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AU: in which BangDae got paired up for the pepero game

Daehyun laughs when he picks Yongguk’s name. He leans forward and looks over to catch Yongguk’s reaction, or lack thereof. The leader is looking straight ahead, a controlled smile on his face as he nods to the camera. Youngjae sitting in the center is already groaning in secondhand embarrassment.

“This will be the worst thing we’ve ever done,” he says.

“This will be the best thing,” Himchan insists.

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Soleil: Bisexuality, Other Supports and Drugging.

So here we are again, because for some reason me trying to give a heads up to people about content in the game somehow went viral and every single thing I said about that topic after my first post on it got ignored in favor of accusing me of fabrication of lies and other fun things.

Let’s talk about Soleil again, shall we?

So, by now you have probably read or at least heard about my post on Fire Emblem Fates and its gay conversion therapy. Chances are you’ve also heard that I was making it all up because Soleil isn’t a lesbian, she is bisexual.

The evidence used to support her bisexuality is a line she has in the game after mistaking a man for a woman because he was “too cute to be male”. He asks her if male partners are out of the question. She reluctantly states that they’re not unimaginable, but that she is into women. That’s it.

Can you interpret this as her being bisexual? Sure, she says a male partner isn’t unimaginable after all. But not only is she somewhat reluctant while saying it, she is saying it after the player has initiated another romance story for her in which she has begun falling for a man while perceiving them as a woman.

More than anything it sounds like the kind of line put into the game to reassure male gamers that she would indeed let them fuck her, and when you look at Soleil’s character arc in all her romance option it becomes pretty clear how this is.

Soleil can only marry male characters. Despite literally stating she wants romantic partners to be female, she can not marry any woman. Her character trope is “the girl who loves girls”, she has a skill called “girl lover” and she is referred to constantly by other characters as somebody who is interested in women.

Every single romantic story for Soleil is essentially “finding the guy that converts her straight”, not all of them uses drugging thankfully, but that’s still the concept. And it’s not surprising, the male wet dream of converting a lesbian into a straight woman is very common.

The Male Kamui even refers to Soleil’s lack of attraction to men during their marriage sequence. Soleil states that she fell in love with Kamui when she saw him as a woman, but now loves him regardless, and then Kamui cracks a joke about how he won’t have to worry about someone like her looking at other men. The main character knows full well Soleil only likes women.

Soleil refers to her attraction to women as something preventing her to be a strong woman. Every single romance option for her is about finding the right man to make her turn away from women. It may not be straight up gay conversion therapy, but it’s still written to be a gay conversion dream.

And like so many bisexuals have pointed out. You don’t have to “convince” them of being attracted to men, that’s kind of the point of their sexuality.

Some people are claiming that the marriage options prove that Soleil is actually heterosexual and that she only “likes cute girls”. Basically your standard “great friends” style lesbian-erasure hand-waving, but it brings me to my next point.

She was still drugged. Male Kamui still drugs her without consent.

It’s not okay to drug a heterosexual woman.

It’s not okay to drug a bisexual woman.

It’s not okay to drug anybody.

The fact that this is something constantly ignored by those trying to slander me is pretty fucking scary to be truthful. The drug was not designed to make her straight or to make her fall in love, but it was a mind-altering drug that was literally sprinkled in her drink without her knowing.

The fact that it ends with her falling in love with male Kamui is disgusting in its own right, but the actual issue at hand is that Intelligent Systems and Nintendo put out a game where you drug a woman without her knowing that you are drugging her and it’s not seen as a bad thing and if you push on the character thanks you for doing it. And we’re meant to accept it because “it wasn’t a love drug”.

I didn’t make the translation presented in my first post, I never claimed to have made it. I linked to a pastebin. When asked for proof I got my hands on one of the scenes on YouTube, went over the dialogue compared to the pastebin, found it matching, put some quick photoshopped images together, ran them by four friends fluent in Japanese to make sure I hadn’t messed up and posted them.

I’ve spent the last 27 hours trying to reply to people who are rational and not just spamming slurs and attacks at me, I’ve tried to clear up details that I fully admitted to having gotten wrong through constantly tweeting about it, linking to statements I made that went ignored and so forth. But the damage is done.

I never asked for Fire Emblem Fates to be banned.

I never told people they couldn’t like Fire Emblem Fates.

I never demanded Nintendo to change the content in Fire Emblem Fates.

I never said they weren’t allowed to have this kind of content.

What I said was “this disgusts me, this is why, here is proof that it’s in the game, here are some more details that were presented, it still disgusts me, I won’t be buying it because of this and some of the previous things that we learned about the game, the rest of you can do as you please, but at least know what is in the game” and that’s enough for me to have been receiving constant harassment for over a day now.

I hope this will be the last I have to write about Fire Emblem, because I really have no interest in talking about it any more. I’m sorry I suggested your precious game might not be for everyone.

Adam Cole

Adam Cole illustrated Carl Sagan for the history of pencil lead .

Adam Cole is a reporter and producer for the science desk at NPR. He creates short documentary videos, radio pieces, animations, musical podcast segments, data visualizations, and GIFs about science. In 2014, Cole launched Skunk Bear, a visual science blog and YouTube channel that has built a robust audience on social media.

Cole came to NPR as an editorial intern for the science desk in January 2011, and was then hired to stay on as a production assistant from 2011 to 2012.

Cole illustrated the max speeds of animals for a video about an annual race between man and horse. 

He got his start in journalism at The Ferndale Enterprise, a small but mighty local weekly paper in Northern California. Before that, he worked as a research scientist, studying the genetics of pancreatic cancer and the physics of mussel beds.

He uses scientific illustrations in a lot of his work. In a short interview, we asked him about his process:

Cole’s illustrations of different types of cells in the human body for a video about human cellular regeneration.

Describe how you learned to draw and your history with drawing/art. When did you combine science and art and how did that happen?

Like most kids, I started drawing before I can remember and I didn’t ever really stop. Before I could really write, I would tell my mom stories and she would write them down, and I would illustrate them. I remember one of my first stories was called “Albert The Alien.” It was a real thriller - some “bad guy” aliens attacked Albert’s home. I remember one detail in particular: Albert’s house was equipped with an alarm that went “BEEP BAD GUYS BEEP!”

I always liked to draw animals – real and imaginary. I’d go through phases - for a while the animals would all look kind of wolfy, and then they’d all start to look like frogs.

I don’t think there was any one moment where I started combining science and art - I’ve always loved both! Looking back at my notes from science class (from like third grade through college) it seems like I was more interested in drawing the things we were talking about than writing them down. 

A doodle from Cole’s math notes. “This diagram of the FOIL method (how to multiply parenthetical expressions) became a mustachioed man!”

Who are your favorite artists/influences on your work?

I’m not super literate in the art field - but I do love children’s book illustrations. When I was a kid I read all 36 of Bill Pete’s books. He was a sketch artist and storyboarder on a lot of the early Disney films (from Snow White to the Jungle Book), but he was also a children’s author. One of his stories was an environmental fable about capybara-moose hybrids! That checked a lot of boxes for me.

When I started working at NPR and got interested in animation, I remember coming across a video called “The Thomas Beale Cipher.” I was blown away by the use of texture and light in something that was entirely animated - so that had a big impact on me. Years later, the producer of that video commented on one of my personal projects and it felt awesome.

I generally get a lot of inspiration from short films on Vimeo - I see little animation techniques that people use there for commercial and art projects and think, “Could I use that to tell stories about science?” I stumbled upon some work by Daniel Gies, and learned how to create animated “puppets” from him. I use that technique in most videos.

And of course, there’s Wes Anderson. My old partner Maggie Starbard and I used to say, “WWWAD - what would Wes Anderson do?” It wasn’t about mimicking his quirky sensibility - we admired his attention to visual detail, and the cohesion of his pieces. Years ago we made a couple shorts in more of a documentary style, but I decided that Skunk Bear’s aesthetic would be extremely produced and stylized. Everything in each shot should be composed–there for a reason–and feel like it was cut from the same cloth as all the other shots. WWWAD.

Cole illustrated the snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) for a video about one owl’s magnificent migration.

Cole’s 2012 map of campaign spending.

Each of your projects takes on a distinctly different illustration style. Can you talk about one example where the story dictated the look of the animation or illustration?

Form definitely follows the content. Our latest video was about the history and science of pencil lead, so of course I wanted the animations to be pencil sketches.

And that’s pretty much how it goes for every piece - we created characters and entire sets out of marshmallows in a video about finding the speed of light with peeps, I drew images with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin guts for our video on pumpkin facts, I used paper and book cover textures from a dictionary to talk about eponyms.

For those, the form was pretty obvious - we were talking about a thing, so that thing informed the aesthetic. Sometimes, its more about tone.

We did a collaboration with Robert Krulwich about an immortal animal. It had a very fairy tale feel to me - and of course Robert’s voice is perfect for narrating a story. So I went with watercolor illustrations for that  - I wanted it to look like pages from a picture book

Another time, I did a radio piece about dune restoration and I wanted the corresponding video to have a very retro-PSA feel. I put on an old-timey voice for the narration, and I looked to 1960’s era design for visual inspiration.

What challenges do you have as an illustrator and how do you work through them?

I’m not really that good at drawing compared to most illustrators, so I try to cheat as much as possible. I look at a lot of reference images, I draw rough and then trace my own work, trace over footage we’ve shot, I clean things up a lot in photoshop, I composite things. I don’t have any pride about that - I’ll cheat in whatever way I can to get the result I want.

I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, which clashes with my lack of skill. The result is I have trouble creating animations like look casual and loose - that great sketchy look. I’m still trying to work through that.

Is there anything specifically that you find challenging to draw?

When I was a kid, there was this girl named Sarah in my class who was really good at drawing horses. And I was always really jealous of her. My horses always ended up looking like weird dogs. Horses are crazy looking! What’s with that head? Where do the eyes actually sit? How do the legs bend? I still can’t draw horses.

One of Cole’s early drawings - “Instead of coloring books, I liked these books where there was just a blank space you got to fill in.”

Thanks, Adam!

-LA and Meredith

Forewarning: This will be an incredibly long post. Any brave soul who has the patience to wade all the way through it is a true blessing.

This post is in honor of my 1yr mark, breaking my 1.5K follower milestone, and over 10K hits on my blog in the last 6 months

I dont know if anyone has noticed, but I have been MIA for a long time. I have had around ten million personal things going on lately. I havent been blogging much. I havent been talking much. I havent been keeping up. Ive missed too many streams and I havent seen many dances this season

Im really sorry to all of my friends. I know i used to be really active and talkative. I miss talking to you all. 

These are a few bloggers Id like to say a special word to


- Georgie you are an absolute doll and one of my very favorite bloggers. Thank you for all of the wonderful conversations we used to have and being a great friend.

briiracewicz - Girl, where have you been?! I miss our trio!

clubdancemoms - KT!! oh my goodness! i miss talking to you! we need to catch up goose!! Stay classy UKnicorn

competitiondancers - Vicky! As one of the oldest bloggers (age and fandom time) I really appreciate and look up to you. You are an incredible blogger and i have a lot of respect for you! Thank you!

danceprecisions - Lilah, I know you havent been on a lot but youre incredible and i love your posts! I hope to see more of you.

dancershalloffame - Lilli!!! I dont know when you changed your icon but i love it!! you are so cool! You love TDC so much and you’re one of my absolute faves! Thank you for befriending me and talking to me recently! Your blog is goals!

delaneyhaye - Hannah Cough Cough Other trio buddy! where you at? we need to get back in action kid!

fuckyesdancemoms - Caroline! thank you for being a kickass friend! you still have my absolute favorite theme! i still have a url edit you made for me a long time ago. im going to turn it into a sticker! Thank you for being an amazing little Pengin!

gracefaithmusic - Thank you so much for being there when I was in a really bad place last year. You are so kind!

justanordinarydancer - Rachel!  youre incredible! I love your blog!!!

justplaindancing - Ainsleigh! I have no words! I adore your blog! I am so greatful that we have recently become friends! Thank you for talking to me! you are so cool and talented! I love your posts!!

kalanivertes - Em!!! I miss the snaps! we need to start doing that again and catch up! I have missed so much

kidswhodance - Hey soul twin! I love you blog and you are one of the sweetest and most relatable people I know

littledancers - Andi, I know that you and I do not interact very much but I really admire you for being an amazing blogger and having one of the oldest blogs in the fandom. You know so much about little dancers. You are an inspiration

littleocdancers - Emmy! oh my goodness girlie! it has been such a long time! you remember the days when you were littledancersdp and i was dancingdivasdp! oh wow! we have practically grown up together! i adore your blog and im so happy to see you on my dash!

mackenziezieglertbh - Megs! Thank you for always sticking up for me and having the silliest conversations about everything!! Its nice having my twin around! i really hope you did well this semester in school! best of luck!

minidancers - Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie, I know that i dont talk to you nearly as much as your friends but i definitely consider you to be one of my very best friends in the fandom. I look up to you and admire your blog. Your passion for the babies is incredible! I could look at your blog all day! you are so talented and your posts are life! Thank you for being a great friend and talking to me in all my troubled times!

mollysmonstars - Sarah! you are one of my longest standing friends and someone that i can really talk to! i love your blog and all of our conversations! Miss you!

peyton-heitz - Monty, I know i have mentioned this 300 times but you are actually my first follower and one of the best blogs ever! somehow you manage to balance your life and have a hella rad blog at the same time! im jealous of your talent! your gifs are my favorite! You have such a passion for little dancers and it really shows! you are a wonderful friend. Thank you for always being there when i needed someone. I dont know how you managed it from all the way around the world, but you did. I will always admire you.

sarahsdanceedits - Sarah, If you noticed, you made my complete follow forever like 7 times. There are days that i literally just scroll through your blog adn like everything. Sorry if i spam you on occasion. I dont know how you can manage to run so many blogs while editing and giffing constantly. Teach me sensei! you are wonderful!

southernstrutt - Jen, I know i have just met you but your blog is bae!! i love it all! thank you so much for providing us with so much Southern Strutt love!

thebeststeps - Taylor, you are bae!!!! thank you for being my best friend for nearly three years now! you are my stronghold and such an incredible friend! Thank you for always talking to me and being here when i need you! you are so talented and passionate! thank you for teaching me how to be a better person and sharing a wonderful freindship with me. I cannot imagine my world without you. Thank you for going out of your way to do so much for me. You are truly the greatest blessing in my life! I am so proud of everything you have accomplished and love seeing you grow up! Best friends forever Bug?

universaldancing - Jess, we are seriously the worst at snapchatting every. I snap you and you dont snap back and then you snap me and i forget to answer. We never make any sense but we try anyway! your blog is killer! your mad photoshop skills astound me. 

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