its a volleyball thing


can’t create comics without drawing as poorly as possible ¯\_(●´ヮ`●)_/¯

Bonus Posters and Popsicles:


Spiking motion study.
I gave Lev some kneepads for a change because I can’t draw knees kneepads are cool.
(I also have the headcanon that Lev is to lazy to tug in his shirt properly so that it slips out of his shorts sometimes, when he’s jumping all over the place.)

"if the Haikyuu!! first years had tumblr"

Kageyama constantly posts volleyball, literally; Analysis of famous players, pictures of volleyball, match-ups, and its all his original content. The only things he reblogs is food and that’s only when he’s hungry.

Hinata has one of the funnest tumblrs. He’s accidentally tumblr famous and he makes ridiculous vines and text posts ~discreetly~ complaining about things. Some his most famous things are “Life hacks gone wrong ft Kageyama”  "Leap frog ft Aone" and “HELP I PISSED OFF THE CAPTAIN”

Yachi Hitoka runs the cutest blog ever. She has everything- baby animals, manga, anime, her theme is all pastel and you can bet she made all the graphics herself. Her selfies get TONS of notes, and she gives fashion advice to her followers. 

Yamaguchi Tadashi used to be just a stereotypical fandom blog, but thanks to Suga’s influence he’s started to talk to his followers, and now he’s an advice blog. He makes little GIFs of himself doing like, heart poses and hugging stuffed animals to cheer people up. It works. His blog appears in those ‘cheer up’ masterposts. 

Tsukishima Kei thrives off anon hate. He posts indie music, violent anime, and tons of selfies. He openly complains about everyone and never tags things.