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No, no it wasn’t me. It was Nina. Okay? We were just messing around and Nina saw you guys parked and I didn’t even realize it was you until - 


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Oh my goodness hon, you've really made your way to the top! I see your stuff everywhere, and how you do so much with alaina! It's amazing <3 Do you have any tips/advice for 'getting out there' more?

Way on the top… ?

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I don’t consider myself on the top even if I have a pretty large fan base… and as for tips and advice I have… none? I mean, getting “popular” on tumblr or any social networks is about luck in a subjective point of view. It’s up to people to like you or not active or not…

The only advice I could give is maybe to stop caring about the number you have but be thankful about the fanbase you already have, there’s people out there, looking at your stuff, loving what you do, and THAT is what matter. Because they’re people not just number…

On my side, I’m not looking for fame, I just do what I like and share my passion with others, that’s all~<3

One Fresh, No Fresh (Chapter 9)

Hey Guys! I said that I will make a chapter before I left for my Uncle’s, so here I am! (At 2 freaking O’clock in the morning!) Anyway! Oh, and when I get back home, I’m going to start like a Q and A thing, so if you have any questions from the story that you have, you can ask me there. And it will be on until I get to finish the epilogue of this story! Now without further ado, lets get to the chapter!

Asy (mentioned) belongs to @furgemancs

Fresh, Geno, and Error and herself belong to @loverofpiggies

MommaCQ and herself belong to @alainaprana

Ink (mentioned) belongs to @comyet

Other characters and story belong to me, @leiselpizzatale

Warning: Mentions of depression, attempted suicide, and injury

After a few minutes of group hugging, Fresh stood up, saying, “Geno? Error? I’m really sorry for what I did. After leaving, I was so scared. I had thought that if I went back, the police would arrest me for hurting you, Geno. I kept thinking the worse of what will happen if I went back, and that fear had pushed me to go all the way to Ohio, where I had to stop, because I had fallen ill, and met Alaina.” Alaina waved at them when her name was called, Geno and Error waving back.

Fresh smiled, before frowning, saying, “While I rested at Alaina’s house, I saw that I didn’t have much money left, so when Alaina’s parents asked me to stay, I agreed. Since then, they were my temporary parents. Then, I started going to school, making friends, and now,“ Fresh grinned widely, “I have a beautiful fiancée, who I am going to marry.”

Geno and Error looked at each other, surprised. Then Error asked, “Well, where is she?”

Alaina walked next to Fresh, lifting her hand up the show the ring on her ring finger. Error was shocked, because he thought that Fresh would never find love. But, that was before Fresh got emotions. While Error was shocked, Geno was very happy. He knew that once he got emotions, Fresh would soon find someone that he would love to spend the rest of his life with.

Fresh smiled, saying, “And don’t worry. You are all invited to the wedding, including Ink. Where is he anyways?”

Geno smiled, saying, “He’s out of town, selling his art.”

“Oh, okay.” Fresh said.

Then, they started talking about what had happened after Fresh left. Apparently, after finishing his treatment, Geno went back to school. It took a while to catch up to everyone, due to having been sick before. But even when he caught up, he kept going, getting straight A’s, and even skipping two grades. He also competed in the math competitions, and now he has a job as a Mathematician.

For Error, it was a bit harder. Error kept blaming himself that he had made Fresh run away, and after the police said that they couldn’t find Fresh anywhere, and had to stop searching for him, Error locked himself in his room. He refused to get out, he wouldn’t eat, and when CQ finally got inside the room, she saw his body hanging from his strings. She quickly got him down, and took him to the hospital.

Error had survived from a broken neck, but he was in a coma-like state, due to the doctors giving him a long surgery to fix his neck. While they waited for him to wake up again, Geno had a dream where he was in front of the hospital bed, but he was in the bed, not Error. When he saw himself start to dust, he woke up screaming. CQ had rushed in, since she had heard his screams, and asked what happened. After telling her the dream, CQ said that they would go to Error’s room once visiting hours start.

When the finally got to Error, they saw that he was awake, though he was groggily, due to the pain medicine he had to take. Since he woke up, They doctors had kept close watch on Error, and once he got out, they put him on antidepressants, and gave him therapy sessions. When he saw that neither were working, Asy started taking Error fishing. It had a sense of peace and quiet, and Asy knew that Error could feel a little bit happier when he finally caught a fish or two.

After finishing their dinner, the now completed family went to CQ’s house, where they had fun watching movies and playing games. When no one was looking, Fresh sneaked upstairs, and went to the door of where his bedroom was. Opening the door, he looked inside, and saw that nothing had changed. Everything was tidy, still filled with all the 90’s stuff he had when he was a kid. He looked at his dresser, and cringed when he saw his old furby. Now that he thought of it, it was kind of creepy.

Next to the furby was all of the Pokémon plushies he had gotten; from Pikachu to Ekans to even a Sandshrew. He even saw that everything was in its place and everything was clean. It was like he had never left.


Fresh jumped, turning around to see Geno. Geno smiled, saying, “Sorry I scared you.” Then he looked in the room, saying, “Error wouldn’t let us turn it into a guest room. He wouldn’t even let people in there sometimes. He really did miss you, you know that?”

“Yeah.” Fresh said. “I… guess it took a while to miss you guys too.”

And it was true. Since he left, different emotions would just pop out, like when you would put Mentos in Diet coke. The first time he felt happy was when a woman had said that he could spend the night in her house instead of on the streets. He was so happy that he had actually started crying, which had confused him so much. The first time he was angry was when a guy tried to rob someone. After he saw this, he ran harder than he had in his entire life, catching the guy and calling the police on him. But, since he didn’t want to be noticed, he left the man to someone who could hold him down, before Fresh left the scene.

And the first time he felt homesick was about a month after he had met Alaina and her family. He was in the living room, watching TV, when he saw Alaina’s mom started knitting with blue yarn. Immediately, it reminded him of Error, and he had broken down crying. They had tried to calm him down, and they did after several hours. After that, he started going to therapy sessions. He didn’t tell the therapist everything, but did tell them that he felt homesick, and that his emotions were out of whack.

The therapist said that he had emotional overwhelm, and gave him coping methods to help with the emotions. They also said that, if he wanted to, he could write a journal, about what he was feeling, and why. Fresh agreed, and after going to the store to get a journal with a lock, he started writing all of his feelings in it. Soon enough, his emotions stopped being so extreme.

“Hey.” Geno said, putting his hand on Fresh’s shoulder, “It’s going to be okay. I mean, you just started getting emotions after you left, right?” Fresh nodded. “Well, you have emotions now, and you’re with your family. That’s all that matters.” Then Geno started pulling Fresh, saying, “Now come on! It’s your turn to pick a race!”

Fresh laughed, following Geno downstairs to the living room. Sitting down on the floor, he grabbed the remote from Alaina (who was playing for him) and picked the Shell Cup. While playing, he thought of what Geno had said before, and he was right. It only matters that he was with his family in the present, and not how he left them in the past. He had such loving families, and he wouldn’t leave them, never again. And his previously small and broken family had become a big and happy family.