its a terrifying thought


im not exaggerating this is one of the most uncomfortable things ive ever watched

We're to blame...

It’s late, and as always, I delve deep into thought. Given all the Anti-hype lately, the following I spoke with @fear-is-nameless about and they suggested I make a post about it so here it is.

Basically, in our conversation, it was mentioned how there’s a LOT more at stake this time around, what with not just Jack’s life on the line but the other egos’ as well. We can only hope that their blood won’t be on our hands too, although unfortunately, I genuinely feel like that’s what will happen.

Whether Jack and the others get hurt or worse (*cough*killed*cough*), I feel Anti will put the blame on us again just like what happened on Halloween. Look at what happened then: We all saw the signs, we saw the warnings and we knew something horrible was coming. And as Halloween approached, we didn’t do a single thing to stop him. We let curiosity get the better of us. And what happened? Jack got his throat slit because of it! And Anti blamed US. He said it was our fault, and that we made it happen.

He then blatantly said that we could’ve stopped him - suggesting that there was a way we could’ve actually prevented Jack’s horrific demise. And yet, we did nothing; just like Anti said, we just watched.

And so what now? Given the title of the recent video “LIVE.DIE.REPEAT| Life Goes On”, I feel like everything is going to repeat itself all over again, except with more lives on the line. And in the end, we are all going to be blamed yet again. Why? We have all seen the signs, we know something is going to happen, and what will the end result be?

We won’t be able to do anything to stop it. We’ll all have to sit and watch helplessly in horror at what happens to Jack and the others.

And the worst part is that as much as we say we’re on Jack’s side and that we want to help him, Dr. Schneeple, Chase, all of them, we don’t really. The truth is - whether you deny it or not - we don’t want to help, only because we’re curious to know what Anti has done - or will do - to all of them. And because of that, in some twisted way, we’re like the bad guys. I mean, look at the title of this video!

Who IS the real killer here? We SHOULD be helping Jack and the egos, and yet what do we do? Nothing! We keep theorizing, making fanart, writing fanfics, continuing to talk about Anti and discussing how he’s becoming stronger and more dangerous. And we’re ALL anticipating what he’ll do to both Jack and the rest of the egos. We actually want to see what he’ll do to them, and that’s horrifying.

We’re supposed to be loyal loving fans of Jack’s and be there for him, and yet we’re finding ourselves actually wanting to see what cruel insidious intentions Anti has for him. It’s truly scary. It’s almost like Anti actually wanted this all to happen from the start, and THAT’S why he puts the blame on us. It’s like he has put us under a spell of sorts…

We have to accept facts here, we have to take the blame.

WE are the real villain in all of this, NOT Anti.

Sure, Anti does the dirty work - I mean, look at what happened on Halloween! He killed Jack! But given by what he said in the video, we HAD a chance to save Jack, and we failed to do so. Instead, we let curiosity take the reins and we let him “die”.

So ask yourself this question, and REALLY ask yourself:

Who is the REAL villain in all of this - Antisepticeye or the community?

EDIT: I’d like to add something I forgot to mention - just a reminder that Anti was created by the community, not Jack. We all gave him a form, a general idea of what he looks like and how he behaves, and from it, he became a reality. This only adds on to how we’re the ones to blame - we all created an abomination to ruin Jack and the other egos. If we hadn’t done that, none of this would be happening, everyone would be safe. But unfortunately, everything that has happened is our fault.

I went to a French meet up today and it was actually v good and I want to go again but I also need to hibernate from human interaction for maybe 5 years now

I’m digging through a bunch of old art (yes I’m cringing HARD) and I found this comic I made when I was like fourteen or fifteen trying to cope with being cat called from a passing car.
And like, it’s all really weeby and Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach is in it chasing down the car angrily but like…
My mom said I was so shaken up over it that I never walked home from my dance class ever again, even though it was like a block from home.
So like…
Don’t cat call people. Especially fifteen year old girls?

its really terrifying that anyone on the su crew thought itd be fine to just leave the human zoo like that? literally humans, in captivity, with no concept of free will, and theyre just like “well at least theyre happy!” like even disregarding all the historical context just the fact anyone thinks itd be ok to write in a human zoo and not even ATTEMPT to liberate them is scary.

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Not saying to not hate snape, everything else you said is right, but on the point of hating Snape because he didn't tell Dumbledore that Voldemort was going to kill James, Lily, and Harry, he actually does tell him. I can't remember if he tells Dumbledore in the book, but I know in the movie that he does. And he tells Dumbledore to save her, and save them all.

But he also explicitly told Voldemort to kill Harry & James, but not Lily.


Snape himself could have been like, “Yo, before we go a-killin’ and a-deatheatin’ imma go take a big old Whizzard-of-Aus, if you know what i mean…” walk to the toilet, shut the door, then apparate to their location, shout, “Voldemort is coming” and zip back, flush and walk out.

If accosted, he says, “Oh no… Death Eaters are pure evil, we don’t wash our hands everytime like some muggle-loving SJWizards.” 

Ensuring he a) has a cover story, and b) will likely never again be roped into having to cook or prepare for the next Death Eater potluck picnic…


There were options…?


Snape was damn smart, and as a character he was fascinating and a terrible man. But you have to admit he’s done some serious shit. 

Not to mention all the things that are never explicitly stated… like, I mean I made a post for it but like, Voldy doesn’t JUST let anyone into the inner circle.

How many did he kill, maim, torture, etc. to get to that position? There are a lot of muggles, muggle-borns, half-bloods and probably ‘traitorous pure bloods/blood traitors’ who have to live with what he did to them… or, you know, NOT. 

I’ve just noticed recently that a lot of people are pulling the old, “But he died for Harry” thing up (he didn’t).

But more importantly, apart from whitewashing over a lot of awful stuff he does, people have taken to rewriting the story a little, in a big way. “Oh but, he only joined the Death Eaters for Dumbledore, like an undercover cop, right?” keeps coming up. And it’s like… no?

He was blatantly, unapologetically, a death eater waaaaaay before Dumbledore tried to offer him redemption? It’s explicit in the text?
Dumbledore’s pensieve shows us the trial of Barty Crouch Jr. (more detailed in the book, I will admit) but it basically explained the Snape was a Death Eater, but Dumbledore had vouched for him.


And people keep using ‘after all this time?’/’always’ as something romantic.

It wasn’t.

If you’ve ever met an obsessive, or had a stalker, you’d know there was nothing romantic about it… except in Snape’s mind. It’s unfortunate, but people keep up the ideology… and it’s a little concerning.

We’ve all met a Snape. They made you uncomfortable when you talked to them, or they were rude and derogatory but assumed you would defer to them, they’re the guys who say ‘I got friendzoned’, they’re the men who keep tabs on certain ‘females’ or rant about these ladies online bc how DARE they not love them back? There are Snapes in this world, but you wouldn’t want to meet one, much less have them decide you were their ‘One’. 

Snape was the original fuckboi.

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I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I think Sokka is one of those guys who are unintentionally scary. Like, hear me out, he can go one second being his goofy self only to switch in the next and crash 2 airships and all its crew inside without flinching. It's kind of terrifying, to see what he's willing to do if he thought it was the right thing 0.0

It might just be an unpopular opinion, but I believe it has basis. Keep in mind though, I don’t think Sokka is the next Grim-Dark Edgelord and that only by making him this way can he be taken seriously or be made scary. That’s just going way out of character for him.

I totally see what you mean though. With the right motivation and the right circumstances he can come off as being unintentionally scary. This may stem from a measure of unpredictability, an quick understanding of a surprising number of skills useful for combat and other means, and a strong desire to not only stick up for his friends, but also prove himself a capable member within a team consisting primarily of benders. 

Why? Well I believe @thingsareswinging  and @courierhawk have put it much more eloquently and in fewer words than I can do. In a fantasy world where benders wield immense power and are generally accepted to be the top dogs in many regards, a non-bender is basically the equivalent to fodder. 

But some like Piandao? A non-bender defeating 100 soldiers by himself, so thoroughly that the Fire Lord never bothered him again after deserting the army?  Unheard of. 

Ty Lee chi-blocking the Terra Team - all of them earth-benders? That’s terrifying, and she’s not even a terrifying person. Katara even shows a measure of fear when she remembers how she was chi-blocked by Ty Lee - its in the way she talked about how her ability to bend was taken away. You can see how it put a shiver down her spine. She never showed this particular kind of fear when she fought against, say, Azula or other benders.

So where does Sokka fit into this idea that he’s unintentionally scary? Goes back to what was mentioned before. While there are precious few moments where he can show off his stuff, its mostly shown in both the little moments and the moments that count - 

Charging straight into a komodo-rhino, leaping onto its head, and perfectly splitting a spear in half along the length of the shaft.

Going toe-to-toe with Piandao under the full assumption that the man was going to kill him after he revealed his identity and his intentions - and still insisting he fight alone.

While mostly for comical effect - knocking out a giant fucking spirit owl. With a fucking heavy ass book. And then taunting it.

Protecting Katara after she was accidentally burned by Aang - he tackled him.

Going from bumbling and stuttering while trying to explain the invasion plan before the battle - and then throwing fear and caution to the wind as he directs the invasion force under fire without batting an eye.

Defeating a walking, hulking death beam with metal prosthetics with one incredibly well placed blow to the head - and then cheering about it the next second later. Quite honestly a David vs. Goliath moment.

Figuring out how to destroy the Giant Drill with the rat of his friends on the fly where everyone else was content to throw rocks at it.

Confronting Jet, literally getting up in his face, about the ethics of war and going out of his way to warn the people of the target village about his plan (keep in mind Sokka knows a thing or two about villages being destroyed for unethical reasons) - and then slamming Jet on it when he pulled it off.

This face:

 And of course the events that took place when he made that face.

Yes, I do believe and agree with you that Sokka is unintentionally scary. Its because of who he is and what we may usually associate him as primarily - comic relief. It lulls us into a sense that he can’t be taken seriously and as a non-bender may not be able to contribute much due to everyone else treating him like a verbal and physical punching bag. So when he gets serious when the time calls for it - its kind of surprising and bit unsettling to see him this way. Because now, in those moments, we know what he’s truly capable of.  

but like do you ever think about the actual practicalities of creating the marauders map??? like shit, accurately drawing up just a normal map of a normal castle would take hours upon hours of work, especially for four teenagers who have like…… no idea what they’re doing. they basically taught themselves to be cartographers, for fun, when they were teenagers…… if that isn’t the most nerdy af thing you’ve ever heard idk what is.  add to that the fact that its Hogwarts with moving staircases, hidden corridors, secret passage ways behind tapestries and portraits, disappearing doors….. thats like…. a ridiculous amount of work, and thats not even taking into account all of the complicated magic they had to research and learn in order to track people and to disguise the map and to have it insult people on their behalf. not only did they have to explore every inch of the castle whilst taking notes, they must have spent countless hours at the library reading and sketching and researching,  and then there’s the whole casually becoming animagi thing. YEAH they were like… Raucous Youths who were forever getting into trouble and showing off and pulling stupid pranks and generally being the Marauders™ but they must also have had like….. a ridiculous amount of single-minded determination and stubbornness and just unwavering devotion to helping their friend/getting away with shit and honestly. its a terrifying combination. 

merc parallels, and where they went wrong

get ready folks, this has been bouncing around in my head for a while now. this is part 1 of my thoughts on felix and locus, specifically their demonstrated parallels to other characters:

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do you have any posts/ can you explain how you think Draco and Harry were able to move past the fact that they " hated" each other (or at least pretended too)? Like I 100% ship drarry so much but I can't see how/why Harry tried/used the cure on Draco (sectumsepra I think, idk if that's right. The one in the bathrooms??). Thank you!!!

Hi! So I’m a bit unsure what you mean- are you asking how Harry and Draco would be able to set all their baggage aside and find it in themselves to forgive, trust, and love each other?

It would certainly be a gradual process! The reason I like Drarry is because it would take a lot of work for Harry and Draco to end up together- they’d have to develop and change and grow. They’d need to heal and move on from the horrors of the war, and would find pieces of themselves in each other that would inspire them in new and unexpected ways. Drarry isn’t an easy, fluffy ship, and they wouldn’t forgive each other overnight and suddenly be completely at peace with everything that happened. Draco and Harry did strongly dislike each other; there was fascination, of course, mixed in with a lot of resentment and misunderstanding, but still, their animosity ran deep. And personally, I really dislike when fics gloss over or ignore their history- it’s bloody and angry and flawed and real. It’s what makes them them. And as much shit as they went through together, I still think they can find it in themselves to mature and learn to see each other as actual people and not just The Chosen One and a Death Eater.

And once they’ve worked through the majority of their issues and have settled into some sort of relationship (which, again, would take awhile and would involve a lot of fighting and some backslides), I think they’d actually be pretty perfect together. They both love so completely and need an anchor, something to cling onto whenever the nightmares reappear and the world seems bleak. Their love would consume them, would make them hungry and fevered and wild. And yet despite all of this ferocity, there would also be a sense of peace when they’re together. They’d find a home in each other, something real and steady that they can count on, something to give them hope. Together, they would explore new facets of themselves and learn to see the world in less absolute terms. They would learn to forgive- both the boy they once considered an enemy and themselves. And by doing so, a new world would open up to them, one they’d never even thought to consider, one that’s so much richer and more vibrant than anything they’ve imagined. They’d still fight- they’re both passionate and explosive, and that’s just part of their dynamic- but they’d always forgive too. And over time, they would become more than their names, more than their houses, more than their roles in the war. Together, they’d just be more.

Drarry is fucking and fighting and forgiveness. It’s healing, growth, and absolution. It’s chaos and peace and everything in between.

Pregnancy spinoff: when MC becomes pregnant before marriage (KBTBB)

You pace slowly in the penthouse suite, eyes darting to the door as you waited for your boyfriend to return home. At least, you hoped he would return home. This was the worry of a mafia member’s woman. Your hands cradle your stomach, wondering if your baby, whose existence was just discovered today, would ever meet its father. The thought terrified you and you forced it aside upon hearing the key in the lock.
“Soryu!” You walk over to him as he closes the door behind him. Snuggling quickly into his arms, you feel your anxious heartbeat drum against his chest. He seems to feel it too.
“Are you alright, __________?”
You shake your head in his embrace. Soryu tenses.
“What happened?” Worry glinted in his eyes and he stared down at you with an intense look, as if he was going to pull his pistol out as soon as you gave him a name.
“I…” You meet his gaze nervously. “Soryu… I went to the doctor today.” You saw the colour drain out of your boyfriend’s face.
“What’s wrong?” His words were low and simple like always, but his arms clenched tightly around you. Fear burned deep in his eyes. “Are you sick?”
“Soryu…” Your fingers cling to his sleeves. “I’m pregnant.”
He stared at you in stunned silence.
“You’re… Pregnant?” He mutters the word again and again, trying to wrap its meaning around his mind.
Tears come to your eyes. You knew the baby would be a great burden and inconvenience to his career… Would he make you kill it? He wouldn’t possibly! You gaze up at the eyes, deep in thought, and feel fear surge through you.
“___________.” Soryu tightened his arms around you and you feel the tears fall. “It’s alright. Stay with me. I promise I’ll take care of you and our child.” Clinging to him, you whimper.
“But Soryu, you-“
“I love you.” He said curtly, looking down at you with a gentle fondness in the hard dark eyes. “I want you by my side. And I have to take responsibility. I want to.” He paused. “Unless… You don’t want our child to have a father in the mafia…”
“That’s not what I meant!” You cry out nervously and press against his chest, clinging to him. “I love you, I want to stay with you.”
“Then it’ll be fine.” Your boyfriend said quietly. “I’ll protect you.”
Relief floods over you and your legs go weak. Soryu picks you up into his arms and carries you over to the couch, setting you down with a firm kiss to your forehead.
“Relax, ___________. I’ll be here for you.”

He was painting. You sat silently, your hands folded in your lap, clasped tightly together. Studying your boyfriend’s handsome face, you couldn’t help but imagine how he would react to your pregnancy. You could almost imagine his stern voice telling you to abort his child, and you stiffen.
You flinch at his voice and he peered at you over his easel.
“You seem very bored and absentminded today.” He sets down his brush and saunters over to you, sitting down beside you on the bed. “Should I give Koro a good petting?” He pulled your face into a kiss and his hands started wandering over your body, fondling at the familiar curves he loved.
“Ota, stop.”
You push his hands away and he stills, gazing at you with worry and surprise.
“What’s bothering you?”
You found yourself unable to reply, and nibble your lip slowly. He stops you with a finger gently brushing over your mouth.
“Talk to me, ________. For once I’m actually listening.”
“I…” You bite down on your lip again. “Ota, I’m pregnant.”
As you expected, he looked alarmed and horrified.
“We… We’re having a baby?”
You nod slowly.
He frowned a little at the wall behind you. Suddenly, you felt your eyes water. He wouldn’t want such a burden. You try to get up and leave the room. Maybe it was best that you left him. If he didn’t want the baby, you wanted it and it would be better if you left him. A large hand grabs onto your wrist, and your boyfriend was abruptly standing, his arms wrapped around you and his face pressed against your neck.
“Where are you going?”
You cry and he embraces you tighter.
“You’re not going anywhere. I love you. You’re the muse of my life… I need you. You’re MY Koro.” He rattled on and clutched you tighter against him. “I’ll take care of you, I promise.”
He turns you around gently to face him, and wipes the tears briskly off your face.
“I’ll take care of you and our baby.” His voice was reassuring.
“Ota… But if you’re just doing this for the sake of responsibility…” You sputter out your words through the tears.
“It’s not just for our baby.” He said, holding you against his chest firmly. “I love you, __________. I want you in my life. I want both of you in my life.”

You staggered back to the dining room, still feeling sour aftertaste in your mouth. Your boyfriend helped you into your seat and gazed at you worriedly.
“Are you feeling alright, kid?”
You slowly shook your head. Whatever scraps were still left in your stomach threatened to come back up again and you took a deep breath to force it back down.
“Have you seen the doctor?” Mamoru reached over and took your hands in his. You felt cold and clammy. He pressed his large, warm palms against the backs of your hands.
“What did he say?”
You try to keep your tone as even and mature as possible.
“Mamoru, I’m pregnant.”
He scratched the back of his head for a moment.
“Say again, sweetheart?”
“I’m pregnant.”
He took a deep breath.
You slowly try to retract your hands from his, feeling your eyes tingle with hints of tears. He didn’t sound happy, but you didn’t expect him to be… It was an awkward time. He hasn’t even proposed. What if he didn’t want you anymore?
He looked at you.
“Oh no, sweetheart, don’t cry.” You barely noticed the tears trailing down your face, and he tenderly brushes them aside. “Sorry, I… I don’t really know how to react to stuff like this.” He gives a low, gruff sound and gets up, going around the side of the table to hold you in his arms. “It’s alright, __________. I promise it’s okay.”
You raise your head to look at him through your tears.
“We’ll get married, and I’ll take care of you and our baby.” He patted your head with a calming rhythm, holding you against him. “Don’t you worry bout a thing, sweetheart.”
“Wouldn’t it be… Inconvenient for you…?” You say quietly. “You weren’t planning on marrying me.”
He still felt the tension in your body, and he slowly squats down beside you to meet your gaze evenly.
“Trust me. I always want to be with you. Marriage is just a little earlier than I expected… I’m not doing this just for the sake of our baby, alright?” He kissed your forehead gently. “I do love you. I want to keep you with me.” Mamoru gave a faint chuckle. “The only inconvenience I can think of… Well… I can’t smoke that much anymore.”

You shuffle around in the penthouse, glancing at the clock every few minutes. Baba should be home now. He should be. It wasn’t a particularly difficult theft. At least, you didn’t think so. The door opened and you walk over as slowly as you can bear, despite being desperate to see him.
“I’m home, pretty lady!”
Your boyfriend grins at you and tips his hat slightly. As usual, he had changed elsewhere, and he looked like a perfectly average man. He frowned a little at your sad, unamused expression, and took your hands gently in his.
“Are you alright?”
You nod slowly, meeting his gaze with a surprising amount of unhappiness that he widened his eyes at.
“What’s wrong? Were you worried for me? My sweet, don’t worry about it! See? I’m fine.” He takes your hands and presses them against his cheeks. Baba gives you a tender smile that you couldn’t reciprocate.
“Baba…” You swallow hard. “I… What if there were some burden to our relationship? Would you still want me?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Just answer me!”
“I love you, ___________.” He pulled you into his arms and embraced you tightly. For a moment, you let yourself relax against his warmth. “I don’t know what happened, but please, tell me. I love you and I want to share my life with you.”
“What if it’s… Not just me?”
Baba kisses your hands lightly.
“What do you mean, my sweet?”
“I… I’m pregnant.”
You saw the shock and surprise glaze over his eyes, yet there was an unmistakable twinkle somewhere in their depths.
“I’m going to be a father…” Baba trailed off, gripping your hands tightly in his. “I… Wow.” He stared at you with a distant look, as if he was thinking of all the possibilities at the same time.
You feel tears come to your eyes and they spill along your cheeks without warning. Baba snaps out of his thoughts as a drop splashes onto his hand.
“Oh no, my love, don’t cry!” He quickly wiped away your tears. “Why are you crying?”
“This… It just isn’t the right time! And… And I don’t want… I don’t want to burden you and-”
“Shhhhh.” Baba cuts you off softly and cups your face with his hands, brushing aside your tears. “Stop thinking like that, ________.”
You stare at him worriedly and he offers you a loving smile that makes your heart melt in something like relief.
“I would never leave you.” He stroked your face. “Don’t worry. I want to take care of you and our baby. Stay with me. I promise, it’ll be alright.” Tucking a stray lock of hair behind your ear, he kisses you gently. “I love you, __________.”

You didn’t quite dare tell him directly. Leaving out a used pregnancy test and your test results on the table, you hide away into the bedroom. You listen intently to the sounds as your boyfriend returns home and finds the things laid out for him.
There was no courage in you to answer. What if he didn’t want the baby? You didn’t really want to abort your child. And it was Eisuke’s child too! What if… He didn’t want YOU anymore? Your arms wrap around your stomach and you fall into the pillows, muffling your face into the plush softness.
The bedroom door flew open and your boyfriend marched in, sitting himself down beside you.
“___________.” His presence was bold and commanding as always.
You peek up at him through your eyelashes. He pried you from the mattress and sat you up, looking you in the eyes.
“You’re pregnant.”
You bowed your head and he sighed, lifting your chin with one hand.
“Why are you avoiding me?” He asked quietly, his volume so low you couldn’t hear the emotion. “Are you thinking of killing my child?” His voice suddenly grew louder and his hand tightened around your chin, yanking you to look into worried eyes.
“No!” You gasp out. “I would never! I want the baby!”
“Then why do you look so sad?”
“I… I don’t know if you still want me… It’s not a great time for us to have a baby…”
“Don’t be silly.” Eisuke relaxes a little upon hearing what was actually concerning you.
He leaned in and kissed your lips. Something moved in your chest and you whimper softly, clinging to his arm. Your boyfriend smirked.
“I’m never going to leave you. It’s not that easy to get away from me.”
“I didn’t mean it that way.” You say in a tiny voice.
“I don’t ever want you to leave me.” He admitted with a slight blush. “I love you, so get that around your head. I want you and our baby. I’ll take care of you both.”
“You have to think about your portrayal in media too…” You say softly, hands returning to snuggle your stomach protectively. “Your reputation and-“
“What reputation?” Eisuke chuckled and wrapped you into his arms. “The public should probably be glad I got my girlfriend pregnant and not five other random women.” You pout a little and he kisses your forehead. “Fine, that wasn’t funny. But trust me, I don’t care. You’re worth more to me than all of that.”

Thanks for the read!!
I’m gonna maybe do one other fic with this theme
When that one comes out, it will also be my introduction to another voltage game!

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Islam is responsible for 75% of the worlds religious terrorism. There are roughly 4,200 religions worldwide. That means that you could combine all of the terrorism committed by the other 4199 religions together, and it would still only be 1/3 of the terrorism committed by Islam. Idk, its kind of a terrifying thought.

That is terrifying.

@91centossa​ ll sc ll accepting

“It’s too much to expect you’ve broken out of one of these before, isn’t it?”

Staring morosely out the window of the panda, the Russian kept her face from view of whatever camera might be lurking, her voice a soft murmur that would hopefully escape most microphones. How much could they be paying to outfit their police equipment in the ass-end of Somerset, anyway? She was still half-expecting DCI Barnaby to amble up any moment now.

She still couldn’t believe one insidious phone call and a visit from some hick officer had managed to get two of the Commonwealth’s finest locked up in the backseat of a police vehicle. Licking the back of her teeth irritably, Julia flared her nostrils. Indecent exposure her ass – Centossa had seen no more of what Eve had given her than any other man. She doubted the sight of her body could do anything to inflame more amorous passions, anyway. And still this jumped up second form reject thought they were fucking in their shitty little rental.

There was no telling who she ought to be more offended for – herself, the assumed hussy, or the insinuations about Centossa’s tastes. Mostly, she focused on thoughts of escape, chased down sweetly with the thought of getting her hand around their targets throat and squeezing the life out of her for this nefarious way of shaking a tail.

“I once got the door off one of these, but that was ages ago – some shithole in Latvia. You know it must have been dire if I could do it.” Even if the doors weren’t so sturdy, there was no helping the cuffs around their wrists. Gritting her teeth, she managed a few more words.

“I’m not getting processed. We’re getting out of here one way or a Goddamn other.”