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princess rover + development

sorry for being such a (biased?) trashcan, but. just, listen to me for a bit.

tianshan is such a power couple. the character design, the aesthetics of it, the way they contrast while resembling each other so much, their intense dynamic, their genuineness— all of it. they’re so well-written and real. i cannot stress enough how perfect they are for each other, like, it’s one of those few couples that seem to share an invisible red string, but their lives are already so complicated, they seldom consider looking beyond the everyday harshness. both experience loneliness, a different type of loneliness, which explains why he tian chooses to reach out for people, in his own, kind of flawed but sincere way, while guan shan prefers to hide himself away from everyone. however, one day they will meet halfway— guan shan will finally look back and see what’s been there all this time. just!! wait for it!

i repeat, they are so good for each other. 

She’s Beauty and she’s Grace, she’s Alolan Dugtrio (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)