its adam and eve not

why do people like to use the whole “adam and eve not adam and steve” against gays like need i remind you that adam and eve had one job but they screwed that up and plunged humanity into sin like they aren’t exactly the poster couple for a healthy relationship

Ways to respond to homophobes
  • Homophobe: I'm okay with gays, as long as they don't flirt with me
  • Response: no one wants to flirt with you anyways
  • Homophobe: Please don't show affection in public it's gross.
  • Response: Then why are you showing your face in public it's as equally gross.
  • Homophobe: What a faggot...
  • Response: You called?
  • Homophobe: Sorry, supporting gays is against my religion
  • Response: That's totally fine, please don't force your religion on us.
  • Homophobe: Being gay is a choice
  • Response: So was your dad's choice about pulling out.
  • Homophobe: I want a gay friend
  • Response: And I want a friend who doesn't objectify me for my sexuality's stereotype.
  • Homophobe: Guys belong with girls and girls belong with guys.
  • Response: And you belong in a zoo.
  • Homophobe: Gay guys are a girl in a guy's body/Lesbians are a guy in a girl's body
  • Response: That's transgender, you uncultured swine
  • Homophobe: You're going to hell
  • Response: Aww thanks for the invitation!
  • Homophobe: You're an act against God
  • Response: You would know what that feels like.
  • Homophobe: Ew
  • Response: Please stop looking at me like that I'm not a mirror
  • Homophobe: It's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve
  • Response: You're forgetting the talking serpent who's the real fake here?
  • Homophobe: I don't want it shoved in my face.
  • Response: What face? All I see is an ass with two eyes.
  • Homophobe: So which one of you is the guy and which one of you is the girl?
  • Response: Surprise! We're gay/lesbians!
  • Homophobe: I'll pray for you.
  • Response: Nah boo I'm cute as hell I'll find someone who'll love me. But I think I need to pray for you because you're gonna have trouble finding someone who will love you with that ugly ass personality.

I wonder how angry Ancient Greeks and Romans would be today having their religion being called mythology because it’s too unbelievable to a bunch of people that have complete faith in the fact that fruit doomed their entire race

The history is all wrong.

There was no apple bitten, no snake tempting, no man blaming
It was just us – the wild children of Eden

All honeyed skinned, and golden tongued
All fault-line glances, all suffocating rectitude.

I had a dream we were robbing constellations,
Turning harps rotten until it shook
God in to a hunger strike.

It was looking through another soul
Seeing all dark sides, the hidden
Atrophy, seeing the dynamite in his mouth
and never faltering in crashing lips.

I see us as how we had been, or
How we could be.

How wounding. How disdainfully us.

Your rib, my poniard
My heart, your fruit.

Loving you was the first religion
Loving you was the first offering.

Today we are half sick celestials.
the myth of a memory
Eons ago we were but humans caught
In the war between God and Satan.

The scriptures got it all wrong,
We were as much as the world’s undoing
As we were its casualties.

Someday we will be more than rumor fed shadows.

—  Camillea // BEHIND THE SCENES WITH ADAM & EVE (Part 1)
general comments u get when u talk about lgbt wc characters
  • “but they’re……cats????”
  • “cats dont know what gender is!! they just know about hunting and fighting duhhh!!”
  • “but they’re….religious…..idk i dont know if they’d be okay with that anyway :/”
  • “ummm but okay these are CATS people cats dont know what being gay is”
  • “gay…..warriors characters… that why ravenpaw left thunderclan?”
  • “its adam and eve not firestar is lgbt”
  • “if tallstar is gay then could my cat be gay”
  • “THEY’RE CATS!!! CATS!!”
  • “if they’re gay than that’d be okay as a straight person i would tell them its okay”

okay but au where joseph and mary split for their own sake and joseph and dadsona get together and further down the line, have another child together.

dadsona starts getting nervous. amanda is an amazing name – he and alex had gone through name after name but in the end, theyd both seen amanda and just Known. it was perfect. that was their baby girl. and yknow, he loves his stepchildren, too! chris and christie and christian and crish but, joseph, by god, who goes that to their children?

and he did it four times. four.

this man was capable of astonishing good, but mc knows the evils he has committed. anyone that ever meets their children will know. it was a cruelty.

he is not letting it happen to anymore of his children.

he and joseph are discussing the child again, considering names after dressing up the baby’s room (theyve gone the surrogate route, all thats left is waiting), and dadsona is prepared. he’d gone through aaaaall those biblical names, picked out every single one he liked. he even has jesus on the list – gee-zuz OR heh-soos, he was open to either, as long as he can protect the child from the name-related hell his siblings face. he is prepared.

“so, honey,” says mc, quietly. “what names are you looking at?”

joseph smiles easily, bringing a hand to his chest. “chri-”

“i like the name matthew, is that a good name?”

“well,” joseph blinks, confused. his smile is still in place but his eyebrows are furrowed. “yes, i like that a lot, but, chri-”

“oh, and david, too. a fine name, david. i could see us raising a david.”

joseph laughs a bit, pulling a face. “thats good, too, absolutely on the list, but chri-” mc goes to interrupt and is immediately silenced in a bit-too-rough kiss. “chris suggested adam. something ‘simple but not’, as he put it. our new little man in our garden of paradise.” the smile on joseph’s face is blinding. “i liked that. i think this means a lot to those kids – they’ve all been so passionate about picking a name!”

and mc has to try so hard not to laugh. of course they would, joseph, you absolute monster. but adam is a beautiful name. “if its twins, will the other be eve?”

“if i have another pair of twins,” joseph’s face suddenly seems very serious. “i am setting sail and i am never looking back. i will die on open waters.”

and dadsona mcfuckin loses it, nearly breaks the crib after he falls over laughing. joseph is chuckling, too. he’s an evil man with a dark sense of humor, but he’s mc’s evil man with a dark sense of humor.

and neither of them could be any happier.

this turned into a tiny almostficlet so ill probably actually write this but until then its 4 am and im gay so heres this

DAY 3307

Jalsa, Mumbai                      Apr 17/18,  2017                 Mon/Tue 12:35 am 

Birthday - EF - Jonoon Alhob , Ninad Junnarkar , Manoj Lahoti  ….                       Tue, April 18 …. all our wishes for the birthdays of our dearest Ef’s .. may they all have a wonderful year and years ahead .. with our love and our affection ..

As the day draws to a close, and the mental preparations start for another 24 gone by, the mind begins to formulate what the the last task of the day shall begin with and how .. namely the connect with the Ef and the Blog and the other social mediums .. and everything that is thought of before coming to this stage of writing, simply goes out of the window .. nothing whatsoever remains within .. the words begin to form as the DAY is filled, the date adjusted and the time inserted  .. and as the space bar for ‘return’ is punched that is when the mind begins to wander and accumulate matter that shall find its way to that particular DAY as in DAY 3307 ..

Notice how craftily at least a dozen lines have been composed, merely on the subject of what the composition of the start should be .. I always knew I was stupid .. but that stupid !! hmmm ..

The first thoughts that rack the brain and the body as you arise are .. ‘ya buddy .. today we are going to conquer the World ‘ .. and within a few minutes of this rather blatantly over optimistically bent of mind laced with a strange arrogance, we discover that all of those lofty ideals and thoughts are washed away with the paste on the toothbrush under running tap, the flow of which determines what shall be the context of the days’ feelings .. the cold splash upon the sleepy skin of the face awakens to reality of life and its obstacles that we shall all have to face .. and it is quite strange is it not, that with that first flush of the acqua, numerous ideas and collective thoughts of accomplishment simply wash themselves away .. into oblivion and beyond …

What has been designed in the mind as activity, deactivates .. and the mundane everyday regulars take over, destroying all that could have been the beginnings of a satisfying 24 ..

BUT ..

the human is a peculiar and uncanny instrument of creation .. be it, what it may, .. the Adam or its rib as Eve .. they all are substantially equipped to muster enough courage to either survive or demolish any ideas of survival .. and the portion that remains ever the closest to the hemisphere, is the responsible, abject component, of this adventure .. 

When the cranium disagrees, or claims overworked conditions without the carrot of a promotion or a bonus .. all else, in what ever form falls apart ..

And the devastation is so acute that it can ruin your being for several 24′s of the time given to us in calculated form, by some mathematical geniuses of the Age of Revelation - whatever that may have been or is ..

Revelations are peculiar too .. after all they share the same peculiarity as the peculiarity of the creation of the the humanoid .. so some commonality exists .. and it is this commonality that we all succumb to .. at times to good and better climes .. most times at completely nothing ..

I can admit with absolute certainty, that I become a victim of this as often as the days that go by .. and therefore, when I subject my dearest Ef to some of this ‘bumff’ that goes by the name of a Blog, it is of great personal composure to learn the following morning or at times within minutes that, I was not too far wrong … !!

SO … as we shout and scream about the 9 years of this writing and the validity of its contents that seem to have been a source of immense connect and togetherness of a family .. I wonder .. and I wonder still ..

Sometimes the grey in appearance instills in the many that are below the age of the self to give it respect and love and admiration .. I shall accept it all with the hugest of humility .. but we all know that it is misplaced and not deserving .. I do prevent the occurrence of such like, when there is meeting .. but beyond expressing the ‘please do not do this’ there is little that can be done ..

Amidst the embarrassment that it causes me, my words seem to drift away without having meaningful effect .. and this is of greater concern and much disturbance .. and I do know that time shall come when it’s repeated actions shall eventually force one to accept it, in a manner that shall not be acceptable at all .. 

FOR .. now there is the flexibility to bend down and attempt to stop the practice .. in time however as age grows, the bend shall be physically difficult, and that is when the idea of preventing it shall wear thin and the practice shall become one that should or shall have to be accepted .. a practice that I shall never wish to cater to ever .. 


Good night .. with folded hands ..

Amitabh Bachchan