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me and my gf Sam for #lesbianvisibilityday !! We are not only a very cute lesbian couple, but also both dedicated creators of LGBT work!

Sam is the author of the Dragonoak series, a high fantasy trilogy which features a lesbian protagonist and cast (pictured in the middle image, which I drew! I draw a LOT of lesbians, that’s p much my thing.)

We actually originally found each other because of our individual work focusing on wlw!! and this part of our identity as both people and creators is very important to us :) also I am here visiting them across the pond right now so it’s a very good day. To be gay. 👌✨🏳️‍🌈✨

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I was lucky enough to commission zenwisterias/taylordraws to draw two of my OCs, Kyna and Brandon! I also can’t believe I got too awkward to actually thank her properly??? They’re amazing and I love them, thank you so so much!!!

I’ve been writing and developing these guys on and off for around six years now, so it’s incredible to be able to see them somewhere other than inside my brain. Thank you sooo much Tayor!!!

Now I just have to wait for her to open them again so I can commission the other three OCs in this team ;)

where the years went i can’t say

word count: ~1000

title is from Across the Great Divide by Frank Solivan, as heard in the Pride soundtrack. 

also available on AO3

“Will you miss this hallway Dan?” Phil asks, standing behind Dan’s head to film him upside down. He’s seen him like this too many nights to count, more than he would have liked. Yet he kind of is genuinely sad this staple of living will never again repeat itself - unless the process of moving makes Dan especially crisis-y, which is very possible.

“I mean, where else will I lie to contemplate death?” Dan asks. “It’s just such a perfect, long, bleak corridor to lie facedown on.”

Phil laughs, “I don’t know!” he replies, genuinely thinking about it. There are no such narrow corridors in their new place. It’s open, light. There’s no space that automatically lends itself to such a state of mind.

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drew these EXACTLY a month ago…. (26th march) didnt upload them so i thought i might… cuz i suck today lol

an afternoon spirit

April 27 isn’t just Kirby’s birthday, but also Stanley day. Cause Stanley is number 427, and today is the day 427. Gosh this spring sure does have many important days.


Mood Board Challenge: Gemma Winters

Anddddddd here’s Gemma’s! I was going to say it’ll be the last one, but eh you never quite know with me. It’s the last one I had specific ideas for anyway. Hope you all have enjoyed them ^.^;

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Do another you're killing your father thing! I laughed so much.... It was horrible. I loved it.

[Anon refers to this X] Awww thanks! I tried to come up with another one and couldn’t come up with one… :P I’ll keep trying, but for now, maybe this will suffice just pretend they’re speaking French and the subtitles are a translation

Louis: What kind of idiots do you have working here?

Armand: The finest in Paris.

[X Home Alone w/ the Vampire]

Hello there! I drew some het!JeffMads for you, yep, there’s fem!Madison and I just love her so much. I think it’s bc girls are so beautiful, and I like them, and I also like Madison and it’s, like, perfect for me, haha. Actually, I just really like JeffMads in all its forms <3

Look what came in the mail this week! And just in time for my birthday too! More than happy to be supporting this amazing tv show and donating to Camp X at the same time.

Happy birthday to me!