its a violet thing

  • Me: *sees a 80k word fic with 42 chapters*
  • Me: *slowly moves mouse towards it*
  • Me: Nope..Nope nope no! Don't click it!
  • Me: *clicks it*
  • Me: Oh my god look what you've done.

Scarlett Johansson, my first full watercolour portrait.

I used 

Daniel Smith watercolours in Payne’s Grey and Shadow Violet, Winsor & Newton Watercolour Marker in Ivory Black (with a bit of cadmium yellow hue) on Strathmore Watercolour paper. 

Day 2. (What? You idiot!)
A. Separation
B. Hurt/Comfort


“You were in hell, but that hell cultivated a strong will in you.”

I can’t even fathom how strongly we associate emotions with books and shows. Like I can look at the title alone on a piece of paper and immediately remember the feeling the world gave me and the colors I put with it.


Spencer Hoenisberg + The Teddy Bear

August wears down this city like a hungry wave,
turns all purple,
turns all after-sunset-and-bleeding-with-it.
We grow in defiance of the end of summer,
scrape our teeth for more of that:
things honey and dripping,
light until dark,
blackberry picking,
sweet tasting,
sky reaching.
August tastes like a sad song,
the final ember in a campfire.


Panry modern au When Henry’s moms find out he has a crush for the town’s bad boy, Emma makes sure to talk Peter out of dating their son. Unaware, Henry waits hours that same night at Granny’s, until he realises that Peter probably did not care enough for him to have the decency to show up at their first date. 

anonymous asked:

Is there a sapphic / wlw flag?

yes!! i didn’t know about it either, so i googled it and apparently it looks like this.

the pink stands for love.

the reason behind the flowers: “Sapphic women used to give violets to whom they were wooing, symbolizing their sapphic desire. In a poem, Sappho described herself and a lover wearing garlands of violets. The giving of violets was poular from the 1910s to the 1959s” (Wikipedia)

btw can we bring this giving-violets-thing back?? its so nice

MEJIBRAY - シアトリカル・ブルーブラック (Theatrical Blue-black) lyrics & translation

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  • Esme Squalor : [pointing inside a shop] Jerome, do you want this? Buy this.
  • Jerome Squalor : What is it?
  • Esme Squalor : It's a thing!
  • Sunny Baudelaire : Sboo! (*Is it?*)
  • Esme Squalor : Yes.
  • Violet Baudelaire : What does it DO?
  • Esme Squalor: [after thoughtful consideration] It's very in.
  • Klaus Baudelaire : You don't know what it is, do you?
  • Esme Squalor : It's... it's very now!