visas expire in approximately 4 months. They’ll need to apply for an H1-B if they want to stay.  Though, it’ll be a stretch.  I’m not sure if the government will consider what they do as ‘skilled labor’.  Worth a shot, and they’re familiar with Stark Industries sponsoring visas.  We just have to hope they make it through the lottery.”

Pietro quirked an eyebrow.  “And if we don’t?” 

“-We can find a way.  Right?” Tony glanced towards the ceiling.

We might be able to get you back on an L visa, if we can set you up in our Sokovia branch.  It’s mostly a foundation, but it’d be just about all we have left as an option.  A green card would be an option, too, but it’d take some time.  More than we have.”

After Sokovia, with the twins joining the Avengers in a not-so-low-profile move to the Tower, the government was asking a lot of questions about their allegiances and intent.  Tony had lawyers for that, but they were still working on the best way to legally keep the Maximoffs in the country.  They kept coming up short.  Tony dropped heavily onto a couch with a groan.  “Uggghhh.  This is why Pepper does all this.  What the hell.”

Or” Steve had come out of nowhere, dropping a folder onto the glass table.  “We do an adult adoption.”

“Can you do that?”  Tony sat up straighter.  

I’ll have to look into it, boss. But without any living parents, provided they consent, Captain Rogers should be able to.”

Wanda smiled slyly.  “Is that why you give Vision side-eye? Do you disapprove of the relationship we may or may not have?”

Pietro laughed.  “You do a great Disappointed Dad face.  I will not call you Dad, though.”

Steve grinned.  “I don’t expect you would.”

Wanda glanced over the paperwork Steve had brought.  “Ok.  Yes. But,” she pointed a finger at Steve, “only if you promise to stop looking so suspicious of Viz.”  

Steve held up his hands.  “Sorry, ok.”

Tony clapped his hands together.  “This is great.  I’ve gotta go organize a party.  Adoption shower.  Something. There’ll be cake.  It’s gonna be great.  Friday!  Friday, take care of Steve’s paperwork.” 

Yes, boss.”

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What if one of the more sweethearted Sans happened upon Crane and tried befriending him and possibly wanting a hug? Say, for example, Blueberry? How would it affect Crane if he accidentally dusted his new friend?

You’d have to ask @little-noko that, since the Crane bean belongs to her. I can guess how he might react, but Noko can give a proper answer xD 

Reasons to love SCM’s ‘Lovestruck Valentine’ Specials:

There’s this 

And this

Then this 

Andddddddddd this

And this 



Basically, blushy faces = ultimate reason. 

  • tumblr after series 3: mary is moran
  • tumblr one day after the special: mary is moriarty
  • tumblr one week after the special: mary is the devil
  • me: ...well, that escalated quickly

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Holy shit where to start. I mean they/them preferred pronouns are a stupid concept. Unless you have Turner Syndrome or Kleinsfelt Syndrome. Other than that it is very harmful/not useful and completely absurd to expect the abundant English speaking population to go by this. In addition, going by he AND she pronouns? Ideology like this is the reason anyone under the age of 25 is called a "special snowflake" as a derogatory term. Knock it off. Your mom raised you better than that.

holy shit where to start

i mean they/them pronouns is completely logical as it goes for people who don’t have a preferred gender

and genetics hardly come into play when choosing pronouns its all on preference and what the person chooses to go by.

i don’t understand how it’s harmful or not useful more than it be respectful to just call someone “they”. since they can speak english its relatively easy to understand that “they” can be a proper pronoun once they put their ignorance aside and put their logic ahead of themselves and learn that there’s more to english than just “he” and “she”.

in addition, going by he or she pronouns is for people who prefer to call me either, in both real life and online. i can be referred to as both and i wouldn’t mind, because both pronouns suit me. so there really shouldn’t be a problem.

and no one uses the “special snowflake” term anymore. because people like me aren’t that uncommon anymore once we realize we’re comfortable with who we are and are coming out into the light.

oh no, anon. my mom raised me very well. she raised me to be accepting of myself no matter what sexuality or what gender i prefer. so dont pull that card on someone you know nothing about, alright?


Lunch break is for shopping. Antique shopping.

btw we got attacked by four more level eight bandits and suffered a full party wipe bc a certain dwarf decided to just stand there in stealth while the rest of us died

That scene tonight where Dean was telling Chuck about how he’s let humanity down…it slayed me. I’ve been looking forward to this scene for weeks because Jensen’s teased that he took the less obvious route acting-wise with his delivery. I see what he meant - it would have been easy to look at those lines in the script and think “Yes, this is an angry scene for sure” but the fact that Jensen didn’t play it that way, the fact that Dean was less angry and more devastated, it fucking blew me away. I felt every one of Dean’s emotions in that scene - his disappointment, his confusion, his frustration, his anger, his pain. And I swear to Chuck, I cried when Dean cried.

Of course, everyone’s acting in this episode was on point as usual, but that one scene has to be one of my most favorite, most heart wrenching moments in Supernatural history.

That moment you die in The Answer and get an unexpected punch to the heart

I’m gonna need to blacklist Horizon: Zero Dawn, aren’t I?