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To the Park Chanyeol who usually holds in his tears. To the Park Chanyeol that is labeled ‘happy virus’ and 'teeth rich’ for his ever bright and smiling face. To the Park Chanyeol who works so hard for the people around him. To the Park Chanyeol whose name gets slandered, who gets hate and criticism and only apologizes and promises to work harder. To the extremely talented Park Chanyeol who deserves the world: It’s okay to cry sometimes, because we will always have your back and we will always love you. I hope you know that.

I was thinking the other day about a celebration the Dalish might have for halla, inspired by Kukur Tihar in Nepal, where they adorn their antlers with herbs and flowers, and paint them with pigment. 

A Dalish inquisitor likely wouldn’t have access to any halla, so maybe they’d celebrate with any harts they had instead.

When Lena hears Taylor call Lexi ‘Lex’ the first time -

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I'm so sad and frustrated about this. I want Jinki to go to the concerts and get the love and comfort from fans who will stand by him. I mean we haven't even heard a single thing since anything. We have no idea about the case and I just want things to go well for him and for him to heal.

*slams entire body into wall* ME TOO ANON LIKE ME FREAKING TOOO


Louis sassing Liam from backstage and Liam having none of it (16/6/15)

look like, making jokes about the current US political climate is… tiring at this point. and Imo, it fucked the US pretty bad. i’m tired of these late night shows and whoever else making this seem funny when in reality… its kinda fucking horrifying?
like, the US is at the point where, when asked, a fuck ton (and I mean like, more than half. a ridiculous amount) of Republicans said they would post pone the 2020 election if that’s what Trump wanted.
that literally gets rid of democracy and that is hugely fucked up. and, it wouldn’t be past him to ask for that.
And now there are literal threats for missile launches from North Korea. because Trump couldn’t keep his fucking mouth shut. and at this point, when the possibility of nuclear misses being used is closer to becoming a reality? I just don’t think jokes can be made to lighten that up. because there’s nothing light about it.
Trump has been taken as a joke from the begging and so no one really thought he would get anywhere because, well, he’s just saying stupid shit that’ll never happen so ha ha let’s laugh at him.
but now we’re here. and continuing to make jokes about this? isn’t going to help. it’s fucked up enough. get serious.
And if you need to step away from this shit storm then do, because it’s a heavy situation. but laughing and making jokes /about/ it, will just make the very serious threat into a joke. and it’s really not.

She Calls Me Daddy Too.

Based off of this post

There’s nothing like a man in a nice suit. You watch the tall man in front of you order, admiring the back side of him in all its glory. When that back side turns this front side you do you best to ignore the impressive bulge in his trousers.
Your eyes snap up at the sound of your name.
“That’s cruel, don’t even recognize me,” he teased and the smile is what brought it all together for you.
It was Rafael. Oh my god.
“Rafi?!” You practically screamed, throwing your arms around him and hugging him tight. He didn’t hesitate to hug back.
Rafael was your high school boyfriend. From the ages of 14 to 18 Rafael Barba flooded your every sense with his love for you.
Even the breakup was amicable. You’d known he was going to Harvard and you were so proud, pushing him to go and pursue his dreams. Of course, then he’d been an awkward and fumbling teen. You’d been each other’s first kiss, first relationship, first time and falling in love with him had always felt like coming home.
You look back up at the man who stood before you, “wow Rafi, you aren’t exactly the boy next door anymore. You grew up.” You smile and run a palm over his scruffy chin.
“When did you get facial hair?!” You accuse and you both laugh. It feels so right.
He just smiles at you, “you look so beautiful, carino.” The nickname warmed your heart. Different on the outside, but he was still your Rafi. The Rafi who had asked you every five minutes if you were okay during sex, who had also held you in his arms and let you cry when family troubles got hard.
“Do you wanna get a cup of coffee or something?”
He chuckles, “Carino, were in a coffee shop, remember?”
You flush, “right, right, sorry. It’s just… Wow you look different…”
“How so?”
“Have you looked in a mirror lately Rafi? You went from ’hello sir, nice to finally meet you, I’ll have your daughter home by 9,’ to ’she calls me daddy too.’”
He bursts out laughing, “yeah? Wel,l I seem to remember even back then a certain someone calling me ‘papi.’
You took a deep breath and a leap of faith, "care to reprise that role, papi?”
His eye darkened as he smirked, putting his hand on your lower back and leading you out of the coffee shop, “I’m always happy to catch up with old friends.”
“Especially when those old friends know everything you like in bed?”
“Damn straight,” he pressed you back against the car and kissed you hard, lips hungrily attacking yours. He kissed hotter than you remember, there was a tender affection there, but it was nearly overshadowed by the blazing lust.
You smile, pulling up for air breathless and he presses his nose against your cheek. “My place or yours, carino?”
“You pick papi, but pick fast or I’m letting oh take me right here.”
Those words would have made your sweet Rafi blush redder than your lipstick, but this Rafael just smirked, kissing you again and whispering against your lips, “don’t tempt me.”
You liked new Rafael. You liked him a lot.

Teehee @daeshikoba I’m laughing at your tags, they’re fantastic, also yay nicknames!


the thing that i love the most in this pic is that everyone’s lookin at the camera like they got some lowkey swag then we have the six in the back …,,,,…nice,,,amazing,,