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“Why does the les mis fandom obsess over les amis when they have no content and aren’t even the main characters???”

i mean idk about you but i can relate much more to young people suffering at the hands of society than i can about an old dude who yanked a child from the woods and carries wigs in his pockets

Le Soleil, le foyer de tendresse et de vie, 
Verse l'amour brûlant à la terre ravie 

 Courfeyrac // Les Misérables 

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how do you make friends, irl and/or online ; _ ;

o boi i’m not the best one to give you advice on this but sdkjf

irl - walk up to some people in school or during work and ask them sth like ‘did we have any homework in (insert class)?’ or ‘did you hear about (insert recent news)?’ and then you can talk about that and maybe switch to other topics afterwards ,, it’s best if you have something you can talk about that is familiar to both of you and isn’t just ‘hi how are you’ u feel
it’s also p rad if you find someone who watches the same shows/reads the same kind of books like you so you both have someone to discuss your passions with

same goes for making online friends really ?? just say ‘hey i saw you like (insert show/book/whatever)! so do i !! what do you think about __?’ and i’m sure everything will go well pal :’) you could be the next dan and phil

please remember to always be yourself when talking to people; you’ll always fail if you try pretending to be someone you’re not in order to please others, if it’s too one-sided and just not working don’t try to hold on for too long bc it’s rather unhealthy okok
also don’t blame it on yourself or on your friend if things don’t work out that well ,, there are seven billion people in the world and each and everyone is unique and has their own type and sometimes you just gotta accept & respect that ♡


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