its about time i made his

jackson puked in front of a fan, fell off a chair and fainted… and, honestly? i am so exhausted. i am so exhausted of waking up with things like “jackson has fever”, “jackson is sick”. he is literally the most important person in my life and it kills me every time something bad happens with him. when will he understand that his health is a priority for us? that we don’t care if he skips an event to take care of himself? that we want him to be okay more than anything? and how this fucking company allowed this to happen to him? regardless of what made him sick, its their job to take care of him and keep him healthy, but, for fuck’s sake, how many times did we complain already about how much they neglect this boy? jackson really needs to fake he’s okay and i wonder if he does this constantly… anyway, it’s heartbreaking the amount of times we use the hashtag “#getwellsoonjackson”, it shouldn’t be like this…

I just want to talk about these two pictures real quick. In the top one, it’s a bit back in the day when liking boys and girls was not accepted AT ALL and as you can see Magnus is sitting with just women around him. And then look at the recent pic where you see men and women sitting with him. When I was looking at these two pictures it really hit me that this character has lived through these times where not only lgbtq+ people were not accepted at all but racism was at its very worst. You realize how much depth Magnus truly has as he’s lived through such horrific times not just in his own life but time period wise in both the shadow world and mundane world. I don’t really know exactly where I’m going with this but it just made me think a lot more about Magnus Bane’s life and how he became who he is, and I’m very interested to see how they portray that on the show.

Theory time!

So, I don’t know if anyone’s made a post about this yet, but I couldn’t help but notice Mark’s thumbnail today:

Notice how the astronaut on the left is looking perfectly normal. The one on the right, however… He has the same 3D effects that Darkiplier has. 
Not only that, but even the sides they’re on match a certain video we’ve seen before…

Not to mention the other easter eggs he’s been putting on his videos:

And some pretty suspicious lines scattered across some of his videos too.

Now, I don’t know what this all means (or if it even means anything), but I think we can all agree by now that Mark’s probably planning SOMETHING (he even said it himself that he’s working on some projects for April’s Fools). It might be related to Dark (or it might not), or he might just be planning something with Dark for later on.
Just thought I’d put this out there :D

The duality of meaning in Victor’s reaction - a YOI ep 11 analysis

As you can remember, after Yuuri’s short program in ep 11, we’re shown a short flashback to Victor’s past and can hear a few lines of his thoughts. When I first watched that scene, its meaning seemed clear to me but after seeing it about three times I realized that it’s not actually as clear-cut as I thought and is actually quite ambiguous.

I’d like to use this post as an opportunity to explore both of the potential meanings hidden behind his words.

So let’s get to it:

Meaning: Having a new approach to every program allowed Victor to surprise everyone and succeed but it also made him feel like there was a shackle closed around his neck. (literal translation)

Interpretation 1: Victor’s entire skating career was based around surprising people and if he now feels bound and suffocated by it then it’s a sign that he wants to retire.

Interpretation 2: Victor felt suffocated by finding a new approach every season, but if he changed his attitude towards creating his programs he would return to loving skating and consequently his career.

Now that we’ve laid out the basics, this is where it gets interesting

Meaning: Victor always felt like he was fighting alone and had to create and polish his own strength on his own.

Interpretation 1: Victor bitterly reminisces about his struggle and the loneliness of his career, but is now positive about the future because he found someone whose strength he can find and help them improve, meaning he no longer has to be bound by his own limitations and can focus on someone else’s needs and weaknesses. He’s pleased to be able to leave his career behind and help someone else.

Interpretation 2: Victor bitterly reminisces about his struggle and the loneliness of his career, but is now positive about the future because he is no longer alone and now he will be able to find new strength with Yuuri’s help.

Meaning: self-explanatory or otherwise unclear.

Interpretation 1: The new emotions are the desire to help someone, to work with someone, to focus on someone else; essentially to become a coach and stay a coach - coaching being the thing Victor truly wants to do.

Interpretation 2: The new emotions are reignited love for figure skating and the motivation to return to the ice and his competitive career (regained thanks to Yuuri).

Meaning: self-explanatory or otherwise unclear.

Interpretation 1: Victor wonders what he can still do for Yuuri, how he can contribute to his career, how he can make him even more amazing; essentially, what more he can do for him as his coach.

Interpretation 2: Victor wonder what he can still do for Yuuri before he leaves him and returns to his career.

Personally? I’m a follower of interpretation 1. I have multiple reasons, but the simplest one is the “What should I give to Yuuri now?” line. Victor is focused entirely on Yuuri and how he can help him - he’s fully dedicated to his role as a coach (as also suggested in “I wish you’d never retire” from episode 9). He makes no reference at all to intending to return to his career (which is probably a good sign that he doesn’t intend to do that at all).

But at the same time these lines are undeniably ambiguous. Why?

I think it’s for the same reason as the rest of this anime and this episode in general - it’s a reflection of Yuuri’s feelings and his perspective, yes, even in Victor’s own narration. Yuuri dreads having to let Victor go but he also wants his happiness (and we all know how that culminates in this episode).

In any case, everything we are shown is meant to put us on a similar edge. We’re meant to be uncertain of Victor’s intentions the way Yuuri is, and we will only learn of Victor’s true feelings when he says them out loud - when Yuuri learns them alongside us. Hopefully, this will take place in episode 12 in the bedroom conversation.

I personally feel that it would make no sense for Victor to return to his career now, considering how everything has been presented so far. It would feel sudden and forced and untrue to his character. But those are my thoughts. What will the anime show us? The answer lies less than 48 hours away.

okay so I’ve been discussing Wayne or lose with @janekburza because there’s no way Bruce actually wrote that book and we started wondering who actually is the author. was it a random ghost writer? was it Alfred who got bored at nights while waiting for B to come back from patrols and he started working on it? was it Dick who made a bet with Alfred that he’ll write a book about nothing and it will sell just because it will have Bruce’s name on it? was it Tim who was fed up with Bruce spending too much time as Batman and not enough as Bruce Wayne and wrote that book in a weekend and waited for Bruce to actually notice something like that is out on the market with his name on it? Jason isn’t in on the joke but it’s because of him that Bruce learns about the book because Jason knows B didn’t write that so he comes to the cave with a shit-eating grin and asks for an autograph (Jason actually read the whole book, he hadn’t laughed so much in a long time)


Well. You guys asked for it. The origin story of Yellow. :)

Well, more like the moment when I first started thinking about him and not the origin origin. Honestly, when I made his concept design, all I wanted was to get him out of my head and into the world because my brain kept nagging me all the time about it.

But T H E N @therealjacksepticeye saw it and the community around him saw it and all fucking HELL BROKE LOOSE. My inbox and activity feed was flooded with so many questions and positive feedback and and just SO much interest that I couldn’t for the life of me imagine happening.

So, needless to say, I hope y’all are happy because here you go. It’s here. It’s done. *opens confetti*

Also, really sorry about the quality. Both work and Patreon had been big priorities so this comic was done every chance I could get. ^^;

Take care and have a happy new year. <3


P.S. Shoutout to the person who asked the question to Jack during the panel. Thank you <3

Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 4

a/n: yes babes its finally here ehehehheh it will be quite rough cause people have requested me that so yeah i am sinning as i am writing this help me god!! oh and this is really long btw, at least for me

oh and (h/c) means hair color btw :)

characters: ok you know the drill but for anyone new its JOKER ; READER

warnings: quite rough smut, daddy kink (cause i know you perverts love that ;])

Time passed and it was all settled. A new maid had been hired, new stuff for me bought… I told him that I didn’t need anything new, that I could just drop by my place and get my stuff, but J insisted. He said ‘i will have everything for my princess to be happy’. That made my heart melt, but also many bank-robbings and heists happen. I didn’t know much about his business, only that it was dangerous.
Usually the day went by with me reading books, cooking, shopping or drawing while he was out - sometimes he’d take me with him to meetings to show that I was his girl. He came home either happy or mad but either way we’d end up having sex. Was I complaining? Not at all. I loved it, there was always something different each time.
As for today, he had woken up before me and probably gone out. But not before leaving a small bag on the floor next to where I was sleeping. I stretched out, sat up in the bed and picked up the bag. It was black and it had a little pink envelope of my name attached to it. He rarely did this. I carefully opened the envelope because I liked to keep them and read what the letter inside read.

my precious angel,

here’s something i’m definitely going to rip off of you, but put it on before 9pm and if you like, put some of that makeup on your face, there will be a car waiting for you at 9pm

there is some business i’d like to do and take you with me

- J

I smiled at the letter and put it back in the envelope. I looked at the clock on the nightstand - it was half past 11am. I smiled again and reached my hand into the bag. The material of something felt like silk. Oh my, I thought, pulling the contents out. I took the shiny one in my hands and laid it out on the bed in front of me. It was a shiny, kind of short silver dress with a very deep V cut. The cut ended where the belly button should be, starting on very thin straps that had beads all over them (a/n: ok we all know that joker likes his lady in a revealing attire so yah)

The other thing were panties. Well, they barely counted as because they were more strings. They were a blush-y red tone, and it was lace and only lace. He must really love lace on me. Last time I wore a pink lace lingerie set, he needed me right there right now. We were at a restaurant - yeah, how romantic - at one of his business meetings and, as J got a little hot and bothered, he discovered my choice of lingerie and had me there in the restaurant’s men’s room. That’s how much he loved lace on me.

Should I try the dress on now? Yeah, probably. I took off the large shirt I was sleeping in and stood up from the bed, taking the dress with me. Slipping on the dress and zipping the back of it, I looked in the mirror at myself. Wow, did the dress look good on me. It looked perfect on me, I looked perfect in it. I was turning and posing in front of the mirror when I heard a knock on the door.

  “Just a second!” I yelled out, slipping out of the dress. I put it and the lingerie back in the bag and put on the large shirt on me. It came down to my knee, so I was safe form exposure. I walked to the door and opened it. There was our maid, Jennifer who was only ten years older than me, standing with a smile.

“Good morning, miss.” She said and I smiled in response. J insisted on everyone in the house calling me 'majesty’ or 'queen’, and they’re scared of him. So I tell them to call me less… higher than them when it’s just me, but around J - they call me as he pleased. Oh, I felt pity for them.

“Hi.” I said, leaning against the doorframe with a goofy smile on my face.

“Breakfast is in the dining room.” She announced. Jennifer was almost like a mother to me. “Is everything okay, miss?”

“Yeah, everything is just perfect, Jen.”

“Okay. You just seem to be in a very good mood now, which is unusual but good.”

“All is good, my friend. I will be down in a few minutes.”

“Alright, miss. Anything else I can do for you?”

“No, thank you. You’re dismissed.” I said and closed the door after seeing Jen nod and leave. I actually felt bad for her and the other staff members - Joker was a scary guy around everyone and there were strict rules for the staff.

First and most important, you can’t tell anyone where and who you’re working for unless you want to get killed because Joker knows everything. Second, strict working hours. You must come to work 20 minutes before your actual shift starts and can’t leave until everything’s done. Third, you must do everything and anything Joker or the Princess ask you. This payed good money, but it was also a very hard and kind of a dangerous job. You just had to keep your mouth shut.

Breakfast was wonderful, as always. Jennifer always made amazing food, especially breakfast. There were always fruits, pancakes, eggs and everything else that I could desire. Sometimes she’d make glorious English breakfast, which she was good at, too. When J wasn’t having breakfast with me, I always let Jennifer sit with me. I tried to be nice to every staff member, even J’s henchmen - they deserved it.

The day all-together had gone by pretty quickly, and - sooner than I thought - I was already doing my makeup in the bathroom. Nothing major, just some mascara and pink lipstick. I took off my comfy clothes, put on the lacy lingerie and slipped into the dress again. My (h/c) curled hair fell perfectly over my shoulders and it was for me to decide what shoes to wear. Luckily, I had just the  pair of white heels, which would go well with the dress. 

Putting the shoes on, I noticed that it was already 8:59pm. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time and then exited the bedroom. I walked down the stairs, only to be met with two of J’s henchmen. 

“Good afternoon, miss.” One of them said and I smiled.

“Hi, boys.” I replied. “Here to take me to your boss?”

“Yes, miss. Let us escort you to the car.” Another one said. I walked up to them and they led me out of the house, into the chilly afternoon of Gotham’s autumn. They walked me to a black car and opened the backseat door for me. I gladly took a seat in the car and they closed the door.

The car ride was short, but it felt as if it was so torturously long. Maybe I just couldn’t wait to meet him. The man at the wheel stopped at J’s club and I couldn’t stop smiling. I really wanted to see him.

One of the henchmen opened the door for me and I stepped out of the car. My heels clicked against the ground as the henchmen led me into the club filled with music and drug-driven youngsters and gangsters. The henchmen walked me to the bar table where he was standing. He was slowly turning around and once his eyes found me, they sparkled. He was in a suit, he had a small purple bow around his neck. His green hair was slicked back, as always.

“Darling,” he said with the famous smile of his. “Come to Daddy.” He said and I needed no more to run into his arms. My arms went around his neck as his snaked over my waist and stayed there. 

“I missed you,” I said, putting my hand on his cheek. He growled.

“Mmm, I missed you too, baby girl.” He said through a growl and looked at my lips before kissing them roughly. One of his hands slid down to butt and grabbed onto it, and I was sure it’d leave a mark. “I really love how you look in this dress.”

“Well, I can only thank you, Mr. J for buying it for me.” I said with a smile.

“Yo, J,” I then heard somebody say from behind us. Joker’s head turned to the voice and the look in his eyes changed. It was probably a business guy. “Can we have the meeting now?” 

“You are not to say when we meet.” Joker sternly said at the tall guy. He was in a simple attire, unlike other people, and us, in the club. “But I’ll have my men escort you while I’m taking care of other business here.” His eyes narrowed at the guy. He followed J’s men while J himself turned back to me. “Now, my dear. Do you want to go dancing with other girls while I’m at business or do you want to come with me do business and show that guy you’re all mine?” J asked, tilting my chin upwards with his gloved hand.

“I want to come with you…” I almost moaned in response. 

“Then let’s go, my dear.” J said and turned around, putting his arms around my waist as we walked to the back of the club. There was a round section that was separated from the outside with bead curtains. A guard parted the curtains to let us through. The guy, J’s business partner was standing at a round table in the middle of a - also round - golden sofa chair. Joker moved me before him and whispered in my ear: 

“Sit down, doll.” I nodded and made my way into the circle, taking a seat on the sofa chair. Joker soon followed, sitting right next to me and putting an arm around my waist. “You can sit down.” He coldly spoke to the guy, who sat down across us. “Do you want anything.. to drink?”

“Nah, I’m not thirsty. Thank you, J.” The man responded. “Although I have to say - everything you offer is pretty valuable and priceless.” This man already seemed really sketchy to me. J had probably already cracked open his shelf by reading the man like an open book.

“What are you trying to do?” J asked in a menacing tone. “Sweet talk me?”

“No, J, I was just telling the truth.” He said, looking me up and down. A sketchy creep? Jesus. I felt J beside me tensing up and breathing heavily, seconds later his hand left my waist and was on my thigh, dipping his fingers into my skin. I put my hand over his and caressed his rough skin to calm him down.

“See her?” J gestured with his hand at me, looking the guy right in the eyes. “She… is all mine, only mine.” J saw the way the guy looked at me. Now he was afraid of Joker. “Do we have that clear?” 

“Yes, J.” The guy nodded. “But where’s Harley?”

“Harley? Who? Where’s Harley? Harley, Harley, Harley…” Joker turned his head all around. Harley? But who was that? “Harley… is not your business.”

“Yes, sorry for asking, J.”

“Now, let’s cut to the chase. I feel like there’s something you have to give me. Isn’t that… money?”

“Y-yeah, about that…” the guy trailed off, the fear was evident in his eyes. J narrowed his blue eyes at him. “t-the money’s gone.”

“The money’s gone?” Joker repeated. Oh, this was bad. 

“Y-yes, I’m sorry, J.” The guy’s head hung low. “If there’s anything I can do, I will. But it was so unexpected, if we-”

“You could shut up.” Joker interrupted in an angered tone. J then rose to his feet and walked over to the guy, sitting next to him. What was he about to do? “You know, people do deals. One does something in favor for the other and the other does them a favor in return. You know what I’m talking about?”


“Well, you and I had a deal. I did something in your favor. But you… didn’t do me a favor back. Now, do you know what I do with people like that?”

“No, J.”

“Doll face, don’t look.” J said as he was taking a gun from behind him, only I could see. Oh my God. “Sweets, look. Away.” He said again and I turned my head away from them, focusing on the beaded curtains. “I do this.” I heard right before the sound of a shot being fired sounded through the club. I screamed, as well as many other people. I turned my head back around and there sat J with a sinister look and blood splattered on his face. One of his henchmen handed him a handkerchief and he cleaned his face with it. Did he kill the man?

There was blood all over the sofa chair above the now dead body. I put my hand over my mouth, not believing what had just happened. It was the first time I had witnessed him killing somebody. Oh my God. And this was business for him. Oh dear.

J rose to his feet again and reached his hand out for me. I looked up at him with fear visible in my eyes.

“C'mon, sweets, let’s go. We have to go.” He said, impatience audible. I stood up, not to anger him even more and he took my arm, pulling us out of the round lounge. “We have something to do back home, baby doll.” We and J’s henchmen walked through the backdoor of the club and J pulled me into his lamborghini, in the passenger seat. I was really scared of him. He just killed someone. In front of me. So that was his way of taking care of people who don’t do him good. I definitely did not want to be on his bad list.

The car ride home was deadly silent and J’s hand was on my thigh all the time, creeping up and down. Once we were out on our driveway, J barked at his men to stay outside in case someone comes looking for us and dragged me inside. After he closed the door, I turned away, standing before him with my eyes to the floor. His fingers raised my chin up, but I turned away. He cupped both of my cheeks in his hands and raised my face to look at him, but my eyes were anywhere but looking in his. 

“Look at me, doll.” He said. “LOOK AT ME!” He shouted, making a tear escape my eye and I looked at him. “Good girl. Now… Daddy has some rage to express..” he said, sliding his hand underneath my dress. I didn’t want this, not in this situation. Yes, he came home angry and we had sex, but this was different. He killed a man with the same hand that was on my waist now. This was not wanted by me.

J growled and pressed a kiss between my cheekbone and ear. I sobbed, closing my eyes.

“What is it, angel?” He asked, slowly kissing down my neck. “Aren’t you enjoying this?” I didn’t speak a word for some reason, as much as I wanted to. Joker took me by my waist, hopping me over his shoulder. He walked through the house, up the stairs and entered a room - our bedroom - and dropped me on the bed. 

He crawled over my body and looked at me with that menacing look in his eyes. His lips pressed against mine as he growled, sending vibrations through my body. In the wrongest ways possible this was turning me on slightly.  His hands slid up under the dress, massaging my breasts with his rough touch while tears were rolling down my cheeks one after another. 

“Daddy..” I moaned out in a crying tone and J suddenly ripped the beautiful dress apart, exposing my upper half to him. 

“Now this is a sight I like to see.” He growled and there was even more aggressiveness and anger in his voice. He tugged the lace panties off of me, down my legs and threw them away. He then unbuckled his belt and I used the opportunity to back away from him. I brought my knees to my chest when I reached the headboard of the bed. J was at the edge of the bed, only in his boxers. He noticed me huddled away from him and snarled. J’s hand reached out politely at first, but then he grabbed my ankle and yanked my body towards him. “Why don’t you be a good girl and obey Daddy.” He said, growling the last two words, almost barking. Not waiting for my reply, he turned me over so I was on all fours before him. “You know Daddy doesn’t like it when you don’t obey him.” He spoke, running his hands up and down my sides, taking my breasts in his hands and groping, kneading at them. I released a moan and almost lost balance on my arms. 

Suddenly, without any kind of warning, he slammed his length into me (a/n: dear god help me i am sinning my father), releasing a high pitched moan from my mouth. His fingers combed through my hair, then grabbed it all in one hand and yanked my head up so my back was pressing into his chest. I yelped, but moaned again as he thrusted deeper. 

“O-oh, my God…” I managed to croak out. J pulled my head back by my hair so now it was resting on his shoulder.

“Do you like that, doll?” He asked huskily in my ear, thrusting into me again. I let out a breathy moan. “Do you like Daddy fucking you from behind, huh? Are you enjoying this?”

“Y-yes, Daddy, I am…” I said in between moans. He had already touched my G-spot and I was near my release already.

“You see, baby girl,” he spoke, lowering both of us onto the bed, “Daddy is very mad at the man not doing me good. But,” he said, running his hand down to my pulsating heat, “Daddy disliked even more the way that man was looking at my baby girl.” His lips sucked onto the skin on my neck, his fingers circled my clit and his cock thrusted into me from behind. I was already out of breath, he was driving me insane. 

Moans kept leaving my mouth as J was grunting and growling in my ear when he started thrusting even faster into me. I released an almost pornographic moan, grabbing the sheets around me.

“Nobody. Can have. My baby girl.” He growls in my ear, sending me over the edge. My whole body shivered as I rode out my orgasm and I felt him release his load into me. My breathing was ragged, but heavy as J pulled his cock out of me and exhaled deeply. I tried to calm down my breathing , sweat leaking everywhere on my body as well as his. 

His hands were on my waist as he turned me around so i was facing him. He kissed my lips with a growl of satisfaction and bit onto my lower lip. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up, baby girl,” he whispered. 


Seeing Namjoon and Yoongi crying made me cry as well. It’s the first time that I cry like that, and irl I’m not an emotive person

They both had a rough past but they did it, and I’m just so proud of them.
I keep thinking about Jungkook who left his family at such a young age. And his own personal sacrifice finally paid.

Really Bangtan, thank you so much for everything, and even if in 10 years I’ll be a complete adult with maybe a family, you will always my role models, my brothers and my friends


when yuuri says the line that’s translated as “Just stand by me!” he’s saying

「離れずにそばにいてよ!」(hanarezu ni soba ni ite yo)

sound/look familiar? it should, since “Hanarezu ni soba ni ite” is literally the name of the song that we saw viktor skate to in his introduction back in EP1

i remember seeing a meta post a day or 2 ago where someone said they were interested to see how/if they would tie things back to that intro scene, so… shoutout to them because. here it is

the very first time isak called even evy…what made him do it? was even being particularly adorable? was he acting soft and gentle and sweet and during a moment of silence isak simply looked at him and used that nickname? was there a small shift in his isak’s heart and he suddenly felt so incredibly fond of even and the word escaped his mouth without him having to think about it? was he trying to tease even, was he kidding around, but then the look on even’s face as he said it (the little smile, both on his lips and in his eyes) made his stomach feel all warm and he simply wanted to say it again. and again. to be able to see that look again. and again? was this how he called him now when they were alone? while all the other people in his life kept calling him even, was evy meant to be how isak, and isak alone, called even? was that how he wanted to call him sometimes, because after all even was simply a name but evy felt like a word with love hidden between each letter?

In a world full of darkness,

I’ve become your midnight sun.

— Tinashe, Aquarius

some character designs for the real pro, Ichirou Moriyama.

I high key love this bastard. Riko should’ve taken notes, maybe he would’ve lasted longer.

SHINee’s Taemin Tries Really, Really Hard To Hype Up Onew’s Cooking Skills - e.kang, soompi

SHINee’s Taemin is nothing but truthful.

During his appearance on the March 13 episode of Olive TV’s “Cook & Order” (tentative title), SHINee’s Onew prepared a special video featuring his fellow member Taemin.

Taken while they were on tour in Japan, the video showed the youngest member trying his hardest to say good things about Onew’s cooking abilities, even if Onew kept shooting himself in the foot.

Taemin started off by mentioning that Onew had once made paella, a Spanish rice dish, for him, when Onew suddenly disses himself and said, “You tasted raw rice that time, didn’t you?”

Taken aback by the sudden self-attack, Taemin truthfully, and hilariously, replied, “I really can’t forget it. It had its own charm, and I’ve eaten a lot of delicious food, but the food Onew made for me was very new and unique.”

It didn’t end there, as Onew claimed that his knife skills were exceptional because he’s “never hurt his hands.” Of course, he immediately followed up with, “Because I haven’t used knifes very often.”

Honest Taemin tried to turn the situation around once more and compliment Onew’s cooking skills.

“Seasoning, the taste, things like these…,” Taemin started off, before he amusingly confessed, “It’s really hard, trying to say positive things. It feels like I’m trying to squeeze [water] out of a dry rag.”

While Onew’s cooking abilities were later put to the test, at least he can always count on Taemin to say good things! 

watch here!


By hitting himself in the wound, Kylo was accentuating the pain and using the pain to focus himself; using the adrenalin/endorphin rush to make himself stronger; feeding off of the anger caused by the pain and bringing the Dark Side to bear more strongly against his opponents.



Several late night conversations with @wonderfulchaos69 later…. and then this Servamp/Yuri on Ice au was born. We made it a SakuMahi love story too,  (in my opinion there are not enough SakuMahi aus.) 

Here’s summary of what we talked about for this au: (wonderfulchaos69 wrote this summary and I am gonna use it here, cause I think its a flawless way to describe it.)

Yuri on Ice AU, SakuMahi. Down on his luck skater Sakuya Watanuki has been aiming for gold for the past two years, ever since his senior debut. Four-time GPF champion Mahiru Shirota has been made that a hard task to undertake, when he always has to compete against someone so hardworking, someone so simplistic in his routines but so breathtaking to behold. He doesn’t hate Shirota, far from it, he thrives on his presence. He has the older man’s posters all over his room. He would even go as far to say that Mahiru Shirota had inspired him to start skating. So when his idol steps down from his post as “unbeatable”, announcing his retirement for undisclosed reasons, Sakuya is shocked. And then he felt so rightfully furious. When he gets to the bottom of the matter, though, he finds that Mahiru doesn’t want to give up his time on the ice - but neither can he travel with his uncle in a critical state, needing someone to look after him. That person was all Mahiru had, and the same could be said of his uncle. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he challenges Mahiru to coach him. ‘Even without you there, I will show the world how much you love the ice.’ And that was the beginning of their time together. Their struggles and their pain, their laughter and the moments of joy they shared together. Sakuya would look back on that beginning and think, 'I am so glad he took my hand that day.’

there is still a lot of things we are working out and I still haven’t drawn some ideas we talked about…. ;w; but I will do a more later cause I have other aus to work on. The drawing above have captions too haha. Chaos will likely write some fic too. :3 yay! 

don’t worry guys I am working on bsd servamp au, it takes longer because there are so many more characters and stuff to work out yikes.

Better Luck Next Time

Request: Can I request an imagine where you live in neverland and there are other lost girls who love pan so one day you all play spin the bottle and you always get to kiss pan making the others jealous

A/N: OOC Pan, playful fluffy(?)


The sun was setting upon the horizon, its light disappearing from the island. The rays that lightly kissed the sea around us was soon gone, leaving us waiting for its next arrival in the morning.

We had finished the day’s chores early, leaving us with a large celebration and a huge chunk of time before it. I was surely not the first Lost Girl to be taken into Pan’s tribe of Lost Boys. Over time, we lost and gained members, but now we were about even.

Pan always feared the girls of being clever enough to disband from the group and create their own, so he made sure to treat everyone equally. He made sure not give anyone any special treatment–unless you were his right-hand man and your name was Felix, of course.

There was not a single girl on the island that did not resist Pan’s looks and clever wit. His cold and controlling nature seemed to draw girls in, including the mermaids that occasionally appeared on the island. Every girl wanted a turn with him–they wanted a chance to change him.

The few boys that felt that same way for Pan were no different, either. I felt like it was wrong to try and change him, but I thought it would be best if his true nature was embraced and accepted. Pan took notice of my different approach to him in comparison to the other girls, so yes, we have grown closer. I guess he’s intrigued by me.

Nonetheless, I’ve made little to no attempts to approach him. In contrast to his competitive, mind-controlling form, I was not one for competition. I didn’t participate in games that much. Luckily for me, he let me off the hook.

I was warming myself by the campfire that I set up for the rest of the camp to use when I heard my name being called by one of the Lost Girls.

“Y/N! Come play with us!” they shouted from across the camp.

“You know I don’t like games.” I shouted back. They knew better than that, so what king of game could they be playing to invite me?

“Don’t worry, it’s just spin-the-bottle. A few of the Lost Boys and Girls are playing. Will you come join us?” I’ve played the game only a few times, and I was about to roll my eyes and decline the invitation when I felt an eerie presence approach by my side.

“Yes, will you be joining us tonight?” I was met with emerald orbs. I jumped in surprise, still not used to being startled so easily by him. Pan raised his left brow and had a large smirk planed on his face.

“I guess so, if you would like.” I shrug my shoulders and he held his hand out for me to take. I felt my cheeks flush from this public display of affection. He let my hand go as we approached the circle and took a seat in between the Lost Boys directly in front of me.

During the first few rounds, I tried to do everything I could to make the bottle miss me, such as discreetly blowing on it to keep moving. Sadly, the attempts proved futile. It seemed that the girls were trying to make the bottle land on Pan, but it wasn’t working. I noticed that he’d have his hand up every time it’d spin. He was cheating completely to make it miss!

One of the girls got bored quickly and stopped the bottle mid-spin. Everyone groaned and turned to look at her.

“We might as well be playing Seven Minutes in Heaven. Why don’t we add a twist to this game of chance?” Intrigued, everyone nodded in agreement and allowed her to move forward with her idea. “Well, what if every time the bottle hits someone, the spinner has to ask them a question pertaining towards to spinner personally. If they get it right, they have to kiss them. If wrong, the person can’t spin.”

“But we don’t really know each other that well.” I commented.

“It tests how much we know about one another.” The girl explained. We all agreed on it, and so it began with her spinning. It almost hit Pan but it missed once more. I could definitely tell that Pan was manipulating the bottle so it wouldn’t hit him. A few rounds later, the bottle managed to hit me. Felix was the one who had spun it.

“So, Y/N, how did I get the scar on my face?” Felix smirked. I made it seem like I didn’t know the answer, when in reality I knew it very well. I overheard him talking about it with Pan one day.

“Hades, of course. His army or something.” I shrugged my shoulders in response, making it seem like it was no big deal. Felix laughed in response.

“Well, you’re right. However you found that out, I will never know.” He leaned over to kiss my cheek. The rules never clarified what kind of kiss it had to be, so we used it to our advantage. I leaned over to spin the bottle. I narrowed my eyes at Pan’s hand, which was still manipulating the bottle. The bottle soon came to a stop at none other than the daemon himself. This erupted a series of gasps from the Lost Girls around me, and a few cheers from the Lost Boys. Pan and I shared a glance before speaking.

“I don’t even have a question yet everyone, calm down. Hm.” I pondered about what I should ask when the perfect question popped into my head. “What was the first thing I did when I came onto the island?”

“Easy. You tried to threaten me with a stick.” Pan smiled at his victory. I stood up and made my way over to him where he pointed to his cheek. As I leaned in to plant a kiss on his cheek, he made a swift turn causing our lips to crash together. I pulled back in shock.

We went back and forth in the rounds that followed after. As he spun the bottle–obviously manipulating it to point towards me–the girls were growing jealous. They were so fed up with their emotions that they never noticed Pan manipulating the bottle. Better luck next time for them, I guess. Eventually, the game came to an end when dinner was announced. Almost immediately, everyone stood up to leave for dinner except for Pan and I.

“Cheaters never win, you know that, right?” I approached him and poked his chest.

“Pardon me?” He chuckled and held my hand to keep me at bay from poking his chest once more.

“I knew you were manipulating the bottle. You made it painfully obvious.” I stated and moved my hand back to my side.

“Only towards you. The others didn’t take any notice now, did they?” I was defeated. He was right.

“Fine. You’re right. Happy?” I bluntly responded.

“Not really. There’s just one little thing.” Pan expressed concern. What was he up to?

“What is it?” I returned the look of concern.

“There’s this itch on my lips that won’t go away and I–” I rolled my eyes and kissed him tenderly, cutting him off from what he was saying. His lips were soft and fit mine perfectly, almost too perfect. When I pulled away, he couldn’t help but look at me. In his eyes I saw something genuine, something real. It wasn’t long before whatever I had seen faded and we both walked to meet the others for dinner.

Whatever that was that I had seen I want to explore more of. Maybe I’ll have an even better luck next time.

Imagine: Joker and Harley take their daughter trick r treating

Request: “Hi! I love your imagines/stories so much! Could you do a Joker X daughter reader story about joker and Harley taking their daughter trick or treating. Thank you!”

First off thank you so much! The compliment really means a lot! 
I hope you like it @bitch-its-bigbang


Harley skipped down the hallway with costumes piled up to her nose. Halloween was always her favorite, and even tho Puddin wouldn’t admit it, it was his favorite too. It was the only time him and his sweethearts could be totally free to roam the city without anything holding them back. Everyone wanted to cause mayhem on Halloween in Gotham, which made blending in easy and easy to get away with everything. The bat is always booked on Halloween.

“Hey y/n can ya help me baby I got a lotta stuff here” your mother called out for you and you opened your door to see her struggling to carry all the costumes she had bought. You gave your mother a worried look and she dropped all the the costumes unable to keep them all together. “What’s wrong?” she pouted at you.

“Well mom…mommy…” you looked at all the costumes sprawled out on the floor. Cinderella, Snow White, Witch, Zombie as you figured. “Mommy I don’t uhhh..”

Harley was getting worried and impatient “Spit it out darlin!”

“I already picked out a costume.. well I know what I want to be at least, and it’s not.. anything you usually do this year.” you looked down at your feet already feeling sorry for saying it.

Harley stepped toward you and clasped your face in her hands. “But baby I always pick out your costume! What’s different about this Halloween?” And that’s when from out of the bedroom jumped and startled both girls. The Joker clapped his hands and screamed 


“What’s different about this year darlin is that our Princess wanted my help specccccccifically for this costume!” your father slithered his words out and you smiled and ran into his arms. He wrapped you in his embrace, picked you up and spun you around in his arms looking up at Harley awaiting her reaction.

“uh….why ‘specifically’ puddin?” she twirled her pigtail in between her fingers

“Well tell her princess, tell mommy why you needed my help” he smiled at his you as you unburied your face from his shoulder.

“I want to go trick r’ treatin as daddy this year… if that’s okay mommy?” worried about what she may think you rested your head back down on his shoulder looking away from her. Joker put his hand over his mouth to give Harley a silent grin mocking her.

“Guess you know who the favorite parent is now darlin, huh?” 

“Oh quiet you clown, I think that’s the sweetest idea I’ve ever heard! Princess wants to be just like the King.” She flirtatiously said as she leaned in for a kiss. The Joker growled and returned the gesture.

“Okay okay ew” you protested. “I need to finish getting ready, have the lambo started and be seated when im finished.” You demanded, grinning as you walked into your room to get ready, loving that you could get away bossing them around.

“Well you heard our princess Harley, get your ass in the lambo” he winked at her and she blew him a kiss back.

Your dad had gotten you every custom for the night. The purple shirt, the silver gold jacket, gold chains, green wig, you even insisted on the metal grill and he could never deny his princess anything. Especially when it came to this ego boost. After you applied the red lipstick you ran out to the lambo and hopped on your dads lap and away you went. “Make sure you go to the rich neighborhood! I want the big candy bars! and I’m not wasting our bombs on houses that arent pretty!”

You guys pulled up to the first house, refusing to go by yourself you grabbed both your parents by the hands and drug them up the driveway with you. You rang the doorbell and an old woman opened the door. 

“Oh well hello dear! And what do nice kids say before they get candy?” she smiled warmly at you 

“Give me the candy lady!” she pulled back stunned and pulled glasses out of her sweater and looked at your parents as she put them on.

“What kind of child talks like tha- OH MY” once she saw clearly who you were with she apologized to you and poured the entire dish of candy into your pillow case. Harley and Joker smiled at each other and winked as they both reached in their pockets. 

“No No No! Come on guys enjoy the Halloween spirit a little bit first!” You protested whatever trick they were about to pull out and they rolled their eyes. You grabbed your parents again and drug them to each and every house on the block. Along the way Joker had to bite his tongue driving around wanting to complain about gas every time he looked at how happy you were. As the doors opened residents went pale and gave you whatever you wanted. You always loved Halloween because it was the time your parents and you could walk freely down the street. It wasn’t until they were face to face with the person at the door did anyone know, and by then they just locked themselves in and turned off the light.

“Princess you know daddy loves you but this is getting on his nerves, don’t you have enough candy? “ He sighed picking you up in his arms. 

“I don’t care about the candy really daddy, I just love walking around dressed like you.” Your father stared blankly at you for a moment, not sure of how to handle what he was feeling at that moment. It wasn’t until Harley’s sniffles broke the silence that he reacted.

“Oh puddin, how about we make this house the grand finale then huh?” Harley wiped her tears away and smiled at you “Hows that sound baby?” You grinned and nodded at her. Joker still staring at you just held you closer to him and shook his head in agreement. The clown family piled into the lambo for the last trip.

The Joker and his sweethearts pulled up to the mansion with lights shining and music blaring. “Well ladies would you look at this? A party we weren’t invited to!” Joker said as he popped the trunk and pulled out such contraptions you weren’t sure what they were, but you knew it’d be loud and bright.

“Princess stand behind mommy and daddy and watch how Halloween is really meant to be celebrated!” your father cackles echoed doen the street as him and your mother pulled the trigger 


The house went up in flames and the three of you howled with laughter. On the drive home you ate the candy in your bag and enjoyed the rare silence and calmness your parents were exhibiting. The screams of the people on the street and police sirens had become like white noise to them. The Joker was relishing in the fact something like you could love him enough to want to embody him. Harley was leaned back in the lambo fixated on the thought that not too long ago she sat at her desk in arkham only dreaming of this and what a plus she had 2 jokers tonight. When you pulled up at home your father carried you in to your room half asleep in his arms. Harley cuddled up next to her little clown and fell asleep. The joker studied the scenes before him before kissing your head.

“My little looney tunes.”