its a tw thing you know

Allura: I don’t get it, you guys call him your father as a joke all the time?
Keith: That’s what I said!

when I get a hand in it, every pairing is the shitpost couple. Alien confusion over those dumb earth-things is 👌 (THIS IS VERY MUCH ALMOST COPIED FROM A HOMESTUCK COMIC I SAW YEARS AGO but I can not track down the original tumblr post? If someone got a link so I can credit that would be great)

Wouldn’t Let You Fail

A/N: Okay, my first Lin fic. A wee bit scary. Lmao I feel like I’m committing treason or something. It’s weird. It’s good tho! I have a lot of Lin fics planned for the holiday season ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Word Count: 4147 ((i know I’m sorry but @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait​ wanted this to be one part))

TW: Drug mention, anxiety mention, sexual actions mentioned

Pairing: LMM x Reader

There was a lot of firsts involved with you being in Hamilton.

It was your first starring role in a Broadway show, first time playing a male role, and first female playing George Washington. All of which, could be easily handled.

Except for the unprecedented involvement of a certain someone. 

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Like, y’all know I support trigger warnings. I use them here on my own blog. But like…….. do some of y’all not consider how the trigger warnings you’re using THEMSELVES might be triggering?

Like, when you tag a regular, non-thinspo related selfie of a thin woman as #eating disorder tw

Or when you tag nonfetishy pictures of a girl- sometimes even an underaged one- holding a doll as #ageplay tw

Or when you tag a photo of an amputee as #body horror tw 

Those are all examples of things I’ve seen recently and its fucking gross.

Does it not occur to you how the people in those photos might feel about seeing themselves tagged in that way?
Typecast as a terrorist | Riz Ahmed | The Long Read
The Long Read: As my acting career developed, I was no longer cast as a radical Muslim – except at the airport
By Riz Ahmed

[…] The holding pen was filled with 20 slight variations of my own face, all staring at me – kind of like a Bollywood remake of Being John Malkovich. It was a reminder: you are a type, whose face says things before your mouth opens; you are a signifier before you are a person; you are back at stage one.

BLACKOUT | BTS Apocalyptic AU | Chapter Fifteen

Genre : BTS Post-Apocalyptic AU, SMUT/ANGST, tw: swearing, gore, violence 18+ 

Characters : BTS x Reader, featuring appearances from Got7

Word Count : 2989

A/N: Here I am again hello pls enjoy this, its a little gory so pls be aware of that. Lemme know what you think!


[song of the chapter] 

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anonymous asked:

One thing that really bothers me is policing how other people identify - why does it matter if someone identifies as a lesbian who may not 100% fit your standards? Like, why would that even happen in the first place? (other than the fact that gold star lesbian purity is the community standard, identifying as bisexual gets you hatred and violence from the sapphic community, and that people think you are available to men if you don't say you're 100% lesbian)

So I get that there’s nuance within these things but like…. If u regularly feel attracted to men in whatever way outside of coercive heteronormativity then you’re not a lesbian because the definition of lesbian is a woman/woman aligned person who is only attracted to women/women aligned people
I’m not, like, “invalidating” people’s identities here I’m literally just saying that words have meanings and it’s a shitty thing to identify as a word that doesn’t describe you.

Not to mention that yeah, being bi warrants dealing with biphobia within the sapphic community, which sucks, yeah, but it’s not like being a lesbian absolves you of all issues within the sapphic community. Lesbians still deal with lesbophobia in the sapphic community. It’s not “easier” to be a lesbian than it is to be bi, just like it’s not “easier” to be bi than it is to be a lesbian. Plus, “identifying” as something other than what you are doesn’t mean you won’t still face discrimination/oppression for that thing. There are plenty of trans people who don’t identify as trans, they just identify as the gender that they are, but they still face transphobia. 

And the fact of the matter is that it’s lesbophobic to divorce the word “lesbian” from its historical and cultural meaning. Lesbian has always been a word for women who are attracted to women and not attracted to men. And while it’s expanded to include nonbinary people as our society’s understanding of gender has expanded, that doesn’t mean it magically loses its meaning. Lesbians are not attracted to men outside of the social conditioning all lesbians experience (coercive heteronormativity), and people who are attracted to men outside of coercive heteronormativity aren’t lesbians.

I didn’t make this up to “gatekeep” the lesbian identity, this is the historical and social meaning of the word. Lesbian activism has always been about not only the right for women to love other women, but also the right for women to not love men. It’s not “gold star politics” (which I am against, reading virtually any of my lesbian positivity posts will tell anyone that) to let the word lesbian keep its historic definition. It’s not “identity policing” to ask people to not identify as something they are not.

And it matters if someone identifies as a lesbian when they aren’t a lesbian because that’s lying and it hurts people. If someone is attracted to men but decides to call themselves a lesbian for whatever perceived benefits they think it will give them, it perpetuates the lesbophobic idea that all lesbians are “secretly attracted to men” or “really bisexual” when that’s not the case. The reason it’s not okay for people who aren’t lesbians to identify as lesbian is because it’s lesbophobic.

TL;DR: it’s lesbophobic to identify as a lesbian if you experience attraction to men that isn’t coercive heteronormativity, it hurts lesbians by validating the lesbophobic myth that lesbians are secretly interested in men or really bisexual, and it’s just flat out lying.

Final stance: If you think people who are attracted to men outside of coercive heteronormativity can call themselves lesbians, unfollow me. That means if you think people can call themselves “biromantic lesbians” or “bisexual lesbians,” unfollow me. If you think people who date men because they are attracted to men and love men can call themselves lesbians, unfollow me. I’m done with this conversation publicly, if someone wants to discuss this with me they can pm me.

Why is “character who doesn’t like being touched panicking because their friend/teammate/whoever is trying to touch them” funny to you at all.

It demonstrates a gross disregard for the boundaries of others and miss me with that “its fiction” bullshit cause y'all *know* the things we produce and share are reflections of our thoughts and experiences.

If seeing a character made visibly uncomfortable by people who are supposed to support them is amusing to you then you need to spend some serious time reflecting on yourself and probably have some people you owe apologies to for overstepping their boundaries.
(ED/weight tw) help ezra get thru eating disorder inpatient/residential treatment
(a wishlist!)

hi everyone its me. as most of you following me probably already know (but if youre seeing this and you dont follow me you dont know!) i have anorexia which i am currently in inpatient treatment for. the amount of time i will be here isnt certain – it could be anywhere from two weeks to two months. i dont know! what i know is that i live here for the time being. a few people have asked if they could send me things to make my time here a little easier/brighter so i made this wishlist. 

a few things about this list

1) youll notice that many items on this list are clothing.this is because while i am here i am going to be going thru refeeding/weight restoration during my stay, and very often this results in having to buy new clothes. getting them thru amazon isnt IDEAL because i cant know the fit for sure, but most of the items on this list are loose fitting or stretchy comfortable clothes which is what i need.

2) other items on this list are things 2 keep me from going stir crazy, such as coloring/sketch books, crochet stuff, journals and whatnot. i cannot overemphasize how boring treatment is most of the time. 

3) a lot of the stuff on my list is skin care/beauty/toiletries. this is because i like them! and i dont want to see any rude anonymous messages about my frivolity! i am in a damn institution let me have my masks.

uhh ok yeah thats it! if youd like to buy me something else, like books or whatever, all my other wishlists are accessible from this one (at the left of the list on computer at the bottom on mobile) 

ok thank you so much everyone. thank u for your support !! (imagine a strong arm emoji here)


“im in love with you Y/N. i always have been. with everything going on i couldent really tell you that im in love with you and its been driving me insane.” he paused, “i thought you should know. because after the things im going to do, you might hate me… i just… i just needed you to know.”

Chronic Illness Thing #49

This one goes to my addicted spoonies. 

That feel when there’s so much you need to do, and no one understands that you literally can’t do it, so you turn to abusing drugs or alcohol because if you’re high or stoned you literally don’t care about your limitations because you can’t feel them and you can do everything you need to do. 

That feel that comes with feeling guilty for using your crutches to be productive, and all the anger that comes along with the fact that if people would accept your disabilities you wouldn’t be suffering with addiction in the first place. 

That added feeling of continuing your addiction, and maybe doing your best to hide it, because you no longer know how to function without it. 

Addiction doesn’t make you less ill, and it doesn’t make you less worthy of respect and help. 

Shh... It's a Secret...

Shh… It’s a Secret…

Pairings: Phillip Hamilton x Burr’s Daughter!Reader

Request: Anon asked, “Modern au philip w/ 68? :3”

Prompt: “You know we’re supposed to be together. I knew it the first time I saw you, and you know it, too. I know you do.”

TW: Sexual Themes, Secret Relationships

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FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: Ships + AestheticsSeth Gecko x Santanico Pandemonium (for zatannazs)

“Do you think someone can change their fate?”

How he reacts when you’re jealous - Isaac Lahey Version

A/N: Hey guys! I wrote this little thing in between and it got a little too long for a preference, so I decided to post it on its own. Plot is pretty clear from the headline. I thought about doing this for all the characters as a kind of mini series. If you want that, please let me know :) Enjoy.

Word count: A little under 1000.

Isaac is the best thing that happened to you in a long time. Or more like the best thing that happened to you ever. And that means that you are in constant fear of losing him, thanks to your anxiety. Usually you are pretty good at hiding this, especially because you trust him. You really do. However, there are some other people you don’t trust at all. And Lisa Higgins is definitely one of them. The cheerleader that can have every boy in this school she wants because she’s absolutely gorgeous.

She would’ve never been interested in the pre-bite Isaac Lahey. But you realize that she looks at him quite often since a few weeks, her eyes lingering on him a little bit too long for your taste. They are having Biology together, so you kinda understand why they sometimes talk to each other in class, but that doesn’t explain why she stops by his locker constantly and chats with him like they have been friends forever. Well, actually, you don’t really throw your hair over your shoulder and wink like that when you are having a conversation with a friend.

You observe the same spectacle right now, looking around the corner in your school hallway and glaring at the scene in front of you. You can’t hear what they’re talking about, but Lisa suddenly laughs hysterically about some joke he made that probably wasn’t even that funny. The painful stone in your stomach grows a little heavier.

As someone pats you on your shoulder from behind, you almost jump. You whirl around only to look at Scott’s smirking face. Your cheeks are heating up immediately as you are feeling caught.

“Y/N, why don’t you just talk to him about it? You are not as good at hiding it as you think you are. He asked me just yesterday if I noticed any weird behaviour of you lately.”

He pulls his backpack up on the straps and looks down at you expectantly. You don’t really have an answer to that. Jealousy is not an emotion that you can deal with rationally.

“Why don`t you talk to him? Maybe you could drop hints that you realized how Lisa is overly friendly to him?”, you ask in a weak attempt to get this off your shoulders.

Scott just rolls his eyes. “Not my relationship, remember? But I can assure you: his heart doesn’t speed up a tiny little bit when she’s around. Can’t say the same for you.”

He winks at you meaningfully before he turns around and makes his way to Lacrosse practice. You sigh and direct your attention back towards your boyfriend. She has stopped laughing, now she’s just smiling at him sweetly and putting her hand on his shoulder trustingly. A sudden wave of anger rolls over you. Okay, that’s enough! Time to show that bitch that he’s very much taken.

You step out of the corner and prance towards him determined. He only notices you as you are almost there.

“Oh, hey Y/N! I just…”

That’s all he can say before you wrap your arms around his neck, stand on your tiptoes and passionately press your lips on his. He’s surprised at first. You can’t blame him, you usually don’t behave like that at all at school. That’s why you are actually relieved as he places his hands on your lower back and returns the kiss, openings his lips to yours so that they can work in unison. At some point, Lisa clears her throat awkwardly, but to your satisfaction, Isaac doesn’t break away but continues just as eagerly as yourself.

As you finally stop, she’s gone and he looks almost like he forgot her entirely. A triumphant grin spreads on your face while you stay in his embrace and he blinks at you in pleased confusion.

“What was that for?”

“Can’t I just kiss my boyfriend when I feel like it?”, you retort.

He frowns a bit, throws a look around you only to find an empty hallway and suddenly, it seems to dim on him. Damn it! Why can’t he be just a little bit dumber? A smirk starts to play around his lips.

“Babe, is this about Lisa? Are you jealous?”

You swallow hard. You could lie but he would totally detect it. You are pretty sure he’s listening hard to your heartbeat right now.

“I…maybe. She was totally flirting with you and you know how she is!”, you defend yourself automatically.

His smirk grows a little wider. “Well, at least I know now why you’ve been acting so weird lately. I’m not into lolling Lisa, Y/N. Actually, I’ve never been. She always seemed boring to me.”

He shrugs but you are not really reassured. “But she’s obviously into you and she usually gets what she wants.”

“Not this time. Come one, Y/N, I even forgot she’s even around because I’m so crazy about you! You don’t have anything to worry about. Although… maybe I should make you jealous more often if you jump on me like that every time. It definitely was sexy.”

“Shut up”, you grumble, blushing and punching him against his shoulder.

Isaac chuckles. “I’ll tell her that she has no chance if those are her intentions, alright? But I really need to get to practice now, Coach will kill me. See you later, dummy.”

He gives you a quick peck before he leaves in the same direction as Scott. You look after him, relieved. Talking would’ve probably solved the problem just as efficiently, but this was a lot more fun!

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you were standing on a step above him and something about being taller than him gave you this weird confidence so you blurted, “wanna go out sometime?” he took a while to respond and your confidence vanished, “i mean, unless you dont want to-”

“no, no! i’ll go out with you. i want to.” he paused, “its just that your sibling…”

“i know the pack thing is weird-”

“they’re going to kill me.” he stated, “but i dont care.”

History Has Its Eyes On You (Pt. 5)

Summary: Does anyone not know what this is?

TW: Inaccuracies, insults to the British army? me being a huge nerd

A/N: The term “lobsterback” was used by the revolutionaries as a way to refer to the British army (as an insult of course). A “whig” was a radical revolutionary (if my information is correct). They would rarely refer to the British army as the British because many of them still considered themselves British


Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

You wake up the next morning in Aaron’s guest room. You have to admit, the eighteenth century had some of the comfiest pillows. You pry yourself away from the bed and slip on your corset, which is still one of the worst things. After attempting to tie it, you pack your trunk and try to make your way out before he notices. Luckily for you, you are able to sneak out of the door, onto the street, before he even wakes up. You need to get out of this town. You’ve stayed with two men and know other people. There is no way you could make things any worse.

While you’re wandering the streets, you watch the people hurry from shop to shop. You laugh to yourself, thinking about how little things have changed. You slowly walk into a small shop that seems to sell everything. You smile slightly at a man who seems vaguely familiar. He quickly walks over to you and starts talking.

It isn’t long before he agrees to let you stay at his house for the evening. As soon as he falls asleep, you walk around, scanning the papers on the desk for anything that might help you. Suddenly, you come across a note from General Washington that thanks Hercules for his help. This catches your attention, so you continue to read the letter. You realize that you are staying with one of the most important revolutionaries in history. You know that whatever is helping the “lobsterbacks” win has got to be here. You shift through the letters, trying to find out what isn’t going like it should.

You squeal when you come across a letter saying when and where the Redcoats were going to attack. You, realizing that it is completely wrong, try to think of a way to tell him without outing yourself.

The next morning, once Hercules wakes up, you decide to talk to him about it. “When do you think the lobsterbacks will attack again? They seem rather quiet.”

He chuckles. “Soon. Probably near the north side.”

You sigh. “Why north? They may have ships there, but that’s only useless supplies like sugar. That’s everything they’re trying to sell; besides, that’s where all the whig’s troops are. If they were smart, they would attack from the south, catching everyone off guard.”

Hercules stops what he’s doing. “You’re pretty smart.”

You smile.

There are shallow people because they are hollow people. Without substance, humans are nothing. Without experience, there is nothing to prepare you for what lies ahead. Gracefully accept that past you’ve been dealt; it is worth just as much work as you have to put in to survive.
—  k.c.w.

there was such beauty in the days of the early 5sos fam and I’m like in tears so I’m making a list of memorable things:

• teenage queen getting leaked on keek and then sOLD
• Muke almost kissing in that twitcam
• that sweaty Ashton selfie with an orange bandana
• only being able to listen to 18, good girls, voodoo doll, amnesia, and more in forms of recordings from concerts
• slsp getting leaked from a weird ass radio station??????
• when we thought if you don’t know would never be played live
• Georgie and Michael seeing each other and taking selfies
• Halsey and Ashton being best friends
• calum’s lip piercing that lasted like a day???
• when Luke put a bobby pin on his shirt sleeve to keep it rolled up
• wherever you are :“/
• the rise of the jack hemmings fandom
• Gemma styles and Ashton?????????#gashton
• Calum’s ass pic
• every one and their goddamn mother claiming they were one of the twelve OG fans that went to the first gig in AUS
• Michael and Luke getting high and then that picture of them talking to a cop/security guard w/e
• luke and the fucking hamburger card
• the first time Michael wore a SnapBack on stage
• cashton dancing in sweatpants on that twitcam to hot in herre
• you suck by Abigail Breslin
• literal fandom wars bc 1d fans wanted 5sos to credit them for making them famous
• Michael in that oversized white sweater
• Luke’s hair writing the song "defying gravity” for the musical wicked
• “what the fuck is this”
• the tally marks getting taken away
• column interview
• that vine of Harry and Ashton snapping
• sleep is for the weak tank top
• people finding Calum’s pictures from when he played football
• those 5sos member introduction videos on yt
• Calum giving us sneaky peeks on the album on Instagram
• michaelgclifford & luke_is_a_penguin
• liz hemmings photography pics from concerts
• you complete meSS
• the bandana Ashton era
• that time Calum said he hated miss Jackson by panic at the disco
• hungry5sos???????
• 5ONTHEWALL??????????????????