its actually depressing

Do you ever think about the fact that when Danny was originally made a halfa, he would’ve had so much trouble accepting that he was part ghost? Because I sure do.

This kid not only had to come to terms with the very large possibility that he might be dead but he was also raised in a household where he was taught that the very thing he was, were just evil monsters that could not feel human emotions. That’s what he’d been taught and probably believed for the entire 14 years of his life and then he’s thrown into this new life where he is one of those very monsters.

(Bonus: What if he actually never fully accepts it and always has this bit of self-hatred constantly in the back of his mind telling him he’s a complete monster.)

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this is kind of weird but do you happen to know anybody who makes moodboards of tom but it's not with white girls? i love them but every time i look at them my heart sinks because every. single. post. is about girls that don't look like me and it's kinda depressing :(

I actually don’t know of any at the top of my head :( I’m sorry. I made some for you though so you don’t feel left out (I actually don’t know what race/culture you’re part of so I made a few different ones?) (p.s. I do not make moodboards so these are probably shitty but I love you)!

You can possibly request one from @parkerroos, she is talented and I am garbage xo

i swear everytime i see a post that says “i wish i could leave more than one kudos on fics :(((” i actually fucking die a little inside. if u really felt that way u would leave 👏 a 👏 comment 👏. fanfic authors are out here spending their own time writing stories for you for FREE and u cant even take two seconds to leave something as simple as “i loved this!” or “this was great! thanks” like really? you can make an entire post about wanting to leave more kudos but u cant actually show the authors u appreciate them taking the time to write that for ur enjoyment? leave a comment on every fic u read if u really care about the authors that much. we do so much for u but most of u guys just take us for granted and complain when theres no fics suited to ur needs…. im tired of it. next.

I long to be near you

Loving him was easy. Loving his father, however, was unbearable.

Inspired by bad fake leaks and my lack of self-control.

After he joined the Night’s Watch, Sansa never imagined she would see Jon Snow hold a babe of his own.

(But she has witnessed many things since then that she never expected to see.) 

A little boy born in the North, his Dragon Queen mother dying while giving birth to him.

“Robb Snow.” Jon’s voice hitched as he croaked out his son’s last name.

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I forgot that you could die too.

I took for granted how in my every memory, sweet or bitter, a piece of you was there. Looking back at it, there’s still so much I wanted to do with you.

I never got to trace the outlines of your face while you slept.

I never got to let my hand brush against yours when we were among our friends and were too shy to hold hands.

I never got to whisper all the things you meant to me. To whisper to you all the plans I had made up for us in my head.

I never got to love you long enough. Why couldn’t it have been a little longer? Why couldn’t you have died a day later? No, just a second more. Maybe then I could have done it all.

Just maybe I would have pressed my forehead against yours and we would have lived another small infinity.

But I forgot. I forgot you could die too and now I’m not sure how to tell my heart to stop beating in sync with a heart that’s no longer beating.
—  Yuuki after Kaname died
I..I.. it’s just.. it’s ok..
—  Sadness
This blog is dead and deleting

Nah it’s not lol but I needed your attention real quick 😂 and you better read this or Eric and Dylan will punish you and you will forever suffer in the cull >:(

Listen up my children! I know I have been fucking unbelievable inactive in the last two weeks! The thing is, my health condition is currently seriously bad and I am physically not able to do even the most basic things but I will soon undergo surgery and everything should get better! (Or I’ll die during the surgery or afterwards due to side effects lol)

I have also changed a lot of my life plans in the last week and was very busy but to be completely honest here, I thought about deleting this blog too.

The thing is, I really lacked inspiration and motivation to write in the last time and nothing that I tried helped me.

So, I thought that maybe I am at the point in my life where this is a chapter that I have to close in order to open a new one.

I spent a lot of time thinking about it and remembered why I made this blog in the first place.

I remember how it feels to be on the other side. I remember how it feels to send in a request and I also remember how it feels that this request is rejected. I remember that many true crime imagine blogs deleted over the years or abandoned their blogs and the amount is still increasing. People on here deserve to have imagine blogs that stay. I thought this was a chapter that I had to close but fact is that I made this blog one week after my best friend jumped in front of a train. I made this blog to cope. I made this blog to make other people happy because making other people happy did always make me happy. This blog helped me to deal with his loss and he is a chapter that I do not want to close. People on here gave me a will to live and I truly treasure all the people I met and all the experiences that I made here. So basically, this blog is a very positive thing for me and has played a big role in my life before, the life that I can still live because I kept myself so busy with this blog that I could banish ‘bad’ thoughts most of the time.

Long story cut short, I feel a bit better than I did in the past days and I will upload the next imagine on Saturday. I intend to stay and thank you all for your patience. I appreciate it a lot! 💕


I act like everything is fine. I laugh at people’s jokes, I smile, I do things with my friends, and I act like I have a carefree life.

Here’s what people don’t know..

When I come back home, I just turn off that mental switch. Then suddenly I break down. I feel alone, empty, tired. I can’t exactly put how I feel into words. It’s like I have two different me’s. One for the public, and one for myself. Only if they knew. Only if..

—  What people don’t know