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Let’s talk for a bit, because I’ve known about this for a while and I think now’s a good time to explain how I feel about using music not originally written for OC’s. This might be a lengthy read, because it’s personal. This vid was one of the first to use Tokyovania as Ink Sans’ theme.

I absolutely love when music can be associated with a character. I think it’s magical when a track makes you think of something you love or enjoy, and I love seeing messages or comments that I track I wrote would fit someone’s OC, because it feels special. Originally, this video was meant to be a tribute, with my track as the proposed theme, and I didn’t worry about it. After all, I didn’t write Tokyovania for Ink Sans, I wrote it for personal reasons, and I was sure most would understand that.

After a few months, it started to catch on for some reason that this indeed was written for him. A few other tribute vids were posted, and my name was nowhere to been seen as the artist of the track. On some videos, the name was also changed to Inklovania. The “Tokyo” was just erased, on a song containing the melody of “Tokyo Teddy Bear”, an incredibly special track I adored in 2014-2015. 

Back then I was in high school. It was me against the world, and I had two friends. Things became rough around September in 2015, and I’ll keep the events hidden because they’re not something I need a reminder of. By December I was alone, and I had nowhere to turn but to music. I walled myself off and focused on composing, and being quietly alone all the time eventually led to the idea of Undertronic.

It was around this time that I decided to compose a remix of Tokyo Teddy Bear, as it’s a song I associate with wishing I could be anywhere else when things aren’t great. Seeing as I was also remixing Undertale at the time, I thought I’d combine it with another track, as a particular character was also in the same situation as I was, in terms of emotion.

In short, it was a special little remix to me and it would stay that way until Ink Sans became involved. Like I mentioned, I love when others use my music for OC’s, but I started to realize there was something wrong when I was accused of stealing this theme from Ink Sans, that it solely belonged to him, that I didn’t write it and I was a terrible person.

And the list goes on and was almost constant. To many, I’ve been disregarded as the artist of the track because “It doesn’t matter who wrote it,” and nothing hurts more to a musical artist than having a personal song be taken, even accidentally, from you and it suddenly becomes something else. The meaning behind the song no longer matters, and no matter what I do, this song will always be known as his theme. 

It feels like a inconceivable back-stab knowing that literally millions believe this is his theme. I don’t even want to know how many would believe I stole the track from an OC, as if an actual artist doesn’t exist and the track magically created itself. Months went by, then a year went by, and I was very bitter about this track and the accusations I kept receiving. Finally I decided to write a response, and this response was “Tokyovania Control.”

I wrote in the description that I didn’t like the old Tokyovania. This is only partially true. I loved it for what it represented to me, I hated it for how I was being treated because of it.

If you may have noticed, I included new lyrics for Tokyovania Control. It was a slightly hidden, but direct message to how I felt, and it started at 0:53. Breakdown of the meaning is in the brackets.

How’d I get this feeling?  [How’d it come to this?]
I am running from this beauty,  [I am running from Tokyovania.]
Misunderstood or  [It’s been misunderstood what the track is about.]
Whom it’s made for?  [Who was the track made for? Even I’m not sure now.]
There’s no purpose,  [The song has lost its original meaning.]
Words are worthless.  [Explaining/arguing won’t do anything.]
Well, it’s still charming.  [I still adore the track though. It was special to me.]
I’d say “Sorry.”  [Sorry, it was my mistake to let harsh words harm me.]
“My mistake to let it harm me.”
“Pardon my writing.”  [Pardon my music, I’m sorry I got in your way, I should be thankful that this track is loved right? Indeed I am selfish for believing my name should be next to Tokyovania.]
Though it hurts, it still sounds special taken from me,
“Heh, oh well.”  [Though it hurts, Tokyovania still sounds special taken from me. There’s nothing I can do now, so oh well.]

It was hidden well, and I didn’t expect anyone to catch on. And I was right, no one figured out why these lyrics were added or what they meant.

So no, I still don’t mind when a track I write is used for an OC’s theme. I only mind when I become non-existent as the producer, because “Who cares who wrote it, just enjoy the music.” I also mind when I am repeatedly told my work doesn’t belong to me, and I’m a horrible person for stealing a theme that belongs to an OC.

It’s one of the reasons I tend to include signature melodies in my music now. I don’t want to be forgotten or disassociated with my work. I don’t want to be told I don’t deserve to be the artist. Is it annoying? To some it is, but it’s a hell of a lot better than going through another Tokyovania situation. Having a track recognized by millions as an OC’s theme scares me much more than having someone simply steal the track, and nothing is worse to a musician than being repeatedly told my work doesn’t belong to me anymore, it belongs to an OC, and I’m scum for thinking otherwise.

I suppose what I’m trying to say, is be careful when you decide to pick songs to represent OC’s or AU’s. You may think no harm will be done, but it’s impossible to tell if something will take off. I don’t think this has ever been discussed before. I haven’t seen any musicians write about this, or share their thoughts. But I am friends with many of the Undertale remixers, and it’s sad to see that this has also been happening to one of my best friends Kamex with his “Your Best Friend” remix:

His music is gorgeous. He’s so kind & doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. If the remix is titled “Undertale Remix”, that does not mean it is an AU Remix. It is a remix for Undertale. But because this theme was used in an AU theme compilation video, the track apparently belongs to Underfresh. Again, no artist apparently exists and track magically created itself. Even worse, he feels he needs to prove it, so far as to say he has the project files if he needs to show it. To some, he’s not even respected as the producer. If you understand how I feel with Tokyovania, you can imagine how he feels as well.

Even Inktale’s creator recognizes Tokyovania as a theme for Ink, though it’s probably accidental.

Which makes me feel even more guilty, because I hate bringing people down. And knowing this wasn’t written for the AU will probably be a disappointing let-down.

So that’s about it, I thought I might as well share my thoughts, now that it’s almost been a year since this has been going on.

On another note, I’ve been working on something for Dusttale and Outertale. The Dusttale track will probably be the next vid, I dunno.

[Edit: I took a look to see if there were any comments marked as held for review, and the first one I find is-]

[The word choice gets more colorful in there.]

  • Naruto: [long rant]
  • Naruto: Believe it!
  • Sasuke: I don't.
  • Naruto: You don't what?
  • Sasuke: I don't believe it, usuratonkachi.
  • Naruto: But it's the truth, believe it.
  • Sasuke: I already said I don't.
  • Naruto: Then I'll just MAKE you believe it, believe it!
  • Sasuke: How?
  • Naruto: ...
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Naruto: Why do you have to ruin everything, bastard?
  • Naruto: It was a perfectly good catch phrase.
  • Naruto: Now I have to get a new one.
  • Naruto: I hope you're happy.
  • Sasuke: I am.
  • Sasuke: Believe it.

concept: otabek and yuri are dating and one day otabek admits to him that he’s polyamorous and yuris cool with it bc as long as bekas happy, he’s happy

“so who else do you like besides me??”
“dont get mad.”
“.,,, its jj.”


but he cant say anything bc again, as long as bekas happy then he’s happy, but,,,, what the fuck

so otabek and jj start dating, and the first time all three of them meet jjs like “hope u dont mind sharing your otabeef, princess 👉😎👉” and yuri is ready to kill him but otabek is smiling and hes weak for that so he holds back

but the more the three of them hang out together… the more tolerable jj becomes??? he isnt nearly as obnoxious as he is when theyre in competition and hes actually pretty funny and just as in love with otabek as he is (he knows bc of the way jj looks at him - it feels like looking into a mirror, because thats exactly how he stares at otabek himself)

and jj is actively trying to become better friends with him - he doesnt stop the teasing, but he starts knowing when to back down when he gets too much and yuri can feel the intense hatred he once felt for him die down into a begrudging respect

plus its really fun to talk to him about how adorable otabek is, so, really

a few months later and he can reluctantly say that jj’s become one of his closest friends, but tell anyone that and he’ll kick you with his knife shoes

(ps isabella and jj are still engaged/married and whenever otabek gets Tired of jjs shit she’s the person he’ll call

yuri enjoys watching them rant he thinks its the funniest shit ever)

Things I Have Been Reading ...(Feb)

This really has been a labour of love because I have tried to post it twice only to have my laptop crash and have to start again!!!  

As I have been off work for the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of reading a butt load of fic (I believe that is the technical term).  I have also had some AMAZING recommendations sent over to me and please do keep them coming, feel free to tag me or send a link or send it to me by telepathy (although maybe not the last one because my telepathy skills are a little off atm).  It was quite tricky to narrow down this months list but here are some of my favourite things that I have been reading in February 2017.

P.S. If you make your way through all this and still want something to read then check out @lucifersagents who has been writing the most amazing drabbles and I love each and every one of them!


A huge thank you for all the SPN recs I’ve got this month! I have found some amazing writers who I hadn’t come across before so please keep them coming or there is a good chance this list will just be Gabe filth.

Pull them Harder@wayward-mirage gifts us all with this amazing Gabriel filth.  As a Gabe girl I have to say this fic gave me several ideas which I will probably never actually get round to writing.

Bringing Tidings Of Joy@bkwrm523 has written this fantastic little series and I urge all Gabe girls to pay special attention to part 2 before going having a cold shower.

While You Were Gone @luci-in-trenchcoats has killed me this this fic.  I haven’t got the words to describe how amazingly sweet and adorable this is a fantastic insight into Dean that warmed my heart.

You - @eyes-of-a-disney-princess is a writer who has recently come to my attention and from what I have read so far I expect great things.  This bit of Dean smut is fantastic and please feel free to make your way through her masterlist!

Off Limits –   @dancingalone21  I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore this fic, it is super cute and the relationship between Sam and Dean is brilliant.

Winchesters Don’t Giggle –  @rizlowwritessortof I read this a while back and it made me smile like an idiot.  I do love the softer side of Dean.

Research –  @nichelle-my-belle Here is another writer I have only just found but after making my way through her masterlist is definitely on my favourites list! This Sam smut is amazing and you should go follow her and read all the stuff!

Unexpected@percywinchester27 After reading this I want to have Sams babies. Lovely and fluffy and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


So as you can see this list is quite Steve/Bucky heavy so if you come across ANY other marvel fics that you think I should read PLEASE let me know. I love Steve and Buck but I’m a sucker for the underappreciated characters.

Not Over You@amarvelouswritings This series is killing me a little but in a totally good way.  

Try Again@promarvelfangirl A fine example of the breaking up and getting back together genre beautifully written and I may have had a stupid grin on my face quite a bit when reading this one.

Dirty Minded Cap – Steve - @fvckingsteverogers As a Steve/Chris girl I have no idea how I have not found this blog sooner but here is another masterlist I will be pouring over.  This Steve smut made me all tingly in my lady parts and I think I’ve found another favourite blog!

Homesick @thorne93 I have been reading this series from the very first part and as always my girl here has schooled me in the art of writing.  The fabulousness of series like this is why I don’t really write series because the bar is set really high x

What This Was@amarvelouswritings  THIS SERIES IS AWESOME AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE AND I WANT TO BE ON HER FOREVER TAG LIST BECAUSE EVERYTHING I HAVE READ OF HERS IS AMAZING!  Sorry, fangirling a little there but in all seriousness, you should go follow her.

Screwed - @just-call-me-mrs-captain  It is entirely possible that I binge read this entire series and squealed several times.  Bucky is so brilliantly written here, go read it now!

Hallelujah –  @bovaria brings you a bit of Bucky angst for you all.  You may want to get a box of tissues handy before you start this one, you have been warned.

I think she likes you@emilyevanston I am feeling the whole coffeeshop AU thing right now and as someone who adores nerdy Nat this fic is super sweet.  The interactions between Bucky and Clint are brilliant and I pretty much had a grin on my face all the way through reading this one.

Exs and Ohs –  @civilwarkilledme I feel there should be more T’Challa, especially if this is what is created!  

Star Trek:

I’m a little light on Trek fics (possibly because I’ve been drowning in the Steve/Bucky trash) so send me your recs and hopefully they will make my list!!!

Carnival Fun@atari-writes creates a lovely version of the gorgeous doctor in this fic and I absolutely loved it.  

Stop Apologizing@kaitymccoy123 a super sweet bit of Bones here.  It’s all fluffy and awkward and really cute.

More Than You Know and The One by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord are two amazing bits of the lovely Captain. A beautiful little fic and an wonderful series that are well worth a read but then again she is one of my favourite writers and I would put everything she writes on this list if I thought I could get away with it.

Other Fandoms and Fics:

Love and Spiders@little-red-83.  So I fully admit I’m a Fili girl and this adorable little fic crossed my path a while back and I thought it was super cute and super sweet and as someone who is terrified of spiders this would be something I would do. Plus @little-red-83 is my tumblr twin so go check out her work.

Sleepy –  @chrisevans-imagines I am a total sucker for a daddy Chris Evans fic right now and this one is super cute.

Treat You Better  - @dont-hate-relate-pls has written this beautiful almost heartbreaking little fic about the lovely Rob Benedict and she writes him so well I can hear his voice in my head as I read it.

Let Me Show You @wayward-mirage is a writing genius who I adore and her Mark Pelligrino fics like this one are absolutely sublime.  Go follow her and show her a little love.

Donnie x Reader - @totally-turtle-imagines this is a really sweet little imagine about how super cute, fluffy and awkward Donnie can be.

Sharpie Promises @another-tmnt-writer.  This Soulmate AU is adorable and the unsure, insecure side of Raph just makes me want to give him a hug.  I am really enjoying seeing what this fandom and this blog has to offer. Also check out Hold Me for an extra slice of @another-tmnt-writer’s Raph.

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honeybuddhababie  asked:

i'm so so so sorry for bothering, i just absolutely ADORE YOUR BLOG. LIKE HOLY HELL, YOUR BLOG IS THE REASON WHY I GO ON TUMBLR. ITS MY FAVORITE BLOG, WHY AREN'T YOU FAMOUS FOR THIS BRAH. but i do have an ask! how about an RFA + V + Saeran reacting to the MC fluently playing an instrument? i understand if you can't but it would really make me happy if you could! 🖤

A/N: You totally aren’t bothering!!! Don’t ever think that!! ^^ BUT OMG WOWOWOW REALLY??? US?? THIS BLOG?? YOUR FAVOURITE?? ARE YOU SURE??? i am but a lowly 404;;;; ~Admin 404


               -He could hear this faint, whimsical sound through his headphones but he had no idea where it was coming from??

               -Until he took off his headphones to ask you about it and heard it 10x louder

               -It sounded.. magical! Soft and airy, he had no idea what it was though?

               -He found you sitting in the shower, holding some sort of long, metal thing in front of your mouth and his head tilted to the side like a confused pup

               -“MC? What is that? And why… are you sitting in the shower with it?”

               -You quickly got embarrassed and set down your instrument, trying to look busy with your sheet music

               -“I, um,” you started to turn bright red, knowing you’ve been found out. “It’s called a flute. Lame, I know, but I’ve been playing since I was younger and really liked it more than the others. I even got into a symphony with my playing… and as for sitting in here, well.. the acoustics are better in here. It sounds nicer to my ears than if I were to practice in the living room. Oh god, did I bother you? I’m sorry, I can just-”

               -He cut you off (and lowkey scared you) when he jumped into the shower next to you, excited as all hell

               -“Sorry? Sorry for what! When you play, it sounds just like the fairies in LOLOL! Wait, can you play music from LOLOL? MC! If you can, you’ve got to teach me! I want to play it too!! Look at it!!”

               -He picked up the flute incorrectly and you could feel yourself cringing, trying to pry the instrument from his hands before he broke a key or lost one of the pads. He turned it into a game and you had to chase him around the house just to get your pride and joy back from Mr. Destructive


               -You never told him where you were going later at night sometimes and it scared him to death

               -What in the world were you doing?? Seeing someone else?? What if you were out and about and something were to happen to you?!

               -So, he decided to wait up for you the next time you took off

               -You turned on the living room light and practically jumped out of your skin when you saw bright red eyes looking up at you from the arm chair

               -“Ah, hi MC! Would you like to tell me where you’ve been tonight?” he stood up and walked towards you as you stood there, trying to get your heartbeat to calm down. That’s when he noticed you were holding a large… and oddly shaped case

               -He pointed to it and looked at you quizzically, expecting an answer

               -You sighed, “It’s my saxophone. I’ve been going to this coffee shop Jaehee recommended to me so I could play some shows. I missed playing my baby and just had to get it out of my system!” you raised the case to your chest, rubbing it gently, giving him your best pair of puppy dog eyes hoping it would get you out of trouble

               -He looked at the ground and you couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but before you could ask, you hear his voice dip low and ask you, “Saxophone? You play… the saxophone…?”

               -You made a noise of agreement and jumped again when his head shot up to look at you, stars practically in his eyes. You’ve never seen him this excited for an instrument in your life and it was actually pretty cute?

               -“MC! The saxophone is one of the smoothest sounding instruments… so jazzy… so… sexy? Oh god, MC, you’ve got to show me how good you are. Right here, right now. Play a private show just for me- you might get one in return” wink wonk


               -The two of you decided to add a live musical element to your coffee shop!

               -But you also really… wanted to be a part of it. It had been so long since you picked up your ukulele and it had been killing you

               -The musicians who played your shop were really good, but you wanted a little kick! You wanted some upbeat music! Something that was soft but kickin’!

               -So, you signed yourself up on the list.

               -Jaehee looked down at your name and tried to find where you were hiding so she could ask you about it, until she saw you up on that small stage

               -You were strumming to your heart’s content, singing just as happily, your eyes closed and your face the brightest she’s ever seen it

               -People surrounded the stage, moving slightly to dance along, but nothing too extreme

               -She absolutely loved it! It was must softer than a guitar but had a strong enough sound to get people on their feet

               -From then on, you decided to follow her around with it, playing her own theme music whenever she felt stressed, because you knew it would make her happy, and you’d get to hear that precious laughter again

               -10/10 you play her Disney and Steven Universe songs because?? They’re short and cute?? And it makes her fall in love with you even more because you’re a total dork


               -He was already playing a complicated piece on his piano when you walked into the room and sat next to him, laying your head on his shoulder light enough he could still move his arm around

               -“Hello, love. What are you up to?” He asked, pulling his hands from the keys so he could grab your hand instead

               -“I was enjoying hearing you play. That piece requires a partner, right?” you asked, feeling him nod to agree with you

               -“Yes, but I’ve never played with a partner. I just play it as best as I can without one”

               -You sat up and stretched your fingers out, placing them on the keys as he raised an eyebrow, questioning you

               -“Well?” you prompted, “You need a partner, and now you’ve got one. Come on! You start, sweetheart.”

               -He shook his head to clear his confusion, as he started to re-play his piece

               -When you started to play the partnering piece flawlessly, he was so shocked that he kept messing up his own keys until he gave up and watched you dumbfounded

               -“I never knew you could play the piano… much less as flawlessly as you do. And here I was, trying to sway you with my skills- in the end, you have won me over with yours instead”

               -You felt your face turn a crimson red before he kissed the side of your head, smiling against it gently before turning back to his set of keys. “MC, I won’t let you distract me this time, shall we try again?”


               -He could hear banging and crashing from outside of his computer room and he immediately got concerned for you

               -What if you were trying to get a glass from the cupboard and everything else fell down on you??? That cupboard is unstable! Not.. saying that it… happened to him before, or anything…

               -He ran out towards the source of the noise to see Saeran sitting on the couch with his electric guitar in hand, and you banging on a set of drums

               -Skidding to a stop, he looked at you like he was a deer in the headlights

               -He watched as you smiled in determination, keeping the beat of the song loud and steady, passionate enough to get a little sweaty from it, but you didn’t let that stop you! He stood and stared as he took in every feature of your face and every little movement of your hands, arms, and upper body. You were shining in a way he’d never seen you- and he didn’t mean from the sweat of course

               -When the two of you finished your song, Saeyoung practically scream and both you and his brother jumped out of your skins


               -He laughed and apologized, but he explained how amazing you guys sounded! You were so in sync and the beat you created was amazing! Definitely the kind of beat to get someone up and raging

               -“OH! Wait!! You guys!!! I can play with you too! Wait right here!”

               -He ran back in and furiously started to play his small, shiny triangle until Saeran threw a couch pillow in his face and called him an idiot


               -He was relaxing, listening to a wonderful violin piece, waiting for you to join him

               -Until the song ended… and he could still hear the soothing sound of a violin?

               -As he was looking for the source, he stumbled upon you standing on the balcony, holding an almost pristine violin in your hand, playing it softly as you swayed back and forth, spinning along as you played as well

               -You looked like an angel to him, accompanied by your own heavenly music and he couldn’t look away

               -Hearing the shudder of a camera, you opened your eyes to find him just putting down his camera and smiling warmly at you

               -Without another word, he left the balcony and you in complete confusion. Where was he going? How could he leave the room like that and not say another word? “How rude!” you called, hearing his laughter approaching the door again

               -“I’m sorry,” he apologized, pulling his own violin into view, “Would you allow me to accompany you on another piece?”

               -You started to play one of the love songs you know, smiling as you heard the hum of his violin joining you in perfect time, matching note for note, harmonizing like it was heaven

               -The both of you seemed to open your eyes at the same time to look at each other, laughing at yourselves

               -The two of you took turns playing your favourite love songs, or songs that reminded you of each other until the sun started to set. “MC,” he started as he pulled you into his chest, kissing the top of your head, “I must say, this is definitely my favourite way to relax. Can we do this again?”


               -You ate the last bit of ice cream and now he wouldn’t even look at you

               -“You’re being a kid, Saeran! I can get you more ice cream!”

               -All he did was pull his 3DS closer to his face, signaling that he was ignoring you

               -Having enough of it, you decided you were going to get his attention one way or another

               -Pulling out your amplifier and your baby that he didn’t know about, you placed the amp on the table close to him, plugging in the guitar and turning it up as loud as it could go

               -Foot up on the table, guitar in hands, smirk on your face, you were ready to get his attention. You raised your arm and

               -You. Just. Started. SHREDDING.

               -He practically jumped 3 feet into the air off of the couch, scrambling to catch himself, he clutched his heart and stared at you with his eyes wide enough it’s a wonder they didn’t pop out of his head. You turned the amp off and put your hands on your hips, shifting to stick one side of them out, a blank emotion on your face

               -“Hi. Are you going to listen to me now?” You asked, taking your guitar off and placing it gently on the couch

               -The moment your hand left the guitar, he practically tackled you to the floor, attacking your lips and the side of your neck with kisses, no words exchanged for a solid 20 minutes. Who knew he was into guitarists?


kerfundlesnachle  asked:

Wouldn't it be cool if bendy turned the office into a haunted house on Halloween and like, the guys would bring their children (or just snatch kids off the street same thing) and the kids would go through and its just like the game??? Wouldnt that be a nice time??? Bendy just whipping out full ink monster mode in front of 6 year olds who adore his cartoon???? Ain't that a blast?????

Like it’s a public event and people go in and out and a super impressed by how realistic it is and it’s his favorite holiday cuz he just gets to scare the hell outta people I am so down for that.

theemotionalplant  asked:

(Hi friend!) Keyword: body positivity! (I'm in love with ships comforting and boosting up their self love..) Thank you! Bye friend! -Clover

After what happened when Victor first came to coach Yuuri, Yuuri was nervous about putting on any weight in case Victor wasn’t attracted to him anymore (as much as he knew it was mostly a joke to push him to get back into shape, ‘piggy’ left its mark). Victor noticed when, after competition season, Yuuri started dieting even more than usual, and confronted him about it. Victor quickly cleared that up, and when Yuuri did happen to put on some extra weight (thanks to less skating practice), Victor made every effort to tell Yuuri every day how beautiful he always is - the habit stuck, and it’s one of his compliments to Yuuri every single morning. 

I wish I could put into words how much I adore joji and how proud I am of him for bein out here and makin an even bigger name for himself and creating such dope content and music while still being a genuinely lovely person but I don’t kno how to properly convey any emotion ever so i’ll just lay here and listen to the entirety of pink season for the millionth time while staring at my ceiling in awe

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I'm sure you've already been inboxed about this but please the With an Accent full 6 minute interview with Cole and Lili is up on YouTube: "Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart talk Riverdale and Bughead at WonderCon 2017." It's really cute but honestly in those first 3 min. that we hadn't seen before, you can see (once again!) how quietly/modestly yet truly intelligent Lili is. I adore this woman. Hollywood, do not sleep on her or underestimate her ability to answer challenging questions.

Omg no you are the first one my dude!!!! The round table interview where everyone got convinced they are dating! 

“ITS FLATTERING” and that look at Lili, Cole don’t kill me. I am so so so happy that they know exactly how big our Bughead fam is! And that they are so happy about that fact. They honestly are such a TEAM, look at how Cole plays out what Lili is saying, they are just there together! 

I love seeing the interview before the last part that we’ve already seen, cos you can really see live how theyre getting closer and closer and getting up arm to arm. 

LOLOLOL when Cole says “as they often are” (not with any intention to make her look stupid btw) after Lili explained that the next mystery would begin in the finale of season 1, she literally could kill him with that look, such an annoyed girlfriend behaviour Im dyyying.

And yes, Lili truly is so calm, collected and clever. Always so well spoken and thinks before she talks. I cant wait to see more of her throughout the years! 

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you always have quality ships, i didn't even stop to consider Wrench and Marcus

Why thank you for the compliment!

Wrench and Marcus have good chemistry, they goof off a lot together and also nerd out over stuff together, which would be good enough on its own but Wrench is clearly a very private person, so to ship him with someone it’d have to be someone he’s shown to deeply trust. Good thing there’s also the FBI mission which shows how much Marcus and Wrench genuinely care about each other (and the rest of Dedsec). I don’t want to spoil anything by saying more, but based on their interactions I feel they’re a good fit for each other.

Also I find Wrench’s dorky getup genuinely adorable… I am very shy & anxious so I relate to characters who hide behind masks all the time.

EDIT BECAUSE I THOUGHT OF MORE SHIT: also whenever Wrench argues with another character, Marcus is almost if not always the one to get in the middle to break it up, at which point Wrench immediately backs down or tries to convince Marcus of his point using less aggressive language. It’s a nice way of showing through interaction that Wrench feels genuinely understood by Marcus, and even goes so far as to feel betrayed when he takes someone else’s side. Also, whenever Marcus has an idea or pulls off something cool, Wrench tends to be the first to get excited or chime in with praise.


bittersamgirlclub TOP 5 PROMPT #11: TOP 5 SAM-PRAISE MOMENTS 

Making this made me feel all warm and squishy inside, there are many other little moments I could have chosen and that makes me very happy. Sometimes it feels like Sam is so underappreciated, both in fandom and in universe, so to focus on all those moments where characters talk or feel about Sam the same way we do is just wonderful.

These are not necessarily in any order, although those first two are pretty much interchangeably in first place.

  1. Marie - Fan Fiction - I just love how with three words Marie manages to sum up so much of what we all adore about Sam, those core facets of his being that make Sam so beautiful. But what I love even more is “there’s nothing he can’t do”. There’s something so powerful about that, and it’s so true on so many levels. The way in which Sam has defied destiny and other’s expectations for him, time and again. Working his way to a full ride to Stanford. Building himself a new life, not once, but twice from the ground up. Overcoming the devil. How could anyone not believe that Sam is capable of anything after reading about that! The other thing I love about Marie is that, although she exists in universe, she gives us an out of universe perspective on Sam, in that sense I find her, and her praise of Sam to be very relatable, it feels as if I am being voiced directly through the show. Of course the fact that Sam did not hear this praise saddens me, but I think it is incredibly important that Dean did hear it, to be reminded of all those things that deep down he knows, and loves about his brother.
  2. Jess - Pilot - I think its no secret how much I adore Sam/Jess and their relationship. Of course we only get tiny slivers of their life together, these fleeting moments, but ones like this especially I think illuminate their relationship perfectly. In this scene, Jess makes absolutely sure that Sam knows how proud of him she is, bringing up his LSAT score, praising how amazing it is, making sure he knows she’s serious when she says she’s proud, that she wasn’t just kidding around, that she really means its and that she believes in him. I think Jess was painfully aware of how little, if ever, Sam had been exposed to the concept of someone being proud of him and that intentionally worked to rectify that at every available opportunity (I might have written a little ficlet about this *cough*shamelessplug*cough*). We hear in ‘Phantom Traveller’ that apparently John expressed his pride in Sam to others, but clearly withheld it from Sam himself, the fact that Jess goes out of her way to ensure that Sam knows how she feels is just SO important.
  3. Mr Wyatt - After School Special - This episode in general is just EVERYTHING to me, but this moment in particular is incredibly special and I think actually instrumental in shaping Sam. I think its quite likely given Sam’s reaction to thinking the Mr Wyatt was going to fail him, that prior to this scene Sam was actually rather apathetic about school, moving from place to place, never being able to make real connections, he probably loved learning and studying but was unable to find reasons to really care about doing well when in a few days he’d be off to the next school anyway, when he saw nothing in his future but more of what his entire life had been, death and danger and loneliness. Mr Wyatt not only praised Sam’s academic abilities, but more importantly he allowed Sam to believe that there could be something beyond his current life, that he was capable of escaping that, of building something of his own.
  4. Dean - Scarecrow - I love, love, love this moment! Firstly, I’m pretty certain that this is the first time Sam has heard the words “I’m proud of you” from anyone other than Jess, look at his reaction, he’s completely at a loss for what to do or say and just taken aback entirely. What’s also important here is what Dean is praising Sam for. Dean is saying that he’s proud of Sam for the very things that go Sam disowned and dissociated from his family, for things that Dean in the past (and sadly will again in the future) had criticised Sam for. Standing up to John and forging his own way were actions that Sam had been led to believe time after time were deep and terrible betrayals and things that he should feel ashamed of, that Dean in this moment acknowledges that they are in fact great strengths and worthy of admiration is just so incredibly important.
  5. Sarah - Clip Show - I actually think this one is a little odd, because I think what Sarah is picking up on here is Sam’s determination to finish the trails and to 'right’ all the perceived wrongs he was done, to make up for all the ways he believes he’s let Dean down, and I can’t really feel that that is a positive thing. On the other hand, Sarah a) doesn’t know the context of what she’s seeing, she’s genuinely trying to and say something good about Sam b) at this point in the season people who bolster Sam in anyway, especially to his face, are so few and far between that anything along those lines is like manna in the desert….

sunflowerchester — I finally finished it! hahah…

I'm a Fucking Daddy and I love it

I love being a Daddy Dom. I love everything about it. I believe that being in a dd/lg relationship is one of the most purest ways to love. The individuals completely give themselves up for one another to become the absolute best form of themselves they could be. If it’s done properly. I love the fact that you don’t have to hide anything from your partner because hell we are dealing with the darkest parts in our lives. To realize what this gift is would change anyone’s life. I mean you are crossing boundaries you never even knew could exist, how is that not enticing itself. What’s so crazy is I haven’t meantioned the sexual addition to it and I won’t because there is no need to. We all have sex, so whether you do it vanilla or you put staples in someone its still within the same guidelines but this is about the connection, emotion, loyalty, trust, and love or some form of higher attachment if you don’t believe in love as I. I mean seriously how fucking adorable is it to see an adult in their childish years. You get to witness the innocent little person they should of been YOU! I’m sorry for rambling but as you can tell I am very invested in this lifestyle I breathe it, it is in my soul, I am a Daddy all day everyday. I don’t know why anyone would even want to fake this. When you start really living this life and understanding your roles it will all make sense. Everything that has ever happened has lead you to where you are now and to this post. I love all of you with an open heart and giving of my time. If anyone ever just needs to say something dont hesitate please i am always willing to listen and advise that’s what real Daddy’s do.

Epilogue // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Trespassing Restricted Areas, and Fluff.

Song: Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin

Word Count: 3,057

A/N: Thank you for all of the support, kind messages and new followers. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep writing when I first wrote this little series, but you have all definitely inspired me to keep doing so. Thank you for that! 

“Emma, for the love of God, please tell me where we’re going.” Stiles pleaded in the passenger seat and a smile spread across my lips.

“Stiles, if I told you that, it would defeat the whole purpose of the surprise in a surprise date.” I shook my head at his impatience and chuckled when he whined.

“How long will it take ‘till we get there?” He complained, his entire body facing me.

“About five minutes, babe.” I stated and Stiles smirked, his hand settling on my thigh as he approached me.

“I love it when you call me babe.” Stiles pressed his lips on my neck and smiled against my skin.

I smiled to myself at the memory of when he called me babe for the first time and I was so frightened. Now, we both say to each other constantly. It’s funny how life changes in ways you’d never expect it to.

“Well, I love saying it.” I giggled when he got a grip of my thigh and my entire body shuddered with want.

Stiles’ mouth continued to caress my neck with wet kisses and, even though I was driving, I didn’t mind it. I’m complete putty in his hands and I no longer have any shame in admitting to that. It seems so silly to me, now, just how terrified I was of letting Stiles into my life back then. We’ve been together for a while now and he has kept every single one of his promises he made that night of the bonfire. Stiles slowly broke down my rigid walls without me even feeling it and when he rebuilt them, he added windows to let the sun shine through.

He slowly slid his hand higher on my thigh and below my dress when I was too focused on his delicious assaults on my neck. Stiles’ finger lightly danced on my skin covered in goosebumps, gently stroking and massaging. They were innocent touches, only there with the purpose of creating some sort of contact between us since we find it really hard being separated. But, the way his mouth sucked on my pulse point as he kneaded my thigh had my entire body begging for more. I could already feel my core getting damper than before and I internally scolded myself for being so weak towards Stiles’ fingers.

“Stiles,” I moaned and he smiled against my skin, his teeth nipping my neck. “Please, stop.”

“Now, why would I do that?” He mumbled and his hot breath on my body sent jolts straight to my core, wetness already pooling in my panties.

“Because I’m driving and you make me weak.”

“I make you weak?” Stiles removed his lips and lifted his head to look at me, a smirk planted on his face.

I just nodded and tugged my bottom lip in between my teeth, slightly embarassed. A gleam like no other sparkled in his eyes and he cocked an eyebrow, feeling confident at my latest confession. Stiles took his hand away from me and leaned back in his seat, cockiness radiating off of him.

“Am I sexy to you?” He grinned, his posture mischevious.

“Yes, Stiles.” I chuckled, pulling into the location I wanted to reach. “We’ve been over this more than once. You’re hella sexy.”

Stiles let out a sly little chuckle and I, immediately, laughed at how adorable he was. I turned to gawk at him and he licked his lips, extremely satified with how attracted I am to him.

“I love you, so much.” I smiled, playfully shaking my head and returning my gaze on the dirt road.

“I know.” Stiles smirked and I snorted at his use of a Star Wars quote to answer me.

It was when we reached a NO TRESPASSING sign that Stiles stopped grinning so much and turned to look at me with an intrigued expression. Once I passed right by it, completely ignoring its existence, Stiles snickered.

“Seems about right.” He sassed and I smirked at him.

“Oh, you know how I like my illegal endeavors.” I retorted and Stiles placed his hand back under my dress.

“You and me both, sister.” His mouth returned on my neck and he sent chills up my spine, getting a moan out of me.

Stiles’ hands slid to caress me over the fabric of my panties and he groaned into my skin, my core throbbing at the beautiful sound.

“How is it that you’re already so wet?” He asked and I whimpered when he put more pressure, his fingers now touching my clitoris.

“Remember when I said you’re sexy and make me weak?” I smirked and Stiles laughed, his other hand gripping my thigh.

Stiles slowly pulled aside my panties with his pinky to touch me where I wanted him the most and I spread my legs wider for him before he slipped his middle finger through my slick folds. It was strange to have someone touch me as I drove, but I didn’t push away the idea just yet. I accepted it and was already too excited to feel his finger inside me.

I turned the car towards the entrance I wanted and continued to steer us in the direction of our destination. When Stiles began to gently massage my nub with his finger, I gripped harshly onto the steering wheel and had to try my best to keep from closing my eyes. I seriously do not need to get us into a car accident.

He worked my pleasure, letting it build up before pushing a finger inside of me and I moaned at the feeling of him stretching my walls. It was a slow pace and I bucked my hips against his hand, begging for more friction and he chuckled. Stiles added another finger and increased his pace, my body immediately thanking him for it as I clenched around his fingers.

“Oh, my God.” He grunted, pulling my focus off of this sexual trance and I now noticed that we had arrived.

I put the car in park, but Stiles didn’t stop his movements inside of me. Instead, he pumped deeper inside and worked my clit with his thumb. Taking the keys out of the ignition, I threw them into the cup holder and let my head rest against the seat. The feeling of his fingers smoothly filling me at an incredible pace and depth had my core throb with a desparate need to release.

My orgasm was building up inside of my body already and I could sense my arousal dripping down my inner thigh, ready for all of this to take its next step. I bucked my hips against his hand again and whimpered, letting him know what I needed.

“Do you want to cum?” Stiles smirked, his hot breath whispering in my ear and sending shivers down my body.

I nodded, not even having enough strength to speak, before he placed his lips on mine with a passionate kiss as he added more pressure on my clit and hooked his fingers against my walls. It was exactly what I needed for the knot building inside of me to bind tighter and snap, my release falling over the edge. I shamelessly moaned into his mouth as my eyes rolled to the back of my head and my legs shook uncontrollably.

The feeling of euphoria rushed throughout my entire body and I let myself get consumed by the thrill of it all. I was dimly aware of Stiles retracting his hand from my core, too focused on the high he just gave me.

When I had finally come down from my orgasm, I turned lazily to see Stiles happily licking my juices off his fingers before popping them into his mouth and sucking. The sight alone was enough to spark urge in me again and I opened the door to the driver’s seat without saying a single word.

Stiles’ eyes were on me the entire time as I ran over to his side of the car and pulled the door open. I pushed his fingers out of his mouth and replaced them with my own, kissing him with need and want.

“Take me.” I panted, my breath fanning across his lips and he smiled.

“What about our date?” Stiles smirked, his hands on my waist.

“It can wait.” I shook my head, pulling him out of the car and he chuckled. “I want you, right now.”

“Okay, okay.” He smiled, standing and shutting the door behind him. “I know I’m too sexy to handle. I got you.”

I laughed at this new found sense of confidence in him, but appreciated it anyway. It’s about damn time Stiles knows how fucking hot he is. As I thought about his attractiveness, Stiles turned us around and pinned me up againt the car. Excitement seething in my veins at his sudden act and I noticed the enticing grin on his lips.

He reattached his mouth on mine and gripped my ass, telling me through his actions that I should jump up. Following his request, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I broke the kiss to plant some wet ones on his neck and Stiles moaned.

Suddenly, he gasped out of nowhere and I looked up to see what was going on. Stiles’ eyes were focused behind us as a huge smile grew on his face. I furrowed my eyebrows at him, completely confused.

“Stiles, why are you-”

He didn’t even let me finish speaking before quickly placing me back on the ground and letting go of me.

“You brought us to a field of flowers?!” Stiles exclaimed and, before I knew it, he ran out towards the field.

I smiled at how happy he looked as he ran around in the flowers and fell down on them, laying in the flowerbed and just enjoying the feeling of nature around him.

Opening the door to the back seat, I grabbed the blanket and picnic basket I brought for our date. After shutting the door again, I walked towards Stiles and he let out a laugh. His eyes sparkling as he watched me approach him.

“Oh, my God!” He shook his head, standing back up to place his hands on my waist. “A picnic on a field of flowers? You are such a cliché romantic type!”

“Oh, shut up.” I blushed, slightly embarassed and Stiles kissed me eagerly at this information.

“I love you, so much.” Stiles stated against my lips, pressing his forehead against mine, and I smirked.

“I know.” I mocked him, pushing myself away from his grasp and he scoffed at me.

I leaned down to place the basket on the ground and spread the blanket on a patch of grass, determined not to ruin any flowers. Laying down on the fabric with a grin on my face, Stiles slowly approached me. Both of our pupils were black with lust when he began taking off his clothes as he walked. The first to go was his shirt, that now lay gently on some flowers. Next, he unlooped his belt and took it off, I bit down on my bottom lip with how turned on I was. Once his pants were on the ground and no longer on him, he came down and hovered his body over mine.

Stiles’ mouth was back on my own and I’ve never felt more at peace than when his lips caressed mine. I smirked against him when a deviant little idea came to mind and I reached up to roll us over. Stiles’ eyes were wide with excitement as I took over and the way he was looking at me made me blush. Running my fingers through his silky hair, I kissed him again. It’s funny how I’ll honestly never get tired of how addictive his lips are.

Stiles’ hands ran down my body before settling under the fabric of my dress and on my ass. I yelped when he squeezed and a dark chuckle escaped his lips. He did it again just to get the same reaction out of me, but this time took the advantage to slip his tongue into my mouth.

I let him be dominant in the kiss as I gently massaged his scalp with my nails. This act seemed to spark something in him because the next thing I know he’s pushing me to sit up and, immediately, removing my dress from my body. Stiles’ lips attached to my neck and his hands reached behind my back to unclasp the hook of my strapless bra. It fell down on the blanket the same time Stiles blew cold air on the spot he was just sucking on. The contrast of hot and cold on my skin making me melt.

Not wanting to let him be in charge anymore, I pushed him back down on the blanket and straddled his hips. He smirked at me once I placed my hands on his broad shoulders and gently grinded our clothed sexes together. I could feel some of my wetness transfer onto his underwear, wetting his bulge in the process and a strangled noise came out from the back of his throat. His hands grabbed onto my hips, moans falling from both of our lips and I couldn’t take this teasing anymore.

Lifting my body off of him so he could take off his boxers and I could take my soaking panties off, I watched him with lust clouding my mind as he slowly pumped his shaft. Our eyes met and I licked my lips at how damn inviting he looked. Stiles’ member was standing straight, begging for attention, as he spread his precum with his thumb. Not being able to wait anymore, I replaced his hands with mine and Stiles smiled at the feeling.

Straddling back over him, I lined his tip with my entrance and slowly slid down on him. My head fell back in pleasure at the feeling of his width stretching my walls. One of Stiles’ hands was on my hip as the other squeezed my thigh, forcing a moan out of me. I created a steady pace and brought my face back to watch Stiles’ reactions.

His eyes were closed and his eyebrows furrowed in concentration at the pleasure building inside of him. It was a definitely a sight for sore eyes to see him render himself helpess against my doings. Rolling my hips and grinding our bodies together, I let out a filthy moan and Stiles’ eyes shot open.

He grabbed my hips with both of his hands now and I screamed when he jerked himself up, his dick hitting me in a new angle. Stiles’ groaned at the sight of my breasts bouncing in front of him and my fingers pinching my own nipples as he thrusted roughly, his member deliciously massaging my tight walls. It was enough to get a knot quickly building up in me, my body already begging for release.

Once he created a fast and hard pace that satisfied the both of us, one of his hands came down to rub harshly against my clitoris. My core clenched in response and a shameless scream escaped Stiles’ mouth, goosebumps covering my skin at the sound. I leaned down to kiss him, never letting our speed slow down, and he gladly kissed me right back.

Stiles moved his hands to my thighs, squeezed, and spread them further. This new angle allowed his tip to repeatedly hit my g-spot and was everything I needed to have the knot explode, spreading a mind-blowing orgasm all throughout body. My legs shook and I didn’t even try to hide the embarassing screams escaping my voice along with the sound of his name.

My core clenching around him was exactly what Stiles craved to reach his own release and, even though I was still swimming in my own high, I watched in awe. His back arched and I could feel his penis twitch before releasing his pleasure inside of me, the warm feeling making me moan.

It’s no news that Stiles is a very beautiful man. His gorgeous golden brown eyes, plump lips, adorable freckles painted across his skin like stars, and his jawline that could literally cut someone were a few of the many attractive things about him. But, the thing is, Stiles always looks his best when he’s drowning in an orgasm. His eyes are shut and eyebrows furrowed in satisfaction as his slightly swollen lips part in a breath-taking o-shape, letting out the most beautiful sounds of filthy moans mixed with my name. It never ceases to make me smile.

Once we were both back in reality, I got off of him and layed down on the blanket by his side. Stiles’ hands already wrapping around my naked body, my head resting on his bare chest. I smiled to myself when I noticed we made it just in time for what I wanted us to see the most.

“Look.” I pointed to the sky and Stiles’ gazed up. “The sun’s setting.”

“A picnic over the sunset?” Stiles chuckled lazily, caressing my skin with his fingers. “Could you get more cheesy?”

“Well, I brought a heart-shaped box of chocolates.” I shrugged, smiling, and this time Stiles full on laughed.

“Of course you did.” He scoffed, snuggling me closer into him and I shook my head.

“You’re such an idiot.” I playfully rolled my eyes at the man holding me together.

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot.” Stiles smiled proudly, lifting his hands to point to the gold wedding band on his ring finger. “Forever!”

My heart fluttered at the sight before me and it’s funny how he never ceases to make me blush.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I confessed, leaving gentle kisses on his skin at the same time as I kept repeating I love you numerous times.

We watched in awe as the sky changed from the vibrant blue to various different warm tones, pink being the main color. It reminded me of my heart and how warm it is, thanks to the man who has it in his hands. The man who will always have it in his hands.

I bet if someone were to dust my heart for fingerprints, they’d only find his.

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Hello, I love this blog, just got into it, I love the importance artists are given by the faen, but I was wondering, how might They feel about Metal music? I am not sure, they might admire the skill and poetry, but at the same time its a genre filled with Iron, Fire and Thunder, as it requires technology They might not understand

This is a difficult question because I feel very very strongly about both possible answers here.

Option 1: I want to say that metal is the one genre of music they cannot stand, literally just for the joke about iron.

Option 2: I also really love the idea of them adoring literally every genre of music sincerely and unequivocally. They find screamo transcendent. They throw bacchanals to classic rock. They’re enchanted by the newest pop song. There is no kind of music they don’t like.

This is a very hard choice and I don’t think I’m able to make it. 

genderfluid nico fic

because my lovely genderfluid girlfriend is not feeling too well and i will do anything for her


nico has always felt different. he remembers very distinctly believing as a child that he had been born a girl. his mother always corrected him, bianca always corrected him, but he had been entirely convinced that he was born a girl.

nico doesn’t tell anyone that. it’s an odd memory, something that he doesn’t care to share with another living being. 

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A Different Kind of Chatfic

Day 2: Social Media or Celebrations (¿por qué no las dos?)

OG-angel has entered the chat

mrsplisetsky15 has entered the chat

yurislover_1997 has entered the chat

yurislover_1997 changed chat name to !!!!!!!!

yurislover_1997: guYS DID YOU HEAR

OG-angel: you mean abt otabek and yuratchka?!?!?!!

yurislover_1997: YES OMG

yurislover_1997: im crying help

OG-angel: im not going to be any help wtf do u think im doing

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Voltron characters as things I've said in my English class
  • Pidge: *rolls by on heelys with 2 pairs of sunglasses on* I have surpassed human form
  • Shiro: Y'know what I wish we brought back in school? Naptime. God, I could use a nap right now.
  • Allura: *lifts head from desk* I have no concept of time and I think I threw out my back walking up those stairs *puts head back on desk*
  • Keith: Yes I have a question, do we have to be nice in the rebuttal? Because I noticed that it said 'respectfully' here, and-
  • (alternatively)
  • Y'all- Can I say y'all? It's not like, incorrect or anything...I actually think it should be used more- Wait, that's what I'll write my paragraph about!
  • Lance: I am going to sit on the floor and nobody can stop me. There's like, some law about that, right?
  • Hunk: (while taking 2 advil) haha poppin pills amiright
  • Coran: But how could nobody like me?! I'm insanely attractive and adorably awkward!
  • Zarkon: Y'all should be glad I don't have the financial stability needed for world domination
  • Matt: I almost started crying in the car because my brother was so quiet I thought we forgot him

mahnoorjahan  asked:

How do you feel about the pages in EOS where Aelin casually thinks of colonizing other countries and Rowan AGREES to it and boosts her on?

I mean, how do I /*feel*/ about it? As in how does is affect my enjoyment and support of SJM’s books?

basically like this: *shrugs*

And that’s because I’m really good at reading things and not being bothered by issues that tumblr thinks are problematic, and I’m also pretty good at enjoying literature that has a ton of problems because uh, that’s like, the entire point of literary criticism + the discipline i spent so long studying in college? I mean literary crit has saved my life as an historian and I’m deeply committed to the idea of textual analysis being the backbone of study for any humanity (srsly humanities students, every source is a fucking text that can be picked apart and analyzed until you die and it will improve your argument tenfold). So basically, I’m all for picking apart a text, because I enjoy doing so, but I’m also very skilled at not picking apart a text and just reading it and enjoying it. 

And I also think that books/texts do not need to be morally great and completely pc in order for us to enjoy them or in order for them to be deemed readable. I mean like…take Wuthering Heights for example. I ship the shit out of cathy and heathcliff (and if all else perished and he remained i should still continue to be like FUCK ME UP EMILY ugh so good), but i also acknowledge that its just about the most unhealthy problematic ass relationship every written. she is a literal demon??? he is also horrid. but i still adore them and the relationship and am very good at separating the things i like in literature from what i expect/want for myself and the world in real life

So in terms of Aelin’s colonization that means two things:

1) if she were to colonize, I’d probably be annoyed because I’m very against colonization irl and as an historian who lived in england I am sort of familiar with how shitty it is for the countries who are colonized (in that i have seen how england continues to treat them and their concerns and its very…sad and fucked up). i was at oxford during the year of rhodes must fall, and i was uh, for the rhodes falling side of the argument. like frankly i think we should ritualistically burn every statue of cecil rhodes in an enormous bonfire meant to summon satan from the depths of hell to come collect his blood stained soul but that’s a discussion for another time. however, aelin is not cecil rhodes, and she isn’t colonizing any real world country, and if SJM chose to have aelin colonize anywhere, I can imagine we would see Aelin bring peace and prosperity wherever she went b/c this is SJM’s universe and she can make whatever decisions she wants regardless of if they are realistic or not. And I’m cool with that. Fantasy is fantasy is fantasy. I’d be annoyed and roll my eyes but ultimately it would not affect my enjoyment of the book (and frankly no piece of media you consume is going to be unproblematic. but there are so many good parts of tog and acotar, good parts that have helped me survive and have made me feel accepted. and those good parts far outweigh the problems i have with the books)

2) and secondly…i kinda…disagree with the idea that Aelin is casually mentioning colonizing. In fact, I think this bit of text plays an important role in character development and the whole idea of having so much power that it corrupts. I’ll paste some analysis of this that I’ve done in the past bc I’m too lazy to do it again from scratch (anything below was written in response to another post, so it’s not directed at your ask specifically, but it does explain my feelings on this issue):

Let’s look specifically at the bit where Aelin says “For a heartbeat, she could see it- here face carved into statues…” Clearly this part is Aelin having grand dreams. Just…imagining what it would be like to be queen of the world. To have all that power.

Lets also consider how…afraid Aelin was/is of her own powers. How long it took her to accept that part of herself. How much she struggles with the burden of being the fire bringer. Great power = great responsibility (lol spiderman I’m sorry). Aelin was afraid of that responsibility. And i think…that she was also afraid of what it might do to her? Of how using her powers might make her hunger for more power and glory? And I think thats what we are seeing here. She’s admitting that parts of herself- for a heartbeat, for a literal second- want power and glory and fame. She’s admitting that she has that capability, that she has it within herself to hunger for extreme power and rule. Let’s not pretend like that isn’t within many of us as well.

But then, almost immediately, she thinks that these ides are “stupid and useless.” and she also says “Even wondering about the possibilities…perhaps it made her no better than Maeve or Erawan.” She’s fully acknowledging that thinking about colonization is not a good thing. She understands that it makes her like her enemies. Frankly, this is a really realistic thing for Sarah to include? Are we all just going to sit here and act like if we had tremendous power and were Queens that some of us wouldn’t be tempted by the power of expansion? Of gaining more power? Of course we would be! Not everyone, but some of us. Some of us would want power and fame and glory. But wanting something for a second before realizing how bad it is (what Aelin does here) is NOT the same thing as doing it.

Sure, maybe this scene is a bit…off putting, but I also think that it is a) realistic given the amount of power Aelin has and b) a problem we see a lot of fantasy heroes face. They always struggle with balancing power with…goodness. And they struggle with not letting their power make them corrupt. This is just an instance in which we see Aelin struggling with the same thing.

The temptation to do the wrong thing with power is not the issue, or the problem. What the hero actually does with said power is the issue. And do we see Aelin colonize in this book?? Nope. Nah.

Finally, I’d like to analyze the bit where she mentions giving her people kingdoms. I think it’s important that we think of how this relates to Terrasen specifically. The kingdom essentially does not exist. The people of Terrasen are homeless. They have nothing. No nationality, no kingdom, no identity. Aelin is specifically thinking about giving them everything she could in this moment. She’s thinking about conquering places specifically for her people. Of course, the reason behind colonization doesn’t matter, but it is important, for a character who rejected her destiny and responsibility, to finally start thinking about doing things for her country. I doubt Aelin actually *will* colonize, especially given that she BLATANTLY ADMITS IT WOULD MAKE HER LIKE MAEVE AND WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO DO SOMETHING LIKE MAEVE, but I do think that this scene functions as a way to show the reader the lengths she is now willing to do for her country and people.

Also, this scene sets up a pretty essential parallel between Aelin, Maeve, and Erawan. We need to know that our heroine is on the same level of power as her adversaries. And as I have already discussed, power does not come for free, and without the temptation to use it in the wrong way. Aelin needs to be faced with the same issue that someone like Maeve was faced with—do you use your power for good, or for evil? Do you let it corrupt you or do you resist the temptation?—so that we can see her make the right choice, the choice diametrically opposed to Maeve’s choice, and so that we perceive her as being as powerful as Maeve is. The potential for both good and evil is not unique to Aelin or Maeve, but it is a problem compounded by the amount of power they each have. Any good choice Aelin makes has more power to do goodness in the world than a good choice that someone like Chaol makes. Similarly, any evil choice she makes does more evil than an evil choice that someone like Chaol makes. Aelin’s struggle with good and evil within herself is necessarily more pronounced than any other character’s. Any character with as much power as Aelin or Maeve needs to face this problem, otherwise we would just have characters who had immense power and always used it for good and were never tempted by evil or whatever and that would be…unrealistic in the extreme, and not a satisfying story.

The capacity to do evil, and speak of evil, and think of evil, is not the same thing as doing evil. That’s a trait that all of us have in us. But what we actually choose to do, those are the things that matter.

anonymous asked:

Some hcs for Kakyoin, Johnny, Josuke and female s/o who tells them that she's pregnant? How would they react, what would they do etc?

[ I’ll assume this is when everyone is older and they’ve been trying to get a kid for a while :D Sorry if its a bit short though :’)]

- Kakyoin just woke up to see you smiling at him by the bed holding up the pregnancy test kit. In his initial grogginess he asks you whats going on but soon enough it just ends up with a smile slowly creeping across his face as he processes what he sees
- He literally just stares in shock, just a smile on his face as he stares at you, processing all that encompasses the good news that was just told to him.
- Soon enough he just can’t stop the soft smile thats splayed across his features as he pulls you in for a tight hug telling you how much he love you and giving you a long kiss.
- He’d be exploding inside, to have a child with you? He wanted to make sure he’d give the kid all the love in the world and the best childhood ever, whatever he didn’t have he would do it now for his own.
- “ What do you want to do to celebrate?” He’d pick you up and carry you into the kitchen, deciding to make you a fruity breakfast pancake telling you how it’ll be good for you and the baby if you complain about not wanting to eat it
- He wouldn’t tell the other crusaders but they’ll find out on their own like “ Kakyoin why are you asking me about Jolyne.” “ Sorry Kak but did you just ask me about Holly?” They’d love to help him out though.

- It was while you were snuggling after a long day that you tell him you had a surprise for him, taking out the pregnancy test kit and passing its results to him he’d just stare at you in disbelief.
- He was in denial at first telling you things like “ No way. You’re lying. There’s no way I’d be this lucky.” 
- So when you nod and tell him its real Johnny didn’t mean to but tears just started falling from his eyes, he’s sobbing now as he hugs you and telling you non stop how much he loves you and won’t ever stop
- Ever since you came into his life, the curse that he always believed he had seemed to have lifted and you getting pregnant is just proof on that.
- In his teary smile he’d run his fingers over your stomach before looking up to give you the biggest smile.
- “ I can’t believe it…to be blessed like this feels like a sick joke.”
- He’d now wipe away his tears telling you if its ok to let Gyro in on it too, he wants his best friend to know his joys anyway, the moment you agree Johnny is off the bed and getting the phone.
- This is where it just gets cuter, as you watch him on the phone he has eye contact with you and can’t stop smiling, saying things like how happy he is and how he wants Gyro to drop by for a celebration. 
- He’d probably suggest a name like Nicholas but in the end there’s a whole bunch of other names he considers too. 
- Johnny would be the super concerned dad, not knowing how to go about taking care of you and constantly calling Gyro up for help.

- It would be after Josuke came home from work that you asked 
- Josuke is the one dad that keeps asking you if its legit, he’s like beaming. Right after you tell him the good news he’d shoot up right almost like a dog being told that dinner was here. “ Are you sure? This isn’t a joke right? Oh my god am I really-?”
- He’d pick you up and give you a spin before you tell him to be careful now and he’d just get shocked a little and carefully put you down kissing your stomach area and telling it what a happy dad he was going to be. 
- By now he’s doing a little dance and giving you about 20 possible baby names per second its adorable how excited and obvious his joy is.
- He’s also no peppering you with kissed telling you what a good job you’ve done and how proud he was of you constantly telling you how much he loves you.
- By the first hour he’s called the whole Duwang gang, everyone knows of the good news and the congratulations come flooding in. Okuyasu drops by later for a little celebration that Josuke invited him over for.
- Josuke would be the best partner ever, cooking little healthy dinners for you and the growing child, and be super overprotective too like “ Babe don’t do that its not safe!”
- He’d ask Jotaro all about how he brought up Jolyne and question his mom for tips on what she’d need when she was pregnant. Doing everything he can to make you feel better.