its a terrible thing tho


if you’re waking up early to go to school or somewhere else important, (and even if you’re not,) take a moment to feel a lil bit accomplished

because sometimes convincing yourself to get out of bed and be productive takes a lot of work on it’s own, no matter if it’s because you’re tired or depressed or stressed out or all three

keep going and take it one day at a time cuz i know it’s hard sometimes but you got this, alright? even if you’re doing nothing except laying in bed or somethin– you’re doing great for making it this far, keep going and don’t give up 👍

Do you ever have an idea for a fic. And then you go to write
And it’s like that scene from spongebob ALL over again. Where he’s just staring at the page
and the only thing he’s written is “the”

ok good night friendos im gonna be thinking abt how proud jonas is of isak all YEAR

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Did you find the time to read augenfresser? It's so good! I remember you saying you didn't read it yet but maybe

I have not! I still really need to. I’ve skimmed it, so I more or less know what happens, but I’ve skimmed every ereri fic ever so that doesn’t really help my case lol! I will definitely read it soon though. I also have another long fic lined up so I’m gonna have to make time for both of them. :o


(I’m assuming this is sarcastic. if not then whoops)

yeah i mean it’s not like it was implied she treated her children like shit far before the events in sumo :) /sarcasm

also, lusamine didn’t have access to nihilego until she went into ultraspace so there’s no way nihilego could’ve been poisoning her. the only time she was being poisoned was when she was mother beast. (I feel like people don’t understand how venom works… things can’t inject venom into you until they touch you so it’s not like nihilego was like… using psychic powers to poison her or something…) and nihilego didn’t make lusamine terrible anyways, the poison just made her even worse than she already was. here’s what the games said about nihilego, “it does not manipulate [its host’s] actions directly. Rather it awakens the host’s own capabilities and boosts them to an extreme extent” so nihilego didn’t make lusamine terrible, she was already capable of that. nihilego just made her terribleness more extreme.

it’s not like that’s any excuse anyways. being poisoned isn’t an excuse for abusing your children, and having a mental illness or mental disorder isn’t an excuse either. mohn’s disappearance and lusamine’s obsession with ultra space and nihilego might have been what led her to be abusive, but there’s no excuse for abusing anybody. she had control over her actions and she didn’t have to abuse her children of she didn’t want to. she’s a terrible person who was terrible to her children and there’s go excuse for that.

also, having a mental disorder/illness doesn’t make you abusive. you’re the one who controls your actions, so if you abuse somebody then that’s on you, not your mental disorder.


2am, time to disappoint my parents

I wonder how many white people thought the scariest part in Silence of the Lambs was when the kidnapped girl threatened to kill Buffalo Bill’s dog