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Dark: Do you ever just want to gently place your hands on someone’s cheeks and hold their head there in your hands and look into their eyes and then violently jerk their head on a right angle and snap their neck?

Jack: Well, that took an unexpected turn.

Anti: So did their neck.

Godly Threesome

DMing a home brew game that I’ve set in Egypt, where my party will have random encounters with Egyptian gods disguised as humans in need of favors. Party is currently in a bar and one player (Water Nymph Mage - who has proclaimed her character is an athiest) takes notice of two rather attractive NPCs.

Mage: I walk over to (NPC name) and (NPC name) and start flirting with them.

DM: Roll seduction.

Mage crits.

DM: Both are immediately enthralled by you and offer to let you share their room with them for the night.

Mage: *laughing* I accept.

DM: I’m leaving the nights…activities, to your fucked up perverted imagination. Anyway, the next morning arises and you wake to find both are gone, and you have a nasty headache. Upon entering the bathroom to search for painkillers, you notice two things. One, you are still shirtless, and two, because you are still shirtless you can see two, very distinctly different, tattoos now inked onto either side of your hips.

Mage: *confused* What happened-

DM: Role a history check.

*rolls 18*

DM: You quickly realize that these new tattoos are in fact, the religious runes that represent the gods Anubis and Set, respectively. Congratulations, you just had a Threesome with Gods.

Mage (OOC): Can I change my religion?

Take a chunk from an anchor and without heating it, hammer it flat, grind it into a circle, and etch a design of an anchor onto it. Next time you are in an argument with one of the Good Neighbors that just won’t let it go drop the coin on it’s shadow and walk away, leaving it stranded until either somebody removes the coin or it gets dark enough for their shadow to disappear.

Pros: You may get to be the first mortal to hear a Fair Folk use the phrase “you little shit”

Cons: None at all, they totally are not going to bludgeon you with a solid gold boat anchor for doing this