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Meet AutistiCat! 

I’ve been seeing a lot of conversation lately about how much autistic people relate to cats and how we should have a cat as our symbol instead of the dreaded puzzle piece or the rainbow infinity symbol alone since that’s a general neurodiversity symbol. So I created AutistiCat whom I propose for our new symbol!

AutistiCat has the rainbow infinity sign as a bow tie to represent neurodiversity and is a silhouette of a black cat to represent us autistic people with its tail curled into a heart to represent the love within the autistic community and to counter the stereotypes that we are loveless, emotionless robots. 

Use AutistiCat however you please! I would love for this to catch on as the symbol of autism so that we can have our own symbol that isn’t steeped in ableism. 

Make this your profile pic! Use it as a banner! Make art with it! Spread it around!

Let’s make this catch on as our symbol!

Sugar Baby Education 101: 7 Etiquette Habits

It is a big part of sugar baby’s lifestyle to be comfortable go out on dates with their SDs to high-end restaurants, opening galleries, charities, fundraisers, and balls. What most newbies do not know/lack is the proper etiquette habits. 

For those men who surround themselves with successful people 24/7, would be a big turn off to be with a young lady who does not know how to behave and know the unspoken rules in the public. It is important for all sugar babies to know how to act classy and elegant, take your time, don’t be in a rush, be sophisticated and be a mystery for your SD. 

When you are dating a millionaire, the right manners and ways of conducting yourself assume an even a greater importance since they indicate grooming and class – qualities which are important in the upper classes.

Here are a few tips on dating etiquette if you are seeing someone rich and successful and wish to come off as his/her ideal partner.

#1 How to Communicate

  • Not every thought that comes into your head should come out of your mouth. Vet your thoughts. Speaking your mind does not mean sharing every thought. Some thoughts are not appropriate and could cause irreparable damage to your relationships.
  • Never gossip. Most gossip is bad, negative and damages relationships.
  • Look everyone in the eye for no more than 5 seconds at a time, then divert your glance for another 5 seconds. Practice will turn this into a habit. 
  • Make eye contact with people you speak with.
  • Never criticize, condemn or complain about anyone to another relationship. It’s a giant red flag. People will assume that you are bad mouthing them and will try to stay away from forming any strong relationships with you.

#2 Focus on your partner

When dating a rich man , it is important to let them know you value the time and effort your partner is spending on you. And one of the best ways to do this is by being attentive to your date. Maintain steady eye contact with him and listen actively to what he has to say. Smile often and present a positive body language. Also avoid fiddling with our phone (do not take pictures of the food, take snapchat of yourself, etc. do not present yourself as immature girl.). Unless you’re on call at a high-pressure job, you have no excuse for frequently checking your PDA. Flashing expensive technology makes you look self-absorbed and immature. If you must take a call or check a text, apologize for being rude, and tell your date why it’s necessary.

#3 Eating Etiquette

Believe it or not, most people don’t know how to eat. In the adult world of the successful, you need to know how to eat at social settings. Let’s go down the list:

  • As soon as you sit in your chair take the napkin off the table and drape it over your lap.
  • Never begin eating until everyone has their meal.
  • Never chew with your mouth opened.
  • Never talk while you’re chewing your food.
  • Never dip any food you’re eating into a sauce everyone is using.
  • Don’t wolf down your food. Eat at the same pace as everyone else at the table.
  • Never hold a spoon, fork or knife with your fist.
  • Outside fork is for salads, inside fork for the meal.
  • Never make gestures while your utensils are in your hands.
  • Never reach for anything like salt and pepper. Always ask someone to pass things like that.
  • Don’t slouch at the table. Sit straight up.
  • After the meal, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom and make sure you don’t have any food in your teeth. Carry a toothpick or something similar in your wallet or purse wherever you go.
  • If your date orders, compliment his choices, whether it is his choice of dessert or the wine. At the end of the dinner, thank your partner for inviting you out and don’t leave it for the next day.Focus

#4 Dress Etiquette

When dating a millionaire, it is crucial to turn out in a classy and elegant manner. Adopt a personal style which highlights your best features and above all, get the basics of grooming right. Even though you may not be able to afford a Louis Vuitton handbag or a Cartier watch, ensure that whatever you are wearing is suits you and is appropriate for the occasion.

  • Work and Job Interviews – Some professions have special purpose clothing like construction, roadwork, electricians etc. If you work in an office, dress like your boss or your boss’s boss. In some offices it’s business casual, in others, it’s a suit and tie for men. For women its slacks, or skirts with open collars, heels or no heels are ok.
  • Weddings, Wakes, Funerals –  In most cases, this will be suit and tie for men. For women, it’s the same as work clothes but many women like to wear more formal gowns or a more stylish cocktail dress, usually worn with heels. Some cultures have special dress codes you need to be aware of.
  • Formals – Usually formals are black tie optional, black tie or white tie for men. Optional usually means a dark suit, tie or black bow tie, dark shoes. Black tie means black tuxedo, dark shoes, white tie means black tailcoat, white wing-collar shirt, white bow tie, black shoes for men. For women, it’s a long formal gown or short cocktail dress or dressy long skirt and top, usually worn with heels. White ties are very rare.

#5 Introducing Yourself

In life, you will be forced into situations where you will meet new people. This is an opportunity to develop valuable relationships.

There are 5 basic rules to making introductions:

  • Smile
  • Firm Handshake
  • Make Eye Contact
  • In one sentence explain who you are, why you’re there and who you know at the event
  • Ask Questions About the Person You are Introducing Yourself to.

#6 Basic Manners

  • Yes
  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Be punctual (Being punctual is especially important when dating the rich since for them time is money, and as soon as they find you tardy, they will see you as a waste of time.)
  • Excuse me when interrupting or entering a conversation
  • Don’t interrupt someone while they are talking
  • Don’t roll your eyes when someone says something you disagree with
  • Don’t look away when someone is talking to you
  • Never check your cell phone when talking to someone
  • Stay positive and keep criticisms and negative comments to yourself
  • Compliment, compliment, compliment
  • Thank anyone hosting an event, dinner etc.
  • Never curse or use inappropriate language during social events
  • Never be rude

#7 Learn to handle embarrassing moments

No one is born with perfect manners and it is all a matter of practice. So while dating your SD if you realize that you have committed a faux pas, make as little of it as possible. Ignore whatever you did or didn’t do and force your mind onto something else. Go on smoothly as if nothing happened and very soon people around you will do the same.

Day One Hundred and Forty

-Today is my first day at my new location. Everything is similar, yet so unsettlingly different. Each component of my register is in a different place, leaving me constantly grabbing at the air. However, this store certainly has its priorities in order. My register was adorned by a shiny box full of stickers. I think I will do just fine here. 

-I rang up a pair of parents accompanied by a young man, perhaps a year and a half of age, in a onesie featuring a bow tie and suspenders. I am pleased to announce that he was every ounce the gentleman one would expect. 

-A young girl was thrilled to receive a sticker from me, bouncing and giggling with glee. She then stuck it directly into her hair, ensuring a mess impossible to fix. Despite her parents’ dismay, I am overjoyed by the part I played in her happiness. 

-I handed a sticker to a young boy sporting a lovely set of cat ears. He then asked his mother if he could talk to his baby sister. Upon receiving a yes, he ran over to her and began to brag about his sticker. After a moment, he asked for another to give to her. I obliged, only to have him tell her that he was going to hold onto it for her. He showed a great amount of thoughtfulness and compassion in this moment, so I naturally handed him an additional five. 

-An elderly man with a thick Scottish accent gave me a lecture on the different varieties of Mountain Dew and their respective shortcomings. I am glad that my interests are so clear to all around me, as, in this brief transaction, I was taught more than two years of university ever did.

writing an essay in college is very different from writing an essay in high school. personally, i write more research/history papers than literary essays (the liberal arts life and curse), so this is going to be a post on how a general research-y essay that has a thesis and arguments. 


  • don’t open with a quote and don’t be overly broad. 
  • avoid generalizations 
  • your intro should address the topic of your essay (ex. the significance of gardens in renaissance society), and then narrow down to what you want to talk about in regards to your topic (ex. the political influence of the Medici gardens during the renaissance)
  • thesis! it should include the argument you want to make about the narrowed down topic, and three (or however many your class requires) reasons to support it. I like to think of it as W = X + Y + Z. 
  • your thesis explains who, what and why in a concise manner. 


  • topic sentences should not be a word for word copy of your thesis.
  • the order of arguments in your thesis is the order of your paragraphs 
  • depending on the length of your essay, there should be at least two justifications to your argument. 
  • so, just as the intro has a formula, X = A + B, and so forth. 
  • A and B should be backed up with some sources/quotes. don’t forget that if you are quoting from class notes to put either the prof’s last name, or (class notes)
  • be sure to have clear and concise arguments, don’t be flowery
  • USE WORDS THAT ARE ACCURATE. thesaurus is great but if you use a word that sounds cool but doesn’t capture the meaning you want to convey then don’t use it, because it may just change the meaning of your argument
  • quote whatever isn’t yours. it is completely fine if 90% of your sentences are quotes. its weird to get used to, but don’t worry about it. 


  • the worst part in my opinion. 
  • synthesize don’t summarize. show how your arguments relate back to the thesis.
  • try not to copy paste your thesis into the conclusion, word it so that the readers understands that through XYZ, you were able to conclude and support argument W (referring back to the thesis formula)
  • do not add any new information, do not add quotes. 
  • your final sentence should tie up the essay in a pretty bow, but try to avoid clichés 


  • when writing the body paragraphs, your ‘weakest’ paragraph should be in the middle, strongest as your last, and the second best as your first.
  • if you’re stumped on the intro, skip it. write out the body first, then the intro and you’ll be able to concisely word your thesis
  • think of your essay as an infomercial. your intro is the loud and clear HERES MY PRODUCT, the body is blasting information on why the product is so cool, and the conclusion is the final push for the viewer to buy that product. make your teacher want to agree with your thesis! 
  • use a mix of paraphrase and quotes!
  • don’t forget your works cited lmao (the MLA Handbook is a gr8 tool, also OWL Purdue)
  • prime time for essay writing is in the morning or at night, but make sure you edit it meticulously 

stay humble, study hard 


🌲 Some collabs with the good ol pal, the good ol legend @white-bow-tie!!👌 🌲


–& as its noticeable - I did some of the sketches and so did bunny, and we colored and linearted eachother’s vice versa 👌👀

he can be ur angle or yuor devil 

Quick 30m doodle bc I can’t sleep and I love this trashpile and I love AU’s where he’s actually a very good noodle. Left design high-key inspired from this fic by @blackkatmagic  which i totally..haven’t re-read like 20 times,,,


SVTFOE x Sofia the First Crossover.

Inspired by @katzelicht’s art. It would make a great headcanon. Let’s say:

- Sofia’s amulet summoned her to another Princess in trouble during one of her magic lessons with Cedric who, the latter was also dragged in with her to who knows where.

- Star and Marco were at the Echo Creek park to take the laser puppies for a walk when they heard a portal ripping just above them and luckily evaded what went falling from it.

- The Enchancian best friends landed on the ground of an unknown place and got a good few minutes to adjust to their surroundings.

- As if on cue, the Starco friends jumps in front of them (Wand raised and karate stance) thinking they were some kind of enemies from another dimension.

- On instinct, Cedric raised his wand and draped a protective arm around Sofia.

- Sofia jumps up and went inbetween Starco and Cedric and told the former that they mean no harm.

- Relief washed over on both sides and gave each other proper introductions.

- Starco then asked why are they’re on their dimension. Since both looked like they can be trusted, Sofia then explained to them about her magical amulet and how she is always summoned to another princess in trouble.

- Star then explained to her that she (Since she is technically a Princess of Mewni) is nowhere in any trouble.

- Sofia then got confused since normally her amulet wouldn’t just dragged her to some other dimension without any good reason.

- Cedric intervine and asked Starco if they know any spells or portal to take them back to Enchancia.

- Marco then produces his own Dimensional Scissors. The Enchancian friends were confused since its just an ordinary scissor. They were cut off and in awe when Marco started cutting the very fabric of space and appeared in front of them is a portal to Enchancia.

- Sofia and Cedric said their goodbyes and tried to enter the portal when suddenly Sofia’s amulet glowed and blocked their entrance to Enchancia. Both got confused and tried to enter again but to no avail. The third time, the amulet closed the portal, leaving the people surrounding it confused.

- Sofia came to a conclusion that the only reason for it to be doing that is because there IS something going to happened involving the Mewnian Princess. And it spelled trouble.

- Since the Enchancian friends were stuck with Starco for a while, the latter insisted that they stay with them on their home till they figure out what trouble lies ahead for them.

- Star told them about the proper attire on their dimension and changed their clothes with her magic. Cedric insisted that he do it himself but the Mewnian Princess told him otherwise since they just got here and wouldn’t know what they normally wear.

- Sofia was in a white and purple dress, knee length black leggings and purple sandals. Her hair, which is crownless, in a ponytail.

- Not much changed in Cedric’s attire. Although his robe and bow tie are gone, he kept his green shirt (rolled up sleeves), his fingerless gloves and purple vest. He wore a black pants and black shoes.

okay its getting long but you know what i mean… XD oh oh oh a few more. It’s just a headcanon anyway:

- Star always give Sofia hugs ‘cause she’s the epitome of cuteness.

- Almost everyone in Echo Creek gushes over Sofia who is feeling a little uncomfortable with it and Cedric had to pry (or threaten) them away from his best friend.

- Marco introduces Cedric to his world of safety-ness which the latter was glad about.

- Women would sometimes stare at Cedric and he would feel uncomfortable, he would turn around, crouches down behind Sofia.

- Star, Cedric, and Sofia would have magic training.

- Marco teaches Cedric a few self defenses if ever he can’t use his wand.

okay, i think im done with this but, you know what i mean… XD


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Requested: Smut and Taehyung and a uniform

Warnings: Some fluff….but DEFINITELY NOT for 18- eyes or minds. 

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1863

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××× Lucky Interview Bottle ×××

-> recently I’ve been unemployed due to several different circumstances. one of those reasons is that i moved up north. there are few jobs up here and the ones that are available are less than desirable in any way. there was one specific job I applied for that I really wanted, so I made this little bottle to help me out once i got the interview.

🔸i n g r e d i e n t s🔸
× dried sage & sage incense ashes
× salt
× basil
× glitter
× green tea
× white beach sand
× tiny volcanic rock/pebble
× red yarn
× clear quartz & citrine

🔸d i r e c t i o n s🔸
combine the ingredients in the little bottle. when you add the volcanic stone imagine it as the heart of the spell - generating its energy. add the glitter last, then shake it up nicely. tie the red yarn around the top in a bow. then press it in your hands and concentrate your energy on it, charging it with your intent of getting the job that you’re being interviewed for. focus on the fact that it will be a job you will enjoy. pour hope into it.

then place it on your window ledge with a clear quartz. I have two so i placed a small quartz on either side and let it charge overnight. in the morning i set it aside to charge a little more with a citrine for added energy.

then i wore it with my rose quartz necklace (hence the white thread in the picture). i think it works pretty well since I got the job the next day.

Doctor Who Panel - Ottawa Comic Con 2017

I haven’t made a post here for a long time but this is the most fandom thing I’ve done in a while and wanted to share. I attended the DW Panel and we had Peter Capaldi, Alex Kingston and Jenna Coleman in Ottawa which was great because we never get anyone and certainly not a current Doctor. They were all wonderful and I really enjoyed the event. Here are some of the highlights (I say highlights but this is basically the whole thing) 

Q: Peter Capaldi (PC) what do you look for in a partner?
PC: longevity 

Q: Fave monsters?
PC: Likes the Daleks but his long time fave are the Zarbi from the episode “The Web Planet”
Alex Kingston (AK): When she was young, she liked the Cybermen but now its the Silence (she never actually said the name, she acted like she couldn’t remember it and Jenna ended up being the one to say it)
Jenna Coleman (JC): She also likes the Silence. She finds the scariest monsters are the ones which never have to run but move slowly

Q: Fave Dalek scene?
JC: When she was a Dalek (“Asylum of the Daleks”)
CP: When they were shrunk and put into a Dalek (someone from the crowd shouted rusty, “Into the Dalek”)
AK: When she killed a Dalek (”The Big Bang”)

Q: Fave emotional scene without giving away any spoilers?
JC: The diner scene. It was shot over two days as they shot some of it in the diner and the rest in the studio. She didn’t think the parts shot in the studio were meant to be emotional, when she enters her Tardis. But Peter was there when he didn’t have to, in his own clothes, and seeing him there made her emotional
AK: Saying good bye to David, getting the ‘piss off’ (her words) from Matt, and for Peter it was hard for both of them to hold back their emotions but still be able to show it to the audience, of knowing what was in store for each other without the other knowing.   

Q: Jenna asked what it felt like dying
JC: She read in the script a raven was meant to fly at her, but she didn’t know what to expect on set and whether they would actually get a raven which would be made to fly at her. So when that didn’t actually happen she was so relieved she kept forgetting to actually die. 

Q: Choose a show or movie for Doctor Who to do a crossover
PC: Game of thrones, because the Doctor can definitely take down the white walkers
AK: Lord of the Rings, and the Doctor to face the Orcs
JC: The Thick of it (so Pc vs PC lol)

Q: If they could choose a name for the Doctor what would it be
JC: Bob 
PC: Doesn’t believe the Doctor’s name can be understood by humans, so it isn’t a word
AK: When she was shooting the scene where River Song whispers the Doctor’s name, the first take she whispered the name Shaniqua (lol) and caused an NG. She kept changing the name every time they shot the scene but wouldn’t say the other names 

Q: Fave line?
PC: I’m the Doctor
AK: Hello sweetie 
JC: Chin boy, show me the stars and Run you clever boy
(They got into a discussion led by PC, that Steven Moffat likes to notice peoples different quirks and bring it into the script. So it’s not a trait of the Doctor but the actor e.g. like how he runs funny. 

Q: PC why does Doctor who appeal to young people today especially with an episode like “Thin Ice”?
PC: (I loved how he answered this question and I’m not going to do it justice but here goes) There are a lot of things going on in the world right now which are bad, terrible and crazy. And it’s up to writers to put across a message about the times we live in. The Doctor sees things from a different perspective from all of time and space, to see what’s truly good and what’s truly bad. It’s in the Doctor’s character and we all have to keep saying it

Q: Do they have any input into how their character is written?
JC: The script is fluid during filming and Moffat can put a joke she said before hand into the script
AK: Likes how Moffat writes characters to be unique, so they have their own speech pattern. You can see a line without naming a character, but you can still picture exactly who would say it
PC: Even though he doesn’t change the lines they can interpret and deliver the lines differently from how they are written in the script

Q: Fave episode?
JC: Vincent and the Doctor, likes she get to meet such influential people from the past
AK: Also really loved Vincent and the Doctor, and that the Doctor was able to take him into the future and show him how people admired his genius and talent (honestly one of my fave scenes also)
PC:  Frontier in Space (To him only six people cheered after he said this so jokingly wondered if we are all really Doctor Who fans in the audience) 

Just some things I took note of

  • JC knew for a year she was leaving the show. They had already decided that Clara could not return to Earth, so she was happy with the ending
  • AK told us David Tennant loves playing cards. And him and Catherine Tate played a game between takes which she joined, to name a band from the last letter of the previous band named. They all got so into it they were more into the game than the actual scenes
  • Alex was asked if she would do a show with John Barrowman as River Song and Captain Jack Harkness. She walked over to Peter and covered his ears by placing his head against her stomach and covering the other with her hand, and whispered yes into the microphone.  
  • They are all for the next Doctor being a girl, PC added a woman as well. If they could choose an actress to be the Doctor AK choose Frances de la Tour, PC choose Melissa McCarthy, and JC declined to answer sort of hinting she could be in the running (the host added because the Doctor can choose a face he has known i.e. like PC)
  • AK says she can’t have a fave Doctor because it’s the same person but he is like a snake which sheds its skin (loved the metaphor), but River Song enjoys that the different Doctors come in different shapes and sizes ;)
  • PC told us his punk rock band was called Dream Boys (was very embarrassed by this admission) and his stage outfit was a white shirt and a bow tie. So he has always loved bow ties
  • The fave character AK has played is Lady Macbeth. She never grew up believing she would be on tv as Britain doesn’t have Hollywood like America. So hoped to make it in theater 
  • PC was asked what it was like being a side character on DW before becoming the Doctor. He gave a funny excerpt of how he sneaked into the Tardis and played with the console because he thought it would be his one and only chance in the cheapest toga ever made (thankfully it wasn’t)
Okay, Head Canon Time

Marinette only ties her hair with ribbons.

Not hair ties.


It’s just a rule she has. Okay, now imagine all the scenarios that can arise from this

• Tikki helping her tie her hair up in the morning

• Ladybug bringing it up once during patrol to chat

• Chat suddenly buying her loads of different bows and accessories for her to experiment with

• Ladybug letting him play with her hair (after much begging, of course)

• Of course, he learns how to make all these fancy and cute bows and braids

• And of course she’s pleasantly surprised by this so she lets him do it more often

• And they teach each other loads of tips and tricks and its just cute fluff

• And she starts showing up to school with all these new hairstyles and accessories that Chat bought her

• Adrien is too oblivious to figure it out, obviously

• But just imagine if he found out that Marinette does the same thing

• Just fluff

Feel free to add onto this

6word stories - omgcp rare pair edition

  • bittydex - he never stopped fixing that oven
  • jackrans - your worries are mine now too
  • fordo - boss those smelly boys around, babe
  • nurseshark - your smile writes its own sonnets
  • hoshit - we’ve never heard of inside voices
  • bittyrans - i bought a salmon bow tie
  • nurseylardo - you don’t need chill with me
  • jackshits - ride or die, clothes or no