its adorable when he gets all embarrassed

20 Amazing Things about Rogue Cheney

I saw this post the other day about how Rogue doesn’t get much appreciation outside of shipping so

I’m gonna just…say all of the things I love about Rogue Cheney

  1. ponytail
  2. his love for Frosch + his guild
  3. his determination to not become like his future self
  4. his insane amount of clothing
  5. how emotional he gets after losing Frosch
  6. his bickering with Sting
  7. how adorable he is when embarrassed/shy
  8. how deadpan he can be in certain situations
  9. his slightly parental attitude to Frosch + Sting
  10. the fact that he does Sting’s paperwork
  11. his character develpment from a seeimingly empty, cold person to a loving friend willing to do anything for those he cares about
  12. the way he proves the “don’t judge a book by its cover”, by being a total cinnamon roll despite his ‘dark’ appearance and magic
  13. when Jiemma was mistreating Sabertooth + the rest of Sabertooth was mistreating others in the games, he wanted nothing to do with it
  14. he admitted to his mistakes before anyone in Sabertooth did
  15. he spoke up against Sting when he was bashing Yukino after she was kicked out
  16. he was willing to recognize when he was defeated, and used it as a lesson to make himself stronger
  17. his interactions with Gajeel, Sting, Natsu, Minerva, Yukino, + pretty much everyone else
  18. the way he’s willing to admit when he needs help, and accept it when offered
  19. he doesn’t let his constant war against himself bring him down
  20. he has hope for the future, despite what he’s been told

He is a literal cinnamon roll and by far one of my favorite characters in anything I will fite you for hating on him or demeaning him to nothing but a love interest for whoever you ship him with, even if it is Sting.

anonymous asked:

Imagine reader gets super embarrassed every time Poe sings to reader and he loves it when they go bright red and loves it even more when they try to get him to shut up

Reader hates it even more when he does it in public. Like when they go to karaoke bars…its bad. They turn soooo red and Poe loves it because reader looks so adorable. Ugh. No, Poe! Reader doesnt like all this attention! Stop it!